Best File Management

Root Explorer
Features include multiple tabs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and network (SMB) support, SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, create and extract zip or tar/gzip files, extract rar archives, multi-select, execute scripts, search, remount, permissions, bookmarks, send files (via email, bluetooth etc), image thumbnails, APK binary XML viewer, change file owner/group, create symbolic link, "Open With" facility, MD5, create shortcuts.
"This is a great app for general file browsing on Android and even better if you have root access."
"Great piece of software to be able to modify any file on your phone."
"Then changed it for something new and improved."
"Better than Total Commander, I use it on my rooted Nexus 7, of course also on NOT ROOTED Fire Phone, both work well!"
"Did what I needed it to do, cant complain."
"This has been the standard file manager for Android for many years."
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File Manager
First ever file explorer optimized for Fire TV and Fire TV stick Now you can connect your Stick trough USB cable to system and use it as a memory card to play files from it.
"worked for what I needed."
"Your fire TV stick has an Android kitkat filing system."
"just reloading KODI simple as can be."
"Got this to download my kodi app for my Amazon firestick!"
"Uses junk names for the file names."
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WiFi File Explorer PRO
*. Browse, transfer, download, upload, delete, copy, rename, stream and manage files that are on your Android device, using a web browser via a WiFi connection. "I wholeheartedly recommend going the wireless route with WiFi File Explorer!" Using a web browser, you can browse, download and manage all the files on your Android device without the need for a cable; Download entire directories on your Android device with just one simple click – for example, backup all your photos just by downloading the Camera directory; Select all the directories on your Android device and do a multiple download to backup your entire SD card! Have any application files stored on your Android device? WiFi File Explorer is also an installer, so automatically install them with just once click in the web browser; Please contact the developer if you have any questions and he may be able to help you ... but please don't rate low because your network isn't configured properly - that isn't the application’s fault ;).
"which meant I was unable to transfer things from my PC to my kindle."
"I have been fighting and fighting with my Kindle Fire to get it to work with my Windows XP PC at home."
"this is the app that you need to sideload files onto a Fire wirelessly."
"A good app for transferring files between device and laptop without turning on USB."
"very pleased with app and has a very good price - very simple to set up - just type in a URL in desktop's browser - transfers files very quickly in both directions - took a while to find the Upload box in lower right hand corner to send files from desktop to tablet but no problems now - much easier than taking tablet apart to put micro SD card into slot on desktop computer or digging out a USB cable."
"One short coming of the kindle fire is the fact that Amazon opted to not include a micro usb cable to allow for file transfers."
"It's a great app that allows you to open your web browser and transfer files to your phone wirelessly which is really nice because then you don't have to worry about usb cords and all that mess."
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Best Contact Management

No other app lets you so easily control your phone's most valuable data: 1. Update, modify and maintain your contacts easily and conveniently on your computer using Excel, OpenOffice or any other Excel-compatible application. Sends all of your contacts to you from your phone in a convenient zip file by email or SD card! You don’t need to share your contacts with Yahoo or other websites in order to have a backup. Restoring or changing contacts from the spreadsheet is as simple as uploading the file to your phone via USB or email. You can also import contacts from an Excel file that has been exported from Outlook to your phone. Export an Excel file with all photos included - this makes the contacts in your spreadsheet look better.
"Although that one is published by samapp, and this one by Sam Yu, I had bought the Play Store version only last month (so now I have two ContactsExcel apps on my phone), and I can tell you they are the same developer. The Play Store version lets you upload to Dropbox or Google Drive *and* has a schedule feature which would perform exports automatically (incl. Therefore, I would recommend you download this (yes, it's safe & works fine without internet) while it's free for a rainy day, but if you were to see this review when it's a paid app, then please make sure it has the same version as that in the Play Store in order not to waste your money."
"Oh yeah, so simple, so perfect. There are various formats with slightly different field ordering and field names so you can then move it to Outhouse or fuGoogle if that is your bent."
"By exporting them into excel, I was able to delete duplicates and clean the listing in short order, and then easily imported them back into my phone after using this program to also wipe my previous contact listing."
"Not sure if the import is meant to overwrite the file on the device, but I had to go back & manually make the corrections that didn't translate."
"This program works well at exporting/importing contacts to/from your phone."
"There are at least 2 great uses for it: instead of adding contacts on the tiny screen of a smartphone, one can add contact information to an excel spreadsheet on a PC, then update the smartphone."
"Maybe you shol shorten the requirements & you would get decent reviews....................................mmmm. mm.........mmmmmmmm.m........"
"If that option works, this will become a very useful tool for me."
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Best Cloud Storage

It support a wide range of different cloud providers and file protocols, and support for more platforms are added continuously. Supported cloud providers. - Amazon Cloud Drive. - Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service. - Box. - CloudMe (using WebDAV). - Copy.com. - Cubby (using WebDAV). - Digitalbucket.net (using WebDAV). - Dropbox. - Dump Truck (using WebDAV). - GoDaddy (using WebDAV). - Google Drive. - HiDrive (using WebDAV). - Livedrive Premium (using WebDAV). - MEGA. - MyDrive.ch (using WebDAV). - NetDocuments (using WebDAV). - OneDrive. - SugarSync. - WEB.DE (using WebDAV). - Yandex Disk (using WebDAV). Supported protocols. - FTP. - FTPS (SSL/TLS implicit). - FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit). - SFTP (SSH File Transfer). - Samba/CIFS/Windows Share. - WebDAV (HTTP/HTTPS). Support. http://www.tacit.dk/support.
"Let's say you have two devices, a smartphone and a laptop."
"Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to recognize SD cards that you've added."
"If you are a person that had multiple cloud storage sites (OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc) then this is an indispensable app."
"This does exactly what it says, reliably."
"App works great and is easy to use."
"I was able to follow step by step instructions, via the website for the app in which I wanted to sync files for."
"Finally, buried online, was a single note acknowledging it won't work, that they don't know why, and don't expect it to be solved."
"For me, one way syncing means files ans folders in destination and not in source are deleted."
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Best Calendars

Five different calendar views (day, week, month, agenda, landscape day) give you a good overview over your upcoming events. - Drag&Drop support to move, copy, open and delete events. - Widgets to see your events on your home screen without opening the app: day widget (4x1, 4x2, 4x3), week widget (4x3, 4x4), month widget (4x3, 4x4), agenda widget (2x2, 2x3, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4) and task widget (2x2). - Zoomable month view. - Configurable startup view (day, view, month, agenda). - When adding recurring events you can use the same rules that you can use in Google Calendar, e.g. you can create events "on Monday and Thursday every two weeks" or "every last Friday in a month".
"The only thing that made me give it a 4 star rating was the many, many settings, 90% of which were completely unfamiliar to me, and not really explained. Update: 4/23/15 I still use this as my primary calendar, on my Android tablet and phone (paid for another version, too) and all my Kindles. A google search of the problem, like questions on floating dates, turns up the CalenGoo pages so all is not lost."
"You can change just about everything, it feels like, about the display, from the colors to the font and font size to how much of your calendar event details are displayed on quick views, and all kinds of good stuff. As far as differences between this and the iOS version, they're pretty similar, and the Android version benefits from Android's settings menu structure. Also, the tabs for switching between views are much better in android, as is the full-month sized calendar picker."
"This is my stand-alone everything app.... multiple calenders, reminders, lists, alarms all in one gorgeous, adaptable, do-whatever-you-want-with-it app!!! It can do all forms of the reminders at once (I don't have to choose between the options), with repeat and snooze options, and have as many reminders as I want it to send me."
"You can create: repeating entries with multiple reminders (using e-mail, pop ups, & SMS), multiple calendars for different types of events, designating each calendar a different color of text, and add icons to each entry. This is very helpful when you glance at your main calendar & can tell by the color of the text or the icon, you have "that" to do this week."
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Best Translators

Travel Interpreter
The "Travel Interpreter" is a talking, illustrated phrasebook which translates English words and phrases into 32 of the following languages: German, French, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Farsi, Catalan, Romanian and Ukrainian.
"There is a mandatory 130MB image file that must be downloaded to use this app. The images are drawn well but don't make sense when combined with the HUGE file size because they aren't high resolution pics - I hope the dev optimizes the pics to bring the size down to the 20MB range."
"I expected an "interpreter" program would let me type in a phrase in English and then translate it into the other language or let me type in a phrase in a foreign language and then translate it to English for me. However, if I was traveling in a foreign country, it would be difficult to find everything I'd want to say very quickly unless I was VERY familiar with the locations of every phrase in the program. This seems more geared to someone studying a foreign language."
"I used this when I travelled to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, London and Krakow in five weeks summer of 2014."
"however I was dismayed to see the huge extra download after the initial install."
"I expected an "interpreter" program would let me type in a phrase in English and then translate it into the other language or let me type in a phrase in a foreign language and then translate it to English for me. However, if I was traveling in a foreign country, it would be difficult to find everything I'd want to say very quickly unless I was VERY familiar with the locations of every phrase in the program. This seems more geared to someone studying a foreign language."
"The subject areas are great but there is so much more to learn HELP, we don't want to unintelligible this app we hope you could fix this or update with a response."
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Best Calculators

Calculator Plus
- You'll never forget where you are in a calculation - I show you exactly what's happening at all times. - I remember everything, so you can take a break, then come back later and pick up where you left off. - I show your calculations in clear, elegant type that's easy to read, with commas just where they should be. - You can use backspace anytime to correct a simple mistake, instead of starting over. - Use memory to keep a running total you can actually see. - Swipe my memory buttons aside when you need advanced math. - My percentage key shows exactly what it did, so you're not left confused. - My intuitive, lovable design makes it simple to do everyday calculations on your Kindle Fire.
"By far the best calculator app I have tried."
"I like this calc app because it's easy to use for basic math, has the capability to do more types of math functions, and the screen is very clear and easy to see."
"You might ask why someone develops a simple calculator app for the Kindle Fire. I have reviewed and looked at many calculator apps for the Kindle Fire and this is by far the best of what I have seen so far. * It uses the full screen size of the Kindle Fire to give you a nice sized calculator view. * The numbers in the result display are large and easy to read."
"Its history function is invaluable when entering a string of numbers or a running total if you make an error or forget an item you can easily look back and see what you did and correct it instead of having to start from scratch."
"I believe the Free version was trying to serve ads, which the paid version does not."
"Its history function is invaluable when entering a string of numbers or a running total if you make an error or forget an item you can easily look back and see what you did and correct it instead of having to start from scratch."
"Since it is housed in a case that requires me to close the lid and reopen it to wake my Kindle Fire in the Lock Screen, a feature that doesn't always work, I'm further inclined not to use this app because that's annoying. in time, as I get more experience with my Kindle, I'll be able to correct this by altering the Sleep Time Out feature or upgrading my Kindle cover."
"I like this calculator because it is easy to use."
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Best Web Browsers

Free WiFi
We have designed this applicatoin so that you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for without the confusion, limitations, and frustration like so many other applications out there on the iDevices. With the help of our customers we constantly improve our applications making the users experience more enjoyable. - Our unique interface makes browsing this application a breeze.
"i personally have little to no use for this, but i don't understand all the negative reviews. calling it a scam if it does what it says IN THE DESCRIPTION!"
"This app helped me tremendously,while out and a bout I'm able to get WiFi when and where I need it."
"I should think and I should read."
"Not worth down loading."
"Apparently the mobile=phone companies have the phones locked, electronicly to prevent us from using them for. " uN-Limited Data usage.""
"rip off a directory of places where you MIGHT get free wifi."
"Great if you live in Alabama, but totally worthless if you live in Washington."
"There were only a few listings for the major states like Calif. , Rhode Island and a few others.... but noting that would be beneficial to me."
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Best Keyboards

Thumb Keyboard (Phone/Tablet)
No more unnatural stretching or juggling with your tablet... • Full featured standard layout (screenshot 2). • Text prediction: 6 languages supported (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Dutch) included in the app. More to come as separate downloadable packages. • Theme support (currently 8 themes, adjusted for several HD resolutions) NEW: Honecomb theme. • Auto-correction. • Voice input (Android 2.2+, only English supported). • User dictionary. • Separate number keys and cursor keys on most layouts. • accented, international character support ( ä/ü/ö/ß etc). • Fast switching between layouts. • Adjustable height (with separate adjustment of bottom bar). • predefined layout combinations for portrait and landscape or define your own combination. • Easy popup keyboards for additional characters, numbers and smileys. • highly adjustable. • International keyboards: QWERTZ, AZERTY, modern Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish (more to come). • Compatible with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) & Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). • And more features to come. Quick tip 1: If you don't want the text fields to cover the whole screen, enable "suppress full screen editors" in the settings menu. To see this, take the "QWERT" and the "YUIOP" keys from screenshot 2 and picture them together in 1 row. After that long press on an edit field, like for example an email you are composing, and select "Thumb Keyboard from "input methods". For download troubleshooting, general market support and contacting Google please visit: https://market.android.com/support/. --. Keywords: Tablet, Galaxy Tab, Archos 101 / 70, Folio 100, Nook Color, Vega, ViewSonic Viewpad and GPad, gTablet, Dell Streak, Notion Ink Adam, Creative Ziio, Motorola XOOM, HTC Flyer, LG Optimus Pad, Keyboard, Typing, Text input. --.
"Thumb Keyboard doesn't have a "swype" mode, but that never works well with word predictions and swyping on a tablet-sized screen is kind of cumbersome anyway."
"I have a rooted Nook Color and when I go to landscape, I have all of the letters plus a numeric keypad nicely spaced and somehow, even when I whack at the keyboard with my two index fingers, I get surprisingly few typos vs. the stock Android keyboard."
"The one feature that keeps me using it, three years now, is the programmable macro keys. Not sure if it's Amazon's app store SDK/app requirements or what, but damn if this app doesn't phone home constantly. There have been several updates in the Play store and this is the first one on Amazon in something like a year. However, one may not assign an alternative secondary key to these phantom keys. And then sometimes the ghost of swype sets both keys, "g" for instance, to the same 2nd key, thereby disabling use of the original secondary. Let me pick 2nd keys for alt split keys. Nothing is expected and no tarnish of your excellent product will be pontificated if these simple (single sprint even) demands are not met by the time we evolve into energy beings."
"I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" and I haven't had much success finding a keyboard that gives me great customization, compatible with a tablet and also with the 7 inch screen."
"The options are "right" or "left". I see no layout options to simply remove double space bars or have both have the function."
"and it would do this odd thing if I tried to delete a bunch of characters one after the other.. it would then bring up the delete a comment menu. Which I would try to delete quickly only to find myself in the delete a comment menu."
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Best Security

AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android phones and tablets
Anti-Theft: • Use the AVG website or text messages (SMS) to: o Locate your lost or stolen phone and get help finding it via Google Maps™. o Lock your phone and set a lock screen message to help the locator find you. o Make your phone ring even if it is on silent mode. o Wipe your device and SD card content. • Camera Trap: will email you a photo of anyone who tries to unlock your device with 3 wrong passwords. • Device Lock: will automatically lock your device when the SIM card is replaced. Privacy: • Hide private photos in a password-protected Vault to prevent others from snooping on your memories. • App Lock: protect sensitive apps with a password to avoid snooping or lock your device settings to secure its configuration. • Call Blocker: helps protect against spammers, hackers and scammers and filter or block unwanted calls. • Device Wipe: delete your entire device content and format the SD card. • App Backup: backup apps from your device to your SD card.
"It gives you the option to lock apps and such, but not for itself."
"AVG is a great antivirus program."
"Very good app and easy to use."
"The first thing I did was create a password to lock the phone upon theft, but as soon as I hit enter my phone locked itself and I found that my password didn't work."
"Will not work on fire 10Even thought it says it will."
"Latest update crashes at start, unis talked and tried again, but no good."
"I bought this useless app only to find out that it is not compatible with my fire tablet."
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Best Notes & Bookmarking

Notepad Pro
- Prioritization. - Fantastic Colors. - Easy to Use Screens. - Search Capability. - Import / Export to SD Card.
"I like this app, except when I tried to save my very long list the first time, it just disappeared."
"It's a little hard to get used to and I lost a document because I wasn't sure how to save it, but now I've got it figured out."
"For example, I am recovering from cancer surgery and I have a list of my meds, asked for by every health care provider, on my phone. I have problems speaking with my trache, so when I went to get a quote on a new John Deere Tractor, I keyed the wish list into the program and fired it up in the negotiations."
"I love the ability to make notes on the kindle so I can have a handy to do list."
"The only thing I dislike I guess is due to my lack of understanding as far as use. I love being able to note items I want to remember but still can't change the pages?"
"Very easy and colorful way of taking notes."
"This thing is great for my Kindle Fire!"
"This program does not have many functions except typing a list."
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Best Remote PC Access

Splashtop Remote Desktop
This is the ONLY remote desktop app that streams smooth, high-res video and audio from your PC or Mac, allowing you to interact with your PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, and other applications. Note: If you have an Android 3.x tablet, we recommend you check out "Splashtop Remote Desktop HD" with enhanced performance optimization specifically for Android 3.x / Tegra-based tablets. * Access your Quicken, iPhoto, and other computer programs not available for Android OS. * "Splashtop Remote Desktop App Flirts with Greatness" -- Mac News World. * One-click access to your computer desktop with minimal setup. * Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your computer - supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP (including Home Premium), as well as Mac OS X 10.6+ (Snow Leopard or Lion is required for Mac users). * Application automatically finds your local computers -- sign in to your Gmail account on the app and Streamer to find your computers across the Internet.
"I had been using team viewer for a long time and dragging the mouse arround just took to much time, same for Microsoft remote desktop. And for those windows pop ups, it's much easier to close them as the screen acts as a touch screen rather than a drag screen so you don't have to drag the mouse with multiple taps anymore."
"It also works well as a remote control for playing music at a party!"
"The security cameras app for the smartphone only allows grainy and jerky video streaming and now I can use the higher quality software that is on my PC."
"Quite honestly, I find TeamViewer easier and far more reliable to use."
"If this app was supposed to retain phone speeds without encryption, a dangerous prospect, I'd hate to see what encrypted apps do. After uninstalling the app from my cell phone, and not being able to get a refund, I decided to give the app a chance on my Kindle Fire since the companion Splashtop streamer was still installed on my computer. As usual, the download process from Amazon to my Kindle was easy and the app then found my computer automatically and right away."
"I have carefully followed all instructions, but can't get this app to work with my Kindle Fire."
"I downloaded this on my Fire, no problems - when I downloaded this to my PC to share photos my computer went haywire."
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Best Alarms & Clocks

My Alarm Clock
any updates or upgrades) may (i) cause your device to automatically communicate with our servers to deliver the functionality described above and to make our products more efficient and effective, (ii) affect app-related preferences or data stored your device, and (iii) collect personal information to provide the features described above and as set out in our privacy policy. IAC Search and Media Europe Ltd. Unit 1, Digiweb Building. College Business and Technology Park. Blanchardstown North Road, Dublin 15 Ireland. ApalonPrivacy@ask.com.
"This app solved a problem I had been experiencing."
"I bought this to use for I tried the free version of it and I liked it but on this one when I try to change the sounds from mountain to any other sound it well stop responding and restart the app."
"The clock face styles are nice--I especially like the look of the face with the time in words that "light" up--but I just about never use my Kindle Fire as merely a clock appliance standing on my table."
"I don't ever see an ad, and I never had to give any permissions for anything..don't know what version that complainer was talking about but the one I d/l last week does everything it advertised."
"This app works great, i love the fact that it allows you to set more than two alarms."
"I can situate my kindle with "My Alarm Clock" right at bedside and its soft blue light is soothing and comfortable to read. I wish there were just a few more features such as voice options and maybe a calendar with appointments and tasks for the day listed...that would be excellent."
"This great little app turns your Kindle Fire HD into a handy desk clock or even an alarm clock."
"If I'm going to take the time to painstakingly set up a play list in an ALARM app, it's to WAKE UP to it."
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