Best Industrial Machines

Brother PQ1500SL High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine
The PQ1500SL features an adjustable pin feed mechanism, 4 feed dog settings for maximum fabric control, knee lifter & bed extension table for quilting, full range foot pressure adjustment and an Automatic thread cutter with F.A.S.T. Includes straight stitch sewing foot, rolled hem foot, adjustable zipper foot, invisible zipper foot, quarter inch foot, spring action quilting foot, seam guide, walking foot, power cord, foot control, sewing notions, owner's manual. Comes with Push-button Auto Thread Trimmers, Auto Needle Positioner & Knee Lever for Presser Foot Lift.
"I wanted to wait to write my review so I could have a well formed opinion of the machine. I started out sewing on a small little Janome Gold that cost less than $200 several years ago. I was at one of my modern quilt guild meetings and a woman did a demonstration using the Brother. The brother was more industrial and required a little more thought on how to make it work. A lot of times when you start out with FMQ you have thread tails that need to be held to the side. I recently purchased an extra light that I attached to my machine to shine down on the sewing area and that seems to be working well. Maybe when I upgrade to a nicer sewing table and have more knee room I may attach it again. Sometimes I want to be able to see under the foot to see what I am sewing, but all of the Brother feet are solid metal. I use it now just as a quick reference, but in the beginning I had to follow it very carefully to thread the machine. The machine stops winding with plenty of room left to add more thread. I did figure out if you keep pressing the pedal over and over again with little taps you can add a little more thread at a time to the bobbin. I have found that sometimes the thread does get shredded as it goes through, but that usually isn’t a big deal since you would cut off that part anyway. The automatic needle treader will not work with some feet, like the FMQ foot. I recently made a diaper bag and had to sew through several layers of fabric, batting, and interfacing."
"I have an old Bernina that I use for quilting/piecing, it has a short throat and I have always struggled with puckering, wrinkles and making my quilts look the way I want them to. I continue to look back at the directions and the needle threader is supposed to be easy to use but I find it difficult, it could be my choice of thread."
"I'm pretty machine savvy and no, it did not work perfectly when I took it out of the box, it was doing a lot of looping on the underside. I then dropped the feed dogs, there's a dial that also makes this function super easy, readjusted my presser foot pressure using the color guide window, again super easy, and started practicing free motion quilting and the result is all I'd hoped for. One thing about Brother, they have good tech support, so be sure and register your machine with them to take full advantage of their services."
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Varmax 201 Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table
It makes a simple step to learn sewing with a machine easier due to the one stitch type and size,a child practicing or for a nice quality and portable machine, this would work out perfectly. Specifications: Power Supply: Power Adapter or Batteries. Power Adapter: AC100-240V. Batteries: 4 * 1.5V AA Batteries. **Batteries are not including. *Package Including: *1X Extension table. *1X Handheld Sewing Machine ( Battery is not including). *1X Foot Pedal. *1X External Power Supply. *1X Manual. *4X Bobbins. *1X Needles. *1X Needle threader. **Santa Claus isn't including. Mini sewing machine are commonly used with the needle size of 75/11 , 80/12, 90/14,100/16, the smaller size needles are good at thinner fabric, bigger size needles are good at thicker fabric. 【Unique Extension Table】 Provides extra large sewing area to flow better and large project and give help to stabilize the mini machine.
"My wife... is terrible at sewing. She's well aware of the issue, and has always been so disappointed that she can't sew (and especially heated that I can. So, I bought this little machine because she earnestly did want to be able to sew small projects."
"It runs very smoothly with rugged leather, thin nylon, and other materials."
"This is a mini sewing machine include: Micro sewing machine, power and foot switch, and bobbin package."
"Small enough so I can store under table at shows when not in use."
"I grew up sewing and making crafts, but I just don't have the space for a giant sewing room."
"This has been perfect for him to do straight stitches for things like a pillow case etc."
"I used to have sewing machine before but it was broken so I decided to order a new one."
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Imax FHSM-202 Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine With Foot Pedal, Purple, 9.2 x 8.4 x 5.4-Inch
All iMAX sewing machines have been checked before sales, therefore all of them have been put on the thread but they are in brand new. Before starting, please turn the bobbin winder spool a few times and confirm the threads whether is smooth or not. Must read the instruction when you run the sewing machine, if you are still confused please contact us, we will send you a video of how to operate. Please attention this Mini Sewing Machine is a basic level machine, it can't sewing the thick certain fabrics(like thick jeans), just ordinary thin fabric. Portable Size and Easy to Use: The size around 8" x 7.5" X 5", this sewing supplies perfect for teens, beginner and sewing enthusiasts to do creative work for crafting, basic sewing and home decoration.
"Well, I went for it, and by golly, there is a full grown T shirt quilt, fluffy middle part and all on the bed next to me. In my two day break from nursing school I had interfaced, cut, and sewn together 30 T shirts that we're wasting space in my drawer. I know you experienced sewing people are cringing at this review, but if you know absolutely nothing about sewing and decide to undertake an enormous project out of nowhere without spending a lot of money, but this little toy-looking sewing machine."
"The size is perfect for my cramped apartment and the fact that it has purple on it makes me love it even more!"
"I managed to create a little blouse as practice with my first try. I managed to sew the different parts of the blouse continuously, without any thread breaking. But while I was testing it, the thread broke a few times - I think because of my fault, I wasn't yet clear on how to thread it. It comes with 2 bobbins of white thread on it, one extra white and one extra black bobbin, and two empty bobbins for your own colors."
"Although small and light (especially using AC power instead of batteries), it is far more advanced than other mini-sewing machines I have seen. Areas like mending sections of seams that are coming out on old shirts and slacks (especially pockets) are perfect for this machine. This, even if you don't do a back stitch (several ways of achieving it on this machine), won't pull out anywhere near as easily. It's not bright but it does work and prevents the actual sewing area to be in the shadow of the machine itself as would normally be the case. My newer full sized machine is made by brother and those bobbins don't fit on it. I waited for this review until after I tested it by fixing all four pocket (seams wore out) on an older pair of men's dress slacks. If I'm right, then just swap out the needle if you need to work on something finer or heavier for denim or other firm fabric."
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Best Sewing Machines

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover
Create, sew and quilt - easily and affordably. Brother CS6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Wide Table User-friendly and portable, the CS6000i offers a wide range of sewing and quilting features, all at a price that’s easy on your budget. Select from 60 built-in sewing stitches, including decorative stitches and 7 styles of one-step buttonholes; choose from the 9 included presser feet; use the detachable, oversized table for larger projects; and take your machine with you to classes with the included hard carry case. Add decorative stitches to a sleeve, create a neat row of buttonholes on a jacket, sew a zipper on a custom-fitted skirt, and create virtually invisible seams with the included blind stitch foot. The oversized table makes it easy to maneuver larger quilting projects, the walking foot allows for smoother feeding of multiple layers, the quilting foot allows for more accurate placement of your quilting stitches, and the quilting guide helps you sew evenly spaced rows of quilting stitches. Among the included stitches are: • Overcast and zigzag stitches - to help prevent fabric from fraying. • Basting stitch - to temporarily secure seams; perfect for getting the right fit. • Triple stretch stitch - for reinforcing seams. • Blind hem stitch - for virtually invisible hems on skirts, pants and sleeves. • Buttonhole stitches - 7 different stitches, for lightweight, medium weight and heavier weight fabrics Included Accessories: In the box • CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine. • Hard protective case. • Oversized table for larger projects. • Accessory feet: • Walking foot. • Spring action quilting foot. • Overcasting foot. • Monogramming foot. • Zipper foot. • Zigzag foot. • Blind stitch foot. • Buttonhole foot. • Button fitting foot • Accessory pouch with seam ripper, needle set, cleaning brush, screwdriver, spool caps (3), spool pin, bobbins (3), eyelet punch. • Power cord. • English/Spanish operation manual. • 25 year limited warranty About Brother International Corporation Brother International Corporation has earned its reputation as a leading supplier of innovative products for home sewing and embroidery enthusiasts. Versatile, value-packed, perfect for a wide range of sewing and quilting projects, accessories are stored inside a compartment on the arm of the sewing machine.
"I've never sewn before (save for 8th grade home-etc, which was on a clunky old machine and a terrible experience of constantly fixing the machine and hardly ever sewing). I bought this machine with the thought that if I ended up enjoying it, I'd replace it with a nicer machine fairly quickly. My machine sews beautifully, is easy to thread, and never gives me any trouble, which is all I could want at this point. If you have a friend who can sew, have them come over to teach you how to load the bobbin, thread the machine, and adjust the tension (I only had to adjust the tension the first day, and since that it's been fine). (You can you tube how to to do basically anything, like needle changing, with your machine). 4. You can make an entire quilt (including quilting it), on this machine. For binding, I'd recommend the zig zag stitch, because it holds up so much better and also looks nicer (my first quilt I used a straight stitch, and it doesn't lay as flat)."
"My only problem was user error when I jumped right in and started sewing, without first reading the fact filled instructions. If you think the machine is sewing too slowly or quickly, there's a position beneath the computer readout that adjusts to different top speeds, so you don't go faster than you want to."
"I'm a 68 year old woman who has been sewing as long as I can recall. Well, my 50 year old sewing machine could still sew, but I could no longer lift it and had to resort to sitting on the floor if I needed to sew. Bottom line is for a ridiculously low price, you'll get a sewing machine that will handle 90% of your projects."
"I sincerely heart this machine! It's easy to be a little suspicious of the quality because of the lower price-point, but I would recommend this machine to both beginners + more advanced sewers that are in need of a reliable home machine."
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Best Embroidery Machines

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4x4 Embroidery Machine With 67 Built-in Stitches, 70 Built-in Designs, 5 Lettering Fonts
The computerized SE-400 combination embroidery and sewing machine is designed to help you give your projects a customized, high-end look -- all while being priced to fit your budget! Featuring 70 built-in embroidery designs, 67 built-in sewing stitches, 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 embroidery lettering fonts, the SE-400 is the perfect machine for all your sewing, embroidery, crafting and home décor projects. Features like the automatic needle threading system and backlit touch screen LCD display make working on the machine easy on your eyes, while the Quick-Set™ drop-in top bobbin, easy bobbin-winding system and built-in push-button thread cutter add a new level of convenience to your sewing and embroidery crafting. Embellish your projects beautifully and affordably Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine The computerized SE400 combination embroidery and sewing machine is designed to help you give your projects a customized, high-end look all while being priced to fit your budget. Choose from the built-in embroidery design library of 70 decorative designs, 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 lettering fonts, or import designs from your PC. Full Assortment of Included Accessories • 4" x 4" embroidery hoop. • Embroidery arm. • Soft cover. • Accessory feet: buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, zipper foot, button fitting foot, monogramming foot, blind stitch foot, embroidery foot. • English/Spanish operation manual In the box • SE400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine. • 4" x 4" embroidery hoop. • Embroidery arm. • Soft cover. • Free Arm/Accessory compartment. • Accessory feet: Buttonhole foot Overcasting foot, Zipper foot, Button fitting foot, Monogramming foot, Blind stitch foot, Embroidery foot. • Embroidery bobbin thread. Easy-to-view back-lit touch screen LCD display accesses 67 unique sewing stitches and 70 built- in embroidery designs, with 5 lettering fonts.
"I have now owned this machine over a year so I thought I could give it a really full review. The thread, bobbins, repositionable hoop, a variety of stabilizers/heat bond will all be necessary and add up quickly so factor this in. Additionally, the machine comes programmed with some designs but they are frankly lame. I have actually found quite a bit free online and buying through etsy and different designers during sales keeps that cost relatively low but you still need to factor it in. There are many videos on youtube that help you get going and if you have basic computer knowledge it's really pretty simple. There are also two facebook groups for this machine that are great resources so if you're on social media, join them. Comes with a nice variety of presser feet and the thread cutter seems like a silly feature at first but I love it now. I have really been able to crank out some great projects with this machine and it has really grown with me from beginner to sort of intermediate now."
"I bought it, the little sample pack of thread at the same store, and stiched out one of the included patterns. But the bobbin thread came up so much, most of the pattern was white... it was pretty bad. So I googled it, re-looked at my machine, and I had my bobbin threaded wrong (I missed the little lip it has to go under). 2) If it's acting funny, it's because it's threaded wrong... most commonly for me, it's the "lip" thing in the bobbin case. If it dies after a color change and about 8 stitches, says "recheck upper thread", really, just rethread it, even if it looks fine. The things that I wouldn't trade for the world are my pre-cut stabilizer sheets (Tearaway Embroidery Stabilizer, 8x8, 200 Precut Sheets for Embroidery Machines, pre-wound bobbins (144 Prewound Bobbins for Brother Embroidery Machine Size A (156), aweseome weird looking scissors (Havel's Ulti-Mates Angled Machine Embroidery Scissors, and any curved forceps for finishing the threading process (unless your fingers are more agile than mine). Yes, I'm lazy, and I trade money for time... you can probably get roll stabilizer way cheaper, wind your own bobbins, use any old pointy scissors, and finish the threading with fingers. But for me, being able to grab a sheet, have a really full bobbin with exactly the right tension without having to learn how to use my bobbin winder-thingie, and cut stray threads without contortion are so worth it. (Note: I'm likely going to have to learn bobbin-winder-thingie at some point, since sometimes you want bobbin and upper threads to match, like for applique, but I'm not beating feet to it :) ). 9) Shop around. brothermall2 and allthreads are relatively good sites, although the user interface is clunky at the first, and it has a limited selection, but prices are great (especially for the easy glow-in-the-dark thread, and fast shipping. 10) If you can afford it, you like madeira thread, and you think you're going to do this a while, get the set. For about 10x what I spend on 30 threads, I got 356 threads, nice wooden drawers with spool-hugging plastic inserts (to avoid rolling) I'll use forever, and not having to worry about getting a particular color for a special pattern. I bought several spools of that brand at a cheap thread site, tried it on a pattern or two, and took the plunge early. I almost got the "hard" glow in the dark thread, which apparently glows longer, but requires special handling, instead of the "easy" glow in the dark, which you use, launder, etc, just like regular thread. I bought metallics, which are beyond my skill set, because I violated this guidance... 13) Keep the manual close... my first several times threading, I had the book open next to me. I also watched the first video, and looked in the manual for repeating a color or stitch (they call it "re-sewing", if you want to look it up in the manual) when I had threading issues."
"If you love embroidery you will end up buying another machine with a bigger embroidery area, if you can afford to spend more then just go with a bigger embroidery area."
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Best Sergers & Overlock Machines

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed
The Brother 1034D serger features a 3/4 lay-in thread system with lower looper threader.Stitch options include 4 thread overlock 3 thread overlock narrow hem rolled hem and ribbon lock stitches.Additionally you can sew blind hem pin tuck and flat lock stitches by purchasing optional presser feet.The machine has a free arm/flat bed convertible sewing surface.The 1034D also offers a F.A.S.T. Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with easy to use lay in threading, differential feed, instructional DVD, bilingual manual, and toll-free customer support Designed for finishing the edges and hems of a wide range of fabrics, including formal wear, linens and stretchy fabrics, and for creating ruffles and decorative edges, the Brother 1034D Serger is the perfect addition to any sewing room. This reliable, easy to learn and use 3 or 4 thread serger features 22 stitch functions, and snap-on, interchangeable creative feet. Backed with a 25-year limited warrantee, and free phone support for the life of the product. Loosening the pressure for lightweight materials will help prevent puckering, and will allow for easier sewing of curves. In the box • Accessory feet: Multi-purpose guide foot. Gathering foot • Foot controller. • Accessory bag with needle set, 4 spool nets, tweezers, cleaning brush, hexl wrench, trim trap. • Soft cover. • Instructional CD. • Bilingual English/Spanish operation manual. • 25-year limited warranty About Brother International Corporation Brother International Corporation has earned its reputation as a leading supplier of innovative products for home sewing and embroidery enthusiasts. The company is recognized for its high-quality, state-of-the-art machines and accessories, offering ease of use and flexibility at affordable prices. Create ruffles, decorative edges, gathers; join laces; serge narrow sleeves, spaghetti straps, and more! 22 built-in stitch functions with 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, narrow, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches, with specialty stitch functions for formal and bridal wear, home decor and crafts, heirloom and reinforced tape applications.
"I bought this one to replace the serger I had, due to that one having cam slippage. I mainly use it on cotton fabrics to finish edges of bibs, pillow cases and such. I find it quick and easy to load with thread, though like most sergers, the lower feeds sometimes can be a bit tricky. For quick color changes, I simply cut the threads back behind the feeders, tie the new color on, then run it out on swatches of left over fabric, I have found this to be much faster and easier than re-threading my entire machine. Pros: Nice neat serging. Quick and easy set up (Make sure you oil the machine prior to first use, reference page 57) See attached photo. Adjustments for fabric type. Stitch adjustments (Length and style). Can tuck the blade out of the way when needed. Cons: The directions for oiling the machine are tucked away in the back of the user manual, which can be missed and cause issues with the machine. Other than the aforementioned issue with oiling of the machine and lack of 'In Your Face' directions to tell you to make sure you do oil it."
"At first, I was intimidated by the idea of buying a serger, but I promise it's really pretty simple to use and even changing out the thread is easier than I expected. I know lots of seamstresses will suggest buying one from a local dealer to get customer service and repairs, but for such a low price - you really can't go wrong. Some tips I can offer to help avoid frustration: -Always test out scrap fabrics that are the same as the project you're working on. -The different settings including differential feed, stitch length, and stitch width - play around with them using scraps and keep a notebook handy to record which settings worked best with various fabrics as a reference guide. -Make sure the presser foot is down before you start to serge - this may seem kind of common sense, but I've accidentally serged with the presser foot up more times than I'd like to admit!"
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Best Sewing Machine Accessories

Singer Sewing Machine 611.BR Universal Hard Carrying Case for Most Free-Arm Portable Sewing Machines
The SINGER 611.BR Universal Hard Carrying Case for Most Free-Arm Sewing Machines fits most brands of free-arm portable sewing machines and small overlock machines. Product Height (in. Product Width: 10.5. Small Electric Product type: Sewing Machine. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CASE: The SINGER 611.BR Universal Hard Carrying Case for Most Free-Arm Sewing Machines fits most brands of free-arm portable sewing machines and small overlock machines.
"First, lets take a look at why there seems to be such wide differences in review ratings on this product. If you have something (like a spool or bobbin holder) on your machine that protrudes a little above that 12" Height, then you are probably OK as long as it isn't right where that handle takes the dip. Your machine will probably be somewhat smaller than the perfect size for whichever UNIVERSAL Case you chose. Now, along with the case bottom, find and go to a FOAM, FABRICK, & UPHOLSTERY SUPPLY COMPANY. They sell foam that you can cut (with a large sharp bread knife) into rectangular blocks that will fill those voids. You could even fashion some sort of pouch you could attach inside the lid to hold your user's manuel."
"I had a sewing machine of my Mom's that didn't have a case."
"Purchased for adult daughters along with Singer sewing machines."
"It works for my new sewing machine."
"Case fits my sewing machine perfectly."
"Was very satisfied with the prompt service and of course with the Product will use them again and will recommend to others."
"Excellent value, sturdy but not heavy."
"I just got mine."
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Best Serger & Overlock Machine Accessories

Paxcoo 36 Pcs Bobbins and Sewing Threads with Case and Soft Measuring Tape for Brother Singer Babylock Janome Kenmore (Assorted Colors)
The update Paxcoo 36 Pcs Bobbins and Sewing Thread is the same quality to our 25 pcs bobbins and sewing thread with more color threads and bobbins included. - 1 * 36 Pcs Bobbin with Assorted Colors Sewing Thread. - 1 * Soft Measuring Tape. - 1 * Bobbin Organize Case Product Warranty: STANDARD SIZE TO FIT MOST SEWING MACHINES – Bobbin size: Standard size can use for most sewing machine like brother, babylock, janome, Kenmore, singer etc.
"My wife thinks this bobbin set is awesome."
"I bought this so I'd have a variety of threads for mending, etc."
"Love the variety of colors and having the extra bobbins already set."
"Exactly what I needed."
"Makes sewing different colors less a hassle...arrived promptly."
"Will never purchase an empty bobbin again."
"This is a great buy."
"Nice to have the color selection when I am too lazy to rewind my bobbins."
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Best Quilting Supplies

Fiskars 3 Piece Rotary Cutting Set
Fiskars Fabric Cutting Set gets beginners or experienced sewing and quilting enthusiasts started off on the right foot with three essential tools that make measuring and cutting fabric easy and mistake-free. 6.5 inch x 24 inch clear Acrylic Ruler lets you see where you’re cutting and includes highlighted seam allowances for strip cutting and a grid for simplified shape cutting. 6.5 x 24 inch clear Acrylic Ruler lets you see where you're cutting and includes highlighted seam allowances for strip cutting and a grid for simplified shape cutting.
"The rotary cutter works great, The first time i used it, it felt like i was cutting soft butter... nothing to it, I am not using it for fabric ( right now) my latest projects have been with vinyl and it slices right through it with no problems."
"Measuring and cutting the fabric was the most tedious part of my sewing projects, but this cutting set removes the tedium! Update September 2, 2017: Just used the set to cut very thick leather with layers of suede backing (from an old leather purse I'm recycling). Update January 21, 2018: Used the set to separate the pages of a thick book, so that I can comb-bind the book."
"new to rotary cutting."
"I made a quilt for the first time for a baby shower, and boy was I glad to have this kit!!"
"I did buy a second blade as I didn't want to use the same blade to cut paper and fabric. I do use the same blade for paper and vinyl."
"Picking up quilting again after many years and this has been a great tool to getting back into the craft."
"The board could be a smidge stiffer (only because I dont have a proper table to work w...if I did it wouldnt matter)."
"In an effort to save money, I opted to order this set instead of the individual pieces of another brand that were reccommended by my fave quilting blogger, thinking "how much difference could there be?""
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Best Sewing Patterns

Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make
Kids can sew too! Best of all, this practical, attractive sewing book features finished projects that look like they were actually made by children.
"Unfortunately, so much of the sewing kits, books, and supplies are geared towards girls. Not only is it full of beautiful photographs that help teach sewing steps, I was pleased to see how many boys were included in the photographs--sewing just like their female counterparts."
"My 7 year old daughter loves this book."
"This book is so much better than any cheap craft set you can find in Walmart."
"She has been reading the book herself and has completed several of the projects and is happy with the results."
"My daughter loves it and is always planning new projects to make."
"We can work on sewing projects together and the projects are easy enough for her to understand!"
"Grandaughter likes to sew things and this helped her make some projects."
"Such a lovely book!"
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Best Sewing Thread & Floss

40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread
EMBROIDEX 40 SPOOL EMBROIDERY THREAD SET. Polyester is known for its ability to hold its colors really well when compared to other threads like rayon and is, therefore, a preferred choice of many as it doesn’t easily shrink or bleed. However, we are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with the full spectrum of bright and beautiful colors that you get in this 40-spool set, the sufficiently long length of the threads, and their weight which makes them useful for a wide range of projects.Thread Spool rack NOT INCLUDED!
"I purchased a Brother SE400 at the same time I purchased this thread."
"I've used more than half of the colors and have not had any issues with the thread or spool quality - none of the thread has broken or jammed during the machine sewing or embroidery processes and the thread holds up well on finished products."
"They worked perfectly on my Brother SE-400 sewing machine, though I had read some reviews mentioning otherwise. I ordered 35 polyester threads of 200 yards each for 10 bucks from another retailer but they were no where close in quality and quantity compared to these."
"Since I almost used up so many of the colors, I needed to purchase another set of thread so I decided to go with these again!"
"Do not listen to all the people that are saying this thread breaks!"
"Some of the thread ends start under that sticker and on some cones the thread end is located at the bottom of the cone."
"The spools were larger than I expected (about the same size as a full size sewing thread spool), the quality is excellent, and I plan to reorder when I get low."
"I have had the thread break on a few (Silver and Emerald green seems to be the worst for me) but it is probably 75% my fault because I didn't have the top tension thread set correctly."
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Best Sewing Project Kits

Singer Sew Essentials Storage System, 166 Pieces
Additional tools include a pin cushion, 10 bobbins, vinyl tape measure, scissors, and 3 thimbles.
"Good product keep in mind all products that come with this are smaller than the ones you normally receive in store the tread is normal size though also the small thread spools go everywhere when you open it, to fix that put a rubber band over each row of spools."
"I bought this for my young Niece who is learning to use a Singer FM17 machine, but wished I had one myself!"
"I would like to thank whomever came up with the idea but it could of been of a stronger material."
"I don't think it's a good package for a smaller child learning how to sew that isn't patient and gentle with the kit but it's got more than enough if you are going to be fixing buttons, doing some simple by hand sewing and garmet modification as an adult or college student."
"The spools will constantly fall off their holders, and sometimes the side compartments try to pop open when it's closed."
"This is a great organizer with a few pros and cons, so lets go through them. Short version- This really is good, it has cheap thread that holds up well, it's easy to open (despite the people who can't seem to figure it out). Pros. This has a lot of things for the price, the two "pockets" on the outside for books or manuals are a great addition."
"I am not at all happy with this product."
"Sure it has lots of various color threads but the case is very cheaply made and the bobbins are of poor quality."
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Best Sewing Notions & Supplies

Westcott 13901 8" Straight Titanium Bonded Scissors, Grey/Yellow, 2 Per Pack
Scissors are ideal for paper, cardboard, lightweight line, fabric and other materials. Titanium bonded blades are 3X harder than stainless steel; blades stay sharper longer.
"These aren't the best scissors available, but they are an excellent quality given the price."
"These scissors are wonderful!"
"Well, it's been three months and they work just fine, but I discovered the other day that the plastic covering the handle behind the hinge on the pair in the kitchen draw is broken. Updated, 3/12/17: My wife tried to trim some threads on the edge of an old dish towel this morning and the second pair of scissors broke into two pieces when the plastic holding the pivot screw snapped."
"If you are a left-handed person you know how hard it is to find good comfortable left-handed pair of scissors that work properly. It was a simple plastic package, and without offering any resistance one of the blades simply came of, broken in two pieces."
"Scissors broke in two pieces because the center pivot is plastic instead of metal."
"I was thrilled at first but soon realized the reason after receiving the product - it has been turned into a cheap product, much different from the original."
"Screw is held in by plastic."
"Blade snapped in half on first use."
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Best Sewing Storage & Furniture

Dritz St. Jane Sewing Basket, Large Oval (metal handle)
New Dritz St. Jane Sewing Baskets are a must for storing your sewing supplies functionally and fashionably! Color-coordinated handle, trim and lining, Metal handle with black wood trim.
"The only flaw I noted is that sometimes the tray can slip into the bottom but not a big deal... after I filled it with my thread holder and bobbin keeper, it helps keep it in place."
"Very attractive, sturdy, plenty of room for seeing essentials."
"It's just that, a basket with a nice clear plastic insert with dividers that sits at the top level of the basket. There is NO sewing kit."
"I would definitely suggest this item for anyone looking for an adorable sewing basket."
"I bought this basket when my husband accidentally dropped my old basket off the top shelf of our closet and it shattered everywhere. Anyway, my old basket was quite large and, in searching, this was the basket that was the closest in size to my old one."
"It is very similar to one my mother in law got me for sewing supplies, so I had hopes it would be similar enough that I could use it for this purpose."
"Great basket: looks as pictured and is a much nicer alternative to the zip-top bags I was previously keeping my supplies in!"
"The size and shape are great, it is bigger then I thought which is awesome!!"
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Best Sewing Trim & Embellishments

Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV for T-Shirts 12 Inches by 10 Feet Roll (White)
Application Instructions: - All designs must be cut in reverse - Preheat garment in heat press at 302F degrees for 4 seconds - Position EasyWeed application on garment, Heat apply at 302F degrees for 10-15 seconds, medium pressure - Peel hot. Siser EasyWeed is an easy to weed polyurethane, ready-to-cut material designed for custom apparel decoration.
"With the roll from the store, I was able to make one back and the five names tags."
"This product was perfect for the project I needed it for."
"It looks great on the Texas Strong shirts that I made this week."
"I used this vinyl to create family vacation trip shirts and not only did it cut beautifully on my Cricut but it also ironed onto the shirts easily."
"It is smaller than the 12 inches but when compared to the ones I bought from michaels, it's the same."
"Best HTV I have ever used."
"It's not that big of a deal but you do have to be conscious when cutting large project or you end up with part of your design cut off on one side."
"It almost appears to be the end of the tool or something, there are lots of flaws in the roll as we were hand cutting pieces to use."
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