Best Alignment Tools

Longacre 78260 Caster Camber Gauge
Whether you are into stock, modified, drag, go kart, off-road, sprint or RC car racing, we'll provide you with the quality racing parts you deserve. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Great support by this company if you have questions just give them a call!"
"Do it yourself alignment made easy."
"We circle track race 5 cars, 3 - 4 cylinders, and 2 charger cars."
"nice product!!"
"I wasn't sure what to expect but this thing is heavy duty and accurate."
"Works nice."
"Nothing short of a work of art !"
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Longacre LON52-79501 Toe-In Plate
Whether you are into stock, modified, drag, go kart, off-road, sprint or RC car racing, we'll provide you with the quality racing parts you deserve. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Tapes are kind of low end ."
"Except the magnet slit on one side of the plate, the tape measure end point couldn't fit into it because either the slit hole is slightly smaller than the other side or tape end is too circular to fit.Tried the end to the other side of magnet slit and it barely fit with force."
"This worked well to set the toe-in after replacing my front axle."
"The toe-plates worked great for us at the track."
"easy to use and work as designed."
"Love the magnets they added to this product."
"Use them every week."
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BETOOLL 5pcs Front End Service Tool Set Separate Pitman Arm Tie Rod End Puller Ball Joint
Size: Large C-shape puller: jaw spread: 1-11/32", throat depth: 2-1/2"; Small C-shape puller: jaw spread: 1-1/8", throat depth: 2-1/8"; Large swing arm puller: jaw spread: 0 to 2-1/2", throat depth: 3-1/4"; Small L-shape puller: jaw spread: 3/4", throat depth: 1-3/4"; Large rocker arm puller: jaw spread: 7/8", throat depth: 2-1/4"Large C-shape puller, △---PRACTICABILITY--Allows easy removal of most popular types of pitman arms, dtie rods and ball joints found on Domestic/Import automotive and light truck applications.
"I don't know if this is durable enough for repeated use, but for the price, this has the pullers that are absolutely the way to go if you are working on suspension that has 100K miles on it. I already had one of the lever type pullers, like in this kit; but the jaw opening was too narrow for my vehicle ('97 lincoln mark viii)."
"I used a air ratchet and impact, and so far there still strong."
"I got to be honest I was very apprehensive about these because of the price."
"Worked great to remove upper and lower ball joints on my 71 Satellite."
"Quality is about harbor freight level!"
"Excellent set of tools for suspension and steering components."
"Used one time and it the one I used broke!"
"Weak metal, the bolt will bend before pushing out anything."
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Best Axle Tools

1/2" Drive 6 Point Axle Nut Socket (36MM) | ARES 70067 | Extra Deep Impact Socket for Easy Removal of Axle Shaft Nuts
Well marked..”. - Designed for Impact Use with Manganese Phosphate Coating to Resist Corrosion. - Extra deep to fit various axle lengths. - Meets & Exceed ANSI/ASME. - Made from high-strength, heat treated chrome vanadium. A must-have socket if you're doing any work on the front end that involves removing your wheel hub: Wheel hub replacement, Upper/Lower ball joint replacement, U-joint replacement, etc. High-torque, 6-point opening grips flat sides of fasteners, not corners, preventing round-off. If you have any issues with your ARES Axle Nut Socket, simply contact customer service for troubleshooting help, parts, replacement, or refund.
"I used my Kawasaki 12volt impact driver with this socket and it took 6 hits from the tool before the nut came loose."
"30mm Ares axle nut socket."
"Ford wheel bearings fail over and over when installed by hack mechanics that don't use torque wrenches."
"Can't change wheel hubs without it!"
"Worked great, used it to get the axle nut off the rear of my 97 Corvette."
"I removed the axle nut on my 2003 F150 Crew Cab Lariat 4.6 liter with this."
"THANKS TO THE ARES SOCKET, ALL TOOLS ARE NOW RUSTED. The 29mm Ares socket has been in the basement for 3 months alongside other tools, and I found specks of rust on it, so both sockets get 1 star from me."
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Best CV Boot Tools

Dorman 614-030 HELP! Universal Fit CV Boot Air Tool
Dorman Products, Inc. is well-known as a leader in providing quality auto parts to the aftermarket. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"You have to use only the Dorman stretch type boots with it, but they are no more $$$ than other brands, and my local auto parts store had one in stock for my vehicle. The instructions were fairly complete, and clearly state that the operating pressure should be 58 - 101 psi, which you control with your air compressor regulator, not this tool. (Remember to look for the online videos, to see how to use it). One additional suggestion would be to buy or borrow a banding tool for the straps. After I was done, I bought an OTC 4623 CV Joint Banding Tool And Cutter for around $14, so next time, it will be even faster to change the boot. I got a smokin deal on this, for just over one hundred bucks, so it can pay for itself after one or two boot changes, vs. buying the whole axle."
"Don't bother with the blue split boot, this will do the job fine and quick."
"Dorman 614-030 CVboot expander tool. This CVboot expander appears to work fine - while not a super/professional quality unit, for the frequency that one uses these I'm sure it will be perfectly adequate."
"So either I was going to buy another axle or this tool."
"Works well with the compatible stretchable boots."
"The tool is quite effective and had no trouble once I figured out how to use."
"Worked ok."
"One of the best tools I ever bought."
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Best Tire & Lug Tools

GTE TOOLS - LugStrong 26" Universal Compact Lug Wrench Set, Super-Strong Tire Iron & Lug Nut Remover - 2x more torque!  Never Get Stuck on the road again!
In. POWERMODE. (L configuration), LUGSTRONG. gives you 200% more torque than any other lug wrench tire iron on the market! GUARANTEED FOR LIFE- We designed LugStrong to be the last wheel lug wrench you ever need to own.
"Very flexible with different lug options, and if you need it, it has a 1/2" drive socket for any other socket."
"Bought to go into a 1966 Ford Galaxie with new tires and custom lug nuts, so required thin walled wrench."
"The way this lug wrench folds down is awesome."
"The 1/2" socket adapter stores on the end of the silver crossbar, so make sure it doesn't drop unseen to the ground when assembling the wrench at night."
"I'd like to counter one piece of feedback another reviewer made about the leverage you can attain with this device as the product picture is deceiving (in this case in your favor)."
"I think it is a very useful tool and have ordered two more units to give as gifts this Christmas."
"definitely better than the one the came with the car - fit lugs perfectly."
"I bought this lug wrench for my wife when I was deployed and she had to use our tools to remove a trailer tire because the lug wrench from our truck did not fit the trailer lugs."
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Best Suspension Tools

OEMTOOLS 25550 MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor
This OEMTOOLS Strut Spring Compressor quickly and safely compresses the spring for easy replacement of the strut cartridge or strut assembly repair. This OEMTOOLS Strut Spring Compressor quickly and safely compresses the spring for easy replacement of the strut cartridge or strut assembly repair. WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBILITY: Compress Most Sizes Of Macpherson Strut Springs With The Oemtools Strut Spring Compressor – Quickly And Safely Compress The Spring For Easy Replacement Of The Strut Cartridge Or Strut Assembly Repair.
"Four also provides a greater sense of security than only using two--as I tightened, I was wondering what would happen if one of the compressors suddenly broke (when I was only using two) and what could I do--can't run since there would be no chance, and with it being also so close to my lap, would I get killed or seriously injured, or wind up speaking in a shrill tone of voice? A spring with coils almost as thick as a figure under compression is as, if not more, dangerous than a loaded gun--imagine being hit with one when a compressor breaks."
"As simple as replacing a spring or strut change can be you don't want to make a mistake when working with loaded springs."
"I would advise spending the few extra bucks and buy this in the blow molded case, the plastic that it ships in when you opt for no case is a pain and on top of it, you don't have a case!"
"It wasn't quite able to fit around my 5/8" shock, but if you remove the pin completely, you can attack it to the shock and then reinsert & secure the pin."
"You must keep the strut compressor pulled outward, near the adjustment head, in order to maintain socket access."
"Very good buy and worked for me on my utv shocks to make it easier to change ride height/turn down the spring collars."
"These worked great for my rear springs, easy to use and I felt safe as long as I used them properly and as instructed."
"If you've ever had a spring pop out of a cheaper spring compressor, you know that it's something you don't ever want to have happen again. If these can handle 18kg/mm under heavy compression, with no problem, they will easily handle the factory spring rates found in most cars (3-7kg/mm, or 170-400 lb/in), and the spring rates of off the shelf performance springs (usually no more than 35% stiffer than OEM spring rates)."
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Best Wheel Bearing Tools

OTC 6695 Axle Shaft Seal Installer for Ford 1998-2004 F-250/350/450/550
The OTC Ford axle shaft seal installer works on 1998-2004 Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 4X4s having the vacuum-operated front axle. Works on 1998-2004 Ford F-250 F-350 F-450 and F-550 4X4s having the vacuum-operated front axle.
"This somewhat heavy tool came packed in rigid, form fitting foam with a plastic bag around the actual tool."
"I would rather buy the right tools to get the job done on time without spending inordinate time "MacGyver'ing" a bunch of one time use tools."
"you can spend 2 hours building on from local black iron, but by the time you get part and assemble you have spent more in time than just getting the correct tool for the job."
"Had built a home made version and used it a few times, but setting depth without the proper tool was a pain."
"The concern I had was if the piece I built would work right and not destroy a $50+- seal, so I decided to buy this and do it right."
"Hated spending the money but wouldn't want to do the job without one."
"This is one tool you can not live with out when doing hub seals on your Superduty."
"A special tool for a very hard job."
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Best Steering Column Tools

ABN Steering Wheel Lock Plate Removal Tool
About ABN Steering Wheel Lock Plate Removal Tool. Designed to depress lock plate and remove steering wheel lock plate.
"Successfully used this ABN Steering Wheel Lock Plate Removal Tool to compress the lock plate spring, allowing c-clip removal and lock plate removal from the steering column of my 1990 Jeep Wranger YJ tilt wheel steering column."
"This is a great tool to have when having to compress lock plate in steering wheel."
"I only used it for 5 mins to get the lock plate back on, and it did that perfectly, and it'll be much easier to take off if I have to do this again."
"works great, and simple to use, but if I had a third hand wouldn't even need it."
"As described and of good quality."
"At the price though, it's worth buying it instead of driving all over renting and returning."
"Took me forever to disassemble the steering wheel, using jury-rigged clamps, and about 10 minutes to reassemble using this tool."
"The item broke with first use."
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Best Power Steering Tools

OTC 5079 Heavy-Duty Power Steering Pump Analyzer
OTC Heavy-Duty Power Steering Pump Analyzer is one way to troubleshoot problem components in a heavy-duty power steering system: a flow and pressure reading meter. There is only one way to troubleshoot problem components in a heavy-duty power steering system and that is a flow and pressure reading meter.
"Would rate Higher does what described but had a different product inside of the otc case. The Otc one's in past came with fittings to hook directly up to hd truck systems."
"received as expected, connected easily and works great."
"They shipped me a different manufacturers product without advising me they were doing so."
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Best Ball Joint & Tie Rod Tools

OTC 7249 Ball Joint, U-Joint and Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit
Style: Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit. Enter your model number to make sure this fits. Removes and installs press-fit parts such as ball joints universal joints and truck brake anchor pins.
"Perfect except I had to use a piece of 1/4 plate as a cap since all the cylinders are open ended and one needed to be capped to get the ball joints pressed back in correctly. Something that simple like a capped cylinder should not be missing from this kit."
"I needed a supplemental kit that had the correct parts to fit on the Dodge knuckle (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00061SGPO/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_29)."
"Still using after a few years and still going strong, it’s a must have for ball joints and ujoints so far it seems to take the abuse I throw at it."
"Not having a good vise and not wanting to beat stuff out with a hammer (and that not being possible with ball joints) I sprung for this tool to add to my extensive collection. I found that you will either need the optional adapter set - or - some clever improvisation as pressing Ford Ranger ball joints in and out required more adapters than the set comes with."
"I was reluctant to buy this because I can always borrow one from the parts store. Each & every time I do that though, there is something wrong with their tool & makes the job tougher than it should be."
"Was very skeptical about ordering this after reading other reviews of receiving an overseas item."
"I work on light truck differentials for a living, and occasionally must perform ball joint replacement, and drive axle u-joint service. The press "C" frame actually bent after removing two ball joints from a 1/2 ton pickup, so I returned and exchanged the tool at the same store for an identical unit."
"I used it to replaced Universal Joint on my Tacoma 2005."
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