Best Graphic Design

OfficeSuite Font Pack
> Arial (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic). > Ariel Narrow WGL (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic). > Calibri (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic). > Comic Sans (Regular, Bold). > Cambria (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic). > Cambria Math (special character set). > Courier New (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic). > Georgia (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic). > Palace Script MT. > Sorts (Sorts (symbol character set). > Symbol (symbol character set). > Tahoma (Regular, Bold). > Times New Roman (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic). > Verdana (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic). > Webdings (symbol character set). > Wingdings 1 (symbol character set). > Wingdings 2 (symbol character set). > Wingdings 3 (symbol character set). The font package is compatible with OfficeSuite, OfficeSuite Pro and is part of OfficeSuite Premium.
"If you have purchased the Office suite app, you can purchase this to install fonts in office suite."
"i guess this font pack would cover most but it could not handle my attachment that I originally purchased this product to review."
"MobiSystems, you just lost a long time customer and guarunteed I'll never buy one of your apps again! To turn around and REMOVE fonts with an update is beyond a scam, it's theft of software already purchased!"
"I bought a Office app."
"I expected a real font pack with unique, special occasion fonts."
"I'm not really sure what the point of having this separate from the actual app is."
"Would not open and connect to office suite pro."
"And why would a paid version of OfficeSuite not have Microsoft compatible fonts built in?"
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With PadCAD, anyone can produce clean, clear drawings and export them to a professional CAD application. PLEASE NOTE: PadCAD is free to download and use, but to save or export your drawings you will need to upgrade the app. Once upgraded, you can save or export any number of drawings as many times as you wish. 1) Intuitive finger-based drawing and editing: Draw walls with your finger, then adjust them by dragging or stretching them. The drawing area is 4 times larger than the iPad screen, allowing you to work on very large drawings. If you're in an area where there are no internet connections, you can save your drawing as an image file to your iPad's camera roll or save the current drawing within PadCAD by starting a new drawing.
"Free unregistered version works great."
"Like most that come free or cheap, you get a stripped down version."
"I'm a big fan of versa CAD and TurboCAD way back in the '80s. But never could get through the tedious instructions of AutoCAD. I've seen this before with other apps that did not quite work with the HD."
"Very helpful and enjoy using the paid version."
"Who can complain about a neat drafting app that is either free or very cheap?"
"It begins just turning, and turning and turning (the screen orientation, you know when you turn the kindle and the screen turns too) and there is NO way to make it stop except to force the kindle to shut off."
"I didn't expect photos or audio files to tag along, but Autocad recognized NOTHING from the DXF file. I also didn't realize it would not save anything to a local file. But you can not save or export anything in the test version, so how does one know it won't save locally?"
"Very difficult to position fixtures and electrical."
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ArtRage for Android
www.artrage.com/artrage-5. ArtRage for Android is a realistic painting and drawing app that includes all the most useful tools from our desktop edition. Along with a full range of awesome, easy to use, drawing tools like the oil brush, inking pen and glitter, it includes a full range of the most important digital art features, like Layers, Fill Tool, Layer Blend Modes, the ability to add Reference and Tracing images while you draw, and of course, our incredibly fun color mixing. ArtRage for Android comes with the intuitive, familiar ArtRage interface, reliable tech support, and full in-app support for pressure and tilt in the S Pen. Oil Brush, Watercolor, Airbrush, Palette Knife, Paint Roller, Paint Tube, Inking Pen, Pencil, Marker Pen, Wax or Chalk Pastel, Eraser, Flood Fill, Glitter Tube, Gloop Pen. ArtRage supports a wide range of Photoshop Layer Blend Modes that let you create effects like shading and highlights in your paintings.
"Like most drawing apps, it only does what YOUR skills can make it do."
"I've used the Mac version of ArtRage for years and it is by far the best art emulation program I've used."
"I really love those Arbitrage Paint } is work on Kindle Fire HDX 7. the best anything tool,5 to 100 % zoom,undo 20 time,your own photos family in galley and can use tracing paper cover your own photo to draw,can save when you not done yet then next day picture still there is will not cause no damage or blurry your photo."
"Given the scope of an Android phone or tablet, to expect the same amount of directions, tool muscles, etc, that can be achieved with a full program is unrealistic. I've done some great little drawings in those, but unlikely that I will frame them and put them up... though it might be cool to put a load of them together in 1 frame, hmmmm.... OK, here is a thought, so there may be no need to fight: Ambient Design still offers - I'm pretty sure - a free version of the full program. Not for the sake of the app, but for the sake of the opportunity to enjoy making art while someone else is driving on that long trip, while that long line is taking its time snaking around the block, while lazying on the park bench on a sunny Sunday afternoon...in the summer time...in the summer time...Peace little artist."
"I am thrilled with the free version."
"More tools than its free edition "ArtRage Oil Painter Free....Both are wonderful fun!"
"This program is astounding."
"I now have at least 100 new ideas I can turn into paintings on canvas and explore further the little ideas that catch my interest by using ArtRage."
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Best Email Clients

Tab for Gmail
Tab for Gmail brings the best Gmail experience to your Kindle Fire tablet.
"With this GMAIL I've never had any problems."
"Let's face it, it's no gmail on the pc."
"I dislike that it is only horizontal...and I don't like that the inbox cannot be minimized so the actual email remains smaller..all in all, would just go to gmail.com and use that format."
"Pro's: - Looks Great. - Gets The Job Done. Con's: - Slow. - Fails To Load Often. - Only Supports A Single Account. - Freezes. Conclusion: Unless you really can't stand the standard KF email app and want the GMail look and feel that bad, then this app isn't for you."
"My major problem with it is that when I'm typing emails, if I write too much, I can't see what I'm writing as I write it, because it doesn't scroll down."
"I dont know what you have done to this gmail app for Kindle but I hate it!!"
"One is an email app. The email app your Kindle Fire comes with is way better than this junk."
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Best Presentations

Teleprompter Pro
Description. Teleprompter Pro is the professional teleprompter system for your Android phone and tablet.
"While it is true that you can't download Word files directly to the app, you are able to copy and paste from a Word file directly to the app."
"I also noted that when I import scripts, they are all listed as untitled, and you can't save them as well as should be the case."
"Just one suggestion: Once parameters for background color, font color and countdown are chosen, have that be remembered."
"I use it for song lyrics and the scroll speed goes too fast."
"For $5, I can't even rearrange the files."
"Kindle crashed while adjusting the teleprompter contrast/brightness setting. Limited adjustment to scroll speed."
"its awful, once downloaded all I got was advertising ads, after ads and more ads for other apps."
"Can't import existing documents, Kindle crashes as soon as you create and try to use the app."
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Best Personal Finance

Home Budget Manager
✔ See All Account’s total balance or individual accounts balance or selected accounts balance. ✔ Multiple accounts and make transfers between the Accounts. ✔ The overview of your expenses, income and upcoming bills . ✔ Visualise the statistics graph and see where your money has gone by categorising all incomes and expenses, Payees, Monthly Income, Monthly Expense, Budget vs Expense, Income vs Expense, Income vs Expense vs Budget. ✔ Add further categories to get a better overview of your expenses.
"I also wish it had a dark interface with option to change the home screen."
"this is a great app home budget Manger is my to go app for all my bills."
"Fantastic app and certainly one of the best ones for managing home or personal budgets."
"I can take care of myriam money so easy."
"Still going through it, trying to find all the little helpful charts and such."
"I'm not a fan of "Tiles", but being a delivery driver I needed something to help me track my Bank accounts, Tips and expenses."
"I like that I have this app on a mobile device, to plan our bills, make our budget, and see where all our money is going."
"Its a lot of work figuring this out but i think after a lot of using the product it would be good to have and use."
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Best Scanning & Printing

PrinterShare Mobile Print
Wirelessly print documents (MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint; PDF and text files) from device memory, SD card and even from Google Docs!
"I can't rate this because I can't use it with my Dell printer... a fact I was only able to find out AFTER buying and installing this App."
"Works like a charm!"
"This product works as advertised and I now consider it essential to all my phones."
"Prior to installing PrinterShare, getting acceptable prints from my Android Devices involved transferring the material to a computer, then printing from there."
"I don't have a tremendous use for this app, but it is nice to know if I do it's easy and problem free ."
"Free download, can only print test page OR if you got the free version like this one, you get to print 20 pages THEN purchase it."
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Best Document Editing

PDF Max Pro - Read, Annotate & Edit PDF documents plus Fill out PDF Forms!
Mark up document with highlights and handwriting, insert texts and stamps, fill out, sign, watermark, copy/paste PDF pages and much more. --------------------------. **. PDF Max 4 Features: * FORM-FILLING FEATURES: - Support Text field, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown list, buttons & date-time fields. - Support JavaScripted-powered PDF forms. - Support AcroForms & Static XFA Forms. - Zoom-in writing to fill out scanned/non-interactive PDF forms. - Multiple signatures support, plus one-time signature for customer. * PDF OUTLINE, PDF LINK & BOOKMARK MANAGEMENT FEATURES. - Create and manipulate PDF Outlines. - Create and manage PDF Bookmarks. - Create and edit PDF Embedded Links.
"I added more data on the permissions below showing the older and the new permissions list.. ++++++++++++++++++++++. PDF files are very common and I use them all of the time. This reader is a nice powerful PDF reader and it allows you to mark up your PDF file read and annotate it. Original Permissions May 19, 2014: * Record audio. * Read and write to external storage. * Internet access. Present Permissions on June 17, 2015: • Read phone status and identity. • Record audio. • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. • Full network access. • View network connections. • View WIFI connections. • Install shortcuts. The app does contain a code called Crashlytics but it is targeted at collecting crashlogs to see the possible bugs in their app."
"This app is good at its job. I chose to encrypt the document with a password. I know the mac is old, so the pdf should have been supported. I still don't understand why Google's Play gets updates before Amazon's Appstore?!"
"When I learned that some Kindle's could read text aloud I was excited."
"The Display is sharp and clear for most documents but some do come out a little fuzzy (similar to other apps). Unfortunately, I could not find an easy REDO feature so I can erase changes I made and then want to start the edit over again. It has enough common features to satisfy average users and works well with all the Editing tools and Saving functions."
"I used to use Adobe, but I wanted something for my e-Textbooks that I could color code my highlighting in an easy and user friendly way."
"I certainly don't need the net to be operational at my PC for 90% + of my apps, why should I the net active on my phone?"
"Email to developer does not work."
"Why does a PDF app need to know my phone state and identity, not to mention the phone numbers of incoming calls?"
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Best Document Viewers

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form
Select Text Reflow, Fit to Text Column, Copy and paste text in PDF view and bookmark as you go or Change Reading Direction to ease reading. PDF Form Filler. Good for application forms, school tests, and contracts. (It uses TTS feature of the hardware settings). Annotation Features on PDF - No need to print for marking. Useful tool to add text in text box and sticky notes; highlight, underline, or cross out texts; draw rectangles, ovals and freehand drawings. Night / Day Mode, Able to change font size and color (text and background). - Thumbnail image view. - Landscape view OK. - Search (Options for case sensitive, whole word or part, exact word, and/or operator) and highlighted result. - Auto Fit Zoom for multi-column article or removing white margin. - Crop or Rotate page. - Scroll lock / unlock. - Able to select text in PDF, save to clipboard, web search, share with other apps, check with dictionary (Support ColorDict). - Support hyperlinks (Go to page within the PDF, Call PDF to PDF, URL links to webpage). - Open Standard Password-protected PDF (Important! - Intuitive bookmarking & viewing bookmarks with its description and ribbon & thumbnail image. - Auto Page Turn (in secs) or Auto Scroll (up a screen full). - Table of Contents. - Zoom in & out (Pinch or double tap). - Page navigation with thumbnail scroll images. - Jump to a specific page by its Page Number. - Able to change reading direction - Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Hebrew. - Undo & Redo button. - Support Trackball. - Page Turning Effect (Flip); Can be turned off. - FREE PDF Conversion Program for PC (link to download). - 5-point-tap : Annotation Tool On or Off. - 4-point-tap : Notification Bar On or Off. - 3-point-tap : PDF view or Text Reflow view. - 2-point-tap : Reduces the page to fit the width when enlarged. - 1-point-tap : Toggles Menu On or Off. twitter.com/ezpdf. facebook.com/ezpdf.
"I'm shallow and slow and very vain and want to see a pretty wall of the documents (in this case, scanned manuals and documents for pretty much everything in my house - the stove, the microwave, my black and decker drill in the garage). I upped the review from four to five stars because the therapist I don't have would have told me to do that and somewhere out there there exists a programmer who poured his heart and soul into this program and burdening him with my psychosis isn't worth it. Somewhere in here there is a button that will turn a PDF manual for a 1988 VCR into the foundation of a system that will kick start cold fusion."
"The version in the Google Play store has been recently updated and now supports EPUBs, while this one doesn't and may never."
"I tried putting it in the cloud and downloading it, but when I tried to open it that way, Kindle said it was DRM protected and could not be opened. I downloaded it on my Kindle and, after a little trouble locating the file within the reader, I finally found the file and opened it right away."
"Well I'll give a fair review with Pros and applicable drawbacks or Cons for this app. (1) This one is probably the best PDF reader app for mobile device out there due to many customization features. Whereas, if you go to Google Play you would see that the developer has been keeping the app updated regularly, and currently, to version by 3/16/12. (2) Some of the best customization features, or Pros, that are selling point for this app are: (a) importing your own pdf file and (b) have text reflow to fit nicely for reading the pdf documents on your mobile the device, (c) smooth scrolling and rotate pages seamlessly and (d) save the pages where you last read; (e) it also has night/mode just like a book reader app; and, other commonly expect features of a pdf readers etc. However, here are some applicable drawbacks, or Cons, to the above features: basically these features are short of user's experience: a) You gonna have to learn manual ways of importing pdf file to your device."
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Best Organizers & Assistants

ElectroDroid Pro
ElectroDroid PRO is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and references.
"very handy for field work,quick reference."
"It also helps explain and calculate various values using concepts like Voltage Divider, Current Divider, Ohm's Law and so on."
"This app has allot of information for the electronic enthusiasts including a color code decoder and ohms law calculator."
"It will help immensely with my HAM radio addiction, though."
"Hey Guys, DJ Wild Bill here If you use an electronics reference book you will really appreciate this."
"I'm happy to have this fingertip reference on hand since all of my books and references swam away during a house flooding mishap."
"But since Amazon changed to apps being used on 'Connected devices' only its useless to me."
"The liscence expired on this before I actually got to try it out."
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Best Professional Networking

All In One Social Media With Lock Pro
As the name suggests, you can access all popular social media networks like facebook, twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, Dailymotion through this app.
"Excellent App with Beautiful user interface."
"Very good app.. All social Media access at one place.."
"Doesn't handle service authentication well and suffers from side effects of activity on other apps. Side effects are something you learn to not have in code from day one of programming, it simply isn't acceptable to see it here."
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Best To-Do Lists & Reminders

Schedule Planner Classic Pro
Busy users are provided with a flexible set of categories like Meals, Health, and Work. The app employs in-depth pie-chart and bar graph diagrams to let users see how they spend their time based on category with a quick glance. Advanced Alerts and Notifications The world is busier than ever; take this opportunity to start optimizing your time and become more productive with Schedule Planner Classic!
"My advice is to not buy from the Kindle, but use the Amazon store web front from a computer to get it done. If I could have only one wish it would be that the list of categories were editable. If I could have three I would ask for an appointment to be called out more startlingly in the calendar day squares. How about changing the color of the day square to show something is planned and putting a bar for each category of thing planned on its own?"
"still learning to use it but so far so good."
"It does not appear to have a list view on the Tasks, but again I am still new to this app and hope to figure it all out soon."
"I recently set up a new separate email account for another purpose when it didn't work for what I was trying to do decided to use it just for schedules and appointments. And was going to link it with my existing email hub app, only my log in didn't work and I did not have access to where that information was at... then I found this app and. thought I found the solution to make it all work BUT... since I don't remember my new email password I thought I would set up the rest until I get back."
"As for the not syncing properly, this was not an issue with the app, as I discovered the same problem with other calendar apps. I deleted the 'My Calendar' account and it fixed the syncing problem."
"First off this is an iOS port, but at least it allowed me to use the back button."
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Best Accounting & Expenses

Checkbook Pro
Enter account transfers, withdraws, payments, credits, debits, fees and more with ease! Avoid costly bank overdraft fees by putting the power in your hands! Even the online bank statements lag when posting transactions--sometimes causing you to believe you have more money than you do which leads to bounced checks and overdraft fees. - Customizable Categories. - Color-Coded Accounts and Transaction Categories. - Unlimited Accounts. - Recurring Transactions. - View detailed bill & account statements. - Powerful Reporting Engine. - Data backup/restore. - CSV/Excel Export. - Password Lock. - Enjoy financial freedom and peace of mind. If you have ANY issues, questions, concerns, suggestions or feedback PLEASE do not hesitate to email us at our support address listed.
"It would be nice to sort the list by the year on deposit and expenses, other than that great application."
"Very good app, but there are some additional moves to make things easier."
"Love this app."
"Used it on everything but IPhone cause I wouldn't own one."
"Does what it's supposed to do!"
"Great app for daily financial needs!"
"bought app then could not download to my computer."
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Best Meetings & Conferencing

myBiz Mobile Business Manager
The myBiz Mobile Business Manager is a comprehensive suite of tools that allow a mobile user to manage a small to medium business without having to be tethered to a terminal. This app is a Comprehensive Inventory with extra business tools for total business management. Simple interfaces with great export/import features to work with PC tools like Excel, Calc...etc.
"I can track inventory, plan projects, create invoices and quotes, all in one package."
"Awesome, so helpfully a very usefully."
"I use MyBiz to monitor my painting supplies and projects cost and usage."
"i am learning it and so far no complaints, I will recommend to my friends and will try to post more later."
"Bin using this program on my galaxy s5 and ended up buying it on my kindle fire the programs works well and so far I like it... but the camera/bar code scanner don't work for the kindle."
"Looks nice, but if you are wanting to use this one your Kindle, DON'T BUY IT."
"What is it with this convoluted loading and this site like it is iTunes or something."
"I installed this app on my BlackBerry Q10 and can not get it to work properly."
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