Best Leathercraft Stamping & Punching Tools

SE 7924LP Heavy-Duty Leather Hole Punch Tool, 2.0 - 4.5 mm
SE is proud to present our Heavy-Duty Leather Hole Punch Tool 2.0 - 4.5 mm—great for any type of leather product, such as belts, watch bands, clothing, etc. Directions for Use: (1) Mark the desired location where the hole will be made. (2) Rotate the punch head until the desired punch is in line with the brass anvil. (3) Unlock the handle, then place and align the leather piece in the punch. (4) Squeeze the handle firmly until the punch pierces through the leather. Easy-to-use revolving hardened punch heads.
"This hole punch was great it did the job I needed and punched a hole through my leather belt."
"I had bought a belt and then loss some weight, the belt was too big I thought I was going to half to buy a belt, know won herein in craig hd a leather hoe punch, I went on Amazon found a hole punch bought it thinking this would solve my problem and it did."
"A good economical choice, and does the job it was intended to do."
"I never thought I would say this; but this belt hole punch has really saved my life. Then one day I ordered a new belt online from Amazon. The world was my oyster."
"I bought this to punch pretty heavy leather, it did not hold up."
"The punch wouldn't grip the anvil and just slid out instead of punching."
"I have to re-align the punch EVERY SINGLE TIME I make a hole - it slips so easily and doesn't stay in place, and does not stay centered when it "clicks"."
"This thing is so cheap the first time I used it to simply enlarge an existing hole in a belt the handles bent permanently toward each other."
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Leather Repair Doctor Complete DIY Kit | Premixed ALL-IN-ONE Professional Restoration Solution | Match ANY Color, No-Heat Fast Drying | Sofa, Couch Chairs, Car Seats, Jacket, Boots, Belts, Purses
Our revolutionary ALL-in-ONE product contains BOTH high-quality leather dye and premium bonding adhesive already pre-mixed in EACH of the 7 color jars. The synergistic blend of premium NON-TOXIC components makes this durable adhesive tough as nails, yet flexible and elastic. Use with furniture, car seats, jackets, shoes, boots, clothing, chairs, luggage, purses, and anything made with leather or vinyl. Using the 7 colors and the color match guide included in your kit, you can create any color shade you want. NO HEAT REQUIRED - this fast drying, non-toxic and water based solution instantly bonds and turns into durable leather, making your repair long-lasting.
"The couch is in pretty good shape otherwise so I thought I would give the Leather Repair Doctor kit a shot."
"Worked great, patched scuffs on my leather seats in my car."
"I'm also inept at anything color-wheel or art, so the thought of having to mix up a color match was dreadful to me, but desperation won out and I picked this one just based on average reviews. I meant to take a pic before I started but I was busy trying to not ruin my couch and I forgot! I wish I'd seen that before using it, but even seeing it afterward helped because that's how I learned that I could fix my mistake and get a do over on the surface. I'm sure someone who's artistic could make it look much better than I did, but for my skill level, I'm ecstatic with the result! Maybe a squeeze bottle system with measurement guide or number of drops would be more helpful for mixing. I'm happy with the result and it appears, with the product's pliability even when dried, that it will be a solution that lasts."
"I mixed and matched the color repairing 2 spots that are now not even noticeable (unless you get down on your hands and knees to inspect the side of the chair)."
"This product was outstanding!"
"(Dining table chair) Just follow instructions and clean real good with alcohol."
"I researched leather repair kits on utube and the internet and this product seemed like the easiest one to use and actually work."
"I used this on a recliner that have developed a rip."
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Tandy Leather Craftool Spacer Set 8091-00
Comes with four removable spacing-overstitch wheels in the most popular sizes: 5, 6, 7 and 8 holes per 1" (25 mm). Tandy Leather Craftool Spacer Set 8091-00.
"The main flaw I see is the too small size of the "sex screw", which I fear would quickly get lost. This is a quality product if you need to mark a cutout without using a magic marker or ball pen."
"I am able to put a good amount of pressure on the leather when running back and forth, doesn't feel like it will give at all."
"This is handy marking tool and I've already used it to mark out stitching on two knife sheaths."
"But this tool is exactly what I was hoping to get for my occasional leatherworking projects making bags, pouches, and notebook covers."
"This is perfect for many things, such as scribing lines for cuts for sewing and many other things that are needed to make wonderful pieces of art from leather."
"Does what it's supposed to, but Tandy products always seem overpriced for what they are."
"Good product."
"great hand tool for working with leather."
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Best Leathercraft Punching Tools

Levenger Circa 1-2-3 Portable Punch (ADS5120)
Levenger offers a wide range of Circa paper and Circa discs, plus different sizes of a Circa punch.. The three levers each unlock for punching.
"My tips for punching multiple pages at a time and not ruining your paper: -Make sure all of your paper is fully into the punch otherwise you're going to (obviously) end up with crooked punches. When you punch that many pages at a time, the punches like to get stuck down where your paper is."
"I bought the circa punch even though I use the staples arc because I didn't want to spend 40$ on a hole punch."
"There is a slider at the bottom that you adjust for paper size (Letter, Junior (8.5 x 5.5), Compact, CARD, PDA, or MicroPDA), then you just insert 1-2 sheets of paper aligned against the slider, press the 1-2-3 levers, and voila, it's perfectly punched and ready to snap into your discbound notebook or planner (Levenger, Staples Arc, or Martha Stewart). If you're punching things en masse, this may not work for you, but if you're just adding a few more months to your planner, it's perfect."
"I have purchased portable paper punches before - they tend to be flimsy and of obvious lower quality. I don't understand why the three levers lock down - another reviewer said it is to reduce size, but in truth, it barely makes a difference."
"At first I thought it would be flimsy since it is plastic but it’s plenty strong to make easy work of a single sheet of paper."
"I really like this hole punch."
"My next punch will be a much sturdier punch."
"I also don't like that you have to punch each page three times."
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Best Leathercraft Stamping Tools

SIMPZIA 34 Pcs Leather Craft Stamping Tools with Adjustable Swivel Knife,Stitching Groover,Prong Punch,Leather Working Saddle Making Stamps Tools for DIY Leather Craft Man,Be Careful of Its Sharp Edg
20 Stamping Punch Tools: Don't strike the craft tool stamps with a metal faced hammer, as this will damage tools. 34 PCS HAND STITCHING SET: This leather tools set includes is total 34pcs which contain stamping tools, adjustable swivel knife, prong punch, thimble, waxed threads, awls, and needles that can meet your basic needs for DIY leather work. VEG TANNED LEATHER STAMPING: The leather stamping tools with 20pcs popular patterns for leather carving, printing patterns on the leather (wallets, handbags, belt etc. ).
"The stamps have well defined edges that leave very smooth lines on the leather. The included waxed leather is good for starter projects and larger items, the edges hold well together after cutting, and a little bit of burning to finish off the edges kept everything held strongly together."
"There's a solid assortment of punches, needles, awls, and they even include thread which by itself is quite expensive. I used the prong set to get a nice consistently spaced stitching and it made the world of difference in appearance."
"We have great plans!SIMPZIA 34 Pcs Leather Craft Stamping Tools with Stitching Groover,Prong Punch,Leather Working Saddle Making Stamps Tools for DIY Leather Craft Man,Be Careful of Its sharp edges Keep Way from Children."
"My husband has recently gotten into leather working lately and I wanted to get him a nice set of tools and accessories."
"I waited long time for winter and accumulated different staff for Handmade Leather Jewelry."
"Nice beginner kit, which I'm just learning."
"This was a gift for my son and he was very pleased with the tools."
"The whole purpose of this purchase was for the stamping tools."
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Best Leathercraft Lacing Needles

Paracord Fid, Lacing, Stitching Needles, 2 Black Stainless Steel Fids with Plastic Storage Case – For 550 Paracord or Leather – 3.5 in (9 cm) long with a dia. of 5 mm and a Screw Threaded Shaft
• 2 Black Stainless Steel Paracord Fids. • Plastic Storage Case for your Fids. • Printed instructions on how to thread your Fid 365 DAY QUALITY & REFUND GUARANTEE! In the unlikely event you are not happy with your product, just let us know within 365 days and we will be happy to send you an additional product free or provide you with a full refund - your choice. Don’t settle for aluminum needles that could bend, crack or break, our fids are STAINLESS STEEL and can stand up to any project no matter how much stress you put on it. It is so much quicker to have 2 fids to use with your project so you don’t have to unthread and rethread each time you need to change color..just use 2!
"First thing I noticed about this product was the excellent package the needles came in."
"Awesome fid great for getting into those tight spots, the fids screw on the paracord easily and have texture on them to act as a grip."
"These work as designed and do a great job."
"Love the fids and the small container."
"I am new to paracord so I am sure it is just my inexperience, however I find that the product dimensions of the diameter of the attaching hole are too small for easy use."
"These work perfectly for our para cord projects."
"Great product."
""absolutely the best quality fids I have , having made some , and bought others (they snapped , why I made some) , this were put to the test as soon as they were out of the package."
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Best Leathercraft Rivets

Tandy Leather Factory Easy-To-Do Series Rapid Rivets
TANDY LEATHER FACTORY-Easy-To-Do Series Rapid Rivets Kit. Sixty assorted rivets and two piece setting tool.
"The set includes a mini anvil and setter (that you smack with a hammer) that work great...as long as you get it perfectly centered over the rivet when you hammer it down."
"Worked quite well securing metal dog licenses to nylon collars (used a heated nail through the license holes to make the holes)."
"After securing the first rivet and being able to pound it through on the workbench, I had a LOT of difficulty trying to pound the rivet through the other side."
"Easy to use and install on leather."
"I cut the sewing on the end of the belt loop, make a hole lower on the pants and hammer these on. I plan to cut up an old set of boot and use the leather for reinforcing some of my jeans."
"I used these rivets to replace a factory installed rivet that lasted for one significant bump."
"Each time the top or bottom would slide sideways and I'd end up with a bent blob of brass that separate easily by hand."
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Best Leathercraft Accessories

Obenauf's LP Boot Preservative 8 oz - Preserves and Protects Leather - Made in the US
Leather preservative from Obenauf's Leather was originally developed in Idaho by a wildland firefighter, developed this unique blend of beeswax/propolis suspension formula to protect leather against caustic fire, retardant chemicals, heat, water and abrasion. Repels water better & longer.
"This stuff completely revived my Durango shoes."
"I also own and use Obenauf's leather oil and have a review of that as well. Basically, the HDLP is for heavy use such as for work and hiking boots while the leather oil is better for lighter duties such as dress boots. I've been using these solely for my heavier boots and belts so I can't say much else for other leather products but I see a few problems with such use. Application: This is a wax, so it has the consistency of a soft runny wax that will melt with body heat. The smell: Obernauf's formula is obviously made from a base of bees wax and other proprietary leather conditioning oils(often animal products but may occasionally be saps or plant based) so there is a smell. My Danner leather hiking boots have been through treks through muddy trails and streams and after a good rinse, the muck and water slides off. However, if you just need a good boot oil with decent protection without as much darkening, I'd suggest the Obenauf's leather oil."
"I saw someone at a coffee shop wearing the same pair of Red Wings Iron Rangers that I had on and we complimented each other's choice of footwear."
"I have been using this on two pairs work boots and my leather jacket I work in. I lost several pairs of boots but the boots that had this product on them look like new and had no mold or mildew."
"We've used tons of different leather care products, some are good and some are bad, but Obenauf's products are by far the best we've found."
"Just received it and slathered on my hiking boots."
"I bought a new pair of Redback boots from Australia and decided to also try a few different leather conditioning/waterproofing products that I hadn't previously used. The boots came all the way from Australia to the US and the leather was rather dry when I received them so they definitely needed some conditioning before the first wear. The boots were brand new so I didn't need to wash them, I just got a good gob of the Obenauf's on my fingers and started working it into the leather."
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Best Leather Cord & Lacing

BEADNOVA 1.5mm Round Genuine Leather Cord For Bracelet Beading Jewelry Making 10 Meters/ 11 Yards, Black
COLOR: Black Color (Kindly Note: Due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness / contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.).
"I make beaded wrap bracelets with this and the stay put well enough for one end to actually be part of the closure."
"I picked up a heavier pewter pendant (a WW and now an Avengers SHIELD) that needed a leather cord that didn't feel like I was a draft horse to wear it."
"I exiled it in the garage for 24 hours - took it out of the bag and unwound it a bit to really air it out - and that pretty much resolved it (although now the garage stinks, too). I also wish it were 2mm instead of 1.5mm - it's a small difference, but I think that size would work better with the types of items most likely to be hung on a leather cord."
"the cord is pretty thin so it doesn't hold shape very well - I'm having a hard time getting it to hang right in my necklaces."
"I thought these would do for wrap bracelets (hello Pinterest!). Most wrap bracelets stitch the knots anyway, because of this, but I didn't realize just how hard it would be to get the knot to stay safe."
"On the plus side if you work with animals like Horses and worry about jewelry like a necklace or bracelet getting caught on the equipment or an animal grabbing it and pulling, this would snap very easily and I bet it would snap so easily that if you wanted to wear a bracelet or necklace it would be mostly safe due to the low stress snapping issue."
"The product looks great, it comes nicely packaged, delivered on time, the price is great."
"I went to make a wrap bracelet and just tying the cord to make the initial loop resulting in the "leather" flaking off."
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Best Leather Strips, Shapes & Scraps

Finished Cowhide Material - Approximately 0.8 -1 MM Thickness, or 2.5 oz. Great Leather for Arts & Crafts.
"I wanted leather to sew seat covers for my car and it was perfect. I don't know how leather is measured, but count on getting about half the square footage in usable material unless you plan on sewing every tiny scrap together, in which case you can count on roughly 75%. Still being leather though, it's denser and tougher, so still use leather sewing machine needles and keep them sharp. In order to have the leather hang correctly, I had to buy a soft structure material, which also made it easier to insert memory foam padding in the seat covers. After the car seat covers were sewn (leather and stretch denim), I conditioned the leather and it's absolutely beautiful."
"This product was received as described and it worked very well for my purposes."
"Piece was thinner than I expected, but since I'm new to leather working, I didn't really know what I was ordering."
"I needed 5 pieces of black leather 17" x 21" each to reupholster some really expensive barstools. I told him what I needed and he went and picked out the leather for me and let me know that I would only be able to get four pieces from the 20 square foot piece so I ordered one additional 10 square foot piece."
"Nice soft supple leather."
"The color is not even close to what the picture is, it also came with slashes and cuts that were not supposed to b there."
"This was an excellent piece of leather."
"This is a nice leather, but the color in the picture is not even close to the actual color of the leather."
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