Best Drawing Charcoals

Castle Art Supplies Drawing and Sketching Pencil Art Set (26 Items)
Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking to see what you can do with the right tools or a seasoned pro who needs a great variety of quality drawing and sketching pencils, this art kit from Castle Art Supplies is for you. 3 GRAPHITE and 3 CHARCOAL STICKS in soft, medium and hard grades for shading and drawing larger areas. It’s a diverse, multi-faceted art kit designed by the pros at Castle Arts to meet the needs of artists at all levels. Castle Art Supplies gives you both, making this art kit a great choice for everyone from beginners to seasoned artists looking for an all-round drawing and sketching solution. Here's what you get: 12 PREMIUM GRAPHITE PENCILS (5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B) + 1 ULTRA SOFT ALL-GRAPHITE woodless specialist pencil + 3 CHARCOAL PENCILS in soft, medium and hard + 3 GRAPHITE and 3 CHARCOAL STICKS in soft, medium and hard + 1 KNEADED ERASER for erasing --Includes one PLASTIC/VINYL ERASER for erasing large areas effectively and completely + 2 SHARPENERS for graphite and charcoal pencils - designed to smoothly sharpen tips without breaking.
"At the last minute I impulsively ordered the 26 Piece Drawing and Sketching Pencil Art Set from Castle Art Supplies as it was in the "Others who bought..." category."
"On the left is hatching using similar strokes on each pencil."
"The art set was a Christmas gift for my nephew."
"This was a gift for my grandson."
"The quality of the pencil is very nice for the price, and it is very easy to draw with them."
"This was a gift for my 15yr old nephew and it's exactly what he needed it he said everything was really detailed and the different shading is good for realism sketching."
"I bought this art kit for my boyfriend who just discovered a natural talent for drawing."
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Colore Premium Art Pencils Pack – 50 Assorted Pencil Set For Coloring Pages & Books – Colored, Watercolor, Drawing, Charcoal and Metallic Color Pencils For Students, Kids & Adults School Supplies
COLORE Premium Art Pencil Pack is a simple yet sophisticated collection of drawing & coloring pencils every budding artist needs to have. The exceptional blend ability & collection of colors available in each colored pencil pack, makes these pencils fun and exciting to use. Colore Art Pencil set features a collection of painting and drawing pencils. Colored pencils come pre-sharpened in a way that provides an efficient alternative to waxy pencil leads that slip color outside your line. 50 ASSORTED PENCILS - This Premium Drawing Set consists of 10 Colored Pencils (Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Light Green, Red, Purple, Brown, Black), 10 Watercolor Pencils (Orange, Red, Black, Purple, Pink, Light Green, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown), 10 Drawing Pencils (4H,3H,2H,HB,B,2B,3B,4B,5B,6B), 10 Metallic Color Pencil (Gold, Green, Blue, Violet, Olive, Lavender, Silver, Indigo, Brown, Black) and 10 Charcoal Pencils (4 soft, 3 medium, 3 hard). Ideal for a wide range of uses including; coloring pages, learning rainbow colors, idea development for office use, sketching, drawing, layering, blending, burnishing and lots more. PERFECT EDUCATIONAL GIFTS: Your boys and girls will love this coloring and drawing kit for their school supplies, whether it's for coloring their superhero coloring books or simply just sketching and drawing on their sketch pad and paper.
"My niece loved her art pencils for Christmas."
"If you or anyone you know loves to draw, this is the art set to buy them."
"Boyfriend loved the variety of these pencils."
"Christmas present for Granddaughter, she is very happy."
"All that I had hoped for."
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Colore 26 Piece Drawing Pencils Set
BOOST YOUR IMAGINATION WITH HIGH QUALITY DRAWING AND SKETCHING PENCILS. - It is a set of 26 Piece, which is very convenient for a seasoned sketcher because you can use it for a very long time. - The pencils are high quality premium graphite pieces, which guarantee great results. - It is made with strong lead, making it difficult to break, thus more durable. Colore deluxe artist sketching and drawing kits are perfect for art class students and adults as it comes with plastic and kneaded erasers and manual pencil sharpeners for both charcoals and graphites, packaged in a plastic carrying case. High quality shading effect can be achieved by these fine art graphites selections ranging from 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B and 8B.
"It has been 12 years since the last time I drew, and now that I am in a required art class, a set of graphite pencil was recommended."
"She has just been using what we have around the house, which is mostly just school pencils and sometimes a few art set pieces here and there the kids have gotten. When I saw this art set, I knew this would be perfect for her so that she can learn to use some other tools and expand on what she has been doing. The set comes with 3 charcoal pencils and 3 charcoal sticks that come in soft, medium and hard. Whether you are just beginning to learn to draw or sketch or you are an advanced artist, you will find this set has all of the supplies you need."
"I ordered this set to replenish and really restart my sketch pencil set up."
"I am in love with this set."
"These are a great set of pencils for any budding artist."
"I can't believe that I am sharing this with my daughter !!"
"This was such a GREAT find!"
"I gave this away as a gift, the price was great, I haven't heard anything bad."
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Best Drawing Chalk

Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors - Pack of 21 neon chalk pens - For Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Window, Labels, Bistro, Glass - Wet Wipe Erasable - 6mm Reversible bullet & chisel Tip
Our bright and fun colors will make that special day, your wedding or party something that you will remember forever. Chalk Paint markers have water based ink and are easily washable - They can be easily erase using a wet wipe cloth. Whether you’re a mom looking for holiday decorating with kids, clean alternative to standard chalk or paint for the kids, a teacher on a quest for the most sought-after education classroom supplies, or a business, office or restaurant owner trying to advertise and attract customers to your new product or bar menu item, our markers make creating beautiful, fun messages and designs effortless.
"Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors - Pack of 21 neon chalk pens - For Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Window, Labels, Bistro, Glass - Wet Wipe Erasable - 6mm Reversible bullet & chisel Tip."
"Not only do they flow better than the prior brand we had, but the assortment of colors really brightens up our greeting board!"
"This was exactly what I needed to create this beautiful birthday sign for my daughter!"
"Awesome markers!"
"I am an OT and have been using it for my patients, and we absolutely love them."
"Excellent marker set to use on black glass signboard."
"These are amazing markers and when I contacted the company they were so polite and helpful!!!!"
"These chalk markers are amazing!"
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Best Drawing Crayons

Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips, Pack of 3 (FRHBFMBP3)
Style: Pack of 3 Sizes. Easy-to-squeeze barrel and unique valve system allows you to control the flow of water.
"I use the medium for brush lettering. To use: Watercolor: Fill the tube with water and you can start!"
"I would say the brush tips compare favorably to the Derwent, Faber-Castell, Niji, and Kuretake brands."
"We can paint in the yard, or we can just paint inside without dealing with little kids spilling water cups. Fading: Water runs through the brush slowly as you paint, so if you are painting, you will eventually run out of paint and just have water on the brush."
"I got the idea from a picture on Google i found a while ago with one of these water brush's filled with black drawing ink."
"They hold a tip quite nicely, even after vigorous washing and painting. To transition between colors, I just squeeze out some water from the water tank and swish the brush tip on a napkin until the tip turns clear and no traces of the previous color are left (this takes hardly any time at all, maybe a few seconds). I find that it is sometimes difficult to control the opacity created with these brushes as the water comes out in fluctuating amounts. Thus, I find it difficult to get an even wash with these brushes, even the large brush (although, it's usually quite hard to achieve an even wash even with a quality synthetic or sable size 8 round)."
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Best Drawing Markers

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Bright, 10-Pack
These dual brush pens have a versatile and flexible nylon fiber brush tip on 1 end that creates medium or bold strokes by simply changing brush pressure. Use these pens for coloring, rubber stamping, hand-lettering, doodling, journaling, and more. Set of 9 colors and 1 blender pen, with flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker.
"For best results, you will need a palette that you can blend colors on. You blend by adding one color to the palette(you cannot blend by using the blender pen directly on color you've already applied to paper), then the other, and mixing those colors together on the palette itself. When you are done with the color, wipe the colorless blender on scratch paper--care for the tip of the brush. I purchased the primary and secondary packs with no duplicates, and with just those two and a palette, it's quite hard to find a color you can't make or don't already have."
"I have used markers extensively over the years and have come to own both this set of Tombow markers and a comparable set of Copic markers. Anyone who's lurked the internet world of markers for very long will learn that Copics are generally considered the best pens money can buy (they certainly are the most expensive) and that few other pens can stack up. In fact, many other marker brands are judged based on how they compare to Copics, which is exactly what I'll do for this review :) I know many people (myself included for a long time) are looking for alternatives to the really expensive pens, so hopefully this will aid in that search. Probably the biggest difference to note right of the bat is that Tombows are WATER BASED markers. This means they will perform vastly differently than Copics, Prismacolors, Tria, and many other high-end brands of markers. Copics: +Probably the biggest difference between these two markers is how much more easily these blend for me. +Come in a HUGE range of colors (358) and four different pen styles. +Made to last, and include ink refills and nib replacements. +Detail color naming system that's easy to understand. -These bleed through the paper like crazy. Just be aware that they require different techniques to blend than many popular brands of artist's markers, and you will not be disappointed :). *I thought I should mention that I actually have an issue with the fumes from Copic markers."
"Write Dudes Ultra Fine-Point Infinity pens, 8 Count, which are really really good for pens but not nearly enough colors. To me Staedtler and Johanna's stuff is way over rated and now so commercialized that the quality seems to have gone down and my recent purchase of Staedtler Duo color Markers was disappointing.. Stabilo Point 68 is a really good brand for those tiny hard to get areas and the colors are wonderful. They have a kids quality marker that is good as for my granddaughter. But all in all after trying these awesome Tombow I ordered more sets in different colors and can not wait for them to arrive."
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Best Drawing Pencils

Colore Colored Pencils - 72 Premium Pre-Sharpened Color Pencil Set For Drawing Coloring Pages - Great Art School Supplies For Kids & Adults Coloring Books - 72 Colors
These high quality colored pencils feature hard & thin leads which will help make drawn edges cleaner, outlines bolder and letterings much more pristine. The smooth texture and creamy leads of the rich pigment produced by these colored pencils is one that beginner art students and professional artists will appreciate and love. PERFECT EDUCATIONAL GIFTS - Your boys and girls will love this coloring kit for their school supplies, whether it's for coloring their superhero coloring books or simply just sketching and drawing on their sketch pad and paper. Get one for your grown up best friend for coloring their favorite secret garden coloring books. GREAT SCHOOL SUPPLIES - Ideal for a wide range of uses including; coloring pages, learning rainbow colors, idea development for office use, sketching, drawing, layering, blending, burnishing and lots more.
"** UPDATE: Since purchasing this particular set of Colore Pencils I have also purchased other sets and there has been a great amount of questions regarding the difference between the Premium Set and other sets. There is in fact a difference between sets and this set, by far is the most superior to all other sets from Colore'. I purchased Colore Colored pencils because colored pencils are one of my favorite mediums for both traditional art and also for coloring in any kind of coloring book, be it adult or an old school kids book and I am forever on the hunt for the best, most cost effective pencil I can find. The Colore Colored Pencils 72 Premium Pre-Sharpened Color Set arrives in a metal tin that is shrink wrapped in plastic. UPDATE COMPARISON OF COLORE' BRAND PENCILS: Since purchasing this particular set I have also purchased the Colore' Brand Premium Art Set (huge fan of Colore'), 72 Count Boxed set Premium, 60 Count Dictionary Set and the 60 Piece Set with eraser and sharpener in a clear plastic clam shell type container. The last set, which is very limited in colored pencils is their 50 piece Art Set which contains colored pencils, water color pencils, drawing and graphite pencils. So in summary, of all of the colored pencils Colore' Manufactures I can say that the 72 count Premium Tin set is the most superior and highly suggest this set. Lastly, if you are a PrismaColor fan, I really suggest this set as a compliment as there are a few colors or shades in this set that you don't find in the comparable 72 count set or if you can't afford PrismaColor brand, Colore' Colored Pencils are the next best option."
"I like that I can sharpen these much easier and get a better tip than I can with the Prisma. I have two wants for these pencils, color names, and please more colors would be great, it would probably keep my from having to purchase Prisma in the future."
"); I REALLY prefer colored pencils when coloring (I really don't care for crayons unless I'm working with children, and markers are obnoxious, messy, and bleed through a majority of paper far too easily), but find that many of the commercially available pencils (ie, the common brands found at places like Wal-Mart) aren't that great...even when I'm just casually coloring for myself, I want to have pencils that are *at least* decent - but I also don't want to be paying a premium price for art supplies when I'm just "messing around"."
"There are a TON of fun colors in this set and they come already sharpened so you can get to work right away! The tin they come in has 3 plastic trays that set on top of each other and each of the pencils has it's own little slot so they don't roll around all over and it is easy to keep them organized."
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Best Drawing Pastels

Pentel Arts Oil Pastels, 50 Color Set (PHN-50)
Pentel Arts Oil Pastels - 50 Color Set Pentel Co., Ltd. is a privately held Japanese company which produces stationery products. Acid-free pastels are ideal for use on paper, board or canvas.
"My teacher was happy with the quality of both the paper and the pastels I chose from Amazon and is considering buying both for the classes she teaches in public schools."
"Trying out new oil pastels for my new-found hobby."
"I have no experience with any other oil pastels to compare these to and I've never taken an art class in my adult life, but I really enjoyed Pentel Arts Oil Pastels."
"The day before I saw these, I went to a local art store (Jerry's Artarama) and oil pastels were too expensive."
"Blending and overlapping the colors was easy."
"No better product for the price."
"From using these while trying to learn from videos, I have noticed that this set of pastels has paper around each color unlike others I seen in other peoples' boxes."
"When my mom unwrapped this set, the first thing she did was say, "Ohhh, this must have been so EXPENSIVE," in that way that moms use when they want to scold their kids for spending too much money on them even though they really like the gift. - and there are so many different colors, and she spent all weekend playing around with them and just loved them."
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Best Drawing Inks

Reaeon 200 Gel Pens Coloring Set 100 Gel Pen plus Refills for Adults Coloring Books Drawing Painting Writing
What a great idea It's for all your drawing, writing, scrapbooking, decorating, greeting card, gift and craft projects. Coloring at any time of day will place you in a balanced mindset and help you transition to work or sleep. With technology taking so much of our time and focus, reconnecting with the simple things we enjoyed as children is a way to be more present and mindful. We know that Gel ink runs more quick than usual pens, So we bring more 20% ink in our pens and extra refill inks for you. You can choose ink from light to dark colors easily .It even includes white gel pens which you can't find in other usual gel pen set.
"This is a very good collection of pens and I LOVE the way they come organized."
"I bought these pens for the price, but I was surprised to fine no two colors are alike. So, if you're looking for that review, here it is - they don't work well with them unless you ink AFTER the colors are put down. Still a great set of pens and I'll definitely recommend these to friends looking for a variety of colors."
"The colors are beautiful but the title of the posting is a bit deceiving."
"These are the greatest for the adult coloring books I got myself."
"A Christmas gift for a young inspired artist and I sure these will be of beneficial value."
"I feel like using these even makes my coloring better!"
"Good for coloring in small spaces."
"Great bright colors that make great pictures but they seem to run out real quick."
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Best Drawing Pens

Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Black, Ass't Point Sizes 6CT Set
Style Name: Pigma Micron |. Color: Black |. Size: Ass't Point Sizes 6CT Set. Technical qualities are archival quality pigma ink, six point sizes, no smear or feather when dry, waterproof and chemical proof, fade resistant, does not bleed through most papers, meets astm and acmi nontoxicity standard and not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin. Pigma micron ink pen set. Experience smooth, skip-free writing and crisp ink colors that leave consistent lettering and lines every time.
"I highly recommend these to anyone doing inks over pencils, making comics, needing told do really fine detailed line work."
"I can go in and on about Microns, I've used them for years in my pen and ink artwork. These pens are still better than 99% of the pens out there."
"I use my Microns with my Brush Pen and Ink and together and able to create the art that makes my clients very happy."
"No leakage unlike what others are claiming, good quality and cheaper than you'd get in an art store."
"so i've tried to buy and use pretty much every major brand of ink pen to see which is the best, and hands down i've never used a pen better than these!"
"I color mandalas, and these are essential for doing such intricate work."
"I was looking for a fine point sharpie like pen, and these are the best for fine drawings."
"I like everything about them but I realize after using the 01 pen for only a few minutes, it always dries up and then would work again after numerous scribbling. The 05 and 08 pens are fine and come out really bold and nice, but the ink does take a while to dry."
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