Best Ceramics Glazes

Acrylic Paint Set | Large 24 Color Kit with 1 Oz Tubes | Heavy Pigment Load, Artist Quality Acrylics | Prime Painting Supplies for both Kids & Adults | Water Based, Non Toxic, Safe Paints by Magikolor
This proprietary formula covers 250% more area as compared to regular acrylic paints. ⭐ PIGMACOVER™ also helps to significantly increase the Pigment Load, making your Magikolors truly VIBRANT, VIVID and INTENSE. ⭐ Magikolor Artist Acrylics are thick, silky smooth paints with a buttery consistency and are extremely EASY TO BLEND. ⭐ Our paints LAYER BRILLIANTLY, retaining spatula and brush strokes, thereby enhancing the texture of your art. ✅ We know the agony of a jammed cap and the frustrating moments spent with pliers to get it opened. The RISK IS ALL OURS ; in the rarest of case that you don’t like your Acrylic Paint Set, just tell us and we will refund your money. Pigment rich, thick paints with our Proprietary PIGMACOVER™ formula glide and spread better, providing ultimate coverage on a wide range of surfaces like canvas, fabric, wood, rocks, nails, glass and much more! 🎨 COOL HOLIDAY GIFT FOR ALL TYPE OF ARTISTS: Whether you're a Toddler or Adult, Starter or Master; whether you paint with a brush, sponge, knife, roller or any other tool; Magikolor's painting supplies will help you energize your art & craft.
"I was really pleased with the paint set I ordered. I was really pleased with the way that the paint set arrived."
"I ordered the set of 24 Acrylic paints and was very excited at how bright the colors are in the tubes."
"Ok so the paint colors are ok for very bright colors but yellow ochre and such are not the correct shades also no paint color on the tubes wile some black white and so on are ok for that but the others I tried to match as well as I could to what I know about paint colors and they just dont match up."
"My nephew is 12 years old and he stated that he like his present."
"I got a screamin deal and such nice service."
"I have been looking for these colors for some of my paint projected and they have them all in this collection."
"I bought this paint set as a Christmas gift for my granddaughter, she is 8 yrs old.. She absolutely loved it."
"There are several orange tones but mixing colors is pretty much out when you’re missing a primary."
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Duncan CNKIT-1 Concepts Underglaze Paint Set, 12 Best Selling Colors in 2 Ounce Bottles with Free How To Paint Ceramics Book
Kit contains one 2-ounce bottle of each of the following colors: CN074 Really Red, CN504 Neon Orange, CN013 Dark Straw, CN181 Light Kiwi, CN193 Dark Ivy, CN502 Neon Blue, CN353 Dark Sapphire, CN293 Dark Purple, CN343 Dark Pink, CN282 Bright Brown, CN244 Really White, and CN253 Dark Black. Concepts Underglazes have a versatile formula that allows for translucent designs with one coat and solid coverage with three coats.
"This kit provides a palette of colors suitable for most decorative purposes."
"Great starter kit for a beginner ceramic painter."
"I found this product to be wonderful when I used it."
"Same underglaze we use in class."
"I thought I was ordering EZ strokes but just as happy to get these."
"Love the Duncan,s paints for ceramics thank you for fast shipping."
"We used this to paint some ornaments and holiday plates - which our friend with a kiln fired for us - and we were very pleased with the ease of use and final product."
"Great wonderful and I get to use different colors and to see different kinds."
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Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors- Bonus 10 Acrylic Paint Brushes Included - Acrylic Paints for Artists - Heavy Body Acrylic Paint - Artist Quality Acrylic Paint - Canvas Paint with Acrylic Paint Brush Set
TEMPORARY PRICE REDUCTION WE GUARANTEE YOU ARE BUYING THE BEST ACRYLIC PAINT SET AVAILABLE - COMPARE US TO ANY OTHER AND IF YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSED - KEEP THE PAINT & ACRYLIC PAINT BRUSHES SET AND FULL REFUND. Heavy Body AcrylicPaint tubes have the highest amount of pigment available are a great acrylic paint starter kit for your premium acrylic painting supplies!. Perfect acrylic paint starter kit for acrylic painting supplies! Artist loft acrylic paint sets, artists rock painting supplies acrylic paint brushes with paint set Acryllic paint set brushes. Acrylic paint canvas works as an acrylic paint set for a ceramic piggy bank to paint by number sets for adults, acrillicpaint art set 24 set for kids paint set or watercolor paint! Great for paintable ceramics acrylic color set as pottery paint for wood paint, gnome paint for nails, basics acrylic paint. Highest quality red acrylic, stretched canvas paint, blue acrylic paint and craft paint for nails, Crafts, Fabric, Canvas, Plaster, Wood, Clay, Tin, Foam, Nails, Ceramic, Wallpaper, Terra Cotta, Blackboard Easel, Interior Wall, Piggy Bank, Fabric, Wood Furniture, Paper, Art ChalkBoard,Spray Bottles.Paint Kits artists painting canvas paint. paint for rocks, paint by numbers for adults, oil paint, like paint pens for rocks!
"She probably wouldn't have mentioned this if they were low quality, but because they were made of materials she approved of, she made it a point to mention that she was surprised that they were excellent, especially for the price."
"I love these paints!"
"Great set perfect for my 10 and 13 year old!!"
"The variety of colors are so spot on and easy to blend."
"Mixing colors is easy with so many to choose from and, of course, the consistency of the paint as I mentioned."
"I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quality acrylic paint set at a reasonable price."
"I bought this as a gift for my nephew."
"Amazing quality and beautiful colors."
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Best Ceramic & Pottery Tools

Sculpting Tools- 11 Double-Sided Pieces with 21 Tools- Pottery Art Set by Sculpt Pro
The Sculpt Pro 11 Piece Art Kit is the all-in-one pottery kit - just add sculpting material. 11 Double Sided Pieces with 21 Different Tools.
"I worked with tools like this when i worked with clay in high school and thought they would e perfect, but didn't know if they would work for candle wax."
"The sculpting tools are good quality."
"I am a novice with clay and these are lightweight but durable and I have a variety of tools without overpaying."
"I actually got this set for only 2 pieces in it but i would have paid more for just those 2 pieces than i would this set."
"I got these for precision carving pumpkins because it came up when I searched for that."
"He likes that they're effective at cutting, shaping and poking holes - I just watch him very closely."
"Everyone at the center said if they had seen this before they bought individual tools at an Arts store."
"bought these for gift for my 13yr old daughter to use along with a bucket of air dry clay."
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Best Ready-to-Paint Ceramics

Arts and Crafts - DIY Owl Candle Holder Painting
The Owl Candle Holder offers a DIY project that showcases art and creativity without sacrificing function. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are comitted to deliver 5 star experience for all buyers.
"Bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it."
"The kits arrived in great condition."
"The young lady this was given to loved it and it is adorable."
"Well made, very well packaged, liked the extras of how to draw and the shapes for painting."
"It was smaller than expected, but still happy."
"This is so cute and great for my niece."
"Great item, my daughter loved the owl."
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Best Clay Molds

Smooth-On Silicone Mold Making, Liquid Rubber OOMOO 30, Easy to Use - Trial Size 2.8 lb
Use this silicone mold making rubber for making perfect reproductions that capture intricate detail of original models. OOMOO 30 is easy to use silicone rubber compounds that feature convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratios (no scale necessary). OOMOO30 is suitable for a variety of art-related and industrial applications including making molds for sculpture and prototype reproduction, casting plaster, resins and wax. MIX RATIO: 1A:1B BY VOLUME - Easy to use silicone rubber compound features a convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratio, no scale is necessary.
"The major problem I had with this product is that it has a very limited shelf life. Shelf life aside, it works well and does create good molds."
"Still captures all the details and textures of the master, and makes for really sturdy durable block molds."
"This stuff works just as well for the simple one part molds as it does for the more complex two part molds."
"I understand that shelf life is an issue for these products (they will harden in the bottles over time) but it would be more convenient if the product could be purchased in larger sizes for making larger molds. I had to order two trial sizes to make one not very large mold."
"I am sure for larger pieces (these are 2 letters with total size of about 1.5" x 1.5" ) where an air bubble or 2 would not hurt this would be perfect."
"My next buy will be some stronger, platinum-cure silicone since it seems to be the best for high temperatures, strength, and a quick cure."
"I couldn't figure out how to make a two piece mold so I just taped a model into a plastic cottage cheese container, head down, and poured the mixed product into the cup. I had pre-determined how much of the product needed by putting the model's head in the cup, filling with water to the depth that was needed, then using two clear plastic cups to divide it in half. I put one of the liquids in one cup, up to the line, and the other liquid in the other cup."
"The OOMOO is from the Tin line and Dragon skin is from the Platinum line."
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Best Clays & Doughs

Polyform Sculpey Original Polymer Clay, 1.75-Pound, White
Perfect for everything from molded items to free form jewelry pieces; figurines; ornaments and scrapbooking embellishments. Shape; bake and once cool can be sanded; drilled; carved; glues; inked; painted with water based acrylics or Sculpey Brand Glaze. Sculpey clay is soft and pliable and won't dry out when exposed to air.
"Sculpey makes the clay in dozens of fun colors, I like the white for projects I intend to paint. Acrylic craft paint works just fine after the clay has been baked but you can also use stain like I did on my fairy house pictured."
"It's soft enough to work with after you knead/roll it, but once you let it sit and work on another area, it's no longer that soft (not that it hardens, but it's just not a smooth kind of soft...if that makes sense)."
"I made a sculpey model, baked it as suggested then put it in water for a few weeks without any fish. you have to bake it to the point just before it turns to a brown color to make sure the pores in the material are completely closed. Basically apply the paint, let it dry then bake the item in the oven like you do normal sculpey. I don't know if the things I made will last forever in the water, but some of them are 5+ years old and no sign of damage being submerged, removed and wiped off from algae or dirt and put right back in the tank."
"My sister wanted succulent planters in the shape of animals for her birthday and I didn't want to spend a million dollars, so I decided to make them for her instead!"
"I havent worked with clay much, but i needed to sculpt some horns for my familys halloween costume."
"It was tough at first, but after working it a little (as the instructions specify) it became very malleable and my 9-year old niece was having a great time making Christmas Ornaments for her mom!"
"Great for beginners to use without worrying about wasting more expensive and higher quality materials. As your hands warm it, it becomes much softer and potentially harder to work with, depending on what you're doing."
"I used this to make ornaments with my daughters hand print for Christmas."
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Best Pug Mills & Slab Rollers

Grodan Uni-Slab 9.5 by 8 by 4 Inch, Case of 16
They come in clearly marked biodegradable UV resistant sleeves for comfortable handling and algae prevention.
"Solid, does what one would expect."
"Good way to grow a medium sized pepper plant."
"Needed it for test substrate for Microgreens."
"I can confirm that these represent a very high quality grow medium for a hydroponic set up and the pricing for the case of 16 is awesome and lower than local grow stores."
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Best Clay Extruders, Mixers & Presses

Darice 97803 11-Piece Clay Cleaning Tool Set
This 11-piece clay cleaning tool set makes cleaning your greenware simple. 11-Piece clay tool set ideal for cleaning and creating decorative effects on clay surfaces.
"I've recently ordered this 11-piece clay cleaning set."
"I ordered these small tool to to help me making jewelry."
"Great set of clay tools for the price."
"I work with polymer clay and have this set on deck at all time."
"Would be a perfect set if they included a rubber tipped tool for smoothing."
"Got these for my wife."
"I run a pottery studio and these are a great basic carving tool set."
"If you get the clay, use the tools, find out it is not a hobby you enjoy doing, you are not out a whole lot of money."
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Best Pottery Wheels & Accessories

Skilled Crafter Clay Tools Set. Premium Quality Detailing, Modeling, Sculpting & Pottery Wheel Tools. 22 Piece Wood/Metal Kit. FREE Sponge! Deluxe Set Best for Potters/Artists of Ceramic, Sculpey etc
There are 38 different tools in this set so you get a great variety for many techniques. Double ended tools are convenient to use as you are effectively holding 2 tools at once, so can rotate them in your hand to choose the tip you need. UNLIKE CLAY TOOLS of inferior quality wood that splinters, splits and degrades quickly, the Skilled Crafter Sculpting Set is made from the smoothest, fine grain Ginkgo Wood that is an ideal material for modeling tools. It's seriously annoying when your tools break, especially when you've been using them for a while and have your favorites, so our tools are built to last and designed to be comfortable to hold and use, giving you total confidence in your work.
"So far I haven't found a task that needs a tool that the set doesn't offer."
"I use them for an advanced ceramics class and there is such a huge variety of tools to experiment with."
"He also mentioned to me that along with the basic pottery tools it includes tools for sculpture."
"I have been out of a pottery studio for about two years and recently I realized that I missed the clay and decided to return this winter."
"Great quality for the price and wonderful customer service."
"I am sculpting with an apoxie clay which makes my regular tools stick and drag."
"The tools are heavy-duty, well made, easy to grip and work wonderfully with both our "fancy" air-dry clay AND our plain old Play-Doh :)."
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