Best Jewelry Casting Supplies

Alumilite Amazing Mold Putty Kit, 0.66-Pound
Amazing Putty Amazing Mold Putty Kit. Make your own molds for resin, food, soap, wax, clay and more with this amazing mold putty. Easy to use by hand mixing 2 equal amounts of the yellow and white putty and cures within 20 minutes that gives users a flexible rubber mold with exact detail.
"I had used several boxes of this mold putty with good results I purchased two boxes 6 months ago and when I used them they would not cure."
"I used this to make mini cupcake base molds for clay and it did not turn out well."
"I used this product in the process of making molds to repair broken areas on church stained glass windows & it worked beautifully."
"When set the material is a bit more dense than any other ear plug Ive used so it seems to work better on the hard to block low frequency sounds."
"Over love love this no mixing and only slight measuring."
"This is great stuff for making quickie molds of small items."
"Bought this to make silicone molds for a custom designed chocolate bar for Christmas gifts."
"You have to make sure that you don't have creases in the putty, difficult to do given the size of my mold."
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#3 4KG Foundry Clay Graphite Crucibles Cup Furnace Torch Melting Casting
Etc.. Clay Graphite Crucibles are designed to use with Fuel and Medium/High Heat Induction Furnaces/Kilns Clay Graphite Crucibles can withstand temps up to - 1560° F - 2912° F - 850° C - 1600° C Dimensions: Outer - 5.25" H x 4.75" Dia. Designed for Melting Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Aluminum and More!
"I bought it for melting 12oz aluminum cans and it fits them perfect."
"You should see the smile on my face as i melt aluminum cans and remove the slag."
"Have put it through a lot of abuse and it's came through with flying colors."
"Pros: Can't beat the price. Decent quality clay graphite. Sized about right for melting soda cans. Cons: The pour spout is nonexistent. Glaze has charred/glassed over in a rough manner. Alright, the price on this item is right where it needs to be."
"The crucible needs careful curing in the foundry by slowly heating it in the foundry until bright red."
"Perfect size crucible, the only thing I was disappointed with was the absence of the spout...."
"Perfect size for smelting scrap jewelry, or ore of some kind with a map gas torch."
"Exactly what is pictured and described."
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13" Heat Resistant Safety Melting Furnace Gloves Refining Casting Gold Silver Copper
Ideal for refining precious metals, such as gold, silver, and copper during high heat temperature applications; as well as for handling crucibles, hand tools, and ingot molds. Measures 13" in length.
"Careful - These aren't quite rated high enough for melting higher-melting point metals - - -."
"His old welding gloves were totally worn out and not doing much good anymore, so he was psyched when he received these."
"I have to admit, I feel a bit like Dr. Horrible every time I put these on, but that's just for appearance."
"Got these for casting bullets and fishing weights from lead."
"String holding the gloves together can't take the heat like the rest of the gloves can."
"Nice big thick heat-resistant gloves, can handle pretty hot stuff like hot crucibles etc."
"Great glove with a wonderful fit and feel."
"These gloves have worked well to leep my hands safe while smaw welding, but after the first time I used these gloves the thumb on the left hand tore open and this was with very light use (exclusivelt holding the electrode clamp and holding hand sized pieces of metal while cleaning the slag off them), nothing heavy."
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Best Metal Casting Machines

Hardin HD-2344SS Stainless Steel Tabletop Melting Furnace with 4 Kilogram Crucible 110 Volt
Important to note, usually when you set temperatures, especially when first heating up the furnace, the actual read-out and temperature reached is going to be 50-100 degrees more than what you set the furnace to. Using the "down" button take the digital display's number to the temperature you want to set to. So using the "down" button you set the temperature to 1,948°F. You have successfully set the temperature. User Friendly Microprocessor PID Electronic Temperature Control.
"The 4kg crucible is the best for heating because it is deep."
"I also like the fact that its rated for 1200C, uses only 120 volt power, comes with spare ceramic spacers, safety glasses, a hi-temp glove, crucible, tongs and extra fuse."
"Far superior to the previous model."
"Really great."
"works well and all the parts are replaceable which is a plus since it eats parts pretty fast."
"works very well easy to use but the company sends no instructions directions or even a simple manual on how to use it."
"After owning this unit for a month, it completely stopped working."
"The thermometer became unreliable after the 3rd use."
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Best Jewelry Casting Molds

1/4 oz 1/2 oz 1 oz Ounce Combo Gold Graphite Ingot Mold Crucible For Melting Casting Refining Scrap Precious Metal Jewelry
1/4 - 1/2 - 1 Troy Ounce Graphite Ingot Mold Made from High Density Fine Grain Graphite Lasts for 30+ pours! Mold has Tapered Sides for Easy Ingot Removal.
"It works."
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Best Jewelry Casting Tools

Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings – Ring Guard, Ring Sizer. 12 Pack with Jewelry Polishing Cloth. 2 Sizes Fit Almost ANY Ring. 100% Hypoallergenic.
Ring size adjusters are perfect for reducing your ring size. They are less pricey than having an expert jeweler re-size your ring, no one can guarantee that your ring will not be ruined by the jeweler as one on the photo above, We guarantee that the ring adjuster won’t leave a single scratch on your ring, it will rather be serving as a ring protector just as a screen protector for your phone. Ring size adjusters are also used to secure a ring in place even if it fits okay. Just wrap the spiral adjuster around the ring until the size is reduced as much as you need, make sure the ring fits and cut off the excess of the adjuster. You can use the adjuster with multiple rings, switch rings anytime and they will always be just the right size for you! SAFE FOR YOUR RINGS- The silicone ring adjuster resolves the issue without damaging the ring, some rings cannot be resized in a traditional way by a jeweler as this procedure may damage the gemstones and also distort the original beauty of the ring, so the ultimate solution here is a RING SIZE ADJUSTER.
"I would tell mine family and friends about your 5 stars united ring size adjuster."
"LOVE IT!!!"
"Seems to be working just fine - next time I put one on I will use a few more of the spirals - looks just like the picture!"
"Very easy to put on rings and very comfortable on your finger."
"A lot easier to use than I thought."
"It does prevent the ring from turning however it also doesn't stay on the underneath side of the finger some times it climbs up the sides and becomes visible which I do not like."
"I like this product."
"The best non-sizing ring adjuster I have ever tried!"
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Best Jewelry Making Kits

Best Deluxe 11 Piece Jewelry Making Supply Kit, Repair Tool Set, DIY, Crafting, Beading, Earrings, Necklaces, Wire Wrapping, Gift Set - Includes Storage Case
We value premium quality, efficiency, comfort, and organization in our company and wanted to incorporate that into all of our tool kits. Our deluxe 11 piece Jewelry Set includes all the tools you need to support your crafting projects for maximum efficiency and optimal results. CREATE THE JEWELRY OF YOUR DREAMS: Do you love making beautiful jewelry with wire and glass, metal, crystal, stone, and acrylic beads? Our Jewelry Making Tool Kit includes everything you need in a beautiful storage case to create unique and custom jewelry.
"(I don't use them to cut memory wire; I have a special tool for that.). The roundnose pliers are also quite good for making loops in the ends of memory wire or headpins/eyepins. The other pliers have not seen much use yet but I've been doing so much wire and chain work lately, they are good to have around. Some tools that I find essential for beading that the set does not have: flush cutter (for small chain) and scissors. I do also use a crimping tool and memory wire cutters, and the set does not have those, but they are somewhat more specialized and you *can* cut memory wire with regular wire cutters, it's just a bit more difficult. In the end, this is definitely worthwhile for beginners looking to build a tool collection, or for people like me who are getting more into chain and wire work."
"I bought these as a christmas gift for my mom, who is so into crafting that she has her own room in the house for it."
"These tools are a great size and have comfortable handles."
"Enjoying these and using them for my jewelry making, thank you."
"The wire cutters are not very sharp."
"The tool are very nice and are perfectly sized for my hands."
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Best Beading Supplies

Perler 17000 Beads 22,000 Count Bead Jar Multi-Mix Colors
Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"These are the peg boards: Perler Beads Clear Square Pegboards 4 Pack. This is the bead box we got to go with them (it is the perfect size and just the right amount of compartments): Darice 1157-11 No Spill Organizer 13.7-Inch-by-8.6-Inch-by-1.37-Inch."
"Yes this a lot of beads yes for some people this can be tedious sorting them out, but for me it’s actually relaxing. I bought a nice 56 container holder and pour out some beads and load them up with tweezers ( super fine point ones). It’s actually super relaxing to sit in front of the tv and sort beads."
"i didnt realize how many beads 22,000 was until my cousin spilled them all over the floor... great quality beads that fuse together after a bit of light ironing!"
"Pro tip, have a bored wife or son separate these little buggers into a tray with dividers for you then use sharpie to mark the tray names and then go to town with these fun little things."
"My kids love it these beads and the crafts they can make with them."
"Kids love these!"
"Got these to make peyote bracelets with 5th and 6th graders."
"I am so glad I read through the reviews to discover there are 30 colors in here."
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Best Jewelry Making Display & Packaging Supplies

Darice 82-Piece Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage Solutions Tiny Container Storage Tray
Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"For the most part I can turn to crafter extraordinaire Jennifer McGuire for all my crafting organizational needs, and have utilized her ideas for stamp/die storage and embossing powder storage, but didn't like her sequin storage idea (she uses Craft Mates Lockable Organizers). My sequins fit perfectly in the tiny and small containers, and the lids of each container feel super secure. :). I was a little worried about how I would be able to glance at the little containers and know what sort of sequin was inside, and because the tiny containers are so tiny, there's really no room to write size, color and type of sequin within; I decided that I'd just glue a single sequin on the outside of each container so I'd know literally at a glance which sequins were within. The only annoyance I had moving my sequins to the containers was due to static cling."
"I use a extra fine tip sharpie to label the lid with item, cost, and supplier."
"The regular containers you buy in various stores are great for beads you have large quantities of or larger beads, but certainly not very space efficient when you have lots of smaller beads. You can see the beads clearly and the containers have a nice size opening, which makes filling them pretty easy, compared to other similar products."
"They are perfect for my use, storage and cataloging of different flies for fly fishing."
"i highly recommend for all my fellow Pink Zebra consultants!"
"Great for storing my beads & findings, sequins, eyelets, brads, buttons and other tiny items I use for scrapbooking, card making and jewelry making. I only gave it 4 stars as the individual boxes are hard to figure out how to open and the packaging was too big and was seriously damaged."
"I buy the small size containers for my embellishments."
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Best Jewelry Making Findings

GWHOLE Ring Size Adjuster with Silver Polishing Cloth,Set of 4 (2mm/3mm)
Made of high quality PVC in 2 mm/3 mm wide,reduces ring size 1- 1.5 size.
"We went to a jeweler and he put these post on the inside but she about tore the finger off removing the ring. My wife read that you could put a layer of silicone glue on the inside of the ring. I then stripped some insulation from some small electrical wire, split it and glued it on with the silicone but the glue didn't hold long. This worked great keeping the ring upright but my wife said it was uncomfortable."
"I used the larger size coil to keep my rings in place and have had no issues getting my rings off or back on."
"I didn't realize this at first but the more loops you add to the ring, the tighter the fit."
"After wraping a portion of the plastic material around the ring's shank, the ring slid on easily and the fit was perfect!! Also, since the ring was a bit top heavy, the plastic actually helped the ring to sit upright on my finger rather than spinning around."
"I won't say they're as good as getting a ring officially re-sized at a jeweler, but for the price they're pretty amazing."
"Stuff like shampoo, body wash and soap do build up under the adjuster but that is my fault as I never take my rings off."
"Super easy, wrap the spiral around your ring as many times as needed to make the ring tight enough."
"It took my ring in about 2 sizes."
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Best Jewelry Making Charms

European Charm Bracelet For Women and Girls Bead Charms, Stainless Steel Snake Chain, Claw
Imagine how special it would be to collect charms for your bracelet one adventure at a time, and then one day giving it to your grandchildren… Talk about a keepsake worth treasuring! Our Timeline Treasures charm bracelet makes a perfect gift for special occasions like graduations, birthdays, awards, once-in-a-lifetime trips, bridal showers, weddings, and all the adventures in between. - MASTER SNAKE CHAIN. looks great with any mix of glass, rhinestone, or birthstone charms, and blends well with other color metals. -. EASY TO USE. lobster claw clasp can be opened and put on by yourself and requires no special tools: simply wrap under the wrist and snap closed. Show the world what you love with your unique charms— traveling, animals, hobbies, people, holidays… The possibilities are endless with our high-end charm bracelet that sets the foundation for your awesome style. Includes basic starter bracelet, embroidered jewelry pouch, two silicone rubber safety stopper rings, Murano lampwork glass charm, and manufacturer warranty card with every order, ready for an immediate gift. Strong, hypoallergenic 316 surgical steel keeps your skin and your charms safe, with a beautiful finish that lasts forever. Sizes include the clasps - NOT the extension - and are within 1/4 inch, please see image for sizing instructions. COMPATIBLE FIT with all slide and threaded European charm necklaces and bracelets brands with a core size of 3.5mm and up.
"Beautiful chain."
"This bracelet is adorable!"
"Will not worry about the copper showing through with stainless steel."
"I love this bracelet who needs an expensive Pandora this suits me fine and the price is right also and this is stainless steel.They give you instructions how to clean it and it came with a nice little starter charm as well."
"This is one of very few that had child sizes and my daughters have worn their's for almost a year now (not religiously but I'd say at least 2-5 days per month) and while not as shiny, new looking as it was when we first purchased, it still looks great."
"This bracelet looks so much more expensive than it is."
"Very nice well made product!!!"
"I made a comment to her that I felt kind of bad that I put so much of myself into creating this piece of jewelry. It was then that she broke into tears and told me that the bracelet had somehow broken apart while she was just out and about shopping and in turn, she had lost all of her charms since she hadn't realized it had been broken until she was in her car coming back from shopping."
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Best Purse Making Supplies

Wento 1pcs 43''-49'' Dark Brown Faux Leather Adjustable Bag Strap,soft vinyl Leather Shoulder Straps,replacement Cross Body Purse Straps,handbag Bag Wallet Straps (Gold)
Color: Gold. Faux Leather character : Soft.
"It was a perfect color match and a good adjustable length."
"The quality of the strap is supberb."
"Its a bit thin but it does a great Job."
"Works great, nice quality."
"This was not damaged was great."
"Bought this strap for my LV bag because I didnt want to buy a full price strap, works better than I could imagine!"
"Nice piece, i prefer "cross body" bags and not every style comes with a long strap, so this works for many bags."
"It looks so "authentic" when matching it to the designer bags!"
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Best Jewelry Patterns

Kumihimo Basics and Beyond: 24 Braided and Beaded Jewelry Projects on the Kumihimo Disk
Kumihimo Basics and Beyond presents techniques for creating all-cord braids and beaded braids, then teaches beaders how to transform them into finished jewelry. Rebecca Combs is the owner of Design & Adorn Beading Studio in Tucson, Arizona, and has been teaching a variety of classes in jewelry making there since 2008.
"I own dozens of beading books, and this one is truly exceptional -- even the book design deserves an award! I am fairly new to 8-strand beaded kumihimo, and this book has clear and well-illustrated answers to all my questions, from selecting the right-sized cord and combining fibers, to braiding with large or multiple sizes of beads, to incorporating pendants and multiple focal beads on a braid."
"Have been waiting months for this book in hopes it would be an improvement over other kumi publications, and have not been disappointed."
"This is a newly published book and it is a must have for kumihimo crafters!"
""The jewelry designs in KUMIHIMO BASICS & BEYOND are the copyrighted property of the author, and they may not be taught or sold without permission. Let me start by stating that I'm a retired librarian and, I know a little bit about copyright protection and believe in it. No, you can't copy it, sell parts of it, use it as the basis for a class. In fact, I would be concerned, if I were you, claiming copyright on any of the designs you feature. What you did better than anyone was write and excellent tool for learning to do kumihimo."
"This is JUST what I was looking for in a book on Kumihimo."
"The directions are clear and easy to follow, but the variety in Kumihimo presented is limited to a very particular style and none of the ones shown are ones I actually want to do."
"This book gave me helpful suggestions about problems I encountered as a beginner which were the key to me staying with the weaving."
"I teach Kumihimo and other braiding techniques and wish that this book had been around when I had first started learning how to braid."
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Best Jewelry Metal Stamping Tools

TEKTON 6610 5/32-Inch Letter and Number Stamp Set, 36-Piece
Permanently imprints metal, wood, plastic, and leather.
"I'm very happy with the stamps, the wooden storage box, and how the stamps fit in the box."
"We bought this set based on price and customer reviews."
"I use these to make plant markers on old silverware I get from the thrift store."
"Wish I had gotten the larger size but they work great."
"This made my future project so easy to do."
"After several years of using this set I finally needed to use the "D" stamp."
"working in an industry that requires a lot of number stamping I can't say enough good things about this item."
"EDIT: I used these on a thin, softer, brass (and struck with a brass hammer) each letter I used on the brass has now deformed and does NOT stamp correctly on the metals I used them on before (sterling and aluminum) I am not pleased. Still give 2 stars (from 4) stars as they are a good price and did the job on aluminum and silver."
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Best Jewelry Making Tools & Accessories

SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass
Features of this product include: • Magnification: 4x. • 2 Alligator clips on 4-way swivels. • Adjustable magnifier and clips in various angles. • Heavy-duty base for stability. • Comes in blister packaging. Great for hobbyists, electricians, jewelers, and users who work with solder or small details.
"(They were actually a bit too strong for the wires I was soldering, but that was easily solved by wrapping some tape around the clips’ teeth - a much better problem to have than weak clips) I didn’t need the magnifying glass, so it was easy to uninstall Great value! SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass. Thank you for your consideration in reading my review in pursuit of your product research."
"I didn't realize how the clips were only crimped to their "arm pins" and accidentally twisted one loose, I then soldered both clips to their pins (which you need a pretty hefty solder iron to get enough heat for as the pins are quite large pieces)."
"It is made of cheap and lightweight metal and needed the frame of the magnifying glass soldered where it screws/clamps together around the lens."
"Important tool for soldering circuit boards."
"As far as helping hands go this is basic set for light projects no more than few ounces."
"So I included this magnifier as part of a jewelry making kit that included jewelry glue, jewelry making tools, and clip on earring findings."
"This was a blessing while I was trying to do some general soldering."
"The clamp has two metal strips crudely fashioned with pressed on threads for what should form a screw to attach it to the clamp."
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Best Jewelry Making Polishing & Buffing

Woodstock D2902 1-Pound Extra Fine Buffing Compound, Green
Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The bar is hard like a crayon and you rub it on the strop and work it into the strop as best you can. I have even seen video of people using a smooth poster board with buffing compound and using it to strop hone a knife blade."
"On the down side, they go through a pound of extra fine buffing rather quickly."
"after I rub some compound onto the leather and start stropping, it turns black from the steel being cut off very quickly. I think there are compounds that can be worked into the leather, and if that is what you're looking for, this is not it."
"Very effective, with a decent strop can put a razor sharp edge on any knife - seriously, no exaggeration there."
"This block will last many years or decades in the future, that fact is reason enough to buy this if you are serious about getting an extremely sharp razor."
"This works nicely when combined with the leather strop I purchased here on Amazon."
"good finishing compound for aluminum."
"I use this with a buffing wheel and I'm hooked, I am polishing every I can put My hands on."
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Best Jewelry Making Wax Molding Materials

Cast Iron Skillet Wax Warmer and Trivet
This unique miniature cast iron skillet is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite Wax Tarts. This stylish wax bit burners complements any decor and is a stylish way to enjoy your fragrance.
"My son got one for me for a gift at a store for 1/2 the price, but it is so cute, I was willing to pay more to gift my sister with one as well.”."
"Fun for kids and it is well-made."
"You have to keep it out of reach especially if you have little kids because the skillet gets really hot and of course because of the open flame."
"This product works great for melting my yankee candle wax saucers!"
"Very cute warmer."
"This is super cute whether it's being used or sitting idle, which I appreciate."
"I love making my home smell warm and inviting, we are currently living outside the States and ordering electric items is not always a good idea b/c most the rest of the world is 220-240 volts."
"It’s cute, but tea lights are not hot enough to melt the wax... need to figure out something else."
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Best Fusible Glass Supplies

Beadstone 18pc Jewelry Making kit - includes Jewelry Making Guide. Ergonomic Molded Handles, Safety Snipper Cap, additional snipper blades, Extra Findings. For Jewellery Making Lovers
Our stylish pliers are made with. premium grade molded handles. which will eliminate your hand fatigue and ensure a more comfortable hand grip. Our snipper comes with not only one, but. two additional pairs. of snipper blades that you can use to replace your old ones. THE ULTIMATE JEWELLERY MAKING GIFT SET: A full service tool kit for repairing jewelry, making necklaces or earrings, or creating beading masterpieces.
"I've been using the same set for some time now and the clippers aren't as sharp as they once were and the pliers don't seem to hold as tight either. Also my hands are a bit small so fining a set that doesn't feel awkward or clumsy can be difficult."
"The case is a really great bonus and I could fit another box of findings easily inside."
"I don’t use these for jewelry however I need some tools for precise work in my shop."
"This was a gift for the wife who loves jewellery making."
"Full sized tools and the findings box is the best."
"Great set!"
"I was looking for some basic tools where I could fix jewelry instead of throwing money away simply because a jump ring or clasp had broken."
"This kit is BEYOND what I had expected."
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Best Jewelry Making Engraving Machines & Tools

Dremel 290-01 0.2 Amp 7,200 Stroke Per Minute Engraver includes Letter and Number Template
Powered By A 7,200 Spm, 115-Volt Motor For Reliable Performance, The 290-01 Lets You Personalize Your Valuables Or Decorate Metal, Glass, And Stone For A Unique Touch. With This Tool You Can Also Mark Your Valuables To Help Protect Them From Theft And Engrave Your Name Directly On Your Luggage To Make It Easier To Spot Your Bag At The Airport. The Dremel Engraver Helps You Identify And Protect Property Like Tools, Bikes, Cameras, Tvs, And Other Valuables Quickly And Easily. Engraving Your Valuables With Your Name Or Identification Number Makes Them Less Likely To Be Stolen, As Personalized Items Are More Difficult For Would-Be Thieves To Sell For A Quick Profit. With this tool you can also mark your valuables to help protect them from theft and engrave your name directly on your luggage to make it easier to spot your bag at the airport. Engraving your valuables with your name or identification number makes them less likely to be stolen, as personalized items are more difficult for would-be thieves to sell for a quick profit. Compact, Lightweight Design for Easy Handling and Comfortable Grip Weighing just 12 ounces, the 290-01 has a light and compact design that lets you perform intricate work without excessive stress on your wrist or hand, and the included number and letter template helps you complete your engraving quickly and easily without mistakes. Compact, lightweight, and perfect for a wide range of jobs, the rotary tool was an immediate hit with hobbyists and eventually became accepted as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It also features a soft-grip body, replaceable carbide engraving point, and variable stroke control. Includes replaceable carbide steel engraving point.
"Good Value."
"Small & handy all-purpose engraver."
"Great tool works perfectly."
"Good product - works well."
"worked great on metal objects - for permanent ownership identification."
"Love it I have a little trouble with it cause its alittle large."
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Best Beading Storage

Darice 45-Piece Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage Solutions Assorted Storage Tray
Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage Solutions are high quality solid construction. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"For the most part I can turn to crafter extraordinaire Jennifer McGuire for all my crafting organizational needs, and have utilized her ideas for stamp/die storage and embossing powder storage, but didn't like her sequin storage idea (she uses Craft Mates Lockable Organizers). My sequins fit perfectly in the tiny and small containers, and the lids of each container feel super secure. :). I was a little worried about how I would be able to glance at the little containers and know what sort of sequin was inside, and because the tiny containers are so tiny, there's really no room to write size, color and type of sequin within; I decided that I'd just glue a single sequin on the outside of each container so I'd know literally at a glance which sequins were within. The only annoyance I had moving my sequins to the containers was due to static cling."
"I use a extra fine tip sharpie to label the lid with item, cost, and supplier."
"I got this to use with diamond painting cross stitch."
"Make sure you place the labels closer to the left edge of the containers, close to the squared-off corner rather than the rounded corner on the right. I just stick the labels back down on the rounded part if they come up, and so far, they haven't peeled further."
"Lids are tight fitting so they don't come off if dropped and the lids will fit all size storage containers."
"The regular containers you buy in various stores are great for beads you have large quantities of or larger beads, but certainly not very space efficient when you have lots of smaller beads. You can see the beads clearly and the containers have a nice size opening, which makes filling them pretty easy, compared to other similar products."
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Best Beads & Bead Assortments

Adults Deluxe Jewelry Making Beads Mix Pliers Findings Starter Kit Gift Set
This is a really lovely Adults Beginners Jewelry Making Kit. So many More Colour Bead Mixes in Store!
"My 10 year old just loved this kept her busy for hours and she felt really good about making her friend's braclet's and necklace's for Christmas... Really worth buying!"
"Was disappointed not to receive the pink plastic box storage box which was one of the main things that caused me to select this particular kit."
"Nice starter kit, good mix of a little of everything."
"Gift for granddaughter and she loved it."
"Mother-in-law loved this set."
"great beads and tools are fabulous."
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