Best Punch Needle & Rug Punch

Adam Beadworks Ultra Punch Needle Set, Small/Medium/Large
Space-age handle with 3 removable needle sizes are included with handle-small medium and large. This patented Ultra Punch needle is the best selling needle of all brands.
"This really works great."
"Nice product, works well."
"Exactly as Described."
"Returned because it didn't work as described."
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Insul-Bright Needlepunched Insulated Lining -45" x 1 yard
Keep it hot or keep it cold with needle-punched insulated lining.
"I use this product for making embroidered pot holders and it is wonderful and is excellent insulation."
"very nice ."
"works well.. just a little difficult to differenuate metallic side."
"I needed insulated batting for a sewing project and could not find it locally."
"Reasonable price and fast shipping."
"used to make hot pads."
"Haven't used it yet but it will be fine for pot holders."
"Worked well for making hot pads."
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Adam Beadworks Ultra Punch Needle Set, Small/Medium/Large
Space-age handle with 3 removable needle sizes are included with handle-small medium and large. This patented Ultra Punch needle is the best selling needle of all brands.
"This really works great."
"Nice product, works well."
"Exactly as Described."
"Returned because it didn't work as described."
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Best Punch Needle Supplies

Adam Beadworks Ultra Punch Needle Set, Small/Medium/Large
Space-age handle with 3 removable needle sizes are included with handle-small medium and large. This patented Ultra Punch needle is the best selling needle of all brands.
"This really works great."
"Nice product, works well."
"Exactly as Described."
"Returned because it didn't work as described."
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Best Rug Punch Supplies

Oxford Wood Punch Needle Rug Hooking Tool #10 1/4" Regular w/ Box Booklet
Make quality hooked rugs with the punch needle method of rug hooking. Comfortable wooden handle with electropolished stainless steel needle.
"Loved it."
"It took awhile but I finally got the hang of it."
"Easy to use, works very well."
"The quality of the punch is fantastic and it arrived very quickly!!"
"The needle would work but I was unable to get the 12 count canvas to make a rug."
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Best Needlepoint

SEWING KIT - THE MOST EXPANSIVE & HIGHEST QUALITY KIT - Includes 40 Spools of Thread, All You Need, & More! Perfect as a Beginner Sewing Kit, Travel Sewing Kit, Campers, Emergency Sewing Kit & More!
• Metal Crochet Hook. • Knitting Needle. • 40 Colored Threads - 18 in the kit +22 spares - Improved Quality , better than any other kit on Amazon (and in every color you will ever need, including multiple whites and blacks!). • Seam Ripper. • 4 Spare Buttons. • Tape Measure (inches & cm). • 18 Pins (bigger and more than the competition). • 4 Safety Pins. • Plastic Needle Threader (not foil like all the others!). This massive list of contents is all organized into a beautifully designed case and packaging that make it the perfect gift for grandma, girls, boys, men and women! ► RELIABLE QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON • Quick research of other sewing kits will show repeated complaints of cheap, often useless needles, plastic thimbles, and irrelevant items. Whether you keep it at home, in the glovebox, or take it with you when you travel, it's small portable case is durable and built to last, so you can keep your new emergency sewing kit within arm’s reach everywhere you go. Click the blue "Evergreen Art Supply" link by title to witness our track record of happy customers!
"It has plenty of room to include the particulars I like-I gave away the scissors and thimble in favor of my personal favs, and use different pins--but surely each crafter/traveler has preferences."
"This sewing kit had a lot more in it than I expected!"
"Fixed my daughter's stuffed penguin already."
"Great sewing kit."
"Great little kit, would buy again."
"I bought this for my granddaughter she is 28 and brings everything to grandmother to fix."
"Nice kit, full of goodies."
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Best Needle Felting Supplies

SOLEDI Fibre Wool Yarn Roving, Set of 36 Colors
Color: 36 different colors. Material: 70s fiber wool. Packaging: PP tape with zipper. Single Weight: 3g/0.1oz. Package Weight: 135g/4.8oz. Package includes: 36 Colors Roving Wool. ● Choose a neutral wool cleaner marked with a pure wool logo. ● Hand wash alone, do not use the washing machine to keep the appearance. If you need some bigger ones, we also have 24 Colors X 0.18oz and 12 Colors X 0.35oz, you can choose the variety of what you need most. ♥ Perfect for Different Uses: Ideal for needle felting, wet felting, spinning, weaving, embellishments, doll making, soap making, dryer balls, and more.
"Package shipped 5 days after order and arrived 6 days later, much faster than the 1 month deliver estimate."
"The amount of roving you get of each color is plenty for using as decorative accents."
"great for small projects."
"I thought that I would get a bit more of each color but its enough to work with for my purposes."
"my daughters loved this item, arrived on time and as described, will buy again."
"Many wonderful colors that you may not want to buy a large quanity of but need for little details."
"Small little balls that are just right for small projects."
"I was kind of expecting a little more product but I'm new to felting and I'm not too familiar with weights of the wool as of yet. In my opinion this package should be used to place little highlights or pops of color on your furry creatures you make for felting."
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Best Rug Making Supplies & Latch Hook Kits

Wonderart Hoot Latch Hook Kit, 12" X 12"
With a variety of styles, sizes, and themes, there’s a kit to delight any imagination. The possibilities are astounding you can use them on the floor wall sofa bed window or even make them into pillows nap-mats and seat cushions.
"The finished result matched the picture, and the yarn was high-quality and also contained more than enough of each color to complete the kit."
"It's easy to do, you just have to buy the backing seperately."
"My granddaughter loves the kit."
"The only thing I can remember when I was little and had these latch hook rugs is that they usually have colors on the grid but this one does not."
"I have been eyeing this in the craft stores and when I ran across it on Amazon, I purchased it."
"Gave it as a Christmas present, to a music professor!"
"I'm sure I can fix it, but given the description says "12 x 12" I made the mistake of assuming it's a perfect square, which it isn't - which affected how I was judging where the right edge is."
"The picture isn't printed on the canvas even though it is sold as "beginner/intermediate.""
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Best Tatting & Lacemaking Supplies

Handy Hands Learn Needle Tatting Step By Step Kit
Learn needle tatting with 85 color photos.
"This book made it very easy to learn tatting."
"Each book presented the patterns using different terminology, & I finally gave up. Barbara Foster not only uses simple language and very clear step-by-step photos, but she also explains how to read & convert the older patterns for needle tatting. I found it very helpful that Barbara also offers a DVD to accompany the book."
"I ordered the book which came with even more needles -- now i am really stocked with needles."
"The book left me with a bit of confusion over some fine points, but I was able to resolve them by watching YouTube tutorials."
"I have used a shuttle years ago and recently found out my hands just won't cooperate any more."
"Follow her recommendations for practice (which I usually don't do) because by the time I reached the end of the book, I could tell front from back, how to turn the work, and how to complete the samples."
"I'm enjoying learning this new craft."
"I am in a tatting course and the teacher recommended this book because for the price it brings needles."
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Best Felt Applique Kits

Bucilla Felt Applique Wreath Kit, 15-Inch Round, 86264 Cookies & Candy
Detailed designs and generous embellishments.
"I bought this kit as an avid sewer and crafter, thinking I would have plenty of time to finish it before Christmas."
"I moved things around a little in order to effectively use the items I did make, I've attached a picture of my creation =)."
"I would like to say right away that it is not for beginners or inpatient people. And as many people have already mentioned the instructions are not the best but they give u the main directions what to do and and u can finish the rest by looking at the pic of the wreath."
"If you are wanting a ready-to-go wreath, look elsewhere."
"My mom made mine and she has been a seamstess for many years, but it still took her a long time to complete each wreath."
"Well written instructions."
"Would no suggest to a first timer unless you have completed a smaller applique project prior."
"I didn't realize exactly how DO IT YOURSELF this set was... as in sew every single aspect of this before assembling."
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Best Cross-Stitch Supplies

Premium Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss – Cross Stitch Threads – Friendship Bracelets Floss – Crafts Floss – 105 Skeins Per Pack and Free Set of Embroidery Needles
The Limitless World of Embroidery Floss – get creative in no time with these rainbow bright colors – great for any crafty projects, hand embroidery, embroidery for beginners, punch embroidery, cross stitch work, friendship bracelets, any decorations and many more. CLICK 'ADD TO CART' NOW - Quick, grab this deal before our limited time offer expires!
"Vibrant colors and strong thread."
"Great variety of colors in this pack."
"The variety of colors are perfect."
"I am very pleased with this product."
"Great selection of colors, quality is great."
"Great assortment and quality for jewelry making."
"80% neon baby colors."
"Colors received did not match description or item photo."
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Best Embroidery Supplies

63 Brother Colors Embroidery Machine Thread
You get 63 Spools of 40 weight Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Each Spool has 550 Yards This Thread has the same Colors and Numbers as the Brother Embroidery Machine Thread Perfect for those Disney Designs. ★ 63 Spools Embroidery Machine Thread.
"I used to get as frustrated as you do because this thread is so thin and slippery that would tangle everytime I switched colors until I read the manual of my Brother machine: USE THE NET THAT COMES WITH YOUR MACHINE."
"Other than these 3 things the thread colors are what I expected and the thread appears to be a good quality thread."
"The colors are nice, and they look nice when stithes on the fabric."
"I have used silk, rayon, polyester threads from some of the more expensive companies like Gutterman, Madeira and Sulky. Potential downfalls to those buying this thread: There is no locking base, the numbers are on the top of each spool as a sticker and there isn't a color chart. Onto the numbers: Spend the time to peel them carefully off and put them on the inside of the spool. Lastly, the color chart: This is an easy fix, you can find it on Brother's website."
"I gave it four stars because there is not much thread on each spool AND no slit to be able to secure the end so it doesn't come unwound."
"So far I have had no problems with the thread."
"The colors are beautiful and can't wait to used them, BUT . I purchased 63 spools of thread and only received 59!"
"I replaced the threads with isacord threads - everything became working perfectly!"
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