Best Arc Welding Electrode Holders

Victor Thermal Dynamics 91101123 Tweco Tong T316MC Electrode Holder Copper Alloy
One-Piece Handle covers up to the jaw thereby eliminating need for the body insulator resulting in fewer parts to inventory. One-piece handle covers up to the jaw thereby eliminating need for the body insulator resulting in fewer parts to inventory. One-piece handle covers up to the jaw thereby eliminating need for the body insulator resulting in fewer parts to inventory.
"works good, not that much more expensive than replacing the insulators on the old electrode holder."
"Great replacement stinger for my stick welder!"
"This stinger is the most comfortable stinger I have ever welded with."
"Should have bought this the day I started welding."
"I love this rod holder!"
"Works great."
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Lincoln Electric KH520 Stick Electrode Holder, 200 Amp Capacity (Pack of 1)
This clamping device holds the stick electrode and transfers the welding current to the stick electrode. Electric electrode holder.
"$12 for fore stingers and they work."
"Use this for a day and it broke on me after one day of welding not worth buying."
"I went to the local welding supply store and bought a better one and threw this in the dumpster within a week."
"Broke where the metal ended leaving about an inch of plastic on the trigger."
"Plastic part of clamp (the part you squeeze) broke after the second electrode."
"The screw that holds it in place, goes all the way through and doesn't hold the plastic in place."
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Duro Holders Model Code: AA (part# 016250)
:13 oz ABAmps:600.00 A [Max], Electrode Cap. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"What can you say Duro is the best and the best but Duro, that is if you are running a lot of amps through your rod holder."
"I can burn several consecutive 1/8" 7018 rods without gloves and not get hot, which is impossible with a tweepco rod holder."
"Excellent quality and very well built."
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Best Arc Welding Stick Electrodes

Hobart 770460 6011 Stick, 1/8-10lbs
Product Type: Welding rod, Welding Rod Type: All purpose stick electrode, Welding Processes: All purpose, Compatible With: Carbon and galvanized steel, Weight (lbs. Welding Electrodes An all-purpose stick electrode for use in all positions on carbon and galvanized steel. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"These rods strike easily and give a clean weld."
"Works great excellent price."
"I'm a novice welder but these electrodes do everything I need to do."
"easy welding good product reasonable price."
"The 6011 works well, especially with dirty steel on the farm."
"Even at my + 70 years I still weld and this is good rod and about the best price I have found."
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Best Arc Welding Rods

Forney 30705 E7018 Welding Rod, 3/32-Inch, 5-Pound
The Forney 30705 7018 Mild Steel Low Hydrogen Welding Rod produces quality results on low amperage DC welders and higher amperage AC welders. The third number tells the welding position; ie.1=All position ie.2=Flat or Horizontal position ie.4=Flat, Horizontal, Overhead and Vertical Down position. The fourth number indicates the type of current to be used and coating of the rod; ie.0=Cellulose Sodium, with deep penetration, use Direct Current Electrode Positive ie.1=Cellulose Potassium, with deep penetration, use AC or Direct Current Electrode Positive, or Direct Current Electrode Negative ie.3=Titania Potassium, with light penetration, use AC or Direct Current Electrode Positive ie.8=Low Hydrogen, Iron Powder, with medium penetration use AC or Direct Current Electrode Positive. Designed for welding head enable steels and projects involving hard to weld steels including thick sections and restrained joints with cracking issues.
"Nice quality, durable welds, second pack I've used up, will buy more."
"This is a great little rod, slag just falls right off."
"Nice rods came dry and weld very good with no problems all the rod had the flux on them and they seemed liked nice fresh rods ."
"Excellent for welding 1/8" thick flat iron, very responsive to amperage settings."
"It's a good welding rod and it burns great on 65 amps ."
"Vary good but my welder haven't been used in years, so my neighbor used them and welded for me."
"Good rods, the plastic holder works great to protect your rods."
"Not bad, could be cheaper in price."
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Best Arc Welding Nozzles

Hobart 770404 Slip Type Nozzle, 1/2-Inch, (M-10/H10)
Product Style: Slip on, Product Type: Nozzle, Size: 1/2in., Works With: Select welders. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I suggest you purchase some: "Hobart 770074 Welding Mig Accessory Nozzle Gel". It helps prevents splatter from sticking to the nozzle, thus decreasing the frequency at which you need to buy new nozzles."
"This was a perfect fit for my Hobart 210MVP MIG gun!"
"I cannot find these nozzles locally and the nearest welding supplier is nearly 30 miles away."
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Best Arc Welding Kits

Magswitch MAGJIG 95 MagJig 95 Magswitch
Unmatched speed, strength and precision in clamping, Magswitch MagJig Magnetic Clamps have revolutionized table top workholding in woodworking and industrial fixtures. Features fast, strong set up anywhere on a steel or cast iron table or fence. Make custom jigs and fixtures by drilling a hole using a Forstner bit into ¾” thick material.
"In spite of the recommendations for using these on a horizontal surface, I used 3 to secure a roller curtain valence to a metal door and they positively work without puncturing any holes, making replacing the door a non-issue."
"I have tried other magnetic products for making custom woodworking jigs, and can say this is the best I have found."
"It's strong enough to pick up my anvil when on but won't pick up a paper clip when off."
"The magnet is very strong and can be used for numerous jigs."
"I recommend that you buy the base that goes with it."
"This purchase makes 6 that I own."
"Great help in the field I work in holding x-ray film to piping and tanks, or checking whether carbon steel or stainless steel components."
"You can't get a better "grip" than with one of these MagJig Magnet for holding something sharp and steady, and very easy to remove without leaving a mark."
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Best Arc Welding Tips

Hobart 770177 Tip,Contact .030 - Miller
MIG Contact Tips .030-Inch (Pkg of 5) For use with: Millermatics, Hobart Handler 135 and 175, Hobart IronMan 250, Later Hobart Beta-MIG 1800 and 2510. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"the last a fair amount of time before warping or ovaling out."
"Typical Hobart/Miller quality."
"I am completely satisfy, just in time, excellent condition well protected package no issues, truly recommended thank you so much."
"You can never have enough spare tips for wire-feed welding."
"Perfect size for the wire and threads fit the welder perfect."
"quality item, great value, performs as expected."
"The ones I received are Hobart & not some knock off."
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Best Welding Clamps

Capri Tools Locking Welding Clamp, 3 Pieces
INCUDES THREE CLAMPS: Includes an 11” C-clamp, 10” sheet metal clamp and 10” general welding clamp to cover a variety of metal work.
"each of the locking tools work fine, would recommend for general use."
"Great set of clamps and good price."
"Much heavier than Harbor Freight items - or even Northern Tool and the price is about HF level."
"Heavy duty tools!!!"
"These are great!"
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Best Plasma Arc Cutting Equipment

Topeakmart Welding Cart Plasma Cutter Wagon with Tank Storage
includes safety chains for shielding gas tanks. Maneuver with two quality rear wheels and two swivel castors Rubber rear wheels for added stability.
"Not a bad little cart."
"Just what I expected and fit my welder perfectly."
"quick shipping."
"I have a Hobart140 and this cart work perfectly for it as a hobby welder."
"If you modify the handle to make the welder fit, the door on the side of your welder will not clear the support arm so you cannot access your wire spools for replacement. So now all set...not quite yet, your gas tank will not sit on the back of he cart without hitting the back of your welder."
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