Best Amazon Launchpad Pet Supplies

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor
Whistle 3 combines GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi technology to give you the most comprehensive and accurate tracking nationwide. Proactive Alerts: Get email, app or text notification when your pet leaves their safe place using Wi-Fi before they get too far away. Nationwide coverage on the AT&T cellular network: Whistle uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your pet's location anywhere in the U.S. on America's largest network. Trips: Follow your pet’s location over the last 24 hours to see where they went and when. Durable + Waterproof: attaches to any collar or harness up to 1'' wide and designed to go anywhere with your pet, even swimming.
"I purchased my Whistle 3 from Amazon about 3 weeks ago to keep track of my escape artist, and wide roaming, Siberian Husky. I live on a ranch in the mountains of very rural western Colorado where finding a fast traveling dog is virtually impossible without a GPS tracker like the Whistler 3. There are a lot of pet trackers that use Bluetooth, which has a very limited range (100 feet max), or if they use GPS, connect to the cellular network via 2G, which unlike 3G, doesn't have complete US coverage. When your pet is within the range of designated Wi-Fi locations, Whistle switches from GPS to Wi-Fi to save power and battery time. All too often the electronics of gadgets like Whistle are designed by brilliant engineers, but the apps that drive them appear to have been developed by crazed aliens from planet Blx!#}. While at home or other designated Wi-Fi location, the app’s screen shows your pet within a shaded circle indicating the approximate range of the Wi-Fi router. Though I haven’t had a reason to call Whistle’s customer support, I did email them with a question that wasn’t answered in their website’s FAQ’s and received a very understandable response within a few hours and an offer to take care of the issue. There is a subscription charge of about $8 a month, if purchased annually, to cover the cost of cellular service to communicate between the tracking unit and your cell phone."
"I turns out that my bottom floor brick condo is very close to being a dead zone when it comes to data and cellular reception."
"First let me tell you how I use this (and don't use this) so you can judge this review: I live in a fairly remote location and just want to know where my dog goes when he "wanders off" for too long while I'm working and he's out with me. This usually means he's following deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc., that can take him miles away in no time - Urban/suburban dog owners please close your ears & don't hammer me about "irresponsibility" with my pet - it's a different world. Now that all the trees have fully leafed out, the % of time that the app sees his collar is probably 5% - basically useless for me at this location. Again, the totally aggravating thing is still that it tracks my cell phone (a third party piece of hardware) accurately, within seconds, EVERYWHERE I go, ALL the time."
"The strap connecting the tracker to the collar broke within an hour of use."
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CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Dog Food for Puppies, Adults & Seniors
CANIDAE All Life Stages recipes are vet formulated for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Optimum protein from chicken, turkey, lamb & fish meals for a nutritionally dense formula.
"Now, just waiting to see how my dog with sensitive skin reacts to it, but it's been about a week and he is still clear and healthy. I also add a probiotic because I am not taking any chances Vitapet Probiotic Powder Blend For Dogs and Cats with 5 Billion CFU Per Serving."
"My Corgi has been eating this brand since she was a puppy because I didn't want to feed her puppy food for fear that she would grow too fast with the extra protein."
"My golden doodle has been eating this food for 2 years and he is excited every meal."
"I noticed he was gaining weight and felt he needed an adult formula so I asked the vet what they recommended."
"After a week of this food we noticed less plaque build up on his teeth and his breath isn't bad enough to clear a room anymore."
"Have fed canidae for years."
"It is high quality at a good price (I use the subscribe and save program) and my dog loves it."
"Still waiting to hear from the company to find out what is wrong with my crumpled food in this last bag I ordered."
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Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser: 2-Way Audio, HD 1080p Video and Night Vision, for dogs and cats. Works with Amazon Alexa (As seen on Ellen)
Petcube Bites is the most advanced HD pet camera for monitoring and treating your pet remotely. TREAT: fling treats to your pet remotely, from your phone. All users start with a free trial to Petcube Care, our video cloud recording service that stores your video history.
"I set it right next to my router and tried other places but it would always show less than a single bar of strength! They gave me instructions on how to hard reset the petcube and while it still only showed less than a single bar of strength, sitting right next to the router, it did finally connect. What I do LOVE about this is the 2 way audio, I get an update whenever one of them or both of my dogs are barking and I can hop on my phone and tell them to stop! I have the alarm sound to go off when I connect to it to alert the boys that YES I can now see and talk to you and that is also good at getting their attention! I do think that is a little excessive in price or maybe offer another tier to it like 5 day video history for $5/month, that I would probably pay for! "Awake" will give you notifications on your phone for sound and motion and will store them in your timeline. "Quiet" is basically the same as Awake but will not give you notifications, pretty much a silent mode. UDPATE 18 hours later: I am exchanging my petcube for another, should arrive on Monday (5 days from now) and I'm really hoping my issues was because of poor packaging/shipping because I really want to like this invention! I'm really disappointed right now and hoping the replacement is 100 times better and I just happened to have received a defected product. As far as the response below from petcube, my internet is NOT the problem, I have high speed at home, 60+mbps down and 5mbps up. The internet I'm hooked up to on my phone at work in on fiber and at over 100+mbps down and 100+mbps up, shouldn't have any issues at all with the video! The only problem with the speaker and microphone so close together on the petcube is you will get a lot of feedback and it almost makes it useless to use. I contacted chat support yet again, was told to reset the unit like the first one I had, did that, same problem."
"The 2nd one I got, that is when I noticed the quality of the camera is not great. I have attached photos with evening with lights on, night vision and day time. It's nice because you can also connect more than one petcube, so you can check your dog in multiple rooms."
"More or less chronic issues with poor connectivity, but no status web page for the device or logging or other diagnostic ability to to determine whether it's wifi strength or something else which is the issue. again, no diagnostics or way for support to help other than to tell me to do a hard reset and see if that fixes things, and that's super helpful advice and super easy, when I am eight timezones away."
"You can use this device to give treats to your pets and talk with them or just simply check on them, but it doesn't come with laser."
"I have now returned TWO Petcube Play’s, and for some reason tried my luck at a Petcube Bites instead, and now I’ll have to return this as well."
"I paid for rush delivery for Christmas gift and it doesn’t work."
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Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Dog Food
Made in the USA - Stella's Super Beef Dinner Patties’ all-natural recipe is crafted with care in small batches in Stella & Chewy’s own USA kitchen to provide the highest levels of protein-rich meat and quality grain-free nutrition for your pet. Now Stella & Chewy's makes it easier than ever to give your pet real raw nutrition with the convenience of freeze-dried.
"Any of these flavors, Duck Duck Goose is a favorite as well as the Chicken, Lamb and Beef are at the top of the list."
"Dogs loved them."
"The patties themselves feel rather delicate and flaky (of course, since they're freeze-dried) but I can easily break them into smaller pieces without them falling apart in my hand which is certainly appreciated. I let my cat sniff since she was curious and I expected her to turn her nose up to it like she does with a lot of other treats...well, I was wrong."
"When I worry about her dehydrating, I crumble half of a patty into a cup of boiling hot water and let it sit until cool."
"I was feeding him dry kibble before and he would leave the food sitting for hours or until he was hungry."
"I have bought this from both my local pet store and from Amazon."
"But last night I actually crumbled the patties and I felt something sharp that hurt my finger. I tore through the bag and crumbled all the patties and found bone shards of all shapes and sizes, some close to 1 cm long! And some with very sharp edges.You would never know this unless you actually crumbled the patties with your fingers. sharp bone fragments that are hidden in these patties."
"Very disappointed."
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Best Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Cat Food

Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Food for Cat
Each batch starts with 90% or more meat, organs and bone and is often a single source of animal protein - the perfect solution for pets with food sensitivities. Our all-natural recipes are crafted with care in our own USA kitchen to provide the highest levels of protein rich meat and quality grain-free nutrition for your pet, as if they were in the wild. That's why every batch of Chick, Chick, Chicken freeze-dried raw cat food contains 98% chicken (always cage-free), organs and bone, plus taurine and probiotics for dietary health and eating as nature intended. Made in the USA - Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner's all-natural recipe is crafted with care in small batches in Stella & Chewy’s own USA kitchen to provide the highest levels of protein-rich meat and quality grain-free nutrition for your cat.
"In our continued commitment to provide only the best nutrition to your feline friends, our fish-based products now contain dandelion greens (a rich source of vitamins and minerals) as well as fenugreek seed (another great source of vitamins and minerals). ****NEW PACKAGES NOW HAVE THE TOXIC INGREDIENT MENADIONE SODIUM BISULFITE COMPLEX****. I am changing my review from 5 stars to 1 star as of 9/7/2016: Stella & Chewy is now adding the toxic Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (MSBC) in all their freeze-dried products. A German research list the following negative effects of menadione: • causes cytotoxicity in liver cells. • damages the natural vitamin K cycle. • causes hemolytic anemia and hyperbilirubinemia, not just linked to large doses. • is directly toxic in high doses (vomiting, albuminuria), unlike natural vitamin K. • has never been researched or specifically approved for long term use, such as in pet food. • FDA has banned synthetic vitamin K from over-the-counter supplements because of its high toxicity. The material safety data sheet from ScienceLab.com states the following: “Potential Chronic Health Effects: CARCINOGENIC EFFECTS: 3 (Not classifiable for human.). Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage.”. Stella & Chewy claims that they use minimal amount of MSBC and that there hasn't been any scientific study that has found it would be toxic or harmful to pets. However, feeding my cats products containing this ingredient every day for their lifetime and exposing them to cumulative exposure of this controversial substance is not something I am willing to gamble on. And since there hasn’t been any scientific study on the long term effect of MSBC in cat food, I will stay away from any product including it."
"Our kitty loved this the first serving."
"When I first bought him he was on a really bad brand of ferret food and this was the first good food I bought to switch him to and he did so easily and he seems to enjoy it as well."
"Too expensive to feed as full meals; I grind it up in my tiny food processor and sprinkle it on my homemade raw food for the one in five cats that I have that is real picky (mix it up and this works like a charm!"
"I ordered this on 2/21/15 and it was supposed to be delivered within a few days. Unfortunately this item was out of stock at the time that you placed your order and it is currently unavailable, but we are expecting to receive another shipment on 03/12/15 ..." I finally received it just a few days ago from Companion Caterers."
"My cat has been on raw meat bones and organ diet since he was a kitten."
"Yes, this type of food is more expensive than your run of the mill cat food but, there is no wasted food and you can rest easy knowing that you are feeding your furry loved one the best food possible (just short of shopping for fresh ingredients, adding the right amount of additional nutrients, and whipping it up yourself in your own kitchen)."
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Best Aquariums

Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium with Pedestal Base
The Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit is the perfect starter aquarium for kitchens, dormitories, classrooms, and offices. Free direct access to our TetraCare Team is just a phone call away. Equipped with a Tetra 3i filter to keep your tank clean and provide a perfect environment for small tropical fish.
"This tank is perfect for your Betta. The filter I use for all my Betta's in a 5 gallon or less set up is the Aqueon Model AT10 (internal filter). $21.99. https://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-10-Gallon-QuietFlow-Internal-Filter/dp/B00AWV4R8I. 2) Purchase a Betta heater - this tank is plastic making the inexpensive Betta heater worthwhile. Misc supplies - Omega Betta Water Conditioner $5.94 & Omega Betta Buffet pellets $6.65. https://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-06020-Betta-Conditioner-4-Ounce/dp/B003OCXQDE/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1467931051&sr=1-1&keywords=betta+water+conditioner. https://www.amazon.com/Omega-One-Betta-Buffet-Pellets/dp/B01DFT93TG/ref=sr_1_2?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1467931148&sr=1-2&keywords=omega+betta+food. 8) My Betta's thrive with Indian Almond Leaves. $7.95. https://www.amazon.com/SunGrow-Betta-Leaves-Pcs-environment/dp/B00HG1TMIW/ref=sr_1_2?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1467930944&sr=1-2&keywords=betta+leaves. Total investment to set it up correctly is about $142 plus the Betta - This is a set up that will last you years."
"Has worked great for us!"
"I'm very happy with this tank and so is my betta!"
"So here goes: I switched my Betta, Sushi, from a tetra 1.5gallon tank Tetra 29137 WaterWonders Aquarium Cube, 1.5 Gallons, Black because with the added heater in that small volume of water, it was raising temps too high. For this 3 gallon unit as is, out of the box, I cannot recommend this tank (see CONS) >>BUT<< if you are willing to spend some more on upgrading what comes with this unit, you can have quite a good and attractive tank using this tank as a starting point. 3) CUTOUTS: Has in the back right (if tank is facing you)approximately 3inch wide x 2inch deep cutout that will fit an after market filter comfortably (which this tank is going to require as the supplied filter is not recommended, see CONS). I put that in quotes because BOTH 3 gallon tanks I received actually had bowed /curved edges in the front that up close is noticeable and detracts from the neat elegant lines this tank is supposed to give off. (If I have time, I will upload pics of the bowed edges) Looking online, all pictures were flat and flush so I think this is a manufacturing defect and I ask anyone else who has this tank to chime in and let me know if they also received tanks with bent tops. Also, since the pump is separate from the filter and connected via tubing, if the power goes out, you risk having water drain out of the tank onto the floor so you would be wise to buy a check valve if you insist on keeping the supplied crappy filter/pump. You would do much better for your fish and your sanity to buy an after market filter, I suggest and reviewed the Azoo Mignon 60 filter here: AZOO Mignon Filter 60 Also, the Azoo filter fits perfectly at the back cutout and even with the extension, will easily clear the ground floor on this 3 gallon tank. 1) LIVE PLANTS: Now if you are going to just stick with the supplied LED light fixture then I can only recommend "set it and forget" plants that don't require (but it helps if you do) plant food and proper Kelvin rated light fixture. The following suggested plants should do well in low to medium light and this particular tank (they are thriving in mine with just the included LED lamp). As mentioned in my 1.5gallon review: Most people will be tempted to put in decorations, plants, etc into this tank and specific to Bettas, almost all of them will tear Betta fins or worse. This is this one I am using in this tank: "Hydor 7.5w Slim Heater for Bettas" and reviewed here: Hydor 7.5w Slim Heater for Bettas and Bowls up to 5 gal. 3) PROPER FILTER with proper inline filter products: As mentioned before, the Azoo Mignon 60 filter but that too needs a little work. B) Aqua clear sponge insert: Aquaclear 20-Gallon Foam Inserts, 3-PackThis higher quality sponge provides decent mechanical filtration i.e. traps all the big crap and junk from returning back into the tank and will provide some substrate for beneficial bacteria (not nearly as good as the Biomax though). If I have time, I will upload more recent photos of the 3 gallon setup with a mix of live and silk plants. I use it as an emergency hospital tank (hope I never need it for that purpose) but mostly just a place where Sushi is put when I'm doing the monthly thorough tear down clean of his main 3 gallon tank (remember this tank even with filter will require weekly water changes)."
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Best Amazon Launchpad Kitchen

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, Black
Make 6 hard, medium, and soft boiled eggs, individual omelettes, 2 poached eggs and scrambled eggs.
"I toss six eggs in with less than a 1/4 cup of water and 14 minutes later the unit shuts off by itself and I come back and easily peel the eggs. And I'm guessing if I forget or run behind I could have these ready while he get dressed for school in the morning!"
"But, since there's no on/off, just plugged in and unplugged, it makes sense they put on something to make sure it can't be left in after the water's steamed out. I followed the direction to the letter, placed the tray squarely in the middle, and got one hard boiled egg and one under done egg. I actually did it twice, and got nowhere. Disappointed at the false advertising (just make it a good egg boiler and don't try to sell us with features that don't work!"
"or "suggest" that we prick each egg with a needle prior to cooking to avoid explosion, all units except for the Chef's Choice Egg Cooker. This unit is marketed with the claim that you should prick or pierce the egg and I decided to test that claim for this and two other machines. While the Cuisinart could do more eggs at once, it didn't cook them as well when we did more so we found that six or seven was as many as we would do in that machine so we were back to each machine cooking the same number of eggs and, once again, that issue of pricking the eggs was our greatest concern. We then pricked the eggs, using a sewing needle (because the little needle cups they send out with some units get lost so easily that they may as well not even send them) and, low and behold, all batches in each machine came out perfect, that is to say, un-cracked and cooked identically. The eggs never seem to come out exactly as the label would suggest and, at least on the machine we tested, the unit had to be set higher in order to cook to the lower level."
"The cooker works fantastically, I make fresh hard "boiled" eggs every single morning during the week and often will do poached eggs or omelets in it on the weekend. If you dont have super fresh eggs and you pierce the top sometimes you get egg white that bubbles out the hole and makes a mess in the cooker."
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Best Amazon Launchpad Patio, Lawn & Garden

Click & Grow Indoor Smart Fresh Herb Garden Kit With 3 Basil Cartridges & Kiwi Green Lid | Self Watering Planter & Patented Nano-Tech Medium For Plant Growth
So after some research, experiments and many tests, we finally developed the Smart Soil solution that takes care of most of the problems apparent with other technologies. We wanted to make a product that delivers what it promises, but also looks great sitting on the windowsill or the table. Plant cultivation technologies tend to be messy- there are pumps, sensors, soil and wires to worry about. With the Smart herb garden I feel like we managed to keep the focus on the design but not compromise on the quality. Just insert the plant capsules, fill the water tank, and plug it in. You can choose between different refills - From Mini Tomato and Chili Pepper to Lemon Balm and Thyme - just pick a plant that excites you and start enjoying it in the Smart herb garden. Plus, we offer you cool tips and tricks about your plant and its stats through our Click & Grow app! ✔ GROW ANY PLANTS YOU WANT: This smart indoor garden is lightweight and easily portable. ✔ SMART SOIL TECHNOLOGY: The soil uses patented nano-tech growth medium that accelerates the plant growth without jeopardising quality. ✔ 100% REPLACEMENT WARRANTY: Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this portable garden is backed by our 100% replacement warranty and our 30-day money back guarantee!
"The real issue I have with this system is the price of continual use, specifically, the replacement pods. My plan, when mother is done growing out her basil, is to empty the pods and refill them with Rockwool or some other seed starter, and drop a few seeds of lemon balm, thyme, or chives and see how well the system works then."
"The light has proper intensity and is adjustable to climb with the plants... to an extent, after which you have to cut back the plants from reaching the light. The light is supposed to blink when the water level needs to be topped off, but I haven't tested that feature, so I can't make a judgement on its effectiveness. They also state that the unit has "Specialized Sensors", and that they are In-unit sensors designed constantly monitor garden vitals attend to plants’ need for light, water, and nutrients. They like to use the phrase "Smart Soil" for their potting mix, as if it is some kind of special concoction that only they can make. Any good gardener can make a non-soil potting mix every much as good as what they are putting together. So you grow three basil plants that are not designed to be transplanted, and you'll end up either tossing a lot of leaves, or living on spaghetti! They even sell an "experimental" set of capsules with nothing but their "smart soil", and no seed, so you can plant a seed of your choice. The same $19.95 for three...and in order to transplant ANY of the plants in these capsules, you have to destroy the capsule itself, so you're out another 20 bucks for three more capsules, with or without plants. I've posted my rant, but to be fair, I am a very experienced gardener, and have long experience in germination all kinds of plants from seed, and with different soil and seeding mixes... so I have a hard time with recommending this product that, like computer printers, will be emptying your wallet on a continual basis...the plants being the equivalent of printer cartridges. Just enough to pep up a salad here and there, and enjoy watching a few plants grow up to about half a foot, this is a nice little conversation starter....but if you really want to grow sustainable and healthy fruits and veggies, and you still need to do it on a smaller basis, I'd use full size pots, or grow bags, and just go to YouTube, or Google, and look up soil-less growing mixes, and do it yourself. The rewards in both planting and harvesting the fruits of your labor and much more intense than simply automating. Recommended only as a hobby, decorative, or VERY limited space growing."
"So satisfying growing my own basil, indoors, in winter."
"I’ll start by saying that I have the opposite of a green thumb, I kill all plants."
"So far so good, bought it for christmas and as of February, 2 basils and a painted nettle are growing strong."
"nice really good to grow your own herbs."
"This container MUST be placed into the cavity upside down, with the solid "bottom" up. I mention it only because SOME people (husband) seem to think that somehow the water will magically reach the plants if you fill this container with water and then set it in the cavity."
"The strawberries didn't grow and the catnip didn't smell at all like catnip and my cats did not like it at all."
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Best Amazon Launchpad Home, Furniture & Office

TubShroom The Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare, White
It's made of durable, high-quality silicone that should last as long as your bathroom does. We took the idea to the crowdfunding world and the response was overwhelming. We're proud of this little product because we feel it's a clever solution to a real problem out there. It's our baby now and every person that it helps along the way will bring a big old smile to our faces. We've learned so much about the process, about ourselves, and about new ways we can potentially improve the bathroom experience down the road. The unique mushroom-like shape allows for maximum water flow so you can keep on showering. Hair collects neatly inside the drain around the bottom lip--completely out of sight--until you're ready to clean it off. Say good-bye to harmful cleaners, pricey plumbers, and clogged drains forever. TubShroom is so easy to use that all you really need to do is place it inside your shower tub drain. If you've tried other drain protectors or hair strainers already, you know how much room there is for improvement in this space. Our bathtub drain strainer fits any standard tub drain and is guaranteed to catch every hair every time.
"Seriously though look at all this dog hair that would have gone down my drain after just one dog bath."
"The advertisement shows hair going down the drain and getting caught in the TubShroom BUT doesn't show hair with hair product, soap, or dirt and oils from your body. Well the hair product and in my case my husbands alternating shower schedule with mine keeps it wet making it a bit harder to "Remove the hair with one effortless move." After cleaning it I rinsed mine off with hot water and a little bit of Dawn dish soap to get off the hair product and all the other grimey stuff off."
"Seriously, I empty this thing every other day (see nastily graphic photo below) and it is always completely gunked up with hair and goo of all types. I was impressed by the sheer amount of hair and other stuff this thing captured. It was easy to install (unscrew the small metal drain covering, gag at the stuff growing on the underside of said covering, pop the TubShroom in the hole)."
"I tried to find the answer to my question before I purchased."
"I have a family of four and would frequently have to snake our shower drain, it appears I won't be having that problem ever again."
"There's only one problem: our cat has decided that it's his, and he insists on pulling it out of the drain, carrying it out of the tub, and batting it all over the house."
"People often describe their life split into ages, from childhood to college, from marriage to the birth of their children, career growth to retirement. I see my life divided into two distinct periods centered on one singular event: the gloomy, pestilent dark ages before TubShroom, and all the glorious, magnificence days thereafter."
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Best Amazon Launchpad Tools & Home Improvement

Sugru Moldable Glue - Original Formula - Black & White 8-Pack
Color: Black/White. Advanced silicone technology that bonds permanently to almost anything, then sets strong by turning into a durable, tactile silicone rubber overnight.
"The GOOD: multiple colors, malleable, turns into a "hard rubber" on curing (not a plastic, still slightly soft, like a basketball), gives you the chance to fix things in the "plastic" world with more than just glue and hope."
"Pros: * Easy to work with. * Strong and long lasting. * Lots of applications. * Comes in various colors. Cons: * Short shelf-life. Depending on how you store it, Sugru will be usable for around 6 months sealed in its package. Many of the suggested uses imply that you can add Sugru to handles and knobs to provide cushioning. That makes is good for some situations (repair a watch band), but not so great for others (cushion the inside of a scissor handle). * Provide cushioning under a glass tabletop (worked very well). * Seal wires of a repaired set of earphones (effective seal, but added considerable weight and stiffness). * Keep an old iPhone USB plug from breaking any further (worked well). * Add rubber feet to a USB hub to prevent slipping (did not provide noticeable grip)."
"First, the positive: I got it mostly as an alternative to electrical tape for repairing charging cables on which my cats have shredded the coating. It was easy to use, and has made a somewhat flexible cover replacing the shredded plastic. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 mostly because the shelf life is short- I got 8 months, but some people have reported 3, and there’s no way to tell until you buy it."
"For smaller projects, 1. the paint on my glasses arms were chipped off, and repeated contact with it caused inflammation on my skin. I covered the glasses arms with a thin layer of Sugru, and it took care of the problem. It was a lot harder than I thought to apply a very thin layer of Sugru on metal though."
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