Best Warming Drawers

Frigidaire FGWD3065PF 30" Stainless Steel Warming Drawer with 1.6 cu. ft. Capacity 450 Watt Element Bread Proofing Adjustable Humidity Control Indicator Light and Express-Select
The Frigidaire FGWD3065PF warming drawer is a great home appliance it39s a superior product that offers great service It is very innovative and the humanized technology helps to create an appliance design that39s uncluttered controls that are intuiti... Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"A beauty and easy to install."
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GE CW9000SJSS Cafe 30" Stainless Steel Electric Warming Drawer
Cafe 30" Stainless Steel Electric Warming Drawer. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Specs as good or better than many."
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Bosch HWD5751UC 500 27" Stainless Steel Electric Warming Drawer
500 27" Stainless Steel Electric Warming Drawer. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
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Best Washers & Dryers

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer
ft. washer has 3 electric controlled water levels and 3 wash cycles for the perfect load every time. 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles; electronic controls with LED indicators.
"But, the are large jeans and i didnt put the back wheels on so it was unstable. TIP: put all wheels on the bottom, make sure to tighten the connections and you shouldnt have any issues. I've only had to do an extra spin once for a load of towels and pants just so they would dry faster. I use fabric softener on the rinse cycle so my clothes dont dry stiff."
"If you are like me that your kitchen and bathroom faucets are not available to install the provided attachment, you can tap from the shower head instead. 3/4" male to 1/2" female adapter. Amazon link: http://a.co/8vRAZ2K. I attached some pictures which is pretty self explanatory for the install."
"Our apartment doesn't have the room, or the plumbing for a standard clothes washer, so we were delighted to find this compact little unit that could be rolled out when needed, and put back in the closet and out of the way when it's not. You just screw on a base plate, add the caster wheels, stick on the hose and tap connector, and you're ready to go! It has a plate in the bottom of the tub that twists and spins rather than a centre agitator like many machines, so it is much gentler on clothes. Recently I washed a puffy fuzzy bath mat with a rubber backing and found the machine did a great job. Tide Pods are super in this little machine, but liquid and powder cleaning agents also work well. It moved about an inch, and then beeped at me to open the machine and rebalance the load before continuing its cycle. Before buying this washer I looked at a twin tub portable version from another company. I wanted a machine I could put my clothes into and walk away, knowing it was doing all the washing, rinsing and spinning on its own. GREAT FOR YOUR OWN USE OR AS A GIFT TO A NEWLYWED COUPLE OR NEW MOM OR DAD. I highly recommend this portable washer, as it's good value for the price, and fits into our little apartment with ease. They also make good wedding and baby gifts to those like us who have limited space and/or can't hook up full-size appliances. We bought the Haier HLP140E 2-3/5-Cubic-Foot Compact Tumble Vented Dryer to go with this washer and love it too!"
"One secret to using this that I learned is to turn off the water after the wash water has all flowed in; that way, if you want to put in fabric softener, but you don't want to hang out over the machine, it will make a beeping sound when it needs more water for the rinse cycle and will not continue until you turn the water back on! Otherwise, you can time about 15 minutes for the wash cycle, keep the water on, and hope you don't get involved in anything more important."
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Best Wall Ovens

Frigidaire FGMC3065PF Gallery 30" Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven - Convection
Color: Stainless Steel. Enter your model number to make sure this fits. 4.6 Cu.
"- Easy Installation and setup."
"Combo-Wall oven is a great addition to our kitchen; makes cooking fun and easy to use."
"Yes t met all expectations !I'm extremely pleased!"
"But I spent 3 days reading the manual and tried to remember all the steps to use them and I can't remember much..guess I'll have to refer back to the manual til I get it...."
"I love it!!!"
"All features work well. This 1200 watt microwave is especially effective but has a very annoying alarm."
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Best Wine Cellars

Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler - Black and Stainless Steel
Koldfront's 7 Series: As a part of Koldfront's 7 Series, this wine cooler is designed to be as stylish as it is efficient, boasting both an even cooling and sleek presentation of your wine Dual Zone Design: This freestanding wine cooler has two temperature zones, allowing you to store both red and white wine simultaneously at their optimum temperatures. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The only downside is that there is no way to turn off the bright LED numbers on the front, so we have a piece of fabric draped over the front of our cooler to allow us to sleep at night (we keep our wine close to our bed :) Also worth mentioning is the fact that larger (longer or wider ones) may take some moving around to find a spot that fits best."
"Works great and is quit!"
"I keeps red & white wines at their optimal temperature."
"this was given as a gift and they received it quickly and love it."
"After reading the reviews posted; shopping many sites and local retailers, I decided to purchase this unit."
"Also, I can't seem to get the top compartment to reach the temperature I want, but it's getting close after several days."
"Great product just as advertised."
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Best Ranges

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30" Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range with 4.2 cu. ft. Oven, 4 Burners, Convection Fan, Cast Iron Grates, and Blue Porcelain Oven Interior, in Stainless Steel
-18,000 BTU burner for high heat searing. -Manufacture provides 2 year warranty on parts and labor. ft. oven capacity for cooking multiple dishes. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -39.75". Features 4 burners: 18,000 BTU, 15,000 BTU and twin 12,000 BTU burners.
"I purchased this oven based on descent reviews but read a few that made me nervous. The design of this range looks great and is good quality. I had zero problems but I had a professional installer do the job so... maybe that helped? I have zero issues with the oven racks - again I'm not sure what happened for the other reviewer but they are pretty standard - I suppose if you misalign there could be a problem but that would happen in any oven."
"Absolutely LOVE this oven."
"Of course with the price of a Thermador or similar professional range all I could tell her was, "someday." This Thor Kitchen range does not seem to suffer that same loss of cooking power on LP fuel. Awesome job Thor Kitchen, thanks for finally figuring out that average households...with average income want that chunky professional looking range just like you find in home designer magazines!"
"Range is good, Super powerful burners!"
"Solid, even heating, no fancy electronics to break."
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Best Refrigerators

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top - Makes 26 lbs of Ice per 24 hours - Ice Cubes ready in 6 Minutes - Electric Ice Making Machine with Ice Scoop and 1.5 lb Ice Storage - Silver
Ice maker size: 9.5 x 12.9 x 14 inches Water reservoir capacity: 2.2 liters / 0.58 gallons Ice production: 26 lbs of ice per day Ice storage: 1.5 lbs of ice Ice time: Ready in 6 - 8 minutes Power: 100W / 110V / 60Hz Smooth bullet-shaped ice cubes Auto shut off when ice is full Easy to fill and drain water quickly Simple-to-use control panel Comes with small ice scoop and removable ice basket Certifications: ETL, CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FDA, ROHS. PORTABLE ICE POWER - Countertop ice maker produces 26 pounds of ice per day and stores up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time.
"In less than 30 min it made 4 rounds of ice, still going strong."
"Just the right size for a small area at work."
"Excellent ice maker."
"Great item!"
"I have replied earlier how much I have enjoyed the ice maker."
"Love this icemaker!"
"It makes ice super fast & stores ice well for us living in a very warm climate."
"Great ice maker."
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Best Ice Makers

Opal Nugget Ice Maker
Portability - Compact countertop design plugs into any electrical outlet at home and can come with you to your next camping or tail gaiting extravaganza.
"Didn't even get a refill because my ice in my yeti was better than that crap they were selling... 2) I have been walking around randomly saying "Nugget Ice" and smiling... 3) Scared to post on my social media, because I know people will hate me even more for my awesome life. 4) My daughter woke me up this morning and first thing she said was "the ice is full"... A warm glow of happiness washed over my body... 5) I quit drinking beer because it doesn't go with nugget ice."
"I have long been a fan of "chewy ice" or as we called it where I lived in the south "Sonic ice" since only Sonic and hospitals had it. It makes sonic ice. It is not 100% exactly like Sonic's, this is more like pellets, but it has the same mouth feel and chew of Sonic's ice. If you want Sonic ice, this is the only thing sub $1500 that does it. Lastly the smaller ice like this easily outlasts normal cubes and the larger sphere ice by nearly a 2x margin in my "testing" (ie drinking liquor side by side) so far, and that was always how it was in the past with real Sonic ice. It spits out ice pretty quickly as well, with ice coming out within 5-10 minutes and will hold up to 3 lbs in the bin, which also lasts hours before melting. Slow falling white means defrosting whereas faster falling white means making ice, a little confusing. If you are a hard lover of Sonic or "chewy ice" and have the money to spend, this is a wonderful machine and I love the ice it makes!"
"Once cleaned and sterilized it began making ice just fine strongly recommend this product to anyone."
"We've had ours almost a year and it's had to be replaced twice already."
"We love our Opal ice machine!"
"The only issue is the condenser fan is a bit loud when the machine is making ice."
"Had many ice makers."
"We received the icemaker promptly and it appeared to be well packed. Before using it or even plugging it in, when I bean looking at the inside of the icemaker, there were clearly visible lines on the inside from the ice bin drawer sliding in and out."
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Best Freezers

Danby DCF072A2WDB-3 DCF072A2WDB1 Chest Freezer, 7.2 Cubic Feet, White
Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Just the right side for extra freezer space for my husband and me."
"Does the job and has a temperature control."
"Smaller than I expected when it arrived, but still perfect for what I needed it for."
"Works well."
"It did seem a little larger then the dimensions mentioned in the advertising however, this wasn't any real problem for me as I was easily able to accommodate it. It's easy to close the door within an inch or two of the jamb, but it doesn't really "snap" shut like other appliances do. It is so much easier to use then my new Samsung bottom freezer in which things are always a piled in jumbled mess."
"Perfect size for my small house."
"Great freezer, an upgrade from my smaller 3.8 foot, lots of room and nice compartments for storage of different things."
"The refrigerator arrived undamaged and works well, but the door is mounted crooked."
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Best Dishwashers

SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 18-Inch, Stainless Steel
Sunpentown SD-9241SS Energy Star Portable Dishwasher in Stainless Steel; Stainless Steel Interior; 6 Wash Programs: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse and Speed; Faucet adapter included for quick and simple connection; Up to 8 standard place settings. Specifications Input voltage: 120V/60Hz Energy consumption: 295kwh/yr Water consumption (normal cycle): 3.65 gallons Power consumption: 1104W Noise level (normal): 55dB Drying system: Residual heat drying Drain tube length: 3 ft Unit dimension: 17.72"W x 25.98"D x 36.02"H Depth with door fully open: 49" Package dimension: 31" x 21" x 40" Net weight: 121.3 lbs Gross weight: 136.7 lbs. Features and Functions: Time Delay Feature: allows you to program operation at a later start time (1-24 hours); Error Alarm: displays fault codes; Rinse Aid Warning Indicator: refill reminder on rinse aid; Stainless Steel Interior; 6 Wash Programs: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light , Rinse and Speed; Adjustable upper rack to accommodate larger plates/pots; Faucet adapter included for quick and simple connection; Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser; Up to 8 standard place settings;Energy Star; Input voltage: 120V / 60Hz; Energy consumption: 295kwh/yr. Features and Functions: Time Delay Feature: allows you to program operation at a later start time (1-24 hours); Error Alarm: displays fault codes; Rinse Aid Warning Indicator: refill reminder on rinse aid; Stainless Steel Interior; 6 Wash Programs: All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light , Rinse and Speed; Adjustable upper rack to accommodate larger plates/pots; Faucet adapter included for quick and simple connection; Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser; Up to 8 standard place settings;Energy Star; Input voltage: 120V / 60Hz; Energy consumption: 295kwh/yr. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"My wife and I were getting extremely tired of washing dishes every night. Neither our local Home Depot or Lowes carried anything in the portable variety. More hassle than they are worth… Imagine the headache of rolling a dishwasher out to your sink, hooking it up to a faucet, plugging it in, running the discharge hose into the sink… really??? I went back to search mode and reluctantly bought this SPT getup. The only differences are the additional attachments, wheels on the bottom, counter space on top, cement weight in the rear (to counter balance the weight of dishes on an extended rack), and a power plug. I got rid of all attachments that were unnecessary, placed caster coasters under the wheels, plugged it into a well hidden extension cord and installed lines just like a regular dishwasher. Physics: The discharge pump does not have to fight gravity to make it up to the sink. Pots, pans, ladles, tongs, forks, knives, plates, glasses… stuck on food, dried mac and cheese, greasy pans… ALL CLEAN."
"It had a little trouble with removing peanut butter (because I was sort of terrible about rinsing) and it didn't dry the greatest, but even still I would recommend this to anyone!"
"As an added bonus its on casters so it can roll away when you dont need it and the countertop is great to store your dish gel and rinse aid (I use finish, BTW)."
"So far this has been an awesome dishwasher."
"Just the perfect size dishwasher for our small house."
"It was just as advertised."
"I love this thing!"
"Didn't expect it but, it works like a charm!"
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Best Range Hoods

Broan 413004 ADA Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood, 30-Inch, Stainless Steel
Enter your model number to make sure this fits. Non-ducted filter - effective non-ducted filtration system removes smoke and odors.
"It prevents the steam from escaping all over the kitchen and does a decent job of filtering out odors, however, not as well as a fan that is vented externally but that is to be expected."
"My kitchen is the typical big city teeny kitchen."
"No it doesn’t suck in a lot of air, but it is a ductless vent, so it won’t operate like one that has a duct system."
"Love it!"
"If you do only light cooking this would be nice, but if you cook a lot of different things using a lot of different techniques I would suggest getting a more powerful range hood."
"This is a replacement for the old hood that came with our house."
"Not the most top notch, but for the money this hood works great."
"If I move it to the back burner.... most steam just bounces off the inside of the unit and almost nothing is drawn in by the fan. This fan sucks."
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Best Home Appliance Warranties

Assurant 3-Year Home Improvement Protection Plan ($1000-$1249.99)
If you purchase this service plan and eligible product for this service plan, you acknowledge that Amazon may send the service plan seller relevant product and price information for the purpose of administering the plan.
"This is fabulous for people like me living in the country."
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Best Cooktops

Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30" Electric Cooktop, Black
Color: Black. Left Front & Right Rear surface unit is 6 inches 1200 watts.
"Beautiful cooktop and it arrived super fast even at Christmas time."
"The only thing I don't like is it gets those white heat stains very quickly."
"Perfect drop in replacement for my old cracked on."
"Works great, but gets smudged very easily."
"Good fit and easy install."
"Looks good."
"This item works extremely well Much better than my last flat electric cooktop of the same manufacturer."
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