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11,750+ Authentic Rainbow Mega Refill Loom by Talented Kidz: Includes 10,750 Premium Quality Rubber Bands, 3 Backpack Hooks, 30 Charms, ABC Stickers, 250 Beads, 600 Clips, DIY Personalized Organizer
PERFECT FIT: The carrying storage case lets you organize rubber bands, bracelets, charms, hooks & clips. DIY PERSONALIZED CASE: With the ABC sticker sheet included, you can write your name and personalize your case. Over 2.4 pounds of bands and accessories carefully sellected and exclusively available by Talented Kidz: THIS IS THE ORIGINAL REFILL CASE with THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT CURRENTLY OFFERED ON AMAZON, AUTHENTIC BY TALENTED KIDZ. 11,750 pieces Mega Bundle: Over 10,750 premium quality rainbow rubber bands + 30 Charms + 3 Backpack/Zipper Hooks + 250 Beads + 600 S-Clips + ABC Stickers + DIY Personalized Case Organizer. NO GIMMICKS or FAUX UNIT COUT: 2.4 pounds of premium rubber bands and accessories! The storage case has some removable dividers and lets you place your loom and organize rubber bands, bracelets, hooks, charms & clips. Rainbow Loom® is a trademark of Choon's Designs LLC, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse Talented.
"I got this item so she could organize her bands, the box came in perfect condition and the bands are very nice too."
"I teach 43 kids and they have all make a few bracelets and not even half of them are gone."
"My son loved this set."
"My daughter has made several "charms" with the rubber bands and has no problem with them breaking when she pulls and stretches them through the loom."
"I'd definitely recommend this set for anyone that wants a wide variety of colors, a large quantity of bands, and a reasonable price."
"A great variety of bands."
"Whether you want to make necklaces or tons of bracelets, you will have to get more rubber bands at some point."
"Great mix of band colors, charms and beads."
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11,750+ Authentic Rainbow Rubber Bands Refill Set Includes: OVER 10,500 Premium Loom Bands in 42 Unique Colors 600 S Clips 24 Charms 10 Backpack Hooks 200 Round Beads 52 ABC Beads Loom Bands Organizer
DASKID LOOM BAND REFILL KIT COMBO with PREMIUM QUALITY RAINBOW COLORS! What You Get Inside This MEGA Combo Refill Storage Case: - over 10,500 premium quality latex-free rainbow colored rubber bands. - Many colors of the rainbow (and more) are included: Glow in the Dark, Tie-Dye, Glitter, Metallic, Jelly, Silver, Gold, Neons, Black, White. This amazing bracelet making kit organizer comes with over 10,500 rubber bands in 42 different colors. Includes: over 10,500 Loom Bands in 42 Unique Colors ● over 600 S Clips ● 24 Charms ● 200 round Beads ● 52 ABC Beads (2 of each letter) ● 10 Backpack Hooks (colors may vary). YOU GET: 42 Different rainbow color rubber bands, premium quality: 4 glow in the dark, 6 tie-dye, 5 glitters, gold, silver, white, black, mixed metallic, mixed clear dotted, jelly colors.
"There are so many different color & type of elastic bands in this set, not to mention the ‘s’hooks & charms."
"Not only do these colors come in the neatest little package which makes it easy to keep them all visible and and storing and not losing them you also get a pack of all the refills for the pens so this is the nicest little set I think I've ever purchased."
"Best refill kit I have ever found."
"My daughter has discovered a love for the rubber band loom and this package has provided an incredible outlet for her creativity."
"This is a great set to go with the loom band set we purchased for my daughter for Christmas. It's great that it comes with the organizing case to keep the band's separated and not a huge mess and it includes so many different colors and connectors and charms that it's definitely going to make endless bracelets!"
"But I am assuming the little girl receiving this gift will be very happy."
"Love this!"
"My daughter is going to go nuts when she opens it on Christmas!"
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Kiserena Complete Collection Loom Bands Set with 4000 10-Color Rainbow Rubber Bands, 1 Loom, 2 Metal Hook, 2 Plastic Hook, 170 S Clips, 10 Charms, Beads and Organizer. Fun Loom Bracelet Making Kit
Kiserena Upgrade Loom Kit consists of a more durable storage case that contains EVERYTHING needed to create tons of beautiful rubber band bracelets, rings, necklaces, charms and more! • 4,000 high quality, latex-free rubber bands in 10 rainbow colors. • You get 400 bands of every color: pink, black, white, navy blue, orange, green, purple, red, yellow, and blue (colors may vary). • NEW!! More durable storage case - with secure compartments to keep all your looming materials neat and well-organized. Plenty of YouTube videos show you how to create all sorts of rubber band bracelets and other ornaments. Because your child smile is worthy, we made sure that our loom bands are made of high quality, latex-free materials, have good stretch and pliability, and don’t break very easily. Our loom bracelet kit contains 4000 stretchy rainbow bands, looms, hooks, charms, beads, s clips which allow your child to make many different rubber band bracelets and even 3D charms. IMPROVES YOUR CHILD’S CREATIVITY: Keep your children thoroughly entertained for days and allow them to show off their creative side with our rubber band loom kit.
"My 11 year old son loves this loom set - paid for it himself (ok, he reimbursed me, but still ... ) Besides the pleasure of creation and sharing his efforts with others, it is a perfect complement to his Lego obsession given his need to improve and exercise his fine motor skills."
"I found this loom out to be very nice I didn't give it 5 stars because it has some sharp edges on the loom but othee than that it was great."
"Packaged and shipped in bag so when my niece got it the plastic case that holds rubber bands and loom was broken and all of the little rubber bands were loose."
"My daughter received this as a birthday present on Dec. 8 and she was beyond thrilled!"
"The kit was exactly what I was looking for and what I thought this product was."
"Bands were ok. Loom had some sharp edges and my daughter cut herself a couple times."
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Best Weaving Looms

Rainbow Loom Crafting Kit includes Loom, Metal Hook, Mini Rainbow Loom, 600 Rubber Bands + 24 Clips
Now kids can turn colorful rubber bands into bracelets, rings, charms and more even a mini handbag Finalist of the 2014 Toy of the Year Awards, the Rainbow Loom provides hours of creative fun. SET INCLUDES 600 RUBBER BANDS, 24 C-CLIPS and EASY TO USE RAINBOW LOOM Unlock video instructions with the secret code found inside A popular parent-child activity to develop a warm and supportive relationship Get together with friends and spend some creative quality time (away from the screen AWARDS: Winner of CHA Innovation Award Winner, TOTY 2014 finalist. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE SUPER FUN BRACELETS AND MORE : This Rainbow Loom Kit with loom and hook has all you need to create wonderful items like bracelets, necklaces, charms, keychains and more with Rainbow Loom Starter Kit and Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands. Bracelet making loom includes loom refill rubber weaving loom bands kit all the colors elastic band for rubber bracelets for kids. THE ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC QUALITY SAFE LATEXFREE SILICONE BANDS : Rainbow Loom products meet US Toy Safety Standards - Phthalatesfree, Leadfree, Cadmiumfree, Chromiumfree, Mercuryfree, and Arsenicfree Top quality rubber bracelets bands Rainbow Loom hook pack.
"Two for my daughter (so that she can join 2 together to make longer looms) and two to give for birthday gifts. The first two we opened looked the same, but on closer inspection you can see that one of the boards was clearer than the other (which was very slightly foggy). The problem was the backing from the one did not fit in to the holes of the other unit so we could never join them properly."
"I do believe that the true product will be a 5 star product, but do be very, very aware that there really are counterfeits out there. There may be an issue with like products, quoted from their response: "The product we sent in is authentic, the problem is Amazon Co-mingles inventory that is fulfilled by Amazon. I have informed Amazon that one of the sellers is sending in counterfeit looms." I can't rate the product appropriately until I get a replacement, but I do appreciate the way the vendor and Amazon are responding to this issue. Updated again on Dec 22, 2013: Received 2nd counterfeit Rainbow Loom from Amazon and immediately returned it."
"I initally ordered this item from this seller b/c i wanted my daugheter to have the Rainbow Loom for Christmas upon reading the reviews i found this wasn't the "Real Thing" I PROMPTLY contacted the seller to let them know that i wanted to cancel my order and that i didn't wish to receive a FAKE!!!"
"I bought this as a gift for my niece's birthday, which was in 4 days time. That's a ridiculous 25 days! I had to keep telling my 8-year-old niece that it was on its way, that it'll be there soon, ideally before she turns 9. It got to my niece in Massachusetts on Dec 9, a few days ahead of Dec 13, but that was still over 20 days -- way more than the original ETA, which was already an unacceptable amount of time. This review is topped off by one star, but that's only because the website won't let me choose zero."
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Best Weaving Ball Winders

Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder
Note: The metal yarn guide arm comes folded against the ball winder for shipping.
"I absolutely love this yarn winder."
"The resulting cake is easy to USE when knitting (as opposed to a ball) because the cake stays put when you pull on it. Some may like that because it may make it easier to center-pull the yarn, and leaves plenty of room to insert the label when storing the cake. Initially, I thought the bobbin in the middle wasn't held in tightly, allowing the cake to pop off. Since then I realize that with some effort this middle bobbin does in fact click in securely and WILL NOT POP OFF."
"It's all about making sure your holding that yarn and keeping the tension so you get a nice cake."
"I've also found that you can tighten the tension of the wound ball by lightly holding the yarn with your thumb and index your fingers, before it goes into the metal guide loop. There are other no-name winders here on Amazon for a little less money, but I chose this one, because it is sold and backed by Knit Picks, which is a reliable brand and which will stand behind the product if anything goes wrong."
"This winder clamps on the table instead of just slipping on, which makes it ultra stable... it loads easily and takes no time at all to knock out a cake."
"My 5yo daughter decided to "use" it and got yarn twisted around the bottom of the stem...... 15 minutes later and my husband fixed it...... Also make sure you use it on a sturdy table of some sort, a tv tray is too flimsy and will not give the proper support for this device."
"I’ve done a few skeins that were larger and it makes a lot of noise and popping when it has a larger amount of yarn on it."
"Take it slowly otherwise the yarn will slip and pile up at the top or bottom and you'll have to unwind."
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Best Weaving Spinning Wheels

Ashford Kiwi Spinning Wheel 2 - Unfinished
This is an excellent beginner wheel due to its easy learning ratios, double treadle and affordable price. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I love this wheel."
"A little tricky to assemble, but got it working."
"Perfect wheel for a beginner!"
"We were a little surprised that not only was it unfinished but unassembled, but it went together easily."
"Fast Delivery."
"I am a male that stands 6'4", so I wanted to sit and try a wheel before I plunked down my hard earned money. I went to The Mannings (a fiber shop that gives many classes), and sat at every wheel that was under $500 (my self imposed limit). It makes plying much easier and I like the slightly slower speed of the Jumbo head."
"The two metal posts on the base of the wheel operate as a built-in lazy kate, so this wheel is an all-in-one package, requiring virtually no additional accessories to get you up and running."
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Best Wool Roving

SUPER SALE 1 lb POUND Natural White Wool Top Roving Fiber Spin, Felt Crafts LUXURIOUS with FAST SHIPPING! 1lb
1 lb pound of very HIGH QUALITY Beautiful Soft Domestic 58s Wool Top Roving- FAST SHIPPING! Perfect for Crafts, felting, spinning into yarn, cat caves, Waldorf Doll Heads, Stuffing, Arm Knit Chunky Blanket (recommend 7 lbs per blanket) and if you want to make your own wool dryer balls. Made with Romney and Blackface breeds in eastern half of the United States. It has been carded and combed for a silky smooth top that will spin up like a dream good for many applications including sweaters, scarves, hats and more. Soft medium wool that is enjoyed by beginner and advanced Crafts 26 Micron -We LOVE it when you POST YOUR PICTURES of YOUR CRAFT/ARTWORK USING SHEP'S WOOL IN YOUR REVIEW Below- We LOVE to see your beautiful creations!
"I'm using mine that came in the mail today to make a large chunky throw blanket and it's coming out beautifully!!"
"I've been searching high and low for decent chunky yarn to make a blanket and this is perfect!"
"Perfect, I use it for my needlefelting and crafts."
"I started using this for drop spindle."
"The wool was so soft and clean, it was beautiful and I loved the color!"
"Very nice, clean and up to my expectations!"
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