Best Sewing Elastic

COTOWIN 1.5 Inch Wide Black Knit Heavy Stretch High Elasticity Elastic Band 5 Yards
*Heavy stretch knit elastic is designed to be a bit stiffer and offer more "kick" to its stretch than other elastics. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"It came fast and is the exact length and width the discription told me I'd get."
"I'm using it to make a decorative body harness and it is very soft."
"Very strong."
"Great, heavy duty wide elastic band."
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Dritz 9507B Non-Roll Woven Elastic, Black, 1-Inch
Color: Black. DRITZ-Non-Roll Flat Elastic.
"This a good elastic band and my order of this Dritz - Non - Roll Flat Elastic 1" Wide 2.5 Yards for my sandal buckle repair."
"The ends melted nicely with a tidy sealed effect, using a lighter flame to do so."
"Just arrived today, seems sturdy although I haven't use it as yet, but looking at the great reviews I know it'll be great for my wigs that I'll be making."
"I used it to replace the laces on the legs of my army-style pants, and it does the job perfectly!"
"A piece 6 inches long will stretch to 13 inches."
"Worked great for my needs."
"Perfect for the craft project I’m doing."
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eBoot Black Elastic Spool 11 Yard (1.5 Inch)
Good elasticity: The elastic band with good quality is very stretchy, and in the range of allowable tensile elastic deformation, can easily restore the original length without deformation. Wide usage: The knit elastic band with good elasticity can be applied widely for wigs, underwear, pants, sportswear, skirts, waistbands, necklines or crafts diy projects, which bring convenience and joy of DIY to your life. Material: the elastic band is made of polyester fibre; And this knitting elastic band is good at resilience with no more harmful smell.
"Everything I expected and more."
"This elastic band is good quality."
"Great product."
"Excellent quality."
"good price for a lot of product."
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Best Sewing Tools

Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors, 8" Straight, Pack of 2, Gray/Yellow (13901)
Scissors are ideal for paper, cardboard, lightweight line, fabric and other materials. Titanium bonded blades are 3X harder than stainless steel; blades stay sharper longer.
"I’ve owned this brand before growing up and they always stayed relatively sharp and rarely ever broke."
"I, unfortunately, used their predecessor to cut wire, pry things out of spaces, succumbing to things no scissor should have to endure."
"I need scissors in every room to save time doing stuff."
"I like that they come as a set (or 2 to a package) because there are several places in the house where they are useful and can always be in reach, like my Study and the kitchen counter, which my husband thinks is his Study!"
"Well, it's been three months and they work just fine, but I discovered the other day that the plastic covering the handle behind the hinge on the pair in the kitchen draw is broken. Updated, 3/12/17: My wife tried to trim some threads on the edge of an old dish towel this morning and the second pair of scissors broke into two pieces when the plastic holding the pivot screw snapped."
"Scissors broke in two pieces because the center pivot is plastic instead of metal."
"If you are a left-handed person you know how hard it is to find good comfortable left-handed pair of scissors that work properly. It was a simple plastic package, and without offering any resistance one of the blades simply came of, broken in two pieces."
"I was thrilled at first but soon realized the reason after receiving the product - it has been turned into a cheap product, much different from the original."
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Best Sewing Fasteners

Zipper Rescue, Zipper Repair Kit, Clothing
As a small, family business, our dedication to outstanding customer service and high quality parts is unmatched. Our goal is to provide you with parts and knowledge at an affordable price, while you learn a new, life-long skill. Parts Included: 2x - Number 5 Coil - Black. 2x - Number 3 Coil - Silver. 2x - Number 4.5 Metal Tooth - Brass. 2x - Number 5 Metal Tooth - Antique Brass. 1x - Number 3 Plastic Tooth - Black. 6x - Top Stops - Black and Gold. 4x - Bottom Stops - Gold. VERSATILE ZIPPER REPAIR KIT - Provides the most commonly-sized replacement sliders (the small part that slides up and down) for jeans, skirts and slacks, purses, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.
"2 - 5mm tooth sliders; 1 single and 1 double pull. 2 - 4.5mm coil sliders; 1 single and 1 double pull. 2 - 5mm coil sliders; 1 single and 1 double pull. 2 - 8mm coil sliders; 1 single and 1 double pull. 2 Bottom stops. 2 Top stops. When the slider on my riding jacket broke, I was very upset!"
"The zipper rescue lady went to the trouble of mailing me an assortment of odd-sized sliders at no extra charge, and sure enough, one of them fit."
"The kit was easy to install and the zipper slider I chose from the kit matched the zipper on the sweatshirt very well."
"No household should ever be caught without a ZRK Enterprises Zipper Repair Kit."
"Awesome product, feel like a "tourist" for being unaware these were available.. fixed a beloved Harley motorcycle jacket, my ratty but fav hoody and also fixed a sleeping bag.. my only regrets are all the things over the years that I've dumped when they could have been fixed!"
"My only complaint is that so many of them have 2 pull tags on them when you really only need one."
"Included instructions not very clear."
"The card inside my kit had actually been removed at some time post-production and the printed quantities supplied had been written over by hand to reduce the number of items included!"
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Best Sewing Stabilizers

Tear Away Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Backing 100 Precut Sheets 8"x8" Medium Weight 1.8 Ounce Fits 4x4 Hoops
Tear away machine embroidery stabilizer backing 100 precut sheets- Medium weight 1.8oz - 8x8- fits 4x4 hoops. High Quality Medium Weight 1.8oz.
"I love my embroidery machine but having issues on some t-shirt materials."
"Fit perfectly and don’t rip when securing, but tear perfectly after embroidery!"
"I bought this for my mom since she was getting into embroidery."
"It's nice that they're precut squares, but can get rolls of similar material from local fabric stores for much cheaper."
"As this is a standard size for pre-cut, and I don't need it that big, I cut mine in half for the application I use it for."
"I love the precut stabilizer."
"Great when doing embroidery, especially on more delicate fabrics."
"Will reorder."
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Best Sewing Interfacing

Thermoweb 17-Inch by 5-Yard Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive
It uses a low temperature and short pressing time so it allows for a wider range of materials that can be bonded.
"Also, in the end when I pull the exterior of the bag through the hole in the lining to turn the bag right side out the glue holds and the fabric and interfacing do not separate. When it is stiff like that there is a lot of folding and pulling to get the exterior through the hole in the bottom of the lining fabric."
"This is a great product."
"I used the product combined with some cheaper 100% cotton fabric to make book cloth, which is historically expensive."
"This is super-quality stuff but it is fairly firm on the fabric when applied."
"I used this to bond counted cross stitch and heavier needlepoint Christmas ornaments to felt."
"Worked really well, and it's not too stiff which I'm sure the baby mama will appreciate when it comes to dressing her baby with the creations."
"To make them more personal, I bought these patches online."
"This was my first ever applique project and I found thr thermoweb extremely easy to use."
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Best Hand Sewing Needles

Hobbico Builder's Cutting Mat, 18x24 Inches
Its thick, three-layer construction helps extend the life of knife blades. Vertical rulers, metric and standard Horizontal rulers, metric and standard 2" and 3" star templates 30°, 45°, and 60° angles 1" graph background Dowel and Wood Stick Size Chart, ranging from 1/16" to 5/8" Airplane Specification Conversion Chart (standard to metric); includes Wing Area, Wingspan, Weight, Wing Loading, Fuselage Length, and Engine Sizes Bolt, Screw, Drill and Tap Size Information Table. Non-slip, reversible mat guards against damaging work bench tops and provides a firm base for any cutting job.
"Recently I started getting back into gunpla building and the coffee table just wasn't cutting it...and the wife was freaking out that I might carve into it. The squares and ruler markings are nice if I ever decide to get into some other types of arts and crafts."
"First hobby mat I've ever owned, and it's a huge quality of life purchase."
"Only problem was by accident I splashed some lacquer thinner on the surface and found out it dissolves the ink print."
"Great hobby mat, has many conversions and good markings."
"Crafting in my retirement..."
"Love this matt going to ge 3 more to extend my work area."
"Pros: - works if you are planning to build a model kit."
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Best Sewing Tapes & Adhesives

MastaPlasta, Leather Repair Patch, First-aid for Sofas Car Seats, Handbags Jackets, Plain 8-inch by 11-inch, Dark Brown
Just peel and stick a MastaPlasta to cover any holes, scratches, rips, burns or stains on sofas, car seats, bags, leather jackets - it's easy, cheap and looks great. Repairs take seconds - the easy peel-and-stick leather/vinyl repair solution.
"My dog chewed an ugly hole in the couch and even the wood frame was exposed."
"There was no way I could pull the vinyl together, so one definitely can tell I am covering a rip and I'll be curious to see if it stops it from ripping further."
"So after a year or two of jumping on that couch a couple of the seam split about 6 in I was originally thinking of just tossing the couch and getting a new one cuz that's what we had planned but I figured I'd give these a shot to postpone that."
"The leather patch is a quality product, easily attached to cover rips in our lounge chair."
"I used this product the 1st time I ordered it to patch sections of the seat and it worked really well."
"This is exactly what I needed to fix the headrest on my leather recliner."
"glad it was a small area and in one that isn't noticeable because the color was a little off but who expects a perfect color match."
"I was afraid that these would stick for a couple of weeks and then start pealing away, but that has not been the case and instead they are still holding tight to the repair with no edge peel."
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Best Sewing Pins & Pincushions

Grabbit Magnetic Pincushion-Blue
This package contains one four inch round magnetic pincushion and fifty plastic head pins. Powerful magnet holds pins in place, yet safe near your sewing machine.
"Eventually, without notice except from me, the entire container and pins were soon to the west end of coffee table, about halfway still on the table. When asked what she had been doing, she replied she had just been sitting there wondering why I never moved the container and pins and exactly how did I think I would ever get them all picked up."
"Unfortunately, they do not protect the pins from idiot cats, some of whom like to steal pins."
"I love this magnetic pin cushion."
"I carry my needlepoint all over my house and patio, shedding needles as I go."
"I had one of these that I dropped and broke and I could not find another at a quilt shop or Joannes."
"While I like this one, I didn't realize it doesn't come with a lid."
"Great item for keeping track of your pins while sewing, and avoiding getting them stuck into you instead."
"Really holds the pins to pincushion."
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Best Sewing Pillow Forms & Foam

IZO All Supply Square Sham Stuffer Hypo-Allergenic Poly Pillow Form Insert, 18" L x 18" W (4 Pack)
This poly-filled pillow provides firm fluff and support. Filled with 100% soft polyester non allergenic , soft and sumptuous yet firm.
"They arrived two to a box and the best fun was undoing the plastic they were in and watching them plump up to size."
"These are a perfect pillow forms."
"They are decent."
"Nice fluffy pillows."
"Good for the price."
"They make my shams look great and they were a great deal."
"Very happy with purchase."
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Best Sewing Machine & Serger Needles

Singer 4790 10-Pack Regular Point Machine Needles Assorted, 4 Size 80/11, 4 Size 90/14 and 2 Size 100/16
This pack of 10 assorted regular point machine needles allows you to perform multiple standard stitching projects on woven fabrics. Orange size 80/11 is for lightweight fabrics, blue size 90/14 is for medium weight fabrics and purple size 100/16 is for heavyweight fabrics.
"Great price on needles for Singer."
"As I said -- you can just about find anything you need from Amazon at much cheaper prices."
"Awesome needle."
"Use only Singer brand needles for my sewing projects --- there is no substitution for these needles."
"I don't always use a lot of needles for my machine...but when I do."
"Great product, fantastic customer service and a happy sewer!!"
"These are high quality sewing needles at a reasonable price."
"Several sizes included so you can change the needle when sewing different types of fabric."
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Best Sewing Dress Forms & Mannequins

Dritz Sew You Dress Form, Small
Sew You Dress Form, Size Small, allows you to personalize the form to match your body measurements. 9 adjusting wheels at bust, waist and hips and 2 auto-set dials at bust and waist.
"For anyone looking for exact measurements for the small sized dress form, they are as follows: Bust: 33" to 40". Waist: 26" to 33". Hips: 36" to 42". Back Waist Length: 15" to 17". Neck: 14" to 17". I'm providing this information because I'd googled around for it for nearly half an hour and couldn't find anything, then I called Amazon.com customer service to see if they could find this information for me, and they couldn't, in fact the first representative actually disconnected the call, but the second representative that I spoke with, Natalie, convinced me to go through with the purchase, she even upgraded my shipping to next day, and called me after it was delivered to follow up to make sure that it was what I wanted."
"Admittedly that Matilda had ugly fabric on her, but we used to have fun dressing her up with new slip covers. Ever since I left the shop I have been dreaming about buying a Matilda (or something similar), but they are very expensive and I just can't wait any longer. She spins, (I would argue that she does not pin), she's lightweight (Matilda was NOT), she's a lovey shade of emerald, and her feet do not scratch my wood floors. Yesterday I dropped her all the way down, and beaded the bodice on a wedding gown while sitting comfortably in a chair. Cons: She's mostly plastic, which might not hold up long term especially with my workload (yesterday she had 3 different wedding gowns on her, today will be worse). I'm going to make a couple of padded sleeves to pull down over her, so the gaping holes don't offend my (larger than a size 2) brides and I can pin fabric to her. I wish she had wheels, because I move her around all the time, and I have to be careful not to drag her because the torso pulls off the pole rather easily."
"On mine, I put one of my older bras and stuffed it with pairs of pantyhose until I achieved the breast size I needed. It allows you to also adjust the torso length, which is not really an issue for me (I'm very short) but I know is concerning with other women who have issues getting waistlines on dresses to fit at their natural waist rather than inadvertently becoming an empire waist. You may still need to do some adjustments to get your exact body shape, but that is to be expected with any dress form."
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Best Stuffing & Polyester Fill

Fairfield PF-10 Poly-Fil Premium Fiber
Size: 10 LBS. Made from 100 Percent recycled polyester fiber.
"The box came today, and I spent about 30 minutes filling the 9 pillow backs, pushing the fill into corners and in general re-plumping each (I realized partway through that I should take a before photo, hence only part of the sofa appears in the B/A photo). I didn't take out the filling that was already in there because it was fine other than being squished from years of use, and still ended up using the entire 10 pound box."
"Great product, perfect for small projects and large (I'm on my 2nd box)."
"This is a great value, I have many projects planned with this box!"
"The footprint of this box is 15" x 16" and the box is 19" high."
"I've done a six foot sofa, a chair and a half and added fill to ten throw pillows...I still have almost 3/4 of the box left."
"I just got the Bonded Dacron to wrap the inner stuffing with and I can't wait for the results. This has been a great experience and I can only speak for myself on how great an idea it is to save a couch."
"When I needed to re-up, I decided to look on Amazon (as I usually do) to see if I could get it at a better price."
"If you're looking to make dolls or other stuffed toys, I would say that the quality of this stuffing is definitely up to the task."
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Best Bobbins

Bobbin Buddies ~ Set of 20 ~ Keep Your Bobbin Threads Matched Up with Your Thread Spools
Size: 20. Keep bobbin and thread matched up.
"Best way I've found to keep the right bobbin with its matching thread, especially with similar colors of threads in different weights or types."
"I even found a clear plastic, divided, storage container at Hobby Lobby with compartments perfectly sized for a spool and Bobbin Buddy."
"What a great idea!"
"keeping the right bobbin with the right thread has always been a challenge but this is the perfect solution."
"Came really quickly."
"not that sturdy will need a large deep drawer or station to put them in--- they will do in case of emergency storage need."
"I still recommend them for old fashioned spools."
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