Best Sewing Tailors Awl

Co-link 4 Needles Copper Handle Sewing Awl Hand Stitcher Shoe Repair Tool with 9m Nylon Cord Thread in Black for DIY Sewing Repairing Canvas Leather (Gold +Black)
Straight needle, straight hole needle, curved hook needle and straight hook needle can be changed and replaced easily. 5. Needles are sharp, keep them away from children.
"I replaced the washer in the handle with a larger washer, to increase the tightening of the needle."
"I got this because 1) found I usually made stitching runs too long for internal bobbins used in other sewers of this nature so a big spool of thread is fine and 2) the needles are much sharper and easier to push through."
"I wasn't sure how well this would work, but so far so good."
"Great little tool for stitching heavy items."
"Although the handle is sturdy materials and gets the job done, I don't love the arrangement of the chuck/collet - it takes a bit of prying to open it up enough to insert a needle."
"Simple inexpensive awl and a few needles with nylon thread for simple repairs on leather, sails, awnings, etc."
"this is a neat little awl, and is exactly as described."
"I assumed the needles would fit within the handle, for a compact and useful tool that could be stashed away, complete, until needed."
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Tandy Leather Sewing Awl Kit 1216-00
TANDY LEATHER FACTORY-Lock Stitch Sewing Awl. Repair most leather goods.
"I used this to sew some belts and buckles onto a lift cart to stabilize the boxes that seem to shift when moving them over rough concrete and concrete edgings."
"That cap also conceals drill holes in the wood handle where other needles can be stored."
"I used a different color thread than the spool that was provided, but I didn't have any problem just feeding the thread through the opening at the base of the needle."
"Much more efficient and cost less than having it fixed by a canvas shop.I will use this for many things!"
"This is a tool one expects from the dollar store... not Tandy."
"the ones I bought from amazon were inferior...they didn't even have any holes in them to put the thread through...it took me about an hour to fix them myself...what a bummer...also the screws were really cheap...had to go to the hardware...they are not Tandy Leather products...Tandy Leather ones are quality...beware...I decided to fix them myself instead of the return hassle...sorry about the bad review but the deal was too good to be true."
"The package was opened, with a large chunk of the paper backing missing."
"Had to use pliers to tighten it so the needle wouldn't fall out then the needle snapped within the first couple times of use."
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Magic Embroidery Pen Punch Needle - Sotica Magic Embroidery Pen Set,Embroidery Patterns Punch Needle Kit Knitting Sewing Tool for DIY Threaders Sewing
How to use the magic embroidery needle pen? 2.In the process of embroidery,relieve stress on work and life,A beautiful piece of Artwork can be done by embroidery pen. What you will get if you buy the craft punch needle embroidery? The punch needle embroidery kits includes: 3pcs x Needles. 2pcs x Threaders. 2pcs x Threading apparatus. 2pcs x Rose-shaped embroidered patterns. 1pcs x Pen Needles. 1pcs x Handle. 1pcs x scissors. What need you noticed when use the diy magic embroidery pen? ★【PERFECT KIT】 - Embroidery kit provides the dedicated needles and rose flower shaped embroidered patterns.Come with 1 adjustable punch needles, 3 different size needles, 4 threaders and 1 extra magic pen embroidery to meet variety of needs.
"one fun toy for the kids~got this for my 12 years old as a Christmas gift and she absolutely loved it~she has been played it for days~she always like arts and crafts stuff since she was little~the pen punch needle set is very easy to use with clear instructions (although kids hardly follow the instruction) but she was able to make a pattern after the first attempt."
"Easy to use ... my daughter uses it to place her patches on her jackets and jeans and she likes it... she is only 13 so this is a great item to choose for a child to use."
"Love stitching, I do crosstitch everyday, love having this one too I can embroidered my pillow cases and blankets, I tried once turns good , more practice to learn."
"I'm new to embroidery and wants to have it as a hobby but I really like these embroidery set that I got!"
"Did not come with any written instructions."
"Love love love this kit."
"Watch instructions on youtube and you'll get the hang of it faster."
"This embroidery needle design is very good, so that I can not embroidery, but also embroidered beautiful patterns."
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Best Sewing Thimbles

Clover 614C Leather Coin Thimble
This is a medium coin thimble made of soft leather with a special dimpled metal coin disc for fingertip protection.
"This is my favorite thimble, and I own two of them as I often use it in two fingers (second and third) at the same time. Leather thimble with a metal plate (marked #1 in the photos, this is the product in this listing) is my favorite, most versatile thimble. All leather thimble (marked #2 in the photos) is extremely comfortable, but because it has no metal parts it provides less protection. I often use it as a second thimble on the hand to protect another finger because it does not get in a way. Thimble #5 is a thimble I made myself out of band-aid wrapped around my finger. Thimble #6 was a thumb thimble I bought, but I found that it got in the way because it was a bit too long and made my hands less agile. So if you have to buy one thimble I would go with leather thimble with a metal plate that is for sale in this listing."
"It has a metal piece on the side so you can push needles through thick materials without gouging yourself. I can't wait to get started on my project and make my first hand made quilt."
"I intend to introduce her to Boro this fall but I don't want her to give up before she gets going with it so this thimble will help to keep both of us happy."
"I love, love this thimble."
"This time I got two, one for me and one for my sister."
"I've used the Dritz leather thimble for years (until I recently realized that it was riddled with tiny needle holes and no longer protecting my finger!)."
"These are the best for hand quilting."
"I paid full price for this item and my review is unbiased."
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Best Sewing Threaders

Clover 4071 Desk Needle Threader, Purple
Simply drop your needle in (any needle except tiny quilt petites) rest your thread in the slot press the button and you will have your pre-threaded needle.
"I would pay a whole lot more if they would make a quality tool and guarantee it for a year."
"Finally found the right oval head sharps needle that worked."
"I'm getting up in years and can't see the eye of a needle let alone thread it."
"I chose three stars because this only works for threading a specific kind of needle."
"Does not fit all needle size and it takes practice to figure it out but it works ok."
"Great for threading the needle."
"Great idea, but it only accepts very small needle eyes and then 1/2 the time (or more) its won't thread."
"Quite disappointed but hope manufacturer will will take this and others' reviews to heart and improve on what could be a really valuable aid for sewists."
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Best Sewing Templates

Cardboard Pattern Sewing Cutting Board-36"X60"
Cardboard Pattern Cutting Board is a lightweight durable corrugated cardboard cutting surface. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"My Mom actually used it as a table pad for our dining room table!"
"It also displays measurements in inches and converts inches to the metric system which is wonderful because I never got the hang of the metric system."
"I love this."
"It is perfect."
"Wife Loves it, uses it every day!"
"Wished it had scallop lines and circles but that I can figure out, but it does have 3 short curve lines."
"As advertised."
"It arrived and it looks good, but I haven't used it yet."
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Best Sewing Seam Rippers

Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper
Ditz Deluxe Seam Ripper is a large sized seam ripper that has a handle that is easy to grip. Use seam ripper to cut and remove unwanted stitches.
"I needed this because of all of the hair that gets wrapped around the brush roller on my vacuum which renders it useless."
"Did not purchase this to use as it was originally intended, but for cleaning my long hair off the beater brush of my vacuum."
"My old seam ripper had served me well for many years, but it was time to replace it."
"These are great for removing electrical tape around wires."
"It's a seam ripper that does exactly what it was intended to do."
"Can never have enough seam rippers!"
"Also works okay on embroidery - the tip is just a bit big for the tight "weave"?"
"Bought this to remove the logo off of old scrubs, but it ended up tearing holes through them and making them unwearable."
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Best Sewing Repair Patches

SEWING KIT– Premium Set with Over 100 Accessories & 24 Mixed Color Threads, for Emergency Sewing Repairs at Home, in the Office or Travel Trips, Beginner Mini Sew Kit For Mending & DIY Crafting, Black
Our portable compact kit is packed with all the high quality sewing necessities you need: ✔ Stainless steel scissors. ✔ 30 Needles (Imported from Japan). ✔ 2 Threaders. ✔ 11 Pins. ✔ 11 Safety Pins. ✔ 3 White Buttons. ✔ 3 Black Buttons. ✔ Thimble. ✔ Measuring Tape. ✔ Seam Ripper. ✔ 16 Spools of Thread in Popular Colors The compact canvas case zippers securely when not in use and opens flat when needed. The kit's elastic holders keep all your supplies secure and tucks easily into your purse, drawer, glove box or backpack. This sewing kit can be used by anyone easily; adults, kids, boys, girls, beginners, college students, men or women. Become More Self-sufficient and Take Care of Small Repairs Yourself with This Amazing, Fully Equipped Compact & Practical Sewing Set, A Thread-and-needle Problem Can Be Solved Almost Instantly! Whether You Want A High-quality Sewing Kit To Mend Your Son’s Stuffed Tiger, Or You're a Tailor That Simply Love To Make Small Additions That Make Your Old Clothes Fashionable Again, This Complete Sewing and Mending Thread Kit Is Your Solution! It Could Be Your Sister’s Birthday, Your Colleague’s Housewarming Party, Mother's Day or Your Best Friend’s Name Day, or Even Christmas, Whichever The Occasion is, This Superb & Thoughtful Sewing Starter Kit Will Make A Perfect & Useful Present Idea That Anyone Would Love To Receive!
"About 100 thread colors, needles, thimbles, scissors, tweezers and I could go on enumerating articles."
"A great price for all that the case contained."
"The picture makes it look bigger than it's actual size, however once I looked at what was inside and the quality of the items I was VERY impressed."
"It is a tiny travel kit and I love it!"
"My case was slightly cracked, not major.You could see the cracked lines in the plastic."
"Nice compact travel set."
"It's small and compact but it has everything you need for a quick sewing job."
"This sewing kit was actually better than I was expecting."
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Best Sewing Pinking Shears

Pinking Shears, 2 Piece Set, Serrated and Scalloped, P.LOTOR 9.3 Inches Handled Professional Stainless Steel Dressmaking Sewing Craft Scissors
P.lotor 9.3 inches dressmaking scissors comes with the finest quality durable stainless steel blades for a sharp edge and long cutting life. * Pinking shears designed for everyday use and tasks like cutting paper, fabrics, linings or opening boxes. * Hardened, stainless steel blades for lasting sharpness. * Stainless steel blades provide smooth cutting action. * Lightweight design gives you cutting control. * For left or right hand use. Included a Pair of Serrated Scissors and a Pair of Scalloped Scissors.
"I'm a seamstress so I've been through my favorite share of pinking shears and I know exactly what I'm looking for in a pair of shears."
"Didn't really start using them regularly til December - just for cutting the ends off of ribbon."
"these Pinking Shears are great, i have try them and i love them the best i seen yet, thank you very much for letting us buy them."
"Great scissors!"
"I love these pinking shears."
"Sharp; cuts well."
"I've used them on 100% cotton fabric I was using to making a quilt and the cut was very good (eg sharp points on the pattern)."
"Great quality."
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Best Sewing Tape Measures & Rulers

Fiskars 6x24 Inch Acrylic Ruler (12-87577097J)
Fiskars large Coastal Colors Acrylic Ruler is perfectly sized for cutting strips or squares of fabric right from the bolt. Ideal for cutting fabric strips or squares directly from the bolt.
"Awesome ruler I love the length of this ruler I was able to cut longer lines of fabric at once then regular rulers."
"This is HUGE!!!"
"Previous fiskars rulers I've used had dark orange markings."
"Really recommend buying a self healing cutting mat and rotary cutter to use it to it's full potential."
"This is an excellent ruler."
"Perfect use when I'm using my rotary cutter, plus because of it's size, gives enough support to prevent fabric from moving when cutting."
"Wonderful transparent ruler for cutting material."
"I recently starting sewing and doing some crafting and quickly learned that I needed a clear ruler for the fabric."
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Best Sewing Marking & Tracing Tools

PaintMark Premium Paint Pens, 15 Vibrant Oil Paint Marker Pens For Wood, Glass, Metal And Ceramics.
If you’re looking for a premium-quality paint marker pen that won’t fade and can write on any surface, look no further than PaintMark’s super-vibrant pack of 15 oil-based marker pens. 15 VIBRANT PAINT COLORS: Included Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Light Blue, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Pink, and Metallic Violet.
"Most of the time these markers work okay every once in awhile a drip.........."
"They work great."
"My nephew’s love these markers."
"Delivered fast and worked as it should."
"Product as described and highly recommended."
"Very nice."
"Love the paint pens."
"Great pens."
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