Best Card Making Kits

American Girl Crafts Art Kit, Julie Albright String Cards
American Girl Julie Albright String Art Cards Kit makes funky string art cards. Wrap shiny string around a decorative shape and then add shape and a gem to get a funky card to personalize with a message sticker.
"We added golf stickers to the cards to make Fathers Day Cards."
"I bought this for my granddaughter who is turning 8."
"It is nice that she can make several pieces and mom doesn't have to find a place to display them all as she can give some of it away."
"The concept is great and makes pretty cards, BUT my daughter is very frustrated with it."
"It is too close to Christmas to return, but this is NOT a Julie Albright kit, and therefore a big disappointment."
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Hero Arts DI198 Rectangle Infinity Dies Card Making Kit
These nesting rectangle dies allow you to add architectural form and tidy framing to your card making, stamping projects, and more. Set contains 16 metal dies; the largest measures 5.5" x 4.25", and the smallest is 0.5" x 1.75".
"Excellent product."
"These dies are awesome!"
"Lots of choices and cuts very nice."
"After researching all the crafting companies this die set gives you the most variety at the best price :)."
"Excellent quality.Every size you'll ever need.Perfect cuts."
"Love it."
"Good quality."
"Love these."
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Kangaroo's Flying Paper Airplanes; (32-Count) Valentine's Day Cards For Kids
This Time With A Special Valentines Card Assortment That Also Acts As Paper Airplanes That Can Be Flown Rather Than Handed To That Special Friend. Valentine's Day - 32 Paper Airplane Valentines / Valentines Day Cards.
"Fun concept."
"These were nice but not what I expected."
"All the kids in my sons class loved their valentines from him."
"A hit in my child's school."
"My only complaint is that the airplane starts peeling off the perforated edges a little too easily."
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Best Papermaking Supplies

The Classic Paper Making Kit by Wooden Deckle
The Classic Kit makes versatile 5 x 7 inch sheets of handmade paper. Sturdy paper making kit makes 5 x 7" handmade paper.
"We ended up testing out a couple additives for the paper to get the color we wanted, but the ones provided in the kit do give you a good idea of what you might be looking for."
"Ok so this is a neat package, but it was not as heavy duty as I expected."
"Have had a lot of fun trying to make paper and figure out how to write on it."
"This was a gift and she was pleased."
"Well made... simple instructions... great project if you are not in a hurry!"
"My children love making paper with me (recycling old paper to make new)."
"the best quality of product on the market for paper making..shipped in sturdy recycled box...a great way to begin your recycling waste paper into beautiful paper products."
"If you are looking to make some simple paper, I highly recommend trying a different kit."
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Best Bookbinding Supplies

The Cinch Book Binding Machine, Version 2 by We R Memory Keepers | Teal and Gray
The Cinch Book Binding Machine by We R Memory Keepers makes booking binding quick, easy and affordable. PUNCH PERFECT HOLES WITHOUT MEASURING: Bind any size project using alignment pegs and customizable hole-punch knobs.
"So if the holes you punch are not completely centered, which will sometimes happen, flip the back cover before punching, when you put it on it will match perfectly. I move the pages in 1/8inch when punching so they will line up with the cover."
"When it's good, it's very good; but when it's bad...The biggest problem I have had is with misalignment and misplacement. It turns out that some of the punched bits of paper were stuck at the end and were causing a slight misalignment. Similarly I was having trouble pushing the paper all the way in and discovered that bits of paper were stuck at the back edge and were keeping paper from going as far into the punching mechanism as they should. For this reason, I recommend keeping a good stack of scrap paper nearby and testing frequently as I used up a lot of expensive paper because of this problem. Make sure that the paper is pushed all the way to the back of the punching mechanism and check visually if you have any doubts."
"I've loved this tool."
"The machine did an excellent job of punching through book covers that I needed to punch."
"Would have probably liked this if i was going to use it but i dont think its a machine that does enough to justify the price."
"Just what I wanted for making journals."
"this product gave the inspiration to creat more work."
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Best Quilling Supplies

Quilled Creations Beginner Quilling Kit
This kit will introduce you to an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled; shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. Designs for all paper crafts.
"She has made a couple dozen cards (some using paper that was purchased separately)."
"I love to look at other's quilling creations and thought I would give it a try."
"My 10 yo niece was very impressed with my new quilling kit having pieced her own quilling supplies together over the years after starting with a different book/kit about paper twirling... She definitely recommends this kit for beginners, as do I."
"I love that it has a bottom and a top section with little compartments to put quilling pieces and tools."
"I just got this kit to learn quilling and I love it."
"This is a great starter kit, I use every item in it in my quilling, and the items are good quality, the plastic case good quality also."
"I made around 10-12 ear rings and a wall decor (peacock) using this kit."
"People tell me how great the cards look, but I have to admit that quilling is really quite easy."
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Best Embossing Supplies

Tanmit Glitter Gel Pens, 96 Gel Pens Glitter Coloring Set Including 48 Sparkly Colors & 48 Refills for Adult Coloring Books Crafting Drawing Art Markers
Fourth,You can use them to sketch, draw, color, doodle, write and get creative in a fun and skilled way. Use them alongside your felt tip pens, coloring pencils, fineliner, chalks, paints, highlighters and sharpie markers. All our glitter pens can show their bright color on the black and white paper. 48 Glitter Gel Pens - No Duplicated. 48 Colors Refills - No Duplicated. PVC Case - Durable & Beautiful. Fashion Packaging - Premium A+ Corrugated Paper. Few Tips: First,Leaving the protective caps off gel pens can lead the ink inside to dry quickly, so remember to cap them after using them. Largest Whole Glitter Set: This glitter gel pens have 48 unique colors, including original and four glitter colors (including white and brown) so you can add sparkle to your coloring, work, art & life! What’s more important, we know that glitter pens can run out of gel more quickly than other ink type so we prove you with 48 refills. Premium Quality Glittery Gel Pens: We know one Shortcoming of any gel pen is clogging or skipping. Comfortable Coloring Pen Set: We think colored pens should be comfortable especially when you hold them in your hands for a long time.
"I love these pens; the flow is smooth, no clogging or leaking, super assortment of colors, comfort grip and a great sturdy case. As I looked at the bag of refills and then checked the pens, I saw no markings that paired them. Again, I looked at the refills and saw several greens, which in the barrel looked a lot alike, the same with a group of purples and so on."
"And when the pen runs out of ink, this set comes with forty eight refills, one for each color. My niece was so excited to get this set as she doodles and draws, and she will put these pens to the test. These pens will make a great Birthday gift, or a Christmas stocking stuffer, for girls and boys."
"Really impressed with the packaging."
"These fantastic pens come in a case that keeps all of your pens clean and organized."
"These markers are so awesome a lot of fun I have some adult coloring books with different types of words in them and these are so fun to color with I love coloring with them they have a variety of each color."
"I was very leery of ordering gel pens in general because I read so many other bad gel pen reviews."
"Glitter pens add a bit more flare and whimsy if you're giving one of those adult coloring books."
"Bought these well in advance as a Christmas gift for my niece since she lives in a different country."
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Best Craft Paper

Best Crafts 12" X 10' Feet Roll Transfer Paper w/ Grid- Perfect Alignment of Cameo or Cricut Self Adhesive Vinyl for Decals, Signs, Walls, Windows and Other Smooth Surfaces
It comes in a 10 FOOT LONG roll at a very reasonable price for economy, and with higher quality (USA made) than the competing cheap imported brands, so buy with confidence. VERSATILE: Our Best Crafts transfer paper tape was designed to work with a wide variety of Adhesive vinyl (both Indoor and Outdoor) It can work with Cameo, Silhouette, Provo Craft, Cricut Vinyl, Pazzles, oracal transfer tape and much more.
"At the time I ordered the transfer paper it was the least expensive option."
"I didn't care for the grid lines, good idea but I couldn't always get it on their super straight and it was slightly off."
"This worked just as I'd hoped."
"it seems to be ok not a fan of the paper backing i prefer the clear got this cause of the lower price."
"This is my favorite transfer paper."
"This is great if you don't need to see perfectly through it."
"was nervous as have never used transfer tape before."
"I had issues gettign the vinyl off of the cricut brand transfer and would always ruin the vinly i was working on."
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Best Paper Punches

Staples Arc Desktop Paper Punch, 8-Sheet Capacity, Gray
The Staples® Arc system desktop punch operates quickly and easily features an easy-open drawer for no-mess emptying and punches up to eight sheets of paper. Sturdy cutters can handle up to eight sheets of paper.
"Although it states that you should only punch one paper at a time, I attempted to punch more than one sheet and to be honest it really is not strong enough for the serious planner or arc notebook user. I created a planner cover with 80lb card stock and double laminated it with type 5ml thickness lamination sheets and gave this paper punch a try. The paper punch is quite bulky and looks like a very odd contraption indeed, but does a great job."
"I suppose some might think a three-ring binder and three-hole punch would preform the same function at a lower cost, but I write novels. Invariably, these ideas that come out of nowhere when i'm not at my desk end up forming the backbone of every story, so losing one is a major disaster. You can lock the levers on top in their flattest position, which is great if you're storing the punch and short of space. But it's also prone to let go at inconvenient moments, like if you're holding hte handle to move the punch to a new location, so bear that in mind."
"I have had the good fortune of being able to try out both of the Levenger hole punches and the Staples punch, and while as a whole I tend to prefer Levenger versions to the Staples equivalents, in this case I strongly prefer the Staples version."
"This was well worth the investment because now I can print out my own planner refill pages for a fraction of the cost and use this hole punch for them."
"I use it for my college notebooks but I have also used it for my happy planner and it works great."
"I can now make custom laminated covers and dashboards and punch them no problem!"
"Much better than the smaller portable punch."
"The hole punch is not the exact size of the happy planners, the arc is a slightly shorter punch."
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Best Paper Craft Tools

Chalk markers, Blusmart 8pcs Liquid Chalk Pens 3mm Reversible tips 40 Chalkboard Labels Perfect for Chalkboards, Windows, Glass,Whiteboard
NON-TOXIC, ODOR-FREE & DUST FREE. Unlike tradtional chalk, Blusmart chalk markers are made of unique ink which belong water-based ingredients that's safe for adults and kids! Important Please Read - Blusmart Art Chalk Markers pen are designed to be used on smooth and NON-POROUS surfaces! Perfect holiday gift for your family and friends--you could use Blusmart art chalk marker leaving personal notes on tile, Metal, Plastic, Glasses doors, Thank you Card, Cafe menus, pubs, Gym boards, Mark expiration date on food canisters & Containers etc. Eco friendly and great for Kids Age 3+, Dust Free for Asthma & Allergy Sufferers.
"I recently purchased a new chalkboard and wanted to be able to write on it without getting dust everywhere from traditional chalk so I picked up these awesome markers and I love them!"
"The colors are very vibrant and chalk applies smoothly without running. I was thinking it would be cool to get some of that chalkboard paint and paint a portion of the wall so we could use these as a regular space for changing art!"
"If you use on a chalkboard you do need to clean with soap and water and then wipe down again due to high bright the pigments are."
"Plenty of fun chalkboard stickers to use on household items as labels which I plan to use in the craft room."
"We had some but they weren't very thick markers and I really wanted something bigger to make it easier on them as they begin learning to write!"
"They are ok. One of the marker tips pushed down into the marker before we even used it so we had to throw it away."
"My Grandson is told don’t write about certain things but now he can write on the big window in the kitchen he has double doors and he is having a time doing his work of ART."
"Even with repeated shaking and pressing down on the tip, like you are supposed to do with chalk pens, they still did not work."
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Best Papier-Mache Supplies

Darice 2849-06 Paper Mache Boxes for Craftwork, 8, 9 and 10-Inch, Set of 3
Darice's Set of Three Paper Mache Boxes come nested inside each other. 8, 9 and 10 inch Size boxes.
"We're using these for our wedding."
"These were perfect for making my card box for my wedding!"
"Perfect for what I needed them for (card box)."
"Nice and sturdy."
"Perfect condition!"
"Very sturdy and good boxes."
"Sure beats the cheap gift boxes I usually buy. Atleast the receiver can reuse this without worry about it getting crushed in storage."
"These paper mache boxes were well-made & heavy duty."
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Best Decoupage Supplies

Mod Podge Professional Decoupage Tool Set, 2295
Size: Decoupage Tool Set. Features a washable, durable rubber pad and a hang-up handle.
"The roller didn't work too well for what we wanted to do, but I imagine it would work well for most."
"Very cool and simple tool to have."
"The brayer didn't work as well as I had expected; things didn't seem to stick."
"it is the tool i need to do my book binding."
"Excellent product with fast shipping."
"Made a smoother look to finished product."
"Good tool, but very hard rubber."
"Oh, these work so well."
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Best Stencils & Templates

Stencils and Drawing Art Set for Kids by Creativ’ Craft - Educational Toy to Enhance Children Creativity and Travel Activity Kit - Loved By Parents Golden Award - Ideal Gift for Boys and Girls
You are a parent, a grand-parent or a teacher, our stencil set is a perfect Christmas, school or birthday gift for boys and girls. Experience the joy of drawing with shiny colors 20 premium A4 100g paper sheets with a nice color frame to trigger imagination 1 pencil case to store drawing material 1 mechanical pencil to nicely fit all shapes 1 sharpener with grips for small hands and an easy-empty side door for tidy disposal 1 lightweight and easy to store carrying case with 2 pockets to organize your art. Following outlines build the brain muscle to follow structure Handling pencil develop fine motor skills and enhance motivation to write and draw Unleash creative thinking by using the stencils for DIY craft projects. ULTIMATE SET: Our creativity kit is designed with state-of-the-art materials: 13 Grade A soft colored pencils, 20 A4 premium 28lb paper sheets, 12 sturdy and robust stencils boards, 1 sharpener, 1 mechanical pen and 1 pencil case.
"Very nice stencil and drawing set; the stencils are large and nice quality plastic."
"This was so cool and the kids loved it!"
"Christmas gift for my granddaughter who was excited to get it."
"Grandkids enjoy this set very much and provides entertainment for them."
"I bought theses stencils for my nieces."
"Fun for hours!!"
"Good craft product for kids."
"A lot of stensils good quality."
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