Best Sculpture Supplies

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands DIY Plaster Statue Molding & Casting Kit
This 2 step plaster casting kit for a pair of hands contains the materials to do 1 casting of the following types: 1 Large Adult Hand, or 2 Adult Hands (Wedding Hands, Anniversary Hands, Praying Hands, etc), INCLUDED: Plastic molding bucket, 1 bag molding powder, 1 bag plaster casting stone, fine sandpaper, course sandpaper, demolding stick, detailing pin and detailed instructions.
"They recommend having an additional person to dictate instructions and/or give a helping hand."
"I purchased this to do for my terminally ill husband and myself."
"Turned out really well for us!"
"My husband and i did this with out 5 year old, 3 year old and almost 1 year old and it turned out great!"
"Tried three different sets of DIY hand kits and this was the one that worked and was easy to use."
"That night we did a hand cast of his and my mom's hands."
"I got this as the San valentines for my hubby."
"I added a little acrylic paint for fun... we LOVE them!"
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Dough Tools - 5 Piece Assortment
Size: 5-Piece. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The rolling pin is kind of hard to use, it's more successful if you just push down on the roller instead of using the handles, but everything else is easy peasy."
"Great tools for letting your kids play with while using their imagination."
"The only issue I have is that the rolling pin is static, meaning that if you hold onto the sides like a real rolling pin and try to keep those still while you move the center spool, it doesn't work."
"He also loved the wavy pattern the wavy wheel makes."
"Does NOT come in a nice reusable container to store it in like some so it's more of a challenge to keep them organized (again compared to the Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold ones which come in a molded plastic insert for each tool and all that in a wooden box making it easy to know where what tool belongs)."
"My biggest complaint is that it's not a functional rolling pin (the main reason I purchased this set)."
"Most play dough toys are made from that cheap, thin plastic but these don't feel that way at all."
"I was very surprised at the quality of these Play-Doh tools."
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Polyform Sculpey Original Polymer Clay, 1.75-Pound, White
Perfect for everything from molded items to free form jewelry pieces; figurines; ornaments and scrapbooking embellishments. Shape; bake and once cool can be sanded; drilled; carved; glues; inked; painted with water based acrylics or Sculpey Brand Glaze. Sculpey clay is soft and pliable and won't dry out when exposed to air.
"I made a sculpey model, baked it as suggested then put it in water for a few weeks without any fish. you have to bake it to the point just before it turns to a brown color to make sure the pores in the material are completely closed. Basically apply the paint, let it dry then bake the item in the oven like you do normal sculpey. I don't know if the things I made will last forever in the water, but some of them are 5+ years old and no sign of damage being submerged, removed and wiped off from algae or dirt and put right back in the tank."
"Sculpey makes the clay in dozens of fun colors, I like the white for projects I intend to paint. Acrylic craft paint works just fine after the clay has been baked but you can also use stain like I did on my fairy house pictured."
"It's soft enough to work with after you knead/roll it, but once you let it sit and work on another area, it's no longer that soft (not that it hardens, but it's just not a smooth kind of soft...if that makes sense)."
"My sister wanted succulent planters in the shape of animals for her birthday and I didn't want to spend a million dollars, so I decided to make them for her instead!"
"I havent worked with clay much, but i needed to sculpt some horns for my familys halloween costume."
"Great for beginners to use without worrying about wasting more expensive and higher quality materials. As your hands warm it, it becomes much softer and potentially harder to work with, depending on what you're doing."
"It was tough at first, but after working it a little (as the instructions specify) it became very malleable and my 9-year old niece was having a great time making Christmas Ornaments for her mom!"
"I used this to make ornaments with my daughters hand print for Christmas."
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Best Sculpture Modeling Compounds

InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12oz (White)
InstaMorph is an advanced modeling compound that becomes moldable when warm (150 deg F) and solidifies at room temperature. It’s made out of a lightweight polyester thermoplastic which acts like clay when warm, but when it cools, it’s a strong plastic. Unlike other products that once they dry they are locked in that shape forever, InstaMorph can be reheated over and over again and re-molded into any number of configurations. Wait approximately two minutes or until white InstaMorph pellets turn clear and stick together. Once you’ve got your InstaMorph creation finalized, let it cool to room temperature and. put it to use. HIGHEST QUALITY: We source the best ingredients from US and UK suppliers and package everything in our US locations to ensure the highest end quality to the consumer.
"i use this to make tiny doll shoes and it's amazing and durable."
"Even if you have to make a few before you get one that you like, it's so worth it. And the container that I purchased has enough product to make a lifetime worth of teeth!"
"I was afraid this would mean that kids wouldn't be able to play with it but in fact they can due to the low thermal capacity and conductivity. I'd say it's as structural as the plastic in most kid's toys and actually a bit tougher (resistant to cracking) I believe there must be some crystallization going on. I made a device where the plastic acts as a living spring - it flexes with a surprisingly high modulus. I've made a number of things with it already - a cell phone holder, a shoe horn, a cable organizer, even special hook to hold an IV bag on a light stand. I bought the 28 oz to start and despite using it quite a bit, I have barely made a dent - as mentioned, you re-use any leftovers."
"I've already had success in my first project; forming a colored head for my work vehicle keys so I can tell the two keys apart. I used hotter water with no problems."
"One of the things I used this for was to make some interior trim on a vintage car - the hardest part was matching the color, but through trial and error, I eventually got a close match."
"I was expecting this product to stay melted for much longer than it does. I found that it is easiest to work next to a pot of boiling water, so I can reheat the plastic when it gets stiff."
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Best Sculpture Modeling Tools

Apoxie Sculpt 1 Lb. White
The product accepts paints, stains, mica powders and more for a variety of finishing options. *Allow mixed product to rest 5 minutes for better handling. Clean up: Soap & water or Aves® Safety Solvent (very helpful for smoothing, removing finger prints & cleaning up pigment / product residue before set-up). Working Time Line Guide: 1/2 hour: Sticky & most adhesive 1 to 2 hours: Easy to work with 2 to 3 hours: Setting up, form-able detail 24 hours: Hard, cured & waterproof Uses: Endless uses for artists, crafters, modelers, students, and more! Arts & Crafts include: Sculpting, Embellishing, Jewelry, Mosaic Work, Aquarium Props, Models & Kits, Customizing, Prototypes, Seam Filling, Outdoor Displays, Restorations, Wood Working, Wildlife Art ....just to name a few! Adheres to: Ceramic, Metal, Wood, Stone, Glass, Plastics, Foam, Fiberglass, Polymers, & more!
"I tried going to my local craft store and using scupting clay, but when it dried, it crumbled before I even touched it. 1 lb made this (see attached image) top piece and eagle, and I still have 1/3 of the jars left! I found some videos online that gave good tips on how to use-- if you have experience at this kind of thing, you may not need it, but it helped me alot."
"I was looking for a better alternative than the overpriced marine-tex and other crappy epoxy available in the marine world, not even because of the price, but because of: 1/ the crazy toxicity of the marine products 2/ the ridiculously short working time 3/ the hard to smooth, impossible to shape texture 4/ the necessity to sand forever after it dries (because you couldn't get it perfectly to shape). This means super strong, waterproof, UV-resistant, can be used inside, outside, underwater, under the water line, on wood, on fiberglass, on metal, on whatever you throw at it. The ability to smooth it, reuse it, cut it, modify it, work on it without rushing, makes it possible to create a finish product in one step, with no need for sanding, no need for cleaning (both can be very time consuming with regular epoxy / fiberglass). No crazy fumes when mixing, and the product won't burn a hole through your hands if you hold it. In fact, you can be in direct contact without feeling anything, and cleaning your hands after is a breeze. 9/ Of course it dries by itself, which is normal for an epoxy, but I guess that if you're an artist, you care about that (as opposed to clay). As for artists, I don't know how it compares to other products, but my guess is that it will be pretty hard to beat this champ."
"You can even use it for crafts, like jewelry making!"
"A little bit goes a LONG way, and it dries super heavy - almost the weight of cement (take that into consideration if you use it to customize your Funko Pop) but it also has the durability of cement.I did a mini version of my family and I as well as a little bunny out of some extra sculpt I had mixed up.Always mix a little at a time because you can always mix up more later, but if you end up mixing up too much, you'll end up with leftover, wasted product (or product you can turn into a mini sculpture, if it's still pliable)."
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Best Sculpture Molding & Casting Products

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands DIY Plaster Statue Molding & Casting Kit
This 2 step plaster casting kit for a pair of hands contains the materials to do 1 casting of the following types: 1 Large Adult Hand, or 2 Adult Hands (Wedding Hands, Anniversary Hands, Praying Hands, etc), INCLUDED: Plastic molding bucket, 1 bag molding powder, 1 bag plaster casting stone, fine sandpaper, course sandpaper, demolding stick, detailing pin and detailed instructions.
"They recommend having an additional person to dictate instructions and/or give a helping hand."
"I purchased this to do for my terminally ill husband and myself."
"Turned out really well for us!"
"My husband and i did this with out 5 year old, 3 year old and almost 1 year old and it turned out great!"
"Tried three different sets of DIY hand kits and this was the one that worked and was easy to use."
"That night we did a hand cast of his and my mom's hands."
"I got this as the San valentines for my hubby."
"I added a little acrylic paint for fun... we LOVE them!"
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Best Sculpture Release Agents

Smooth-On Universal Mold Release 14 fl. oz.
Universal mold release is formulated especially for mold making and casting, and works well with most liquid rubber and liquid plastic products. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Seems to work fine."
"worked great just ran to quickly."
"Great stuff, easy to use."
"Good product."
"This product has precisely one function: to keep multiple layers of silicone molding material from sticking to each other."
"Don't use this when making a 2 part silicone mold as it is silicone based and will fuse your 2 part mold into a solid block."
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Best Sculpture Wire & Armatures

The Monster Makers Life Size "Ed Head" Head Armature for Mask Making and Clay Busts
The Monster Makers Life Size “Ed Head” Head Armature is the perfect foundation for mask making and clay busts. For artists looking to use the Monster Maker’s “Ed Head” Head Armature as a foundation for their clay sculpt, we recommend filling the form with white hydrocal to extend the service life. Dimensions: 18" H x 13" W x 11"D ; Weight: 3lbs.
"I had monster makers "life size" armature from the past and wasn't really impressed."
"Sharp edge from the mold pull is the only thing that bothers me."
"Solid, stable, and sturdy."
"I recommend any sculptor, costume maker, fursuit maker to definitely get one of these asap."
"Gift for son, uses in his work."
"he has a defect in the mold on his chin,very thin spot, other then that he is working out well as a standin for my mask making!"
"Exactly what I wanted...quick ship...would do it again!"
"Daughter's first first sculpting/mask as suggested by a professional."
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Best Suncatcher Supplies

100 QTY: C.S.Osborne & Co. No. 7266-ND 5/8 - Natural Dark/ post : 5/8" head: 1" (mpn# 13796)
7266-ND 5/8 - Natural Dark/ post : 5/8" head: 1" (mpn# 13796). Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
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Best Craft Supplies

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4-Inches, 3 mil thick, 100-Pack (TP3854-100)
Scotch Thermal Laminator Pouches protect documents you handle frequently. Thermal Pouches fits documents up to 8.5-Inch x 11-Inch.
"These laminating pouches are the perfect thickness to laminate bookmarks that fit comfortably between pages. I've laminated both 100lb coverstock as well as 80lb, so I laminate paper on the thicker side and they work amazingly well. I found the best way to feed into the machine is setting the document in the laminating pouch on top of something that is on level with the opening feed."
"My son has Autism and can't talk so I use this to make him pecs communication cards and it works like a charm."
"Another plus here is that unlike the older laminating machines, you do not need to use a "manila folder" to wrap around the pouches before feeding this into the device."
"I use them with my scotch laminator, and they allow my center materials to stay nice and neat for several years!"
"My wife loves crafting and making all sorts of things. It is so easy, that I have even laminated some things for my football coaching and a little mothers day project for the wife."
"Two will go through my Amazon Basics laminator without jamming so it's not that big if a deal, just a waste of laminating sheets."
"I used them to make posters and curriculum for my son's homeschooling and they are FANTASTIC!"
"Have not used these sheets I ordered yet but have been using the Scotch laminator sheets for 25 years."
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Best Paper Craft Supplies

Artist's Choice Sketch Pad ,75 sheets, Pack of 2
Premium Sketchbook - 2 Pack of Sketch Pads (75 Pages Each). BUY ONE GET ONE FREE - 2 Pack of 75 Page Sketchpads. FULL 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you find any flaw with this book, or any of our products, please contact our US Based Customer Support line and we'll offer you a free replacement or a full refund.
"i love the pad for sketch , and the sketch pen i bought from caicolor ."
"So, when I write this, keep in mind I'm comparing it to sketchbooks I would buy that had the following attributes: medium weight (94 g/m^2), acid free, 11 in X 8.5 in, 70 sheets, with easy tear perforations, a two pocket folder in the front, cardboard backing with a soft cover, paper that is lined up properly when closed, sheets that don't stick to each other, and a wire binding that is the sames style as these ones. My experience buying this product. Pros: -Arrived on time. -Is the right texture of paper for what I want to do. -is the right size for what I want to do. -is basically exactly what I wanted at face value. Cons: -A few of the corners right out of the package were bent-this is irritating as I like to use the whole page, and I make enough mistakes and wrinkles on my own without the paper starting damaged. -the papers don't all line up. I have worked at a bindery before, and let me tell you, the way the paper does not line up when the book is closed is unacceptable. The biggest problem is the way the papers line up poorly, if I put this in my back pack it'll tear up the ones that are sticking out real quick."
"No bleed through as I tested with Sakura microns ranging in .20mm - .50mm. Uniball gel pens don't bleed."
"The perforation is some of the best I've ever seen or used, and I appreciated the obviously well-crafted spiral binding and thick, heavy covers on the front and back."
"I would highly recommend these to anyone who love to draw especially if you are just starting out then this is a great buy!!!"
"This is for my 2 grandsons, I'm sure they will love it, along with blank comic books, colored pencils & charcoals, a perfect gift!"
"I'm so glad I purchased them, My artistically inclined 9 year old daughter loved them!"
"Before I describe the product I'd like to point out a misleading line on the cover of the book " Artist's Choice" it is a misleading statement that implies quality and trust me quality this is not."
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Best Soap Making Supplies

Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP - 1 Quart (43 oz.)
Glycerin Vegetable KOSHER USP Food Grade - 1 Quart (32 fluid ounces, net weight 43 ounces) in quality HDPE quart container with resealable lid. Quality HDPE quart container with resealable lid.
"This VG is clear, slightly sweet, and highly viscous compared to propolyne glycol (PG), the other main component of most juices. I personally don't use any PG in my e-liquid, because I don't care for any throat hit, I prefer a max VG juice because it's the ingredient that produces lots of vapor. If you consider the low price of this VG, around $13.00 for a liter, plus the cost of flavoring, (and another necessary ingredient which is highly addictive), you'll be at about ¢35 for a 30ml bottle. Not for me anyway, however using products like this VG will definitely help you keep more money in your wallet and you'll feel the health benefits from quitting smoking 🚬."
"This was the first time I have used vegetable glycerin and my finished product turned out great."
"Instead of paying $20 for official Halloween smoke, I decided to make my own using this GV and water."
"I'm African American and I use this with water and rosemary oil for a daily moisture hair spritz as part of my natural hair health regime."
"This provides room to add my 120ml of flavored juice to the new container and also gives about 1/2 cup of VG to place my new, unused coils--where they prime themselves until needed."
"Vegetable glycerin metabolizes differently than sugar and is used in low carbohydrate foods for sweetness and moisture. Glycerin is added to these products because it is a humectant; a substance that attracts moisture to the skin."
"Making my own juices now and I ordered a few of the Essential Depot solutions, and am glad I did."
"I know for a fact this isn't "USP" since I contacted the USP labs about Essential Depot's Propylene Glycol to check the claim there as well-- regardless I'm not worried about the USP cert since there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the prodcuts these guys make."
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Best Leathercraft Supplies

Obenauf's LP Boot Preservative 8 oz - Preserves and Protects Leather - Made in the US
Leather preservative from Obenauf's Leather was originally developed in Idaho by a wildland firefighter, developed this unique blend of beeswax/propolis suspension formula to protect leather against caustic fire, retardant chemicals, heat, water and abrasion. Repels water better & longer.
"This stuff completely revived my Durango shoes."
"I also own and use Obenauf's leather oil and have a review of that as well. Basically, the HDLP is for heavy use such as for work and hiking boots while the leather oil is better for lighter duties such as dress boots. I've been using these solely for my heavier boots and belts so I can't say much else for other leather products but I see a few problems with such use. Application: This is a wax, so it has the consistency of a soft runny wax that will melt with body heat. The smell: Obernauf's formula is obviously made from a base of bees wax and other proprietary leather conditioning oils(often animal products but may occasionally be saps or plant based) so there is a smell. My Danner leather hiking boots have been through treks through muddy trails and streams and after a good rinse, the muck and water slides off. However, if you just need a good boot oil with decent protection without as much darkening, I'd suggest the Obenauf's leather oil."
"I saw someone at a coffee shop wearing the same pair of Red Wings Iron Rangers that I had on and we complimented each other's choice of footwear."
"I have been using this on two pairs work boots and my leather jacket I work in. I lost several pairs of boots but the boots that had this product on them look like new and had no mold or mildew."
"We've used tons of different leather care products, some are good and some are bad, but Obenauf's products are by far the best we've found."
"Just received it and slathered on my hiking boots."
"I bought a new pair of Redback boots from Australia and decided to also try a few different leather conditioning/waterproofing products that I hadn't previously used. The boots came all the way from Australia to the US and the leather was rather dry when I received them so they definitely needed some conditioning before the first wear. The boots were brand new so I didn't need to wash them, I just got a good gob of the Obenauf's on my fingers and started working it into the leather."
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Best Wood Craft Supplies

Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool with Versa-Temp Variable Temperature Control and 11 Woodburning Points
The Creative Versa Tool woodburning tool is supplied with 11 points (tips) and features a dial to control the temperature from low to 950 degrees F. The dial means the tool can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, card, leather, fabric, wood and composites. Includes 11 interchangeable points with a lead-free solder (Universal, Flow, Tapered, Calligraphy, Shading, Transfer, HotKnife, Solder, and 3 Hot Stamp Points).
"This is such a fun tool!!"
"but it would be my first time with wood burning so i didnt want to spend a lot of money. when looking at videos of wood artists using more expensive tools i noticed they use a heat resistant glove."
"for other jobs such as soldering, hot-knife cutting, image transfers and stamping, as well as some lead-free solder, which I appreciate since I was shopping for solder at the time, too. To address the complaints mentioned before: Thus far I haven't had a tip break on me and, although it does take a few minutes to heat up, the temperature control has been working perfectly (Or at least, it's been working - It's a yellow-orange-red scale so I'm not sure what the specific temperatures are supposed to be, but it's definitely hotter at red than it is at yellow). I think it could be improved by adding some sort of indicator to tell whether it's on or not, nothing too fancy, just a little LED would do fine, but, again, I'm happy with it."
"The tip would obviously lose heat much quicker than the internal thermostat, so the pen would decrease heat/turn off because according to the internal thermostat, the pen was at the selected temp, when the tip was much cooler. I solved this problem by blowing on the thick metal portion of the pen, decreasing the internal temp and allowing the entire pen to warm back up."
"I wanted to learn wood-burning, mostly to label and decorate the wooden cigar boxes I use to store craft supplies and small tools. The kit includes a nice assortment of tips (for finer and broader strokes) and is packed in a well-organized storage box. 2) Get a tube of dry graphite lubricant, to lube the threads periodically and 3) Let the tool cool completely before removing a tip."
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Best Doll Making Supplies

Woodpeckers Decorative Wooden Doll People - Assorted Sizes - Set of 40 Includes 5 Shapes: Ebook: We Include a Ebook with Cool Crafting Ideas.
Sold as a Set of 40 21 LARGE PEOPLE (3 styles) 9 MEDIUM PEOPLE 10 SMALL PEOPLE 5 different shapes and sizes Brought to you by School and Camp Specialty Perfect for art classroom and art projects Decorate with markers,Paint, felt, cloth, yarn and more Ebook: We include a ebook with cool crafting ideas. Sold as a Set of 40 21 LARGE PEOPLE (3 styles) 9 MEDIUM PEOPLE 10 SMALL PEOPLE.
"They are made of good hard woods, easy to work with, come in a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes, and are easy to work with."
"Used the peg dolls to make nativity scenes with my grandchildren."
"Good quality wooden doll people."
"Quality is there."
"Really great selection of shapes and sizes, I can't wait for my kids to create adorable clothes, hair, and draw faces on these cute peg dolls."
"Love the product and the ebook."
"They are exactly what I was expecting!"
"Very good quality carvings."
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Best Candle Making Supplies

The Candlemaker's Store Natural Soy Wax, 10 lb. Bag
You can also blend this with the 416 Soy wax to create beautiful tarts.
"Remove can holding wax from heat when thermometer reads 180-185 degrees F. 4) Depending on type of fragrance you're using, let wax cool until you're able to add fragrance. I used fragrance oils from Candle Science (B0092RNCSY most of which were safe to add at 180 degrees F. 5) While wax cools, thread wicks through wick tabs (B001683N86 I fray the end that's going to the bottom of the candle so when I make the wick taught later I won't pull the wick out. Pour in just enough wax to cover the top of the wick tab. Let the wax you just poured cool until it's slightly opaque (should not be liquid, but not completely solid), and then press wick tab down gently (I used a chopstick) into the middle of your container. By the time the wax hardens, the rest of your wax should be ready to pour. 8) Let the rest of the wax continue to cool until 110-115 degrees F. Pour in the rest of the wax, leaving some space at the top of the container so wax won't overflow when burning later."
"After realizing such a thing was going to be very hard to find (or insanely expensive), I read a little bit about making my own, and decided it was worth a shot. I melted this wax in a double boiler made from a saucepan and cereal bowl, and ladled it into a cheap flowerpot from the dollar store. I made a test candle with some Gulf paraffin from Walmart and had some serious contraction problems as it hardened (leaving a big divot in the center), but the soy wax didn't seem to contract nearly as much. It's just about the cheapest wax you can find, so the quality was an extremely pleasant surprise. Echoing what others have said, this stuff is probably too soft for freestanding candle types."
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Best Basket Making Supplies

Introduction to Basket Weaving Kit for 5 Baskets
Includes hardwood basketry handles & hoops, and more than enough reed & cane to complete all the baskets. SKILLS LEARNED: square bases with flat materials, round radiating spoke bases with flat materials, plain weave, folded base, adding notched handles, Cut and Tuck, lashing rims, melon basket construction with God's Eye pattern (also called egg or rib baskets), heart shape baskets. Purchase with confidence knowing that our kits have 30+ years of expert development with illustrated step-by-step instructions.
"No molds sent with kit."
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Best Mosaic Making Supplies

Milestones 90115122 Mosaic Star Stone Kit
Mosaic Star Stone Kit. Make mosaic star stepping stones.
"My husband and I had a blast making this with our daughter."
"I smoothed out the dent the best I could before we put the concrete solution in, and we pressed the concrete evenly into all sides of the mold, but the plastic definitely wanted to retain the shape of the dent, and we do indeed have a matching dent on the bottom of our stone. The instructions do say the mold is reusable, and it didn't break when we popped out the mosaic stone, so theoretically depending on how much glass you use, if you just did the border with a hand print for example, you could get some concrete from the local craft store and have enough glass to make several of these. We did find, however, when it came to writing the kitty's name on this that the popsicle stick included made thicker and sloppier edges then would allow us to put his whole name on the stone, so we ended up using a wooden kabob skewer, which had a sharper point, and that worked better for us."
"My daughter had a wonderful time helping me mix up the stone mix, and getting it into the mold."
"Made these as presents for my kid's grandparents."
"I'm not a big fan of the colors the mosaic tiles that came with the kit, but I purchased some other glass mosaic tiles to use and it turned out perfectly."
"Like others I did all water in one pour and it worked out well."
"The directions included did not specify how long to wait to try a hand or foot impression, the letters (I had to purchase separately), or the glass."
"I read the directions carefully and do this type of activity frequently, but for me, this just wasn't the best project."
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Best Ceramic & Pottery Supplies

Smooth-On Silicone Mold Making, Liquid Rubber OOMOO 30, Easy to Use - Trial Size 2.8 lb
Use this silicone mold making rubber for making perfect reproductions that capture intricate detail of original models. OOMOO 30 is easy to use silicone rubber compounds that feature convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratios (no scale necessary). OOMOO30 is suitable for a variety of art-related and industrial applications including making molds for sculpture and prototype reproduction, casting plaster, resins and wax. MIX RATIO: 1A:1B BY VOLUME - Easy to use silicone rubber compound features a convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratio, no scale is necessary.
"The major problem I had with this product is that it has a very limited shelf life. Shelf life aside, it works well and does create good molds."
"This stuff works just as well for the simple one part molds as it does for the more complex two part molds."
"Still captures all the details and textures of the master, and makes for really sturdy durable block molds."
"I understand that shelf life is an issue for these products (they will harden in the bottles over time) but it would be more convenient if the product could be purchased in larger sizes for making larger molds. I had to order two trial sizes to make one not very large mold."
"I am sure for larger pieces (these are 2 letters with total size of about 1.5" x 1.5" ) where an air bubble or 2 would not hurt this would be perfect."
"My next buy will be some stronger, platinum-cure silicone since it seems to be the best for high temperatures, strength, and a quick cure."
"I couldn't figure out how to make a two piece mold so I just taped a model into a plastic cottage cheese container, head down, and poured the mixed product into the cup. I had pre-determined how much of the product needed by putting the model's head in the cup, filling with water to the depth that was needed, then using two clear plastic cups to divide it in half. I put one of the liquids in one cup, up to the line, and the other liquid in the other cup."
"The OOMOO is from the Tin line and Dragon skin is from the Platinum line."
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Best Floral Arranging Supplies

Darice BOW1003 Bowdabra Bow Maker and Craft Tool
Bowdabra Designer Bow Maker - Large - Each kit includes Bowdabra, Bowdabra wand, 30 minute project DVD, instruction book and 10 yards of Bowdabra bow wire. Press play to learn how to make festive holiday bows and more!
"so easy to use for smaller bows."
"Only thing is that Amazon was more expensive by $2 than my craft store, that really surprised me."
"I have to watch YouTube videos to really get to learn how to make hair bows."
"only tried it once...got to learn how to use it...bought one for larger bows...easier to handle."
"Best thing EVER for making Deco Mesh Wreaths and for ribbons... Love this gadget so much."
"It is however about a thousand times stronger than string!"
"People think it only makes bows but it does so much more."
"Helps make great bows!"
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Best Stained Glass Making Supplies

Creator's Bottle Cutter Machine DIY Cuts Glass Wine Bottles Includes Abrasive Stone CBC-USA Google Rated Number One Best In The World
• Creator's Bottle Cutter: A high-tech, dependable bottle cutter that is simple to use and creates precise scores around the bottle. No other bottle cutter on the market can do that with any degree of precision that the Creators Bottle Cutter can.
"He cut 7 bottles, and got 7 perfect cuts. He even cut two square Jim Beam bottles and they came out perfect. note: you have to work at it a little more intensely, and the manufacturer says nothing about cutting square bottles, but he had to try, and we now have 2 perfectly cut, square, Jim Beam bases!!"
"Sometimes it took two or three tries but the smoothness of the cut using this device and the heat/cold water method is VERY much better than the tapping method."
"Using the temperature shock method to separate the bottle has been the best method for me (so I prepare a container of ice water to dunk the top of the bottle in after each round of heat - it helps to have many bottles already scored)."
"Fifty percent was the usual regardless of how many I was cutting at the time."
"Haven't had great luck scoring and breaking a glass bottle as yet."
"The additional tools are extremely helpful when processing large batches."
"That bottle cutter just didn't work no matter what directions were followed."
"Might be okay for wine bottles, but for champagne bottles of multiple thicknesses this product did not work."
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Best Weaving & Spinning Supplies

11,750+ Authentic Rainbow Mega Refill Loom by Talented Kidz: 10,750 Premium Quality Rubber Bands, 30 Charms, 250 Beads, ABC Stickers to Personalize Your Case, 600 Clips, 3 Backpack Hooks, Organizer
PERFECT FIT: The carrying storage case lets you organize rubber bands, bracelets, charms, hooks & clips. DIY PERSONALIZED CASE: With the ABC sticker sheet included, you can write your name and personalize your case. Over 2.4 pounds of bands and accessories carefully sellected and exclusively available by Talented Kidz: THIS IS THE ORIGINAL REFILL CASE with THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT CURRENTLY OFFERED ON AMAZON, AUTHENTIC BY TALENTED KIDZ. 11,750 pieces Mega Bundle: Over 10,750 premium quality rainbow rubber bands + 30 Charms + 3 Backpack/Zipper Hooks + 250 Beads + 600 S-Clips + ABC Stickers + DIY Personalized Case Organizer. NO GIMMICKS or FAUX UNIT COUT: 2.4 pounds of premium rubber bands and accessories! The storage case has some removable dividers and lets you place your loom and organize rubber bands, bracelets, hooks, charms & clips. Rainbow Loom® is a trademark of Choon's Designs LLC, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse Talented.
"I got this item so she could organize her bands, the box came in perfect condition and the bands are very nice too."
"I teach 43 kids and they have all make a few bracelets and not even half of them are gone."
"My son loved this set."
"My daughter has made several "charms" with the rubber bands and has no problem with them breaking when she pulls and stretches them through the loom."
"I'd definitely recommend this set for anyone that wants a wide variety of colors, a large quantity of bands, and a reasonable price."
"A great variety of bands."
"Whether you want to make necklaces or tons of bracelets, you will have to get more rubber bands at some point."
"My grandchildren both the girls and the boys like them and enjoy making bracelets. The boys like the darker colors while the girls are happy with the brighter ones."
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Best Picture Framing Materials

Monkey Hook Picture Hanger Home and Office Pack, 30 pc set
Size Name: Pack of 1. MONKEY HOOK PICTURE HANGER VARIETY PACK: 3 Varieties Included: 10 Original Monkey Hook, 10 Gorilla Grade (made of thicker steel so it holds up to 40% more weight than Original) and 10 Flush mount (hanging small items that MUST mount FLUSH to the wall.). The Amazing Monkey Hook is a lightweight, super-strong spring steel product that enables anyone to hang a picture, mirror, or wall accessory of up to 50 lbs.
"Scariest thing to hang- a heavy clock."
"The 'flush' mount hooks are flatter than the regular ones, good for things that need to be closer to the wall, but still stick out about a quarter of an inch (Darn you, physics!)."
"They are hard to keep grip to push into wall so I used a towel to help hold it."
"Doesn’t cause big holes in the wall like when you use wall anchors!"
"A simple but brilliant design for hanging pictures quickly and securely."
"So easy to hang items on the wall."
"These hooks are great because they are very secure in holding heavy mirrors and paintings."
"These hooks are fantastic (just make sure you don't hit a stud, wiring or other in-the-wall structure)."
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Best Scratchboards & Foil Engraving

Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors (No Duplicates) Gel Pens Gel Pen Set for Adult Coloring Books Art Markers
Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors ( No Duplicates ) Gel Pen Set - The Most Colors Set (120 COLORS) - 9 Types Of Ink - Perfect For Adult Coloring Books. THE MOST COLORS SET: Shuttle Art 120 Unique Gel Pen Set contains 120 INDIVIDULE colors, enjoys the most on Amazon! Each pen enjoys a unique color, which brings much more fun for Adult book Coloring, Scrap booking, Sketching, Doodling, Drawing, Writing, and all the other art designs.
"Having 120 colors in different tones and styles are helpful for my trade, however, one of my markers doesn't work at all (the 79) and the pastel markers 31 - 45 --which are my favorites-- require me to hack away at the paper before the ink starts rolling. I can't yet tell what makes these 3 colors different than the other 100 colors because I can't reach them; to me that's impractical. 3) The metallic, glitter and pastel colors live up to their title (the glitter and pastel are my favorites!). I've owned more than 5 brands of gel pen includng Gelly Roll and even if Gelly Roll has their own level of quality ink, they don't have the colors I want in metallic, pastel and glitter."
"I can't imagine any other color options."
"I was excited to get these and now I've pulled them out and I've had trouble with so many colors not coloring or breaking in color."
"Anyway, after using the new set for over a week, I had none of the problems described before. I'm very happy now with this set, and like I said earlier, 120 different colors makes a great collection! Shuttle Art takes care of its customers. It's too bad because otherwise 120 different colors makes a great collection and the pens I did use worked very well."
"These are the best gel pens I've used and I've bought several sets of other brands."
"There are no repeat colors, but some variations of the colors are pretty close."
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Best Fabric Ribbons

Morex Ribbon Swirl Wired Sheer Glitter Ribbon, 2-1/2-Inch by 50-Yard Spool, Gold
Elegant glitter swirls around this sheer ribbon with glittered wired edges. Wired Sheer Glitter Ribbon.
"This Ruben was a great find as it comes with so so so much on the role, and it's really very high-quality and beautiful Christmas ribbon… I inadvertently bought two rolls but upon showing the ribbon to my daughter she happily took the second role and we are working our way through them with all of our combined Christmas gifts this year!"
"I didn't realize that this would literally be shaky glitter atop The ribbon, I had a bit more faith, I suppose."
"I bought this ribbon to make wedding favors and everyone loved them."
"was disappointed when the ribbon was more than one piece...I was looking for one continuous piece."
"I have used this ribbon in many ways and am very pleased with how it holds up and always looks good!"
"Great price."
"Even after wrapping this around a very large box twice and making a huge many looped bow, there is a LOT of ribbon left over for future use."
"Looks lovely draped around the Christmas tree a decoration!"
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