Best On-Demand Music Streaming

For Google Cast, AirReceiver only support screen cast from android and tab/desktop cast from Chrome. 2, For Google Cast, AirReceiver only support screen cast from android and tab cast from Chrome.
"Its really an amazing app, saves you from having to spend a ton of money to buy an apple tv."
"Works pretty well."
"Would only play You Tube videos...tried all apps on my iPhone 6 and iPad Pro and could not AirPlay any."
"If you’re watching a show that has commercials, the app will bring the episode back to the beginning of the show after the commercials run."
"Did not work at all."
"Would not connect, no troubleshooting help as to why."
"Very poor connection to iPad to fireTV."
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iSyncr for iTunes to Android (Pro)
iSyncr enables you to quickly sync your Android device with the music you have in iTunes using USB or WiFi. iSyncr works directly with iTunes so you can sync hassle-free. - Sync with a cord over USB or sync wirelessly with a WiFi connection. - Sync your ratings, play counts, skip counts, last played date, and last skipped date between iTunes and your phone to keep your smart playlists up to date. - Sync new playlists and playlist changes back to iTunes. Note: This app will not sync copy protected music or videos but will alert you to which songs will not be synced to your device.
"WiFi transfer is quick to find the proper device and library automatically and file sync across the network is very fast, faster than USB I believe."
"I was able to transfer all 1800 Songs and Videos to my Android phone."
"Allowed me to get my music out of itunes and onto my kindle with no hassle."
"But was using it for my daughters xo tablet and found out really how little memory it had on it."
"Best App for syncing itunes library on android phone."
"I love your Rocket Player."
"This bombed as soon as I tried to open it on my Samsung Galaxy 6."
"Could never get it to work!"
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Orange Squeeze
Orange Squeeze automatically discovers and connects to your local Logitech Media Server (7.0 and higher) or the mysqueezebox.com web site. Full search capabilities coupled with an intuitive and fast interface make listening to music on your Squeezeboxen fun and convenient. - Drag and drop playlist and menu management for easy customization. - Automatically mute or pause players when a phone call is received, and optionally unmute them after you hang up. - Integrates cleanly and easily with the SqueezePlayer app (separate purchase required) to turn your Android device into a full-fledged music player connected to your Logitech Media Server.
"Last updated 10/18/2015, no longer stays connected while playing music."
"Recently, my logitech squeezebox app stopped functioning, so, was looking for a replacement."
"I have 'the others' -- also great - for my "i" devices, but I really like this one and wish it was also available for the i's."
"If you're lucky enough still to be using a Logitech Squeezebox, Duet, etc., this is the app you want."
"Ap is brilliant."
"By far the best Squeezebox controller app on the Android platform."
"This works better than other Squeezebox apps I've used, so I'll stick with it."
"Definitely an upgrade from the official Logitech app."
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Best Music Players

jetAudio Music Player Plus
It plays almost any type of digital music files you have (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .wma* and more) and, it provides a very high quality sound with various effects and enhancements such as Wide, Reverb, X-Bass. It comes with 32 equalizer presets that will provide a wide array of listening experience. For those who would like to customize their own sound experience, it also allows 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and other advanced playback functions including playback speed control, crossfading, AGC and much more. To enjoy full features of jetAudio, please purchase Plus version. * Sound effect plugins will be sold separately through in-app purchase. * Can choose between 3 List modes or 10 Grid modes for layout style. (In Basic version, layout style can be chosen in Album browser only). * AGC (automatic gain control) to avoid volume fluctuations between tracks. * Browser and play music by artits, albums, songs, playlists, genres and folders.
"That is why I am happy to pay for full version apps rather than have developers subject users to crapware or ads."
"The equalizer is a ten-band unit that allows precise customization of sound for your earphones."
"Worth it for your Firekindle."
"I wanted a player that would work on my phone when it was playing through Bluetooth (car and headset), supported playlists, and would work well with Google Maps' GPS instructions."
"Works well on several phones."
"Everything worked fine on my last phone, now I switched to a g3 and somehow the plugins don't acknowledge that I bought both of them despite it saying that they're linked to the account for multi device use."
"If I buy it in Amazon, why the hell is checking Google Play for a licence?"
"Update installation is not finish after download files."
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Best Instruments & Music Makers

Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords
You can search tabs & chords by keyword or browse by tags and popularity.
"I have to admit, this is a fantastic app whether you're new to guitar or not."
"Sometimes the key in the Chords mode of the song does not match the key of the tab mode and that's discouraging."
"It does seem to focus more on the rock/metal genre and I've come across a few that the tab is show higher on the fret board rather than being played lower on the fret board on the higher strings, but that's nothing a decent musician couldn't figure out."
"I love this app!"
"No glitches, easy to use, accurate as hell, backing tracks, fastest way to learn a song the propper way."
"NOTE: can't speak for security, but there are no ads and I don't think you have any in-app purchases (none that I've noticed)."
"I encourage anyone to learn the guitar tabs for "Smoke On Water" by Deep Purple, it's been a classic rock song for ages."
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Best Music Info & Reviews

Speed Cleaner for KINDLE (Boost & Clean)
⚡Boost your games and apps⚡. If you’re tired of watching how your tablet or smartphone gets slower every day, and you don’t know anything about clearing cache, clear search history, erase history, delete cookies, or registry cleaner terms, this is the perfect app that brings a fast solution to your slow phone. ⚡Our app will take care of everything⚡. Making all memory clean steps required to bring back the speed of your device as when it was brand new or even better than when you turn it on for the first time! Be aware of other speedbooster free applications that only have virus and make the problem worst; try our Speed Cleaner and begin to enjoy the benefits! Thanks to the integration of a user friendly and intuitive interface, thinking in people that are not aware of all those tricky terms, we made it really simple.
"My tablet seems to be faster after I run this program, especially the return to homepage."
"I'm no computer expert, but it seems to be helpful."
"A total waste of money and no option for a refund."
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Best Songbooks & Sheet Music

MobileSheetsPro Music Reader
- Hands-free page turns using any bluetooth or usb devices (including two and four pedal models), or through the automatic scrolling feature. - Annotations for marking up music including support for freeform drawing, basic shapes, text and stamps. - A custom audio player for playing audio tracks with your scores. - A metronome with multiple display modes and sound effects. - Bookmarks for quick and easy access to sections in scores. - Link points for handling repeats and quickly jumping between pages. - Support for multiple file types including images, PDFs, text files and chord pro files.
"Taking the time to read the manual is well worth it."
"The price of the app - although well worth it in the end - deterred me initially, and I tried a number of different (and cheaper) apps but none had the organizational capacity of MobileSheetPro."
"I set the Layout to the exact screen size of my Kindle. I fiddle with the layout to get the most music on the page that I can comfortably read. With my Kindle 8.9 I can get about a half page of sheet music on the screen at one time. I have had problems getting the Mobile Sheets software on my PC to transfer my files to the Kindle."
"I use this app for work, actually my work depends if this app and I can say that MobileSheetsPro is The best app for music reading."
"Very flexible to add music and set lists."
"Excellent software for organizing, displaying, editibg and annotating sheet music."
"Just the app I was looking for to consolidate all my sheets of tab, lyrics, and chord charts."
"I am far-sighted and wear reading glasses, but I don't have to wear my glasses now when we gig because my Kindle screen with its backlight is easier to read at a distance."
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Best Audio Recording

Easy Voice Recorder Pro
Use it to reliably record your meetings, personal notes, classes, songs, and more, with no time limits or ads! ★ Record to high-quality PCM and AAC, or use AMR to save space. You can also use powerful audio filters on supported devices, rename and delete your recordings, save them as a ringtone, integrate with Tasker and Locale, and much more. On some devices, Bluetooth is supported only for phone calls, and not for application audio. We also have a test group for alpha and beta testers ( https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/easy-voice-recorder-testing ).
"Easy voice recorder pro is a must-have app if you own a pure Google device and you need a voice recorder."
"I like Easy Voice Recorder Pro."
"I love that I'm able to upload to the cloud of my choice and archive saved messages."
"This is one reliable voice recording app, never failed me."
"It is just my favorite app to record voice notes or meetings."
"For the price this is one great little voice recorder."
"Works great.."
"Sorta works, but resulting audio from the internal mic is very poor - like 1980's answering machine poor - on my phone."
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Best Radio Webcasts

XiiaLive Pro - Internet Radio
This is the PRO version of XiiaLive™, one of the top apps in the market, offering the most stable and uninterrupted Internet radio experience! It lets you stream music and explore more than 50,000 live radio stations from all over the world. FEATURES: • All the features already included in our XiiaLive free version –variety of stations and directories, favorites, history, alarm, sleep timer, and sharing capabilities. • The ability to add homescreen SHORTCUTS to your favorite radio stations.
"Also those sticky intents permissiosn is not only on this app, it's on other apps as well - especially apps that have an alarm function, such as this one."
"The app is great for streaming shoutcast to your android device (internet radio format) and what I really loved about this app was it's ability to "scrobble" the music you listened to, to your last.fm account."
"I doubt Xiia has something evil in mind."
"You can also access radio stations from pretty much anywhere, meaning you can get breaking news from places of interest, or get your favorite radio station even if you're traveling."
"As the days have progressed, it has gradually replaced my shortwave and hd radios with more stations to choose from and no need to play the antenna dance. Just restart your device and remember to wait until the station is fully buffered before moving to another channel and you'll be back to business as usual."
"Japanese music started to play like I was there on the Island of Fukuoka in the city of Saga."
"This app is great, I had problems with other well known apps, but so far this one is not freezing or force closing."
"Then, when it locked in on to what I was hoping to be an acoustic blues station, I ended up getting a Pointer Sisters song."
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Best Podcasts

Podcast Addict Donate
With Podcast Addict, manage all your audio & video Podcasts as well as your YouTube channels and News feeds from your Android device. You can also import your podcasts subscriptions from an iTunes or Google Reader OPML export file, or use the embedded search engine to browse Podcasts Addict or iTunes databases (~ 250K podcasts indexed). • Android Wear notifications & controls (Android 4.3+ only). • chromecast support. • minimal permission requirement. • manage Audio & Video podcasts, iTunes podcasts, Youtube Channels & News feeds. • support both download & streaming. • automatic update. • automatic download. • advanced automatic deletion features (trash, ...). • advanced Custom Settings per Podcast. • podcast & episode search engine (use both Podcast Addict database & iTunes database). • audio & video player with resume, shuffle, loop, ... features. • variable playback speed, volume boost and skip silence (available for Android 4.1+). • audio & video playlist. • automatic podcasts Flattr. • priority podcasts playlist. • customizable widgets. • full app backup / restore. • themes. • lock screen widgets (Android 4.0+ only). • sleep timer. • both list & grid mode display (podcasts & episodes). • authenticated feeds. • virtual podcasts (handle a folder content as a podcast). • TOP 50 most successful podcasts. • Browse podcasts by category. • OPML import (iTunes, Google Reader, ...). • OPML export. • Podcasts suggestions. • comments download feature. • episode & podcast sharing. • episode filters & search engine. • pebble support (player notifications). • can be controlled by task automation apps like Tasker or AutomateIT through Intents. • ...
"It removed ad from Podcast Addict, works as intended."
"I love podcast addict."
"Even though you can get this player free with ads I felt it was worth it to buy this to support the developer and get rid of the ads."
"This is a great podcast app."
"Not to pleased having two icons for a single app, but worth it to get rid of ads."
"Best podcast app around."
"Please fix ASAP as I paid for this app with cold hard cash."
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