Best Jewelry Making Pin Backs

SUBANG 40 Pieces Pin Backs Locking Bulk Metal Pin Keepers Locking Clasp With Storage Case
Keep your lock pins safe.
": Pickle Rick, I Turned Myself Into A Pickle Morty - 1.75" Glow In the Dark Enamel Pin ). These pin backs come with no instruction manual, so you have to just do what feels right... put the pin where you want it to go, press the pin back on."
"I've affixed the pins into my bags and taken them internationally without any incident and cannot recommend these locking pin backs more highly for anyone who wishes to keep their pins secure."
"These locking backs are a little tricky to remove compared to screw-on locking backs, but nowhere near the risk of damaging the pins."
"I bought these for the intention of securing pins on my backpack."
"I've been using/wearing them almost every day since I bought this a couple months ago and have NOT had one pin fall off."
"I've saved alot of $$$ in replacement pin purchases."
"I knocked down a star only because some of these are extremely hard to remove which can be an issue."
"Total piece of crap.."
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Set of 12 Vintage Christmas Brooch Lot/ Holiday Brooch / Christmas Tree/ Snowman/ Xmas Pin Lot / Party Favor/ Rhinestone Christmas
PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR BROOCH WILL PICK RANDOMLY. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Gave them out as holiday "trinkets" at work, and the staff seemed to like them."
"Look good, all packaged well."
"These beautiful well made Christmas pins are a must for stocking stuffers and for party favors if not kept for yourself."
"These are very pretty pins."
"Perfect for what I needed and a great price!"
"love them."
"Gave them as party favor/gifts and they were a hit."
"They were falling apart, the pins fall out and the colors fade."
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Outee 40 Pieces Pins Locking Backs Pin Locks Metal Pin Backs Locking Clasp
Outee 40 Pieces Pins Keepers Backs Locks Bulk, Metal Pin Backs Locking Clasp Prevent bent and broken posts. Material: nickel-plated copper pin lock backs.
"Some of the pin backs stick and are really tough to get off by hand, but I had a pair of cone-nose jewelry pliers (you can get them at most craft stores for pretty cheap) that can remove them without fail."
"I love collecting enamel pins and hate losing them because the cheap backings fall off."
"Perfect pin keeper."
"Good way to keep pins tight and safe."
"I do not wear my pins without one of these on the back."
"I only have one pin the was too wide and I used a locking pin back (with wrench) on that one."
"Glad I bought these."
"Had one bad one.... but love these."
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Best Jewelry Making Eye Pins

BEADSMITH-One Step Looper Tool
This package contains one looper tool that will bend and trim wire between twenty-six to eighteen gauges. Trim and loop embellish head and eye pins!
"open the first loop by about 1mm before you make the second loop. Here is a detailed breakdown of what I do: You Will Need: -The 1 Step Looper. -Wire or an eye pin. -Bead. -Round nose pliers or rosary pliers. Steps: 1) make 1 loop using your wire or just grab an eye pin. 2) Using the pliers, twist open that first loop so it's offset by about 45 degrees from it's original position. *This is super important because this allows your bead to butt right up against the curve of the loop and helps compensate the space needed to make the second loop. *. 3) Position your wired bead to make the second loop. This lets you maneuver the bead easily*. 4) Press the pliers to make the second loop. 5) Use round nose pliers to close and adjust the loops. I find the simple act of opening the first loop by 45 degrees shifting up the bead into the opened loop makes all the difference."
"Make a loop...slide on the bead....insert the wire right up to the bead and hold it tight to the plier....then squeeze. It does generate little cut wire pieces, but I found I soon determined the length needed to complete a loop and have very little waste. I hold the item being cut and my cutters just within the clear plastic tissue guard so that I have no flying wire scraps."
"My biggest challenge using this tool is that the handles open so wide that my hand has to streeeeeeetch open to grip the tool."
"Since I've gotten past the negatives, I will be buying a new tool - dang-it!"
"I had no Idea, when I ordered them, that she had a project planned that required many beaded / looped head pins. My wife has also found that she is able to take the cut off pieces / scraps of head pins and put a loop on one end without entering the cutter, then put on a bead or two etc and then turn it end for end to put another loop on that end. I wish."
"Maybe I am not doing it correctly, but I have watched the video several times and am trying to do it just like the video."
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Best Jewelry Making Head Pins

Outus 100 Pairs Bullet Clutch Earring Backs with Pad Earring Safety Backs, Silver and Gold
Each clear earring backs measures approximately 10 mm in diameter.
"With the years, everything starts going south,including earlobes.These little doodads make my post earrings stay straight again."
"Maybe I'll create a 'beauty kit' for Christmas and include several of these for my gal pals."
"Great deal, and very good quality backs."
"Great value!"
"Excellent buy!"
"Good price and does what I need them to do."
"Works well for elderly mother."
"Keeps earing in place and comfortable."
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Best Jewelry Making Chains

Paxcoo CN-01 Black Velvet Choker Necklaces with Storage Bag for Women Girls, Pack of 10
All the choker necklaces are simple designed but it will give you an irresistible charm. Comes with a black drawstring storage bag which is made of premium velvet material so you can storage the choker set easily or give it to others as a present. Quantity: The choker set comes with 10 different chokers including classic, velvet, pendant with, gothic tattoo, lace, vintage Lolita styles to fit your different outfits.
"Really beautiful necklaces."
"I love the fact that you get soo many chokers for such a low price.. you go to hot topic a choker is maybe $10?"
"I gave these to my grown daughter who loves wearing chokers, she loves them."
"Lots of different chockers for such a great price."
"The quality is super great for the price."
"this is me wearing 2 of them."
"This is a great value and the necklaces are of pretty decent quality for the price."
"I guesss you get what you pay for."
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Best Jewelry Making End Caps

Paxcoo 100 Pcs Metal Swivel Lanyard Snap Hook with Key Rings
If you have any problem of our product, you can click “seller contact” button in your Amazon account to email us. Product Warranty: QUANTITY – Comes with 50 pcs snap hook and 50 pcs key rings, total 100 pcs.
"They are ok, some of the clips don't close after some use, but i bought i bunch."
"These were the perfect size to make keychains/lanyards with."
"Good product, just what I wanted."
"Very small in size the pictures here miss leading , I returned the product for a refund."
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Best Jewelry Making Wire

Artistic Wire 20-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Coil Wire, 25-Feet
Artistic Wire is the most extensive line of permanently colored copper wire for jewelry and crafts. Great for making jewelry components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings, earwires, and wire wrapped pendants.
"I also like working with this wire."
"This wire is great for wire wrapping because it is soft enough to be manipulated with ease but sturdy enough to hold its shape."
"Love this wire, I found the 20 gauge is perfect."
"As a new wire jewelry artist I make tons of mistakes."
"It works great for my projects and is definitely tarnish resistant."
"Lots of good wire for the price."
"Exactly what I wanted and at a good price."
"Thanks for fast shipping will order again."
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Best Jewelry Making Jump Rings

Paxcoo 36 PCS Choker Necklaces Set Including 30 Pcs Black Choker Necklaces and 6 Pcs Extender Chains for Women Girls
Each chokse set has a strong lobster claw can adjust to fit most women and girls. QUANTITY – The choker set contains 30 pieces varied chokers, 6 pieces extender chains and 1 piece storage drawstring bag. BONUS – The high-quality choker sets also comes with 6 pieces necklace bracelet extender chains (3 gold, 3 silver) and 1 piece velvet drawstring bag.
"These are just wanted I needed."
"Bought these as heist as gift for my 15 year old daughter."
"For the price, the content and its quality it is awesome, the bag is very good."
"Ok for the price but chains turn green after one wear."
"Love love love these chokers necklaces."
"16 year old daughter loved them."
"I got all 30 Chokers and the 6 extenders and hey shipped on time."
"Amazing deal for the price!"
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Best Jewelry Making Cord Ends

Outee 30 PCS Black Velvet Choker Necklace Set Henna Tattoo Choker Set Velvet Tattoo Ribbon Velvet Choker Set for Teen Girls Women
Including 15 PCS Black Velvet Lace Choker Sets, 9 PCS Tattoo Henna Choker Necklaces and 6 PCS Ribbon Collar Chokers. TATTOO HENNA CHOKER NECKLACE SIZE - Necklace length: 10”/ 25.4CM; Maximum Stretched Length: 18”/ 45CM; Wide: 0.39”/ 1CM; It is adjustable chokers set.
"At first I was afraid the size of them will not match my daughter's neck, but they fit so nicely as they are a bit stretchable. It shipped quickly and the questions I submitted were answered promptly."
"Chokers have been all the rage with elementary school kids this year."
"Young girl is thrilled with the chokers and they seem to be all the rage at her school."
"But the rest.. wonderful.. And you can't beat the price."
"Great price for all the many variety of necklaces you get."
"I bought this for my niece and she loves them good quality they fit perfect."
"My daughter loved these!"
"We got these for my daughter for Christmas and she loved them."
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Best Jewelry Clasps

GWHOLE Ring Size Adjuster with Silver Polishing Cloth,Set of 4 (2mm/3mm)
Made of high quality PVC in 2 mm/3 mm wide,reduces ring size 1- 1.5 size.
"We went to a jeweler and he put these post on the inside but she about tore the finger off removing the ring. My wife read that you could put a layer of silicone glue on the inside of the ring. I then stripped some insulation from some small electrical wire, split it and glued it on with the silicone but the glue didn't hold long. This worked great keeping the ring upright but my wife said it was uncomfortable."
"I used the larger size coil to keep my rings in place and have had no issues getting my rings off or back on."
"I didn't realize this at first but the more loops you add to the ring, the tighter the fit."
"Can't comment on longevity since I just got them but I assume they will last a good while, plus it comes with enough extra I can replace if needed."
"It was easy to "install" this; just start, twist (check for sizing) then cut. I originally bought some for different fingers and later changed my mind and wanted the option of wearing them on a "non ring finger"."
"After wraping a portion of the plastic material around the ring's shank, the ring slid on easily and the fit was perfect!! Also, since the ring was a bit top heavy, the plastic actually helped the ring to sit upright on my finger rather than spinning around."
"Keeps her ring from slipping off, she almost lost her engagement ring a while back and this has been a great solution. Everyone's hands shrinks and swells due to summer heat and cold winters, this is a great simple solution to a common problem of a ring slipping off especially in the shower."
"Long term, you are better with a more permanent product like Ring Shrinker (which is awesome BTW)."
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Best Earring Backs & Findings

Earring Backs,Earring backings Supla 10 Styles Earring Back Clips bullet shape earring backs Butterfly Metal Rubber Plastic Secure Earring Backs for Safety, 1040 Pieces
150 pieces silver butterfly shape earring backs. 100 pieces golden bullet shape earring backs. 30 pieces golden pot shape earring backs. 150 pieces bronze butterfly shape earring backs. Including 10 different styles earring safety backs.
"So far I've only used the rubber ones but so far I'm very happy with my purchase."
"I seemed to be losing lots of earring backs."
"I had needed to replace earring backs or get rid of the earrings....this is so handy in a container with different backs in gold and silver."
"There are tons of these so I put some in ziplock bags and gave to friends."
"This box has every kind of back you would ever need and in quantities that will last a very long time."
"I got this because I am always losing the backs to my earrings and I like to wear the clear stoppers with dangling earrings."
"A couple were fused together, but all in all I'm pleased to have a lifetime supply of backs that will match just about any earring I ever purchase."
"I do not know why I didn't buy this sooner...gone are the days looking for earring backs, taking them from other earrings, they don't fit...losing earrings....this is beyond worth the money!"
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