Best Knitting Kits

KnitIQ Blocking Mats for Knitting – Extra Thick Blocking Boards with Grids with 100 T-pins and Storage Bag for Needlework or Crochet - Pack of 9
KnitIQ blocking set is a best in class solution that helps you deliver professional standard results every time. KnitIQ boards are twice as thick as many other brands which means your project will be held tightly in place giving you a more accurate, professional finish. Grid lines allow you to precisely block your work so you end up with an expert finish every time. Click the 'Add to Cart' button NOW and experience the professional finish that will stand your work apart from the rest. Each KnitIQ blocking set comes with a reusable storage bag with handle for easy packing of all 9 mats to save you space, as well as a pack of 100 pins with smooth T-bar head for ease of use. A new all-in-one kit designed in partnership with experts, the KnitIQ blocking set is a best in class solution that will allow you to produce professional projects every time.
"There are several reasons why I forked over a significant amount of money for new mats when I already had others. You can read reviews about the smell of several of the less expensive mats, but here is one thing you don't want to find out in person: Hair fibers (wool, alpaca, yak, camel hair, etc.). absorb and retain odors to a much greater degree than other fibers, and you are much more limited in what you can do about it afterward. If the mats had not been thick, the T-pins would not have been secure enough to withstand the strain. It blocked beautifully, with gorgeous drape. (I had watched a finishing class which showed how fluidly the blocked vest front draped in comparison with the unblocked front, but seeing how incredible the change was in person was an eye-opener.)."
"It sure beats using a cardboard water heater box and constantly using a tape measure to line up a project."
"It you turn them over to the other side they make a nice surface to photograph your projects."
"I have just finished pinning out my latest shawl on my new mats."
"These were given as a gift to an avid knitter, and the recipient is very happy so far."
"The grid matches up perfectly and looks well printed on the foam tiles."
"I bought a fabric mat at a local knit shop and it was $60 and completely useless."
"Received it on a Saturday and blocked 4 granny squares to the exact size suggested with the lovely lines on the mats!"
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Take it Personally Knit & Lace Blocking Wires Kit
Take It Personally-Knit and Lace Blocking Wire Kit. Created for shaping and setting a sweater after it is made.
"After years of knitting and using just pins to block my finished projects, I bought these blocking wires."
"Better than anything I could buy locally."
"Great set of blocking wires."
"I can pass the wire through the lace edges to make peaks sharp and distinct."
"I block a lot of small items, such as scarves, shawlettes and cowls, and I wish this kit had more 24-inch wires, but otherwise I find it a good bargain."
"I love this tool."
"Returned as the ends were flattened due to size markings, making them useless for insertion into knit edges."
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Knitting Needles,BCMrun 36PCS 35CM(13.78in) Bamboo Knitting Needles 18 Sizes from 2.0mm to 10.0mm with 34PCS Accessories
It earned widespread recognition through their superior design and reliable construction.BCMrun products will enhance your experience to unparalleled . The main reason:bamboo lets you knit quietly without disturbing those around you with the clickety-clack sound you get from aluminum or plastic needles.BCMrun also tends to stay on the needles and not pull off as easily, preventing a lot of dropped stitches,a great needle for beginners to use. Purchase with confidence today and take the BCMrun needles for a spin tomorrow and long into the future.A great deal you cannot afford to miss!What are you waiting for? HUGE SIZE RANGE- This set range of needle sizes .Size:2mm - 10mm Length of knitting needles: 35cm (13.78 in).and 34 Accessories including 2 Aluminum Stitch Holders, 20 Stitch Markers, 6 Crochet Yarn Needles (9cm, 7cm), 3 Stainless steel needle(5.8cm, 6cm, 7cm),1 Row Counter (2.2cm), 1 Measuring , 1 Scissors.
"Well made and as described."
"Great value.....great price....shipping faster than promised!"
"I am a beginner knitter, and while I prefer aluminum, I do like that the yarn doe snot slip from the wooden needles."
"As I expected everything arrived well and on time."
"This a great product especially for the price."
"They are nice, I have use all of then and mine are smooth and strong."
"Great communication from seller."
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Best Knitting Needles

Clover Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles "Takumi Combo" Set
Every serious knitter deserves a Takumi Combo set , 12-bamboo tip sizes, 5-cord lengths, exclusive Case. 12-Needle sizes (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15) 5-cord sizes (16, 24, 29, 36 and 48-inch ) 60 combinations.
"When making these I prefer circular needles as it is easier for me to just continuing around until I begin decreasing and changing to double pointed needles to close off the beanie. I find I make beanies quicker using the circular needle method rather than traditional needles and as I am not an expert at joining in the end (my joins end up quite obvious) I definitely love the fact you cannot tell where the beginning and end is using these circular needles. When making beanies the pattern often calls for smaller needles for the ribbing portion such as in a fold over beanie and then a switch to larger needles for the remainder of the beanie."
"I first tried out this set with red heart super saver yarn and hated them."
"The yarn doesn't slide as easily as it would on an aluminum product, which can make the first couple of rows annoying as the product takes shape."
"Majority of my luck the length or the needle itself is something I have to go out and try to find the needles the right size as well the length."
"I have the knitter's pride sets and they cannot take heavier projects like afgans - they break easily from the weight of the project ."
"Won't use anything else and so versatile...knit in round or use with end caps as 2 flexible needles."
"I was suspicious at first since i dknt really like wood knotting needles but they work quite well and are so tiny at first, i have small hands so they fit well and made my stitches tighter but not unmanageable."
"I've been knitting for over 40 years-never knew interchangeable needles existed until my new daughter in law was showing me her knitting supplies."
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Best Knitting Patterns

Knitter's Pride Magma Knitting Fold-Up Pattern Holder, 19.65 X 11.81-Inches
Knitter's Pride Magma Pattern Holder-A handy way to keep and display patterns and charts while working on a project. Handy pocket holds patterns and charts. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The long magnet holds at least 5 (!)."
"Pros: - Functionality - The magnets are very strong and easily keep your sheet of paper in place. I haven't experimented trying to use the magnets to hold folded-up pieces of paper, but I think they will easily hold several sheets of paper. While I would copy patterns onto single sheets anyway (the holder won't hold a book or magazine in place, obviously), patterns will often need to be trimmed up or shrunken slightly in order to fit. - 3 Magnets - Why on earth does this only include 3 small silver magnets to hold the corners of the pattern in place?? However, this holder only includes 1 long magnet for use in landscape orientation. Since the holder can't be used in portrait orientation, I thought to try opening the holder and using the entire holder to lay a pattern across (then the magnet could be used portrait as well), but the pocket just seems to be in the way. The pen holder is a simple strap of cheap polyester fabric (not even elastic), so to get any sort of grip, you would need to use the clip on a pen to hold it in place. However, the pen holder is placed too close to the edge and so using the clip on a pen lid will result in the pen sticking out of the holder."
"The magnets that come with it ( 4) one long magnet and three smaller magnets are powerful enough to hold your paper."
"The plastic protectors are a little bit slippery on the board though, so if you want it very secure, you might consider buying the extra set of magnets."
"If you knit using charts I really recommend this pattern holder."
"Not only great for charts, but also to prop up any pattern."
"I have used other magnetic boards but none that were as nicely made or as functional as this one."
"They are up where I can see them instead of lying down on the table.The magnet strip keeps my place in the pattern."
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Best Knitting Looms & Boards

Authentic Knitting Board Afghan Loom
Afghan loom is an "s" shaped loom that knits up to 60" wide in one piece! Knit up to 60" wide in one piece.
"I got this to make blankets easier that making sure my blocks were the same size and sewing the blocks together."
"I've really enjoyed using this loom!"
"Pegs don't pop off of loom and they are spaced much closer together than my other looms (another brand) so you can use lighter weight yarn or use single strand rather than double strands of yarn. Because of the shape of the loom, the inner row of pegs especially around the curvatures of loom are difficult to knit and may require you to tilt the loom away from you to access pegs. Also because of tight corners I was not able to use my special ergonomic handled loom hook...the angle of the hook was too wide to fit between some of the pegs around the corners of loom."
"60 inches wide, depending on your stitch pattern and yarn, or less pegs for a baby blanket or lapghan."
"I've been an avid loom knitter for 20+ years, working primarily with the original large-gauge KK-style round looms, and making my own wooden rakes and looms for smaller gauge work."
"I have a wooden long blanket loom that knits great blankets with bulky yarn, but it is very heavy and hard to move once the blanket gets heavy. I have a foot and half of the blanket now hanging out of the loom; I can still transport the loom anywhere with me. This loom will be great for both the new loom knitter as well as the old."
"Excellent for knitting large pieces however, working around the inside of the loom is a little tight but guessing there is no real way around this. Please be advised that since the directions are very basic and there is not a lot on You tube for these looms some trial-and-error is normal."
"Looks just like the pic but bigger."
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Best Knitting & Crochet Notions

Unexpected Afghans: Innovative Crochet Designs with Traditional Techniques
Along with tons of beautiful afghan projects for all skill levels, you'll find many of your favorite designer's biographies--giving you an exploration into their inspiration. Robyn Chachula is the author of Blueprint Crochet (Interweave), Baby Blueprint Crochet (Interweave), and Mission Falls Goes Crochet .
"This was a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law who crochets."
"A little bit above my skill level, but I'm working on it."
"Could have a wider variety of patterns and better instructions."
"I didn't really think about starting with much less harder patters."
"As with any pattern book, there are patterns you will want to make and patterns you won't."
"I expected a lot more interesting designs than what I found in this book."
"Great book, love all the crochet afghans !"
"There are a few items in this book that I think she can handle and the designs are beautiful I have already asked if i can borrow it to make one of the afghans for a present for a friend next year."
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Best Knitting & Crochet Needle Cases

LIHAO Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks Knitting Knit Needles Weave Yarn Set- 22 pieces
LIHAO Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks Knitting Knit Needles Weave Yarn Set- 22 pieces. Perfect gift for mom, aunt, sister, daughter, friends, grandmothers and all crochet lovers!
"It's a personal preference, and most people wouldn't have an issue with this, but my hooks back home hold the yarn a bit better."
"Some of my needles came slightly bent."
"The postage was perfect for the size of the item."
"These are nice sturdy hooks, smooth flowing on the yarn."
"Has needles ... as large as 10mm to as small as 0.08mm great set ...love that they are all stored in a nice zipper case."
"This is a nice kit to have for crocheting."
"Love the set, these are for back up because I am always misplacing my hooks."
"Love the super convenient carry case that is also currently housing a yarn needle and spool of copper wire."
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Best Crochet Kits

OldShark 22 Sizes Crochet Hooks, Full Size 0.6mm to 6.5mm Knitting Needles, with 27 Accessories Tools, Crocheting Kits with PU Case
Perfect crochet hook sets with a case which is a convenient to carry. Each kit contains 10 Aluminum Hooks 12 Silver Hooks, 2 Aluminium Stich Holders, 1 Stitch Measure Needle Gauge Ruler, 2 Stitch Counters, and 2 sets of Needle Point Covers to keep the points from making holes in your work. Craft lover need more crochet hooks, they will be overjoyed at this set which will increase their supplies and come in handy everytime!
"I am a beginning knitter and I needed to find a basic notions and tools kit that is recommended to have. The only thing about this set is that the knitting tools are bagged separately and once out of the packaging there is no place to store the pieces in the case. I would recommend this set for beginners like me who don’t want to invest a whole lot at first and just want to learn how to use the tools."
"My only con would be that the hooks only say mm sizes, like 3 mm and they don't have the alphabet letters on them, so if your pattern calls for a size G hook I have to look up what mm size that is."
"I had it on my to-do list to learn how to crochet and possibly knit during this winter."
"The hooks are smooth, and don't snag on my yarn."
"This kid is amazing!"
"The case and the contents are good quality, This is perfect for any one that has knitted/crocheted before or the beginner. The only thing about this set is that the knitting tools are bagged separately and once out of the packaging there is no place to store the pieces in the case."
"The inside already tore when putting a hook in."
"I just got into doing crochet and from watching YouTube videos I saw people useing things I didn't know if before."
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Best Yarn

Mira Handcrafts 40 Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn Skeins with 7 E-Books - Perfect for Any Knitting and Crochet Mini Project
- Hand folded balls for extra tidiness and protection. - Usage: for children DIY mini projects, pompom, amigurumi, crochet baskets, bags, hats, baby blanket, afghans, wreaths, ornaments, small decorations, post cards, mini cute toys and other crafts. - Machine Wash and Dry, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Iron, Tumble Dry Normal, Dry Clean and Solvent Except Trichloroethylene. Miniature Yarn Pack – 40 yarn bonbon skeins 100% acrylic - total of 875 yards (800 m) colorful hobby yarn!
"Nice type of yarn in these adorable little bundles."
"I love the feel and texture of this product."
"I love this yarn."
"These are great for small projects that require just a few yards of yarn."
"A nice variety of colors, but a bit too thin for a novice weaver like me."
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Best Crochet Hooks

Clover 3672 Amour Crochet Hook Set, 10 sizes
This set features a soft easy grip that is warm to the touch and gives the user the most comfortable finger placement as well as tireless functionality. Bright and fun colors.
"Like the other crocheters the Boye Hooks to me are horrible hooks, and I have been using my Susan Bates Hooks forever. I wish there was a way we could try these hooks before purchasing them, but I do hope this review is most helpful and if you are planning to upgrade your hooks, stick with the clover hooks, you will definitley enjoy them."
"I think the animals turn out better, and hold the stuffing better, when using a smaller hook and making tight sts. I usually use an E or an F for ww yarn such as Red Heart Super Saver, just to give you an idea, and those little metal handles start hurting after awhile. I even tried baking poly clay handles onto a couple of my hooks, but my hands still hurt. I'm an inline girl... however... after being "commissioned" by my daughter to make 6 tiny kittens as last minute party favors, my aching hands begged me to try them anyway. The groove isn't as shallow as a Boye (but not as deep as a SB), which means I'm not as likely to drop a loop. There isn't too much metal before the cushion, which was the problem with the SB bamboo, so the Amour works nicely with how I hold my hook."
"It slid through stitches like a hot knife through butter, and old fashioned wool simply glided over the hook like it was silk. They are extremely comfortable and stable in a pencil-like grip and Clover's hook shape is much easier to work with than that of other brands. They offer an incredibly smooth crochet experience, making even tricky fibers a breeze to stitch. I recently did a quickie project with chunky yarn, and after a brief go with the recommended hook size (in plastic), I decided that I'd rather use my 6mm Armour and just compensate for the gauge discrepancy with extra stitches."
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Best Yarn Storage

BEST YARN BAG / ORGANIZER FOR KNITTING. Portable, Light and Easy to Carry- enjoy knitting &crochet anywhere. Bags have Pockets for Storage and Slits on Top to Protect Wool and Prevent Tangling.
Designed to be sturdy and strong yet portable, light-weight and easy to carry. Ideal gift for friends and relatives that loves to crochet or knit. NO MORE TANGLED YARN OR PETS IN YOUR PROJECT - Yarn tote has 4 slits on top to prevent wool from tangling and allows yarn to be pulled at perfect tension. STAY ORGANIZED AND HAVE EVERYTHING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Yarn drum has 5 pockets on the outside and two on the inside to hold needles, hooks, scissors, glasses, phone, patterns etc.
"It's very well made and the stitching all looks good. The top zips together with a zipper on both sides so you don't have to use one zipper to go all the way around. The top has 2 slits for yarn to pass through without getting all tangled up (I'm really good at getting yarn tangled; ugh), and you could feasibly put 4 different colors through the slots (each slot has a hole on each end) if you're doing a project with different colored yarns."
"My husband was straightening up in the living room one day and in exasperation he said, "I'm glad you crochet and that it keeps you busy and all, but does your stuff need to be EVERYWHERE? It's helped me cut down on my "crochet clutter" significantly. There are small pockets that are perfect for organizing crochet hooks, a wider pocket that I'm using for scissors and stitch markers, and then an even wider pocket that's perfect for holding printed instructions."
"I saw a complaint in the reviews section of the Amazon site about the initial chemical odor."
"Suggestion: add another pocket on the outside of the bag :). Lightweight, portable and easy to take on the go....5 stars!"
"Portable, Lightweight and Easy to Carry Knitting/Crochet Yarn Holder with Pockets for Accessories and Slits on Top to Protect Wool and Prevent Tangling."
"I purchased this for a friend who recently got into crocheting and is very good at it."
"My daughter loved her yarn storage bag, the color was perfect, the construction excellent, she can fit more than 4 skeins in it, it has a spot for the hooks, and scissor, and best of all her kitty won't be laying on top of her yarn."
"The yarn comes out through the slot without a problem, it cleans up well, has plenty of room for differnt yarn."
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Best Crochet Patterns

Crochet Patterns For Dummies
Decipher crochet lingo Make a gauge swatch, read a pattern, and understand garment sizing Work with the most common stitches and stitch patterns Crochet in the round or with color Shape a design through increasing or decreasing stitches Use new techniques like felting and working with wire Crochet pictures and words using the filet crochet technique. Featuring more than 50 fantastic patterns perfect for beginners or those wanting to take their skills to the next level, Crochet Patterns For Dummies is your one-stop guide to crocheting success! From choosing the right hooks and yarn and crocheting basic stitches to changing color, shaping, and joining pieces together, this easy-to-follow guide will have you hooked in no time. Plus this friendly guide features full-color photos of every project and over 50 fantastic patterns perfect for beginners or those wanting to stretch their crocheting skills!
"Bought as a gift for a daughter who is new to crochet."
"This book was very explanatory in patterns that were included and the stitches to complete easy patterns to more difficult patterns."
"Easy to read and understand."
"I was impressed with the good looking styles of the patterns in the book."
"My daughter LOVES this!"
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Best Crochet Thread

Aunt Lydia 153.0201 Jumbo Crochet Cotton, White
Color: White. Aunt Lydia jumbo crochet cotton thread.
"Love this and perfect for my craft."
"Aunt Lydia's classic - always a good choice for any thread crochet."
"I have been a happy consumer of Coats and Clark products for nearly 50 years."
"Nice size and quality for my knitted projects."
"I'm making a tablecloth for a wedding present and I love the size of the thread...it's coming out looking like the pattern I'm using!"
"Big size than normal size."
"I got this for my grandma and she loves it!"
"Quality not as good as it used to be."
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