Best Art Portfolios

ITOYA 18 inch x 24 inch Original Art Profolio Presentation Book/Portfolio- for Art, Photography, and Documents
Features a reversible spine insert that slides in-and-out of the built-in insert window for customized content labels. Multi fold spine lies flat to showcase your work and the portfolio contains 28 sheets so you can add 48 inserts.
"The portfolio works fantastic for storage, but if you’re looking for a travel portfolio, this may not work for you."
"Great storage device to save off all of my daughter's artwork."
"Fantastic portfolio, keeps things secure, protected and it looks great."
"They are heavy duty and with 24 sleeves, that is a lot of room for your pictures."
"My boyfriend seems very happy with it."
"I am in love with these portfolios."
"I have many of these and they hold up well."
"The only option for portfolio folders."
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Prestige MN2436 Carry-All Soft-Sided Art Portfolio 24 inches x 36 inches
Size: 24" x 36". Water-resistant nylon.
"It's about a half inch thick and should accommodate 4 or 5 documents easy, so don't let me framed image deter you if you are looking for a well made case at an affordable price."
"I like the fact that it converts from handle to shoulder by way of a good, sturdy pair of side-release buckle clasps. Almost like the price went up intentionally knowing more might be purchased during the Fall college semester and then drop the price right after the semester ends."
"I needed this portfolio carrying case to carry many large, foam-board exhibits from my hotel to the courthouse for a trial."
"Oddly, the seller knew about the shoulder strap issue and had some in the warehouse that weren't defective, but they would not ship a replacement. Even with the defects, the wire frame is a real winner especially compared to the cheaper extra-large portfolios that easy rip."
"After reading several reviews of this product, I decided it met my needs perfectly and I was correct!"
"Very sturdy and keeps my three essentials; Large Drawing Pad, Bristol Pad and Sketch book protected and in place.It has two compartments on each side to put things in that aren't too bulky like pencils and erasers."
"Great little tote to put all of your work in."
"The quality of the case is nice and I was glad to find something that would work at a decent price!"
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Itoya Art Profolio Storage/Display Book 16 in. x 20 in. 24
Top-loading, clear polypropylene sheets will not stick to copier toner and is also ideal for storing a vast array of artwork and memory projects. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The portfolio works fantastic for storage, but if you’re looking for a travel portfolio, this may not work for you."
"Great storage device to save off all of my daughter's artwork."
"Fantastic portfolio, keeps things secure, protected and it looks great."
"They are heavy duty and with 24 sleeves, that is a lot of room for your pictures."
"My boyfriend seems very happy with it."
"I am in love with these portfolios."
"I have many of these and they hold up well."
"The only option for portfolio folders."
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Best Art Storage Cabinets

Ameriwood Home Carver 64 Storage Cabinet, Black
Add extra storage to any room with the Ameriwood Home Carver Storage Cabinet. The cabinet has a black finish with distressed brown woodgrain accents on top and inside and antique pewter handles.
"This cabinet looks beautiful and we decided to leave the doors off."
"They stay slightly open and I will have to move the magnets to a new, not pre-drilled location to make them stay closed."
"I added sticky chalk board lining ($8 Hobby Lobby) on the upper two panels on the outside to keep a constant shopping list."
"The color on top is like a gray wood grain and it looks stunning against the black legs and bottom platform."
"Then I finally get it and it’s missing a part that I had to order from the company and wait another week for. The shelves and structure seems pretty sturdy but the doors are sort of thin and flimsy in my opinion."
"I love this coffee table so much!"
"So I saw a lot of mixed reviews- but this cabinet is great- I really took my time putting it together as I think you should."
"We used it for a business application, had to drill vents out the back - but I may buy one for my own home."
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Best Art & Poster Transport Tubes

Tran Art Carry Tube, 3-1/2 by 48-Inch, Leather Grain Black
Size: 3-1/2-inch x 48-inch Tube, Black |. Style Name: Leather Grain. Made of Leather Grain material.
"He could fit two flutes in if he had two...anyway if you use this for a native style flute make sure you slip the flute into a NATURAL fabric (cotton, wool is best) flute sock first."
"I added some foam pipe insulation around the inside for added protection on the plane."
"This tube works very well."
"The handle is perfect for toting around and the tube provides awesome support with a PVC-like structure inside."
"I let it sit sideways with strap crossing over the handled of carry on."
"I bought this for my daughter who is a HS art student, and she loves it."
"high quality and well made."
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Best Art Tool & Sketch Storage Boxes

ArtBin Super Satchel Double Deep with Removable Dividers: Clear Art Craft Storage Container Box, 6990AB
Ideal for organizing and storing art and crafts supplies, small toys, doll accessories, building blocks and trading card collections. Use "open core" (without dividers) for paper, albums and fabric or customize up to 8 compartments for multiple storage options including photo storage, card making supplies, dies, templates, punches, fat quarters and more.
"I came across the ArtBin 6939AB Marker Storage Tray and I finally had a place to story my pen sets so I could easy find and use them. Positives+. Hefty build. Customizable. Seems secure. Stackable. Negatives-. Dividers don't lock in. Bulky item so make sure you have the room."
"My main purpose in purchasing this item was to fit 8.5" x 11" paper, a size that I've yet to find in storage bin containers."
"This is an incredible way to keep those smaller items organized that tend to be misplaced in one compact location and with the overall size, this bin can actually it can hold A LOT of items! Other than that- this bin is a great buy and I would highly recommend it for smaller item storage of any kind."
"Please note that I almost rated it four stars because the tabs that connect to the center divider have waste plastic in them and often it requires that you take a knife or scissors to cut them so the tab can fit over the center piece making a flush connection."
"We found these bins to be extremely helpful and have been waiting to purchase another one for small toys."
"I love these bins!"
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Best Flat & Vertical Files

Studio Designs Flat File in Light Grey 46.75 inches wide by 35.5 inches deep 60727
Of the same sturdy steel frame construction, the Flat File Stand raises the files 20'' off the ground enabling easier access to slide-out drawers and adding a convenient shelf beneath the files. Five Slide -out Drawers: 43.25"W X 32.75"D X 1.75"H. Steel Frame Construction for Durability.
"Shipping was good, this item will serve it's purpose."
"I have difficulty with. Drawer wanting to stick a bit before pulling out. We have checked tracking and it's fine."
"Product packed well great enamel paint. Does exactly what I need it to."
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Best Arts & Crafts Drying & Print Racks

Martin Avanti Metal Print Rack
The Avanti Metal Print Rack can remain stationary with the included four (4) adjustable foot glides, or mobile when used with the four (4) multi-surface casters. Perfect for art fairs; galleries and retail settings.
"Therefore it needs heavy cardboard for its packaging, which it did not have."
"I use this in my basement to hold prints, mounted art, and some framed artwork."
"I'm not the biggest fan of the color, but compared to the alternatives out there, this seems to be the way to go short of making your own."
"The red plastic mat intended to prevent slippage could be replaced, if desired."
"Love it!"
"This is a great stand for displaying artwork as tradeshows, fetes, markets etc comes with coaster wheels as well as adjustable coasters for static use."
"I gave it 4 and mot 5 stars as there was a manufacturing defect that I was able to remedy - the red plastic piece was installed askew."
"Little bit shorter than expected but looks like it is sturdy and will hold up."
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Best Arts & Crafts Storage Boxes & Organizers

IRIS 4-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart with Organizer Top, White
Built-in drawer stops prevent drawers from falling out when opened or moving cart around. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"You can get the drawers out all the way."
"Don't have much to say, its just what I needed."
"I love this company their drawers are the best."
"I cut out cardboard pieces for the top so I could set my bigger items on the top.The drawers are nice they pull out with ease and have a safety stop so you can't pull the drawer completely out of the cart."
"I am careful I don't store excessive heavy items it is made of plastic and keep inside my home not exposed to extreme cold."
"I have been using a small accordion file for papers since I am mostly paperless so this was perfect with it's one small file drawer. If you have a lot of files, this probably won't work but I try to scan and throw out as much as possible."
"I used the plastic drawer organizers which work somewhat ok but there is space between or around them when connected and they slip towards the back when the drawer shuts and/or opens."
"I had a companion piece (just a few months old) that I expected this to resemble more - it had 4 normal wheels ergo decent ground clearance - this has 2 micro wheels and hugs close to the ground."
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Best Paint Brush Organizers & Holders

Teagas Chinese Calligraphy Brush Water Writing / Painting Sumi Set(12 Items)
It's better to write on Chinese calligraphy paper than water writing cloth. -- Water writing mode: only need water, Chinese brushes, and water writing cloth. Two Writing Modes Design: chinese water writing mode and chinese ink writing mode. Chinese Water Writing Mode: This Chinese calligraphy set comes with one water writing cloth. Chinese Ink Writing Mode: If you are experienced or you become an old hand at Chinese Calligraphy Writing, then it is time to go from water writing mode to ink writing mode. FULL SET INCLUDED 12 ITEMS-- FOUR CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY BRUSHES, ONE CHINESE INK STONE, ONE CHINESE SEAL, ONE CINNABAR INKPAD, ONE CHINESE INK STICK, ONE CHINESE BRUSH REST, ONE PORCELAIN BOWL, ONE SMALL SPOON AND ONE WATER WRITING CLOTH.
"There were other reviews saying it came damaged, but it came intact and with an extra added protection of a pre-shrunk plastic casing."
"Loved this set."
"I am excited to use this and also incorporate Chinese Calligraphy into a lesson for my Elementary students."
"Nice set, but I am a beginner."
"My daughter's beloved art teacher loved it (we give gifts of different art mediums than he uses.)."
"They need to have some info, about this kit,how to take care of brushes."
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Best Craft & Sewing Supplies Storage

BEST YARN BAG / ORGANIZER FOR KNITTING. Portable, Light and Easy to Carry- enjoy knitting &crochet anywhere. Bags have Pockets for Storage and Slits on Top to Protect Wool and Prevent Tangling.
Designed to be sturdy and strong yet portable, light-weight and easy to carry. Ideal gift for friends and relatives that loves to crochet or knit. NO MORE TANGLED YARN OR PETS IN YOUR PROJECT - Yarn tote has 4 slits on top to prevent wool from tangling and allows yarn to be pulled at perfect tension. STAY ORGANIZED AND HAVE EVERYTHING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Yarn drum has 5 pockets on the outside and two on the inside to hold needles, hooks, scissors, glasses, phone, patterns etc.
"My husband was straightening up in the living room one day and in exasperation he said, "I'm glad you crochet and that it keeps you busy and all, but does your stuff need to be EVERYWHERE? It's helped me cut down on my "crochet clutter" significantly. There are small pockets that are perfect for organizing crochet hooks, a wider pocket that I'm using for scissors and stitch markers, and then an even wider pocket that's perfect for holding printed instructions."
"It's very well made and the stitching all looks good. The top zips together with a zipper on both sides so you don't have to use one zipper to go all the way around. The top has 2 slits for yarn to pass through without getting all tangled up (I'm really good at getting yarn tangled; ugh), and you could feasibly put 4 different colors through the slots (each slot has a hole on each end) if you're doing a project with different colored yarns."
"The yarn comes out through the slot without a problem, it cleans up well, has plenty of room for differnt yarn."
"It was still worth it for me...beautiful classy fabric on the outside, cute dots on the inside and great storage."
"The photos were very clear, but it's even better in person then I imagined."
"One of the best organizational crafting items I have ever bought, nice and roomy, super convenient to feed different yarn colors through the holes in the top to keep them from rolling around and getting tangled, plus it is great for keeping yarn away from any feisty cats trying to play while you work!"
"Love this yarn storage bag - holds more than I anticipated and I am very happy that the shoulder strap is detachable."
"I bought it to store my latch hook kit yarn, canvas, and hook, so I don't need the holes at the top that knitters can use to pull yarn through as they knit."
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