Best Sewing Lace

Yontree Floral Venise Lace Applique Sewing Trim Bridal Wedding Applique White 2 yards
Color: White lace. Perfect applique embellishment to fashion clothing, accessories, dolls, bridal wedding apparel, craft projects, home furnishing and more.
"I have been putting lace on the top of my arm/sleeve to make it appear to have a tiny sleeve."
"Beautiful lace, very good quality, speedy delivery, thank you."
"Really pretty and soft, lace edging."
"Was two inches short of two yards."
"Beautiful, as advertised."
"Nice quality lace, but by the time I received it, I no longer needed it."
"There were strings everywhere and places where the lace wasn’t complete or missing the full pattern, so wasn’t too impressed."
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Olive Green Leaves Leaf Trim Ribbon -20 Yards - for DIY Craft Party Wedding Home Decoration (Olive Green)
Great quality ribbon ideal for birthdays, weddings, garments, packaging, arts and crafts, scrapbooking, centerpieces, table setting, bouquets.
"Nice trim, but much bigger than the picture leads."
"The leaves are small but good quality."
"Very unique ribbon."
"I used this on my Christmas tree for some added trim."
"Super cool idea and very cute."
"Very happy, very nice quality."
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HipGirl 20 Yards Floral Pattern Fabric Lace Ribbon by the Roll for Wedding Invitation, Cards, Decorating, Sewing, Hair Bow Making, Gift Package Wrapping, Floral Designing & Crafts. 2 Inch Wide, White
Our Product HipGirl brand delicate soft lace fabric ribbon in floral patterns. Perfect for packaging, gift package wrapping, card making, sewing, scrapbooking, hair bows, headbands, home decor, gift basket, floral arrangement and designing, weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and crafts. Our products span a wide range of interests: ribbons and laces for craft, bows and metal hair clips (craft supplies); pre-made hair accessories, craft show and retail necessities; nail art supplies... HipGirl is a registered trademark. Perfect for decorating, floral designing, making hair accessory and lace table runner, wrapping mason jars, candles, bouquets for brides and bride maids.
"Nice burlap ribbon."
"Very nice quality lace!"
"Great buy!"
"very nice worth the price."
"Very nice, affordable lace."
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Best Sewing Tassels

Color: Gold. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Great quality and exactly what we needed!"
"Purchased this in lieu of the Phi Alpha Delta honor cords."
"I opted for same day shipping because I bought this the morning of my graduation."
"I was looking high and low for a gold rope that was both elegant and special, this was totally that."
"Nice look this was the only cord I could find that had the color combo for a specialized society the cord was about equal to the cord my son got for another honor society but the tassels are not as thick as the others but I prefer the smaller tassel so it is less "I borrowed the sashes from the curtains" look."
"Very happy with the tassel, we were on a time crunch they came as promised without any issues."
"I lost my honor cords from when I graduated from college, these are a perfect replacement as my mom has them hanging up next to my framed college picture."
"I ordered two "gold" cords... they weren't the same color or even the same length... the tassels were even different."
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Best Sewing Rick Rack

White Ric Rac Trim, 11mm X 25Yd
This 11mm X 25yd White Ric Rac Trim is frilly with a spectacular woven wave pattern. Great for Sewing, Gift Packaging, Cards, and More.
"Good quality ric rac."
"Just as I expected."
"Perfect, wide ric rac for my table runners and pillows!"
"Perfect for my craft making!"
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Best Sewing Beaded Trim

KUPOO 99 ft Clear Crystal Like Beads by the roll - Wedding Decorations (Colorful)
This Crystal bead curtain is 33 yards long (30.17 m) faux crystal plastic garland,Each bead is flat and measures approx. Package: 1x99ft Crystal bead curtain. 1 x KUPOO gift. You could use them to decorate lamp shades, attach to table cloths, create your own chandeliers and so much more..
"I love my beads!"
"I made giant coffee filter pomanders and hung this off them as well as tabletop chandeliers."
"Bought 7 of these to do a crystal curtain for our wedding backdrop."
"I draped it over irridescent garland with silver glitter stars."
"I ended up buying 1 of these and loved them so much for my purpose that I went ahead and bought 3 more."
"More flimsy than I expected but serves the purpose well."
"Nice but plastic so they don't sparkle the way I wanted."
"Great quality & price."
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Best Sewing Fringe Trim

2-Pack - Ball Fringe 1-1/8" Wide - White - 12 yards each.
Size: 2 Pack. 2-Pack - Total of 2 spools, each is 12 yards, new and unopened.
"This was a great buy!"
"My wife had searched Walmart for white Pom Pom fringe to decorate her dress."
"Just what I needed to spruce up curtains for my room."
"Excellent value and size, fantastic fit for my vintage trailer curtains."
"I used these to sew onto curtains."
"The price was right, I've used this product before, and it got here just in time for my busy season."
"This worked great for my Christmas Tree skirt I made."
"this is the pom pom fringe I've been searching for!"
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Best Sewing Piping Trim

Wrights Cotton Piping Size 1 3/16"X50yd, Natural
Cotton piping can be used for reupholstery. Great for adding a special touch to home decor projects, piping for quilts and upholstery and tiebacks for drapes.
"Cording is fine."
"Exactly what I needed."
"Worked well on a couch rebuild."
"It is thicker than my other batch of pipping and that complicated things."
"It's what I ordered but about 3 yards in, it had been clipped and pieced together."
"Thicker than advertised."
"the cord is thicker than stated (6/32) and i couldn't use it in a quilt because i was afraid of too much shrinkage."
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Best Sewing Sequin Trim

PEPPERLONELY Brand 24 Rolls Mixed 24 Colors Flat Sequin Trim, 6mm(1/4 Inch)
PEPPERLONELY Brand 24 Rolls Mixed 24 Colors Flat Sequin Trim, 6mm(1/4 Inch). Color: apple greenab, light purpleab, pinkab, whiteab, orangeab, tealab, gold, white, light pink, blue, torrid orange, steel, emerald, royal, purple, holo lavender, holo gold, holo turquoise, fuchsia, brown, black, holo silver, holo purple, holo fuchsia 24 colors.
"Colors are beautiful and there is actually a lot of each!"
"I bought them to make personalized cursive sun hats."
"This is a great way to sample the color offerings without buying the huge rolls."
"just what I needed to be crafty!!"
"They are quite small but I really love the colors!"
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Best Sewing Braids & Cords

Roll of 100 Yards Shade Cord (Or Lift Cord) 1.8 mm
Roll of 100 Yards Shade Cord (Or Lift Cord) 1.8 mm. Polyester cord, 155 lbs tensile strength.
"This shade cord is the perfect size to use with the "Piping Hot Binding" tool."
"Very strong cord."
"It is a good replacement for a broken lift cord."
"I could replace the cord on all of the blinds in my house 10 times over."
"blind cord, but that's a good thing, since the blinds are very heavy."
"My blinds are working again now after replacing the worn and broken cords."
"I used this to make my own pipping for a sewing project, it's the perfect size and was a bargain compared to other options."
"Since then I have restrung 2 more blinds."
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Best Iron-on Transfers

Avery InkJet Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Transfers, White
Create iron-on transfers using an ordinary clothes iron, ink jet printer and most software.
"I too was weary of using this as I make vinyl heat pressed shirts and usually avoid ink jet transfers. *I realize this is a reach for the common user but if you have any die cut machine that will, use it to trim! I grabbed a brayer I have and smoothed over the paper then gave a final press."
"A shrunk fabric works best. • the more time you spend prepping and the closer you follow the instructions the better your end product. • don't be afraid of force (pushing down) and heat. • Trimming the extra paper on the light paper minimizing areas that will be clear but somewhat glossy. • Trimming the extra areas on the dark paper avoids transferring the color white to the fabric. • Through trial and error I figured out it is better to avoid sharp corners to make them round, reducing the risk of corners peeling off. • The side of the paper you print on is the white side for both dark and light paper, so make sure you know how to load the paper in your inkjet printer. • Your final print area can be larger than a sheet as you can cut images/words from the paper and space them or use them elsewhere on the shirt (for instance, arm badges can be printed in a corner of the same sheet). Trick: • To avoid damage to the reverse side graphics, if you do a front/back design, use a large cutting board or a piece of flat wood slide it in the t-shirt that way the wood sits between the front and back. I used Powerpoint and flipped the images and writing and avoided the online Avery tool for doing so. • As mentioned before, you don't have to cut very precisely as you only leave behind gloss/clear where you don't trim. Dark Color Paper: • You DO NOT need to print in reverse. • You need peel of the printed paper BEFORE initiating transfer with an iron -I wasted one sheet not bing careful. • The portion you don't trim transfer as white and you can create a border, rough or smooth, as I did with the front of the dark t shirt. • Peeling the transfer portion from the t shirt before ironing is difficult....I used tweezers and eventually I managed to peel off the backing. • You use an included parchment paper over the peeled paper to press the image onto the fabric. Final Impressions: • Don't expect professional grade printing. • Recognize these are not permanent and are intended for fun and event needs. • Mistakes and rough edges on my work is my own haste getting in the way. This met my needs, to have a front/back t-shirt design on both dark and white t-shirts, using the appropriate paper for each color."
"If you're seeing bubbling, you might want to turn the iron temp down slightly or decrease ironing time. If you have an extra transfer sheet, you can print a page of several smaller test designs on the extra sheet. The tests will allow you to calibrate your iron temperature and ironing time. When I cut out my design, I made sure to leave little 1/2" tabs at one corner so I wouldn't mess up the design when trying to peel off the backing. When this happened, I quickly abandoned that corner and moved to the opposite corner of the design and was able to separate the backing correctly from there. I'm guessing that along one (or more) edges of the transfer sheet, the backing may be stuck on just a bit more tenaciously so that it doesn't peel off accidentally (or in the printer). Luckily, I was always able to find a place on my design where I could peel the backing away properly. Once the backing started peeling away correctly from one side, the corners that originally had trouble on the other side peeled off just fine. * Print a few test transfers (can be small) to help calibrate iron. Bubbling: turn iron temp down or reduce ironing time. Peeling: increase ironing time, really press down firmly on the iron. Pay special attention to edges and corners. * If possible, leave tabs on 2 opposite corners of your design to aid in removing backing - trim off later."
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Best Fabric Stud & Gem Setters

Original BeDazzler Embellishment Tool and Mini BeDazzler Bundle with 250 Pieces of Rhinestones and Studs (As Seen on TV)
Everything you need is included like the BeDazzler Embellishment Tool and 250 Brilliant Rhinestones and Gleaming Studs PLUS the mini BeDazzler tool. PLUS the Mini BeDazzler Tool!
"Disappointed that the package of 150 studs that was "included" was not there."
"I wish the product was built to be more sturdy."
"I had the original BeDazzler as kid - I remember bugging my parents relentlessly until they finally caved and gave it to me three weeks before Christmas. We re-"crystallized" the original t-shirt, a dress, two pairs of sneakers and a bunch of hairbows and they look damn-near professionally made. Other than my one-week love affair with the original BeDazzler, I had no prior rhinestone experience, so it's easy and quick to learn. My niece loves her new "diamond sticker" tool and I enjoyed using it so much, I went home and promptly bought another one for me with the money I had leftover! My advice to you is to skip this overpriced plastic piece of crap and pick up a hotfix rhinestone setting tool. And the end result is completely wearable and washable - we tested the items we crystallized thoroughly, and lost only a single stone out of the 1,026 we hotfixed."
"The jewels would not close creating an issue for the 5 year old that was supposed to be wearing it."
"Very lame and since it was used, there were no clear rhinestones, but it just doesn't work through fabric."
"Save your money."
"A complete piece of junk, a complete waste of money."
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Best Rhinestone & Sequin Embellishments

Zealer 2mm - 6mm Resin Crystal AB Round Nail Art Mixed Flat Backs Rhinestones Gems, M1 - 30, Mix Size, 450 Piece
It is ideal for decorating cell phones, nail art, car plates, tablets, fabrics, scrapbooks, fake miniature food and many more. Color : Crystal ab, multicolored, and so change as you move them.
"Am ordering more of these."
"Great for what we needed them for (dance team facial jewelry.)."
"These are great for the price."
"They are the most beautiful rhinestones I have ever used."
"Sparkles amazing, and arrived on time!"
"Also I highly doubt there's 450 pieces in this small packet but oh well."
"I love these!"
"It came yellowish and not the silver color like was shown in the picture."
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Best Appliques & Decorative Patches

Badge Magic Cut to Fit Freestyle Patch Adhesive Kit - 2 Pack
This item comes with well known brand name of Rothco. You will receive (2) Freestyle Patch Adhesive Kits.
"Works great."
"Works as advertising so far."
"I tried everything to keep Girl Scout badges on."
"This product works great!"
"makes my life easy - no sewing required."
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