Best Boxing Games

Monkey Boxing
Enter the Monkey Boxing League with Monkey Boxing!
"Train your monkey to be the best boxer in the game."
"I can't say that this is the best game that I have ever downloaded, but truly wont say that it is the worst either."
"The 5 star reviews seems overly complementary for a game undeserving of such praise."
"This game app works great on my Tab 4 and Note 2 but I recently updated my phone the Note 4.. but it does not work on that."
"This was downloaded by my 10 year old son."
"I got this app for the free app of the day and it is so much fun you can play agents monkeys in single player and two player their is over 50 levels do have the chance to be the best fighter in the world then downloaded this app today!"
"But the game is worth its money/coins so I recommend it."
"All this dumb app does is crash, can't even play it on my G Note 4."
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Super KO Boxing 2
Boxing 2 combines great cartoon visuals with intense gameplay…this is one of those games that delivers the thrill of victory with the agony of defeat all in one well-designed package." Kid, you return to the ring to face the most outrageous face-breaking opponents who’ll use sneaky tactics and dirty distractions to knock you out. To be the champ, figure out each fighter’s tells, avoid their signature moves, and when the time is right unleash a super punch to knock ‘em out! DEVASTATING SIGNATURE MOVES. Use quick reflexes to dizzy opponents, throw powerful hooks, unleash flaming super punch combos, and land one-two lightning KO’s.
"play it wit the sound off!"
"the stupid punch buttons are right next to the haptic buttons at the bottom of my phone."
"Not sure about finding this cheaper than 10c (free) but it wasnt wortht the time hunting it down."
"Played once."
"This a nice game for its price, however, it sometimes freezes up, and i have to reboot the kindle to get things started again.This game has become frozen at least 5 or 6 times since i have downloaded it from Amazon."
"I believe this game is intended to be played on small phones, rather than tablets such as the kindle fire since the touch sensitivity is horrid, it registers your touches a second affter you press the onscreen controls, making it really hard to doge or punch efficiently like in Punch Out by Nintendo."
"i wasn't sure if i should spend 10¢ on this but u said ah what the hell and got it this games is horrible don't waste any money on it like i did this game sucken fux!"
"The game looks bad....the resolution sucks plus the gameplay is kind of too simple."
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* Boxing Events, Boxing Matches, Olympic Boxing Championships and Watch Boxing Online. * Boxing Community, Boxing Fans, Latest Boxing Matches and Boxing Association.
"I just got in to boxing and this looks cool so I'll give it five stars thank u for making this app."
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Best Bowling Games

Vegas Bowling
Hungry for cash, casino hustlers have fled the moribund Vegas Strip and now haunt the humble bowling alleys of North Las Vegas.
"All in all it's probably worth the 99 cents, but if the dev just spent a little more time adding some minor features to keep the player interested, it would be a winner."
"It's not the GREATEST game, but it's not as bad as other reviewers are making it out to be."
"Fun game."
"This is a pretty decent bowling game, sure it needs work but its not bad."
"(You're right as usual, Superman...). The only good thing I found is that there's an undo button, so you can bowl a 300 while getting extra practice."
"Everything else stinks: the app goes right into the game, there are VERY limited options (only one ball so you can't adjust the hook factor of the ball...just the weight and color), you HAVE to bowl right-handed, no instructions for newbies, I could go on."
"ive played free bowling apps better than this and there's no menu screen lame!!!"
"while I can get spares or 9 pins every time, the comp player always one ups me, and on the last always gets the strike and pulls off the win."
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Best Fishing Games

Big Sport Fishing 3D
Realistic 3D fish can be seen swimming beneath the waves when they are close and will often jump to give away their location when farther away.
"example, reeling in a great white shark is much easier then a fish that's about half the size of a shark because I'm using a certain lure, and every fish or shark (except for the dog fish, the smallest fish) gives a similar fight (which isn't much of a fight) ."
"You cast, set hook, reel in, and capture a pic of the catch."
"great use of gyroscopes and swiping makes a game uniquely designed for a phone."
"Awesome game, very addictive."
"I have only played it a bit but this is my favorite game."
"This is a fun game."
"I Loved All The Graphics, So Real!!!"
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Best Golf Games

Flick Golf
Experience for yourself the most addictive Golf game to ever hit the Amazon App Store! We’ve added our trademark spin control, created the most beautiful hole-in-one courses around and what you have is the most addictive Golf game ever!
"great for playing a quick game while waiting."
"My only problems with it is that it drains your battery pretty quick and heats up your phone to a high temp."
"It seems that to get high scores, you have to swipe the ball in very odd directions, creating curves and spins."
"Great looking game and very smooth, quite disappointed that this is not golf, just target shooting."
"I enjoy playing electronic golf games, and as this one got good reviews, I bought it for my Kindle Fire."
"Wish there were more levels in the challenges and a normal play mode."
"I love to play this game just to relax."
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Best Soccer Games

Pocket League Story
Handpick players, train, and battle your way to the top of every league in this sensational soccer team simulation!
"The little sprites do a good job, in spite of being little sprites i.e. forward cutting to the back post to receive a lob into the box. Downsides: there are a LOT of widgets to fiddle with, unlike the Grand Prix game by these guys. Bottom line: I liked it so much, I used some leftover points in the Play appstore to pick up the Grand Prix game, which I prefer to this one."
"Pros: 1. name your team. 2. pixels (thats just me, i like pixel games). 3. you can tell how your team practice (team practice: use this when you want to get XP for your players) (Use facilities: use this when you want research points) (Player's choice: its up to the players if they want to use the facilities or practice on the field). 4. you can pick your coach. 5. hire and fire players at your will. 6. special practice (uses research points). 7. you can pick how your team plays in a game. 8. lots of matches. 9. you can edit your team (pick where and when a players plays). 10. sponsors (good to get at the start of the game to get more money). 11. you can upgrade your facilities. 12. offline (can be a con if you like playing online games). Cons. none i have seen so far. I say you need to get this game."
"You can make all kinds of buildings to get tech points and research upgrades, deal with sponsors, coax new players and coaches over, and of course review favorite formations and team setups."
"To sum it up the rpg lite elements in this game is what makes it so addictive, keep in mind you do not actually control your team during games, only the tactics."
"At first I did not like it because I couldn't get my good goalkeeper into my starters and small stuff like that, but after figuring out all of the controls it is very fun to manage your team while making you have enough of your budget to strengthen your team, get fans and support and get sponsors."
"You don't actually play a toon on the team, their performance is solely based on their stats (and to a lesser degree some choices made on the strategy your toons take). This means that in order to win at the higher levels you need to play your best people."
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Best Baseball Games

True Skate
Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. - Unlimited slow motion. Trick Possibilities: 50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and many more, or what ever else you can make the board do.
"Used to love this game!"
"This little game that has a small install size and no issues with bugging you about logins (just create a username at the start or login with FB if thats your thing) or pushing ads in your face every few minutes, I was in the default park for hours with absolutely nothing popping up and stopping my fun the entire time."
"I give it a five star because my kids love it and keeps them occupied."
"The game is so cool but it does not save what you done."
"Cons: 10,000 TC to change the deck and board image of your skateboard. If you're waiting for a long time in some place then play this game. it may take you some time to master the controls but practice makes perfect ;)."
"The reason I only gave it two stars is because it wasn't free. A game like this is not worth money and I have played much better games for free."
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Best Tennis Games

Virtua Tennis Challenge
Virtua Tennis™, one of the World's leading tennis game franchises, is available for the first time on smartphones with the new Virtua Tennis Challenge. - Exhibition Match: Dive into the game and select from any unlocked courts and characters in single or doubles mode. - Multiplayer: Challenge your friend face to face over Bluetooth. Multiplayer: Challenge your friend face to face over Bluetooth. - Quick Match Mode: Itching for a one minute dose of Virtua Tennis?
"After you do the tutorial and the training you start your tournaments. In the help section is a list of tips from Coach Vicki which are helpful. The tutorial is not bad and Coach Vicki grades you on your various skills. The permissions are a long list of primarily benign permissions."
"My only gripe with the game is that the game sometimes confuses a shot command with a movement command. Well, if you, say, reposition your player to the center of the court, and then give a shot command while he's in motion, the game will often read that second input as another movement command, so your player will run to another part of the court."
"I really don't like Tennis simulators, I wanted to play a "game" and that's what this is "a game" fun fun fun. The game gives you little hints on how to play in the tutorial section I'd advice anyone to check it out. You can definitely get along just fine without a controller however I'll say this.. as I progress to harder and harder opponents I'm noticing that the game isn't giving me the exact shots which I've selected. One more thing is that as the levels get harder again the game doesn't seem to respond correctly."
"When I starting reading the "Tour" features of this app, it reminded me a LOT more of a cartridge game than an Android app. I find most of these game apps interesting for a brief while, and then I tend to never play them again, so if this game can keep me loading it beyond the first couple of days it will accomplish something most app games do not."
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Best Cricket Games

World Cricket Championship - Pro
'World Cricket Championship' is a pack of three of the most exciting cricket games in the world: World Cricket Championship. World Premier League. Fantasy Cricket League. Can be purchased using points collected in all the three games. • High quality graphics and 3D characters. • Multiple camera set-ups and follow through camera movements. • Ultra slow motion shots for massive sixes. • Action Replay On/Off. • Professional commentary. • Achievements (Hall of fame & Hall of Shame). • Ads free.
"Main complaint is that there is no method to save games in progress that survives shutdown of the app."
"Occasional glitches, good overall."
"Its a cool game."
"I have an internet connection so I can figure that out and it's not on the devs to specifically address my conscious ignorance."
"so idiot called it a ripoff of baseball?"
"Just like most Americans I have no idea how the game of cricket actually is played."
"Nice graphics and no slowdown, even on my old Droid X."
"Why does this game have all those crazy permissions?"
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Best Football Games

Football Manager Mobile 2018
With compatibility across the majority of Amazon Fire devices, you’ll speed through the seasons in FM Mobile whilst still experiencing that authentic football experience – with all the top players and clubs featured from around the world. IMPROVED TEAM REPORTS. There’s now far greater insight to the strengths and weaknesses of your squad and new depth charts will highlight where you might benefit from playing the transfer market.
"Most comprehensive soccer management game available updated and better than ever :D."
"fm addict.on the mobile,just awesome."
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Best Basketball Games

– Classic Campaign – Defeat all other teams to win the championship, and unlock legends, hidden players, and outrageous cheats. If you’re from the Old School, you’ll feel the ‘90s nostalgia as you hear all the classic catchphrases from the original NBA JAM play-by-play announcer Tim Kitzrow. NOTE: If you experience a gameplay issue on your Kindle Fire HD 7”, please know that we’re aware of this and should have it fixed soon.
"I saw it was $0.60 I was like :o so I bought it."
"It lags on my kindle when I try to download adherents it is the best game business. Call of miny infinity."
"I'm playing on my kindle and it doesn't let me see what the rewards for achievements are."
"I love this game."
"It stopped working but besides that it's great must fix the problem. Please alert me when they do fix this problem."
"I love it I play it."
"This game is good for a while but it stops working in a couple of days."
"I,deleted my movies to,download the app,and it said installed but it wasn't installed so,I,installed it again and it took up more or my,space."
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Best Ice Hockey Games

Glow Hockey 2 Pro
+ Championship mode with 3 saved games (unlimited AI levels, see how far you can go!). + Quick play mode (single player & 2 players), practicing with 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane) before challenge yourself with Championship mode.
"We love this game!"
"It works fine on my 7 inch KF HDX, the neon colors are bright and cheerful, and the movement is smooth and quick to respond on any speed setting."
"From the slower volleys to the frantic gameplay - it's just like the air hockey game I used to own and love. Only minor thought was how to handle my finger slipping off the paddle and not seeing it because my finger is the same size as the paddle and my hand is covering a small part of the display."
"If I have one criticism of this game, it is that the jump from Hard to Insane is too big - I win easily (often 7-0) against the Hard level but am about 50/50 in wins and losses against the Insane level."
"It works great on my kindle fire HD."
"This is a cool game, it's got exciting audio and good graphics too."
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Best Pool & Billiards Games

Pool Break Pro
Console quality OpenGL based 3D Pool, Snooker, Billiards, Carrom and Crokinole table games with online multiplayer support.
"Menus are broken a little, was able to corrupt graphics by hitting back button, somehow managed to launch multiple instances."
"I have noticed that while playing, if you get a phone call or other notification, the game freezes and you have to do a battery pull."
"I've been looking for a pool game of this caliber for a long time."
"As close as you can get to the real thing on line.Playing."
"Very good Graphics and Physics.. runs great on my Viewsonic G-tablet 2.2.. no freezing or lags.. i just love it.. best 3D pool for android.. i would love to see them develope a 3d chess!!"
"Doesn't work on EVO 4G...dragging cue ball doesn't work."
"But it's just too darn hard to play for it to be any fun for me."
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Best Extreme Sports Games

Skater SK8er
Skater Sk8er 2 has now the following amazing power-ups: "Static Charge" to speed up your skate, and "Holy Wings" to get maximum jumping height. Ready up your board for an endless ride on hills, railings, ramps and jumps, following the tempo of some good hip hop tunes.
"It looked ok for a FAOTD from the AppStore, so I decided to go for the usual install and try out. They remind me of the virus-like apps in Google's play store and I was kind of hoping not to find them here on Amazon. Reading and writing bookmarks is common for this spyware spam apps. After installation you probably get spammed with ads in bookmarks, notifications and home screen. The music is repititive and the sound effects are really irritating. You can disable this with cyanogenmod or when greenifying the app (root needed of course), but actually it's quite rude as a developer to apply such obtruse advertisive ways on a product, especially a paid product."
"What is up with these insane permissions?!"
"I did give this app a chance, but after playing for about 5 minutes I got bored."
"Like all the other reviewers are saying, I agree that this app is nothing more than a data mining program."
"This application seemed like it could be decent, then I took a look at the permissions needed and it just seems a little bit excessive for a game."
"Either this developer has no regard whatsoever for good programming etiquitte on Android (read: request no permissions you do not actually need or use) OR this is one of the most malicious apps I have ever seen as a FAOTD. All they have to do is read all of the global/sticky intents and then upload to another server (after all, you gave them permission did you not?). Now, as for the developer removing only SOME of the blatant harmful permissions (but not all) I have this to say: I think they did it only because this is the free app of the day and we're calling him out. These insane permissions still exist in ALL of the other apps that this developer makes. Without an actual statement from the developer that they will not do this anymore (I'm also watching their other games to make sure they do the same to them and so far they have not) I can't trust them."
"Puts unwanted adds in your notification area with no way to easily turn them off."
"Total crap."
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