Best Automotive Blower Motors

TYC 700107 Chevrolet Replacement Blower Assembly
Each new TYC blower assembly is balanced and tested before leaving the factory to ensure proper and quiet functionality. The fan (wheel) is pre-balanced with the motor to ensure perfect fitment and performance.
"If you have never replaced that filter, I would highly suggest doing it (or checking it at-least before replacing the blower). The amount of crap that was on the filter was astonishing, and probably wasn't helping the longevity of my old blower."
"Well, it looks like a hamster wheel...So, fast forward a few You Tube videos on replacing this thing and Im beginning the work. As a large man, it was a difficult position to get into, to change this blower, but all and all, it took me about 30 minuts from the time I unclipped the first clip till I turned the ignition key to test my work. However after running it for about two hours of driving yesterday and today, I think it has lost some of the stiffness because it is actually blowing harder than the OEM fan I replaced."
"This fan was a perfect fit for my 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix."
"I'm so happy to have air conditioning again, I went all winter without a heater but luckily it was a mild one."
"Easy to install - I used a slightly deflated football (no Brady jokes here) to hold it in place while I inserted and tightened the screws."
"Let me first say that the part fit perfect and works perfect and to spec the voltage is right at the rpm it opperates at the only problem that I had was the first one I ordered didn't work the plug was installed incorrectly but nreturn was a snap and ordered the same one and it was perfect other then the aditional 3 days wait I'm happy with the purchase and purformance of this part."
"It works great!"
"The first picture is the original part and the second picture is this part."
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NuTone 5901A000 Fan Blower Wheel Assembly
Genuine NuTone blower wheel assembly. Works with many NuTone and Broan ventilation fans.
"Other Amazon reviewers strongly recommended purchasing this new fan at the same time when purchasing a new fan motor so that the new fan could be attached more securely than trying to use the old fan. Attached to the top of the fan is a metal compression clamp (see attached photo) which is used to mount the fan securely to the fan motor’s shaft. Imprinted in the white plastic along replacement fan's outside top perimeter are the words “Thorgren Valparaiso Indiana” and number ”2.” The only discernible difference between my original fan and this replacement is the way in which the plastic has been molded (presumably to provide strength) on the new fan in the area proximal to the hole through which the fan motor’s shaft is inserted (see attached photo)."
"Clip ring pliers and a new ring made the job very easy to do."
"Fit like a charm."
"Perfect replacement for my old bathroom vent fan."
"Haven't had to replace it yet, but wanted this on hand for when I do."
"This is a good quality exact replacement for my Nutone fan."
"Replaced a metal blower wheel that I couldn't "balance" and made lots of noise."
"Part fixed loud noise coming from the bathroom fan."
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Motorcraft YH-1715 Blower Motor Resistor
Blower Motor Resistor. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"My 2012 Ford Fiesta suddenly had this horrible burning plastic smell and then the fan speeds no longer worked on 1, 2, or 3 , but 4 worked fine."
"This part no."
"My 1&2 speed settings went out on my fan speed selector switch and I installed this on my 2008 F-150 and it corrected the problem."
"Worked as expected - I had lost the two faster fan speeds on my AC unit in my 2008 Ford F150, replaced this blower motor resistor and everything has worked perfectly since."
"Used this in my 2010 Mercury Mariner, and it works perfect."
"The heater fan was only working on high."
"Worked fine for a 2008 F350."
"Easy fix when my blower speed stopped working in my 2006 Mustang."
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Best Automotive Replacement Wiper Motors

Wexco Wiper Motor, 24V
This heavy-duty wiper motor comes with adjustable speeds ranging from 40rpm to 60rpm which helps in creating maximum speeds. Durable Wiper Motor: electric wiper motor is made using high quality materials. Replacement Wiper Motor Use: Wexco motor for wipers helps to accelerate performance of most types of wiper blades. Equipped with 2-speed wiper switch for easy adjustment of wiper angles.
"Works well installed on Polaris ranger."
"great shipping and works well."
"Easy to install and easy to adjust the wipe angle."
"I replaced the wiper motor on my 2010 Polaris Ranger and this was a perfect fit."
"Perfect fit fast shipping."
"It was listed as the replacement for the wiper motor I wanted but when I got it does not "wire up" like the old one and does not fit inside the cover i have to use do to an adjustment screw on it."
"I have a real problem with them sending a part like this without a manual or diagrams of any kind."
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Best Automotive Replacement Power Top Motors

BMW e85 z4 Hydraulic Pump for Convertible Top OEM folding roof hydro unit
This part fits: BMW part# 54 34 7 193 448, check fit below.
"Perfect got it in time and exactly what I needed thank you and a lot less expensive than in Montreal."
"Works, but be aware that connections maybe backwards."
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Best Automotive Replacement Gear Kit Motors

TEMCo Motor Run Capacitor RC0015 - 50 mfd 370 V VAC volt 50 uf Round HVAC TEMCo AC Electric
TEMCo's AC Electric Motor Run Capacitors are designed specifically for replacement of OEM single and three phase motor capacitors.
"Had pool motor fail to start, older motor about 10 years old at least."
"On my sixth time this problem happened I decided to give it a try on my own... was able to get my pump started with literally five mins of work and just the cost of this capacitor (instead of the $150 my pool company charges for the fix)!"
"Fits perfect whisperflo Pentair 2 hp motor."
"The motor turned easily when I used a screw driver to turn it's shaft and when I did this with the power on it gave the motor the jump start it needed to work."
"After ensuring that the impeller turned freely I pulled and tested the capacitor."
"Replaced run capacitor on my pool motor with this product."
"Seems to work fine."
"Solved my pool pump problem and has been working for about six months now."
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Best Automotive Replacement Power Door Lock Motors

APDTY 042512 Door Latch With Integrated Lock Actuator Motor Fits Front Left Driver-Side (Replaces Toyota / Lexus 69040-06180, 69040-0C050, 69040-42250)
Brand New Door Lock Actuator Motor w/Integrated Latch. Fits Front Left (Driver-Side). Fits 2011-2016 Lexus CT200H. Fits 2007-2016 Lexus ES350. Fits 2010-2016 Lexus GX460. Fits 2010-2012 Lexus HS250H. Fits 2009-2015 Lexus IS250. Fits 2007-2012 Lexus LS460. Fits 2008-2016 Lexus LX570. Fits 2009-2015 Lexus RX350. Fits 2010-2015 Lexus RX450H. Fits 2012-2015 Scion IQ. Fits 2011-2016 Scion TC. Fits 2008-2015 Scion XB. Fits 2008-2012 Scion XD. Fits 2010-2015 Toyota 4 Runner. Fits 2007-2016 Toyota Camry. Fits 2009-2013 Toyota Corolla. Fits 2008-2015 Toyota Highlander. Fits 2008-2016 Toyota Landcriuiser. Fits 2009-2014 Toyota Matrix. Fits 2007-2016 Toyota Tundra. Fits 2012 Toyota Prius C or 2012-2015 Prius V. Fits 2006-2015 Toyota Rav4. Fits 2008-2016 Toyota Sequoia. Fits 2011-2015 Toyota Sienna. Fits 2007-2016 Toyota Tundra. Fits 2009-2016 Toyota Venza. Replaces 69040-06180, 69040... Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I first attempted to take apart the oem lock actuator in order to determine the motor size and replace that part; however, that task proved to be quite a bit more difficult than the videos indicated and I broke part of the assembly without ever getting it apart. The two other somewhat tricky parts in the process were getting the handle guide inside the door frame through the lever on the actuator by feel alone and getting the top of the door panel back in the channel next to the window."
"I purchased this because the dealers wanted to charge me 700-900 per door."
"everything lined up and bolts up easy but the function on locking the door from the switch with the door open this way not to use the remote."
"I hope it's better than the defective parts Toyota used as original equipment!"
"Bought for a 2008 tundra."
"Best part of all it worked with the factory key fob."
"Does what it's supposed to do!"
"Works great for the price, but will never feel like the real deal!"
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Best Automotive Replacement Power Window Kit Motors

Full power window kit good for converting 2 manual windows to full power Low noise power motor operation Perfectly suited for front or rear door windows Illuminated switch buttons Condition: 100% Brand New. Converts 2x Crank-Style Windows to Power Window Roll Up Power window system is installed behind door panel This kit is suitable for vehicles with 12 volt systems Due to the complexity of this system, the power window kit should be installed by experienced installers only Please read the instruction carefully before installing and using the system. This is a high quality kit used to covert 2 windows to full power!
"Super easy to install."
"So, as far as wiring this product, you are on your own. I have had the windows installed for a couple of days and I highly recommend this product."
"works as advertised."
"works great!!!"
"Five months later in is still working good."
"I got a fuse tap and got power from the fuse block inside the cab."
"Bought this item to replace a 13 year old power window kit that had failed."
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Best Automotive Replacement Sun Roof Motors

Convertible Top Pump Motor Assembly 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 Buick Electra, Wildcat & Lesabre
New Convertible Top Pump Motor for all 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970 Buick Electra, Wildcat & Lesabre Convertibles. This Convertible Top Pump Motor will fit ALL GM Full Size cars from 1965-1970 including: 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 & 1970 Cadillac, Buick Electra, Buick Wildcat, Buick Lesabre, Chevy Impala, Olds 88, Olds 98, Pontiac Bonneville, Pontiac Catalina & Pontiac Grand Prix Convertibles. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The person I ordered for, said it was exactly what they were searching for; very satisfied."
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Best Automotive Replacement Seat Actuator Motors

Motorcraft MM951 Power Seat Motor
Motorcraft Power Seat Motors are designed, engineered and tested to meet durability and reliability under extreme conditions. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Perfect replacement for my 2004 Town Car Ulrimate."
"I never used it so I really do not know much about it but it looked great thanks for the fast refund it was not the motor it was the track."
"Excellent and very suitable for my car."
"The device was as advertised."
"Installed and works like OEM."
"Excellent product."
"Fixed my seat and is a good price."
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Best Automotive Replacement Power Door Lock Kit Motors

InstallGear Keyless Entry System with Two 4-Button Remotes & 4 Door Lock Actuators - Central Locking System
Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Would highly recommend watching YouTube videos on how to install it as the instructions that come printed on the back of the box are extremely basic and don’t explain anything at all."
"Meaning if you unlock the driver's side, then it will automatically unlock the passenger side, and vice versa."
"Now I have to complete the job and figure out the trunk parts to completely accomplish what I want to do."
"Excellent product!"
"They have held up for a year - I suspect that they will last longer then that."
"They work very well and would have given 5 stars except for the fact that it doesn't stay in either the locked or unlocked position so it relies on whatever it is moving to stay in position."
"Installed in out chevy over a year ago, they are still working."
"But with a little imagination and a little bit of cussing, I got it mounted and it works like new."
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Best Automotive Replacement Seat Back Recliner Motors

Limoss 450158 Power Recliner Motor Actuator MD120-02-L1-435-250
Used for Power Recliners and Home Theater Seating. Used on many different furniture manufacturers power recliners such as Omnia, Sagless and Palliser. Please check to make sure your model number matches the number listed above. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
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Best Automotive Replacement Rear Window Defogger Motors

Permatex 09117 Complete Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit
Provides a low-cost, high-quality repair for damaged rear window defogger grids and tabs.
"Very tricky applying the stencil but with help of the brush provided was able to apply the paint."
"It works but it does create a hot spot where you apply it."
"Worked great once I read the instructions fully."
"Sure enough it worked exactly as stated."
"worked exactly as directions said it would except after waiting 48 hours for the conductive adhesive to set the defogger didn't work."
"I determined exactly on the wire that the break was located, and applied the Permatex per instructions."
"I used the repair kit to fix the broken lines in my defogger, but the resistance is higher than the existing conductive defogger conductors."
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Best Automotive Replacement Feedback Actuator Motors

Dorman 604-202 Air Door Actuator
Dorman Products, Inc. is well-known as a leader in providing quality auto parts to the aftermarket. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"5 stars for upper actuator."
"Great price and good product, I used it for my 2004 Lincoln Navigator, the clicking from the rear A/C was driving me crazy."
"Worked great, fit was good and fixed problem at fraction of the cost from other suppliers."
"Is is exactly the same as the unit I took out, minus color and guts I imagine. I fear that without turning the fan on High when turning to heat, the gears inside the actuator will get stripped just like the original did."
"Replaced my rear blend door actuator in my 2003 Ford Expedition with this unit."
"Worked like it should."
"Arrived as promised and fit perfectly."
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Best Automotive Replacement Headlamp Actuator Motors

Mopar Performance 53041140AB MOPAR Actuator
53041140-AB ACTUATOR 21030002. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"This was exactly what w needed."
"Part does not fit I had to drill out the holes."
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Best Automotive Replacement Tailgate Window Motors

Cardone Service Plus 2K-205 New High Pressure Oil Rail Repair Kit
Cardone Service Plus High Pressure Oil Rail Repair Kits are supplied with a complete set of ball tubes and high temperature seals, cutting repair costs by 80%. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Good product."
"Note that Cardone lists these for 05+."
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Best Automotive Replacement Trunk Lid Pull Down Motors

Dorman 747-000 Trunk Lid Pull-down Motor
Dorman Products, Inc. is well-known as a leader in providing quality auto parts to the aftermarket. Direct harness connection for ease of installation--no cutting or splicing necessary.
"The motor housing is the same, standard GM thermoplastic so some care will be needed by the installer at getting the close and lift cycles correct so that excess strain is not put on the mounts but other than that this kit is extremely affordable for all of us classic GM owners."
"This is a good replacement for a GM trunk lid pull down, exact replacement and works well and costs a lot less than a GM replacement."
"Second replacement of this part and it works great."
"I replaced my original from my 89 camaro and this pulls down the hatch no problem."
"Less than perfect fit, but very strong."
"Exactly the part I needed to get my 87 Trans am's rear hatch to work properly."
"fit like a glove and work perfectly!"
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