Best Craft Feathers & Boas

Sowder 10pcs Ostrich Feathers 12-14inch(30-35cm) for Home Wedding Decoration (purple)
Color: purple. Add color,decoration,craft,hats or floral arrangement,the limits of your imagination!
"I was very happy with these feathers."
"These feathers are great!"
"These feathers were used at our wedding, and they were quite beautiful."
"These are a little more "reddish" than I wanted, but they look pretty in the arrangement I needed them for."
"The feathers came on time and in fine condition- but they are much narrower than the picture provided."
"Much cheaper looking and dingier looking than expected."
""I'm Feeing Mis-led!,,, Worst $9 ever spent!""
"The red feathers I got from the same company were great but I ordered gold (as depicted in the picture on amazon) and these are ivory."
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Zucker Feather (TM) - Peacock Feather Eyes Natural - 25-35"-12pcs
Natural Iridescent Peacock Eyes 25-35-inch in length sports large eye markings. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I wanted them for an arrangement and they worked out nicely."
"These feathers aren't nearly as full as depicted."
"Added these to some decorative pots that needed a little oomph."
"My cat goes wild over these."
"I used these for a Halloween costume and they worked great."
"used for a peacock costume, worked great!"
"My poor 3 year is was sad when he couldn't bring seagull feathers home from the beach."
"Cat loves it but destroys one quickly."
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Shekyeon Black 10-12inch 25-30cm Ostrich Feather Home Decoration DIY Craft Pack of 10
Color: Black. Dyed ostrich feather.
"I stuck two of these and two white ones into the neck of a spray painted wine bottle and they stayed up the entire event."
"These came quickly, and flattened in a plastic sleeve - but just pulled them out and they fluffed right up beautifully!"
"I would order the larger size next time for volume if using on centerpiece."
"These feathers were exactly what I needed for my project."
"These are perfect!"
"These feathers are beautiful, I ordered them for a feather/balloon centerpiece that turned out beautiful (post pics later) but I did not notice when I ordered them that the stem, quill (?)."
"Needed one feather to stick in my DIY Peter Pan hat."
"Pretty fluffy egg white feathers."
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Best Craft Foam

Kuuqa 12 Packs Slime Foam Balls Set Craft Foam Beads Micro Polystyrene Styrofoam balls 0.08-0.15 Inch with Slime Tools and Fruit Slime Mini Craft Accessories Fit for Kids Slime Party Decorations
Specification. Styrofoam balls set: 12 pack slime foam balls in 12 different colors with 5 slime tools, wobbly eyes and around 500 pcs craft fruit slices.
"I'm update my review after my kids use these in their slime, but I'm impressed with the quality and quantity."
"We are using this for slime projects."
"Great little package."
"Great product."
"This pack is so good!"
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Best Craft Adhesives

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4-Inches, 3 mil thick, 100-Pack (TP3854-100)
Scotch Thermal Laminator Pouches protect documents you handle frequently. Thermal Pouches fits documents up to 8.5-Inch x 11-Inch.
"These laminating pouches are the perfect thickness to laminate bookmarks that fit comfortably between pages. I've laminated both 100lb coverstock as well as 80lb, so I laminate paper on the thicker side and they work amazingly well. I found the best way to feed into the machine is setting the document in the laminating pouch on top of something that is on level with the opening feed."
"My son has Autism and can't talk so I use this to make him pecs communication cards and it works like a charm."
"Another plus here is that unlike the older laminating machines, you do not need to use a "manila folder" to wrap around the pouches before feeding this into the device."
"I used to make stickers but eventually the stickers were peeling and not sticking because the heat through the laminate ruined the sticky part of the label sheets and the cold makes it peel."
"These Scotch 3 Mil Thermal Laminating pouches work great in the Scotch laminator (TL901 C-T) and I have also used them in a other laminator brands with great success."
"I use them with my scotch laminator, and they allow my center materials to stay nice and neat for several years!"
"My wife loves crafting and making all sorts of things. It is so easy, that I have even laminated some things for my football coaching and a little mothers day project for the wife."
"Two will go through my Amazon Basics laminator without jamming so it's not that big if a deal, just a waste of laminating sheets."
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Best Craft Bells

UNOMOR Christmas Bells New Years Festival Decor DIY your own garland & gifts Craft for Christmas Holidays with Gold, Silver, Red and Green Colors, 3⁄4’’ (72PCS)
Get UNOMOR Jingle Bells and fill your holiday with the sweet sound of colorful metal jingle bells. Cheer your Christmas with the sounds of gold, silver, red and green metal jingle bells. * Perfect for making jewelry, decorations, musical instruments, the necklace for your pets or any craft project fun.
"My daughter wanted to make ornaments and I wanted to build her fine motor skills."
"Bought this for a christmas theme craft time for our preachoolers and they enjoyed making their necklace."
"These did exactly what I wanted them to."
"These were perfect for the craft we needed them for and came exactly as described."
"The preschoolers used the bells in their winter concert."
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Best Craft Glitter

Original Stationery Arts and Crafts Glitter Shake Jars, Extra Fine, 24 Multi color Set
Set of 24 Extra Fine Hobby & Craft Glitter Jars - The Perfect Multi-Purpose Pack for Kids & Adults. We’ve specially selected each color to create the ultimate glitter craft set. PERFECT FOR CRAFTS & SCRAPBOOKING - kids and adults can get stuck in with this fun glitter jar set - great for making collages, holiday decorations, greetings cards, customised clothes & much more.
"Loved this glitter!"
"I needed fine glitter to make ornaments with my grandchildren and they loved the variety of colors."
"love the variety of colors it is messy of course, as its Glitter, and everyone who crafts knows glitter is the herpes of the craft world.. the variety helps me make beautiful mixes and ombres."
"Excellent selection of colors and textures of glitter."
"Four shades of red that look nearly identical- wish there had been more variety in other colors instead of so much of the same red, otherwise it’s a good set of glitter."
"Much larger glitter vials than I expected."
"I'm an old guy looking for an artistic outlet, so, I'm just learning how to use it."
"I am impressed with all the different colors."
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Best Craft Pipe Cleaners

Zen Bundles Zen Pipe Cleaners Hard Bristle, 132 Count
3 bundles of Zen pipe cleaners hard bristle, there are 44 in each bundle, giving you a 132 total each pipe cleaner measures approximately 6 inches long, making cleaning even easier. Such as philco, rca, admiral, Zenith, hall crafters, sears, Brewster, crossly, firestone, plus hundreds more.
"My first Cleaners were of a softer cotton type material whereas these stick your fingers when trying to clean stem."
"Please vote whether or not you found this review helpful or not."
"Awesome material, strong enough for cleaning and flexible for every small part."
"Nice pipe cleaners, but the fibers are a little prickly."
"Trying to push these through my Pax has left me with minor cuts in my fingers because of the hard bristles."
"These seem a bit smaller than those I have gotten in the past from smoke shops."
"these are perfect pipe cleaners with hard plastic pieces sticking off everywhere that catches everything...only problem is the tips fall apart and i get some fibers left behind.. but after you bend the tips to themselves and get it as small as possible they work just fine."
"Work great for cleaning my glass sherlock pipe."
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Best Craft Sticks

Simply Art Wood Craft Sticks 1000 ct.
SIMPLY ART Wood crafting products make crafting fun and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from teardrops, circles, and hearts to traditional craft favorites like craft sticks and clothespins. Light colored, natural wood.
"There's not much you can about what's essentially a Popsicle stick but it works fine for my garden and starter plants."
"In fact there's been a few times I messed up the siding and shingles and needed a small knife to pry them back off! The miniature house (which is a tall 2 story with full roof) has a bit of heft to it and the craft sticks have no problem bearing some weight with proper supports. Other materials adhere well to them as well including wood, plastic, and Lexan (which I'm using for windows)."
"I was a teacher and always had a supply of these for craft projects."
"Perfect craft sticks for all of your wooden craft stick projects!"
"I bought these for a classroom project and realized that 1000 sticks is way more than I could possibly need, but it has been nice to have a bunch of extra ones."
"Though the sticks themselves are not as firm as real popsicle sticks."
"My son (8) made his Hunter Dan action figure an outhouse complete with door and "seat" because his rustic cabin didn't have a bathroom."
"These are good quality, and already licked clean (ha ha ha - just joking)."
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Best Craft Cutting Tools

Swingline Paper Trimmer / Cutter, Guillotine, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)
Safety features include protective guard rail and blade latch hook. Durable plastic construction makes paper trimmer lightweight and easily portable; alignment grid and dual scale ruler for precise measuring.
"For being so small, I was amazed how well it keeps the blade locked down (others I've used have easily unlocked and the blade has started to flop around while this one does not!). Even unlocking it takes a little work, which lets me know it won't easily open if a child is using it."
"The handle will not stay in the upright position when you lift it, and try to position your paper...the handle drops every time about an inch, making it necessary for me to hold the handle up with my body, so I can slide the paper under the blade, and. 3. Only one thing I like-the blade actually cuts paper."
"Measurement markings on the board contrast nicely which gives me quick visual references. Compared to its most expensive older brother which is made of wood, this unit works just the same."
"I've used this quite a bit since I received it yesterday."
"I cut through 10 coupon inserts at a time with absolutely no problems."
"As public school teachers, we LOVE having a paper cutter at home."
"Cons: The biggest, and the reason for my low rating, is that the handle/blade/grid are not properly aligned. Also, the latch that is supposed to hold the handle down rarely secures it for more than a few minutes. Finally, you must hold the paper down close to the guard bar or you'll get slippage toward an incorrect cut. It's sad because this one still cuts but the hassle of never having even pages without a few extra steps is more than I want to deal with right now."
"I initailly bought this paper cutter to use for trimming prints of my artwork. Once I started using it on my artwork I noticed the measurements are significantly off."
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Best Craft Wiggle Eyes

DECORA 700 Pieces Wiggle Googly Eyes with Self-adhesive DIY Scrapbooking Crafts Toy Accessories(Assorted Size)
Item Include:5mm-200PCS,6mm-130PCS,7mm-330PCS,8mm-55PCS,10mm-25PCS,12mm-15PCS,10*8mm-45PCS Self-Adhesive Eyes Mixed In The Transparent PVC Box. What are the google eyes made of? Are toy eyes really self adhesive or sticker? The plastic toy wiggle eyes will be a little bit difficult to peel the back of small-sized wiggle eyes, please be more patient to deal with it.
"It's compartmentalized sleeve box, meaning that the top has sides that extend most of the way down over the bottom part of the box. The top sleeve is 1/2" wide and the bottom part has a 1/4" wide area that you can grab to hold as you open the box. The easiest way to open the box is to rock the top back and forth a bunch as you pull up -- suddenly, it doesn't seem like a terrible box and hey what's my problem anyway..."
"They also include a nice little bonus package with some larger sized googly eyes that are perfect for the larger items in your life that don't necessarily need googly eyes, but benefit from them none the less."
"These googly eyes helped play a great April Fools Day joke on our 5 year old."
"Despite an arrival estimate of 35-57 days, my order arrived after 7 days in California, US from Yongsheng Village, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China."
"If you need multiple sizes of googly eyes (and who doesn't?!)."
"The company also sent 2 bags of extra eyes in hopes to remedy the ppl who bought the wrong size pack so it wasn't a waste."
"The eyes are separated with thin plastic between them, if you open the container from the wrong end (which is very easy to do) the separators come out and the eyes mix together."
"self adhesive googly eye goodness."
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Best Craft Gold & Metal Leaf

24 Karat Edible Gold Leaf by Slofoodgroup (25 Sheets Gold Leaf per book) Gold Leaf sheet size 3.15in x 3.15in Loose Leaf Sheets
Although it takes practice to apply any metal leaf and burnish it properly, it is possible to become extremely proficient in the process inside of a single refinishing project. Prime the surface: Remove sanding dust with a tack cloth and apply a quality primer. Primer-sealers have been specially formulated for gilding processes and are available in 3 color tones - Red, Grey and Ochre. Ochre, red or grey can produce fault hiding bases or color enhancing undertones. 24 karat Gold sheet, Gold Sheets for dessert decoration or gilding, Gold Leaf, Edible Gold.
"I purchased this item for a gift."
"Although it is not easy to work with, it's a wonderful product adding a shimmer of light to anything."
"It was difficult to use but that was because it was my first time gilding."
"It is a good size for the price."
"Good product and perfect for my use (chemical gilding)."
"Product arrived with 3 sheets torn out and remaking product was damaged but useable."
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Best Craft & Scrapbooking Brads

Gel Pens - Mini 20 Glitter Pack with Maxi Ink & Carry Case Ideal for Kids Best for Purse or School Bag Perfect Gift for Portable Coloring and Instant Inspiration
Ideal as gifts or stocking stuffers, you can’t go wrong with these Mini Gel Pens as we have packed them with the maximum amount of ink possible – about the same as a standard Gel Pen. ✅ FULL SIZE INK – although the pens are teeny, the ink tube holds about the same as a standard gel pen – more than twice of other mini pens, so you’ll enjoy them for longer. Use alongside your coloring markers, felt tip pens, paints, coloring pencils and liquid chalk markers for all stationary and crafting needs.
"The pens where shipped to me really fast."
"The kids would just love them on a road trip. I suffer from Bipolar disease and coloring helps with the depression."
"must say these mini pens are fantastic So enjoy coloring with them and my 6 yr old granddaughter uses them and loves. them just as much as I do."
"The little ones hav a very cool carry case and are perfectly portable."
"Love these pens."
"Great seller!"
"Love these pens and carrying case!!!"
"They are just the right size to fit in a purse or back pack, good color selection, and after 6 weeks are still writing nice and smooth without any skipping."
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Best Clock Movements & Hands

Clock Mechanism Bonus Hands Clock Movement By LUTANI 1/2” Maximum Dial Thickness, 15/16" Hand Shaft Length, 3D Clock Hands, Mechanism Battery Operated, Mute Scanning Movement 10 Year Warranty
LUTANI is a specially designed for people like you, who want to make a change in their life. High quality material Easy and simple design Outstanding durability Material: plastic and aluminum Suitable for repairing, replacing or making a clock LUTANI premium quality Torque Hands Clock. ✔️ DIY quartz wall clock replacement movement part.
"I finally bought this Clock Mechanism."
"Moved into a new house a while ago and did a lot of thrift store shopping where I fell in love an old, beautiful clock that has been hanging on my wall at home ever since, not even ticking."
"Excellent clock mechanism, worth the few extra dollars for this item!"
"Old clock hands may not fit on mechanism."
"Purchased a new clock, but the mechanism didn't work, purchased this as a replacement."
"This is so cool."
"Just what we needed to make a large clock on our wall with picture frames!"
"Works great!!"
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Best Macrame & Knotting

Macrame Supplies 3mm Cotton Cord - Best for Plant Hanger Wall Hanging Craft Making - 3mm Twine String for Crafts by Stillness Crafts
Set your imagination free when you begin working with this premium Natural 3mm Cotton Cord Rope. This three-ply natural cotton cord is so much better to work with than any synthetic cord you are going to find on the market today. Order Your New Natural 3mm Cotton Cord Rope Today and Take Your Crafts to a New Level. 3MM NATURAL COTTON TWINE FOR ARTISANS BY STILLNESS CRAFTS: Set your imagination free when you use this premium cord rope to create your macrame masterpieces like plant hangers, wall hangings, dream catchers, tapestries, Bohemian wedding arch decorations, and even knitting, scrapbooking and gardening. 109 YARDS (100 METERS) SPOOL OF CORD: There is enough naturally gorgeous string here for you to tie yourself thousands of knots - or to fashion a wide macrame project, like a door curtain.
"This rope is very good for crafts and projects."
"Good quality macrame rope."
"Just as I expected and happy with the quality."
"It is a natural cotton cord that is thick enough to use for heavy duty rope crafts such as plant holders or sea themed mirror rope crafts, but I also love that I can actually seoerate it as needed for some jewelry products that require a thinner rope or frilling (attached a picture to show possible cord separation and end frilling)."
"I also dyed my project and this cord did not retain the dye as well as the other brand."
"This Natural 3 mm Cotton Cord Rope is very good."
"This cotton cord rope is very durable and works exactly as described."
"The WORST cord for macrame."
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Best Face Painting Supplies

Snazaroo Face Paint, Ultimate Party Pack
Washable – Snazaroo face paints are all water based!
"i ordered this for a children's party that I offered to try to face paint for (as the local painter asked for $150 an hour - what?!?)."
"I also bought some paint brushes at Hobby Lobby so I could do some detail work. I also used cosmetic sponges and those worked nicely, though they did sap up some paint."
"I got a lot of faces out of this kit!"
"The kit also includes brushes, glitter, a small water holder, and a sample face design book. There are a few potential weaknesses: What the kit lacks, which you should bring -- a mirror, so the kids can see themselves, and a couple of containers for water since the water holder that comes with the kit is very small and gets dirty so fast that it is completely useless after completing a couple of faces. I painted about 20 children's faces (full face designs) over a 3 hour period and ran out of white, and almost ran out of pink and light blue as well."
"There is a book with step by step instructions included in the kit and so I had the children choose from the book as I'm definitely not artistically inclined."
"(well other than the fact they didn't want the paint washed off) Also- coconut oil takes the paint off easily as well :). I will say- do not bother with the foam sponges that come with the set, instead get the makeup sponges."
"I've been using for over 19 years ,the paint is non toxic ,kid safe and glides on beautifully ; no chipping or peeling ."
"We have literally used these for SO many things, from halloween party makeup to work face painting functions, to stage costume makeup for a play, to just plain goofing around with the kids."
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