Best Automotive Body Parts

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System
The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System lets you shine and restore plastic lenses, including headlights, taillights, fog and directional lights. Features 3M abrasive technology and a polishing compound to restore hazy and dull headlight lenses, as well as other plastic lens surfaces on your vehicle. System is intended to restore two headlight lenses.
"Having come into possession of two different products for auto headlight restoration, I thought I would try a head to head comparison, The two products are the 3M Headlight Restoration System (PN 39008) and the Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Two Step Kit (hereafter know as Meguiar's)."
"I am the type of buyer who does a lot of research before pulling the trigger on a purchase and the case of buying a headlight restoration kit was no exception. I couldn't for the life of me figure out the difference int he kits, so I went with the cheapest, the 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System. 3M headlight lens polish sample. - The 3M 39014 Lens Renewal Kit includes all the above plus: 1 - 3M Masking Tape PN 0000 25 ft. - The 3M 39045 Lens Renewal Kit with Protectant includes all of the above plus: 1 - Container of protectant formula. I had making tape, so no biggie there, and I just used a high quality automotive wax on the lenses when I was done, so I didn't need the 3M "Protectant formula". I would say the lights came out at 99-100% I'm not sure what those who wrote negative reviews were doing wrong, but if you follow the directions and take your time, the results are great. - Finish up with a nice high quality wax on the lens to protect your work!"
"If they sold a refill kit of the sanding disks, this kit could be used again."
"I used the rubbing compound and sponge attachment to get rid of the haze on my wife's 6 year old car headlights."
"Well the turtle wax system was not only more complicated but it did a terrible job restoring the headlights on my 2001 Tacoma."
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Nilight 2PCS 18W 1260lm Spot Driving Fog Light Off Road Led Lights Bar Mounting Bracket for SUV Boat 4" Jeep Lamp,2 years Warranty
Specification: LED Power: 18W (6 x 3W High Intensity LED). Beam Pattern: Spot Beam; Lumen: 1260LM. Input Voltage: 9-30V DC (fits 12V, 24V vehicles). Working Lifespan: Over 30,000 hours. Working Temperature: -40~85 degrees Celsius. LED Color Temperature: Pure White 6000K-6500K. Material: 6063 Aluminum Profile, High quality Led Chips, PC Lens. Waterproof Rate: IP67; Waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof and anti-corrosive. Other Lighting: Excavator, Dozer, Road Roller, Crane, Mining, Tractor, Harvester, Grain Drill, Fire engine, Rescue Vehicle, etc. SUPER BRIGHT SPOT BEAM: High-quality LED chips emits bright white light; Concentrated spot beam illuminates to further distance and lumen is 1260LM.
"I read many one star reviews reporting that only one light was received contrary to the advertised two. I have two 20W KC LED cubes on my truck and after paying $250 for that pair, it makes these 18W CREE lights the bargain of the century."
"I read reviews about moisture issues, but have had none, even after several heavy rain events. Apparently, they weren't and now I'll have to uninstall the lights and get the rust off, then either paint or plasti-dip them and then reinstall."
"My old pods, which I bought off amazon, were bigger, dimmer, more costly and were packaged loose-pack style in a bag with their hardware!"
"The light output increases from 9 volts to about 12 volts. As the volts are increased above 12 volts the amperage decreases to keep the overall power consistent at about 11 watts."
"That means I had to mount they whole thing, get as firm on the metric screws as I could with finger tightening, remove the whole light, and re-tighten the screws with wrench, then re-install the light to truck."
"My high beams were really dim in my van and made it difficult to drive at night."
"Update: I moved these from the front bumper to brackets on the windshield (installed a larger flood/spot combo on the front bumper)."
"I'm giving these 4 stars because these lights aren't perfect, and don't throw out the best light in their class, but for the price they can't be beat."
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FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover, Standard - Black Pro
As the ultimate ice scraper alternative, the FrostGuard Windshield Cover protects your vehicle windshield and wiper blades from snow, frost and ice so that you can start your day as quickly and easily as possible on those bitter cold mornings. Available in two sizes (Standard & XL) the FrostGuard Windshield Cover fits most vehicles including Compact Cars, Sedans, SUVs, Trucks & Vans of most makes and models. FROSTGUARD WINDSHIELD COVER protects your car windshield and wiper blades from winter weather (including snow, frost and ice). Check your vehicle dimensions to ensure the best fit for your vehicle.
"Not a bad product."
"I should have gone with the larger size but this works just fine it only has about a 2 inch gap on each side of the cover."
"It covers "most" part of my Honda Civic wind shield."
"Quality seems OK but standard size is too small for my 2008 Prius."
"Gift for son in law, last one I bought was really cheap material and didn't work like it should."
"The X-Large fits the 4Runner nicely and is a little over sized for it which is better than the standard which is undersized."
"As others have said, there is another version of this product which was sold on QVC which included an added piece sewn onto the front edge that covers the wiper area."
"Because this cover is smaller, it will not cover your windshield wipers and outside air vents."
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Best Automotive Air Dams

02-08 DODGE PICKUP (NEW STYLE) RAM 1500 / 03-09 RAM 2500 3500 (FOR STEEL BUMPER USE ONLY, NOT FOR SPORT/ SRT-10) FRONT LOWER AIR DAM BLACK. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"all bolt/screws (5) holes lined up well. Only problem (DODGE)puts the two inside holes where you can't access easily with the bumper truss bracket in the fargin way."
"The air dam for my truck (see photo) has hard plastic tabs that fit into slots in the steel bumper. After leaving it alone for a day or two, I used my compression wood press hooked against the underside of the tabs and the top of the inner bumper frame (they’re like a U-brace but one you can continue to press the object tighter by repeatedly squeezing the lever), which effectively pushed the tabs all the way in so that they would lock into position in the bumper slots."
"Doesn't come with fasteners but those are easy to find at any auto parts store."
"Great product , looks exactly like the ODM for a fraction of the cost, only thing that could be improved is to send the nuts and bolts needed for the installation, but the product itself deserves the rating."
"OK but had to cut a bit of the bumper away in order for it to fit properly on the truck."
"Have not installed it yet but as described."
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Best Automotive Glass

Delk FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover 52495
As the ultimate ice scraper alternative, the FrostGuard Windshield Cover protects your vehicle windshield and wiper blades from snow, frost and ice so that you can start your day as quickly and easily as possible on those bitter cold mornings. Available in two sizes (Standard & XL) the FrostGuard Windshield Cover fits most vehicles including Compact Cars, Sedans, SUVs, Trucks & Vans of most makes and models. FROSTGUARD WINDSHIELD COVER protects your car windshield and wiper blades from winter weather (including snow, frost and ice). Check your vehicle dimensions to ensure the best fit for your vehicle.
"This fit on my SUV perfectly, but it did not fit my dad's truck very well."
"It does its job, doesn't stand up against major winds though (though I guess 20-30mph wind is a lot to ask of a product)."
"Not a bad product."
"It covers "most" part of my Honda Civic wind shield."
"Got this for my dad for Christmas and he loves it!"
"Because this cover is smaller, it will not cover your windshield wipers and outside air vents."
"The straps were fraying or broken on BOTH of the covers we bought on the very first night we used them."
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Best Automotive Clips

GOOACC Nylon Bumper Fastener Rivet Clips Automotive Furniture Assembly Expansion Screws Kit Auto Body Clips 8mm - 40PCS
Specification: Material: Black Nylon, suitable for car use. Better replacement for original bumper and fender clips. MULTIPLE USE: Widely used for door trim, radiator shield yoke, fender, bumper, side skirt, grille, engine cover and splash shield retainers.
"The material is somewhat cheat and flimsy, and if you ever have to remove one or pop em open, they scratch and bend way too easily."
"Used to attach new inner fender well/splash guards on my 2002 focus."
"More than I obviously needed but I might as well replace all of the old clips with these new ones since I have many to spare."
"After spending too much on parts store fasteners that didn't fit, happy to have gotten these that fit perfectly."
"This product arrived on time and fit perfectly on my Honda rancher and Honda recon."
"Used this to replace some liner retaining clips that came off in the wheel well of my 2017 Mazda 3 GT hatchback."
"As time passes and the plastic becomes brittle, these heads will just break off and I will have to drill them out, if it does not fall away."
"These Nylon bumper fastener rivet clips did not fit GMC/Chevy engine compartment."
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Best Automotive Doors

Ford Door Cable Repair Kit for F-series with Cam Piece, E-series, Ranger, Expedition, Excursion, Navigator (4 Ends Repairs Two Cables)
With this kit there is no need to replace the expensive door cables! Vehicle Fitment: •1992-2013 Ford F-150, F-250, F-350. •1992-2013 E-series Econoline Van E-150, E-250, E-350. •1997-2002 Expedition, Excursion, Navigator (rear door latch/liftgate). •1992-2013 Ford Ranger Ext. Repair kit includes 4 pieces and can be used to repair a total of two (2) door cables; Note: Installation guide can be found by clicking on Product Images.
"As such, they appear to strike a compromise between being small enough to snap into the opening yet large enough not to pop back out, but this means that they don't have the same slot diameter as the original parts and they "flop around" in the opening quite a bit once inserted. I kept checking them to convince myself that they weren't going to pop back out, and I even forced a screwdriver into the cable slot of one to see if I could pry it open more so that it would snug up in the receptacle (not very successful with that)."
"Went online to find the dealer wanted the entire upper latch and cable assembly for over $150!! So I ordered a set for 1 door and decided to give them a try, after all for $15, it was worth a little risk.... Only the upper cable was messed up on mine. After I removed the speaker, there was plenty of room to get my hands in there and replace the lower end with the lower cable still attached to the latch."
"I did not have to remove the wire cables or anything, just cleaned up the old sheathing to make sure it was as smooth as possible and slipped these on."
"There are two cables in each door with two ends on each cable."
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Best Automotive Evaporator Housing

Spectra Premium 1010206 Evaporator
Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology and quality control ensure that Spectra Premium evaporators meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment they replace. High density fins designed for maximum cooling efficiency.
"Worked fine!!"
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Best Automotive Exterior Mirror Replacement Glass

Fit System 62075-76G Chevrolet/GMC/Cadillac Driver/Passenger Side Replacement Towing Mirror Set with Turn Signal and Dual Glass
True OEM Style driver and passenger side towing mirror set with L.E.D Turn Signals that fits 2003 - 2006 Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Avalanche; 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic Full Size Pick-Up; 2003-2006 Chevrolet Silverado Full Size Pick-Up, Surburban, Tahoe; 2007 GMC Sierra Classic Full Size Pick-Up; 2003-2006 GMC Sierra Full Size Pick-Up; Yukon, Denali, XL Model. Upper glass is power adjustable, has the LED arrow turn signal and is heated to assist in defrosting the mirror glass (power adjust glass, heating and turn signal functions will only work w/vehicles that originally came with these features); lower blind spot glass must be adjusted manually, OE-comparable wiring harness (no "pigtail" connector) for hassle-free installation. Heated and power adjustable, OE-comparable wiring harness (no "pigtail" connector) for hassle-free installation.
"If you go to U-tube to find videos on mirror replacement, the videos may be wrong on this PU installation (all the ones I could find were the wrong door even though they said it was for the right model and year) for the doors were all very different on all that I could find. Be careful to remove the two central screws, one outboard center and one in the very middle under the door pull handle (a small 7mm black screw). Then, once those screws are all out (3), pull outward on the inner central area so as to bow the door panel outward and allow you to lift and loosen the clips holding it to the door panel steel. This will allow you to pull out the bottom and inner door side panel to get a 7mm socket on about a 24" extention up on the screw that holds the hand switches panel in place.... just one screw and one clip hold it in place. :-). #2: The mirror alignment of the outer edge of the mirror follows the curve of the door panel exterior..... so, the mirror does not sit at a normal angle to the ground. The door curves up to top and the mirror sits on the curved door, so it takes the same inward cant."
"After talking to a coworker that added aftermarket mirrors to his 2004 Duramax, he gave me the part number from another well known automotive website. The price difference was a little higher than the others that offered what looked like the same set but trusting his advice, I ordered it anyway. Watch out for the screw under the front of the inside door mirror adjusting switch plate."
"I had to pull them apart and install some washers on the top bolt inside in order to bring them down to level. The top mirrors are very clear and no perspective issues whatsoever."
"As has been already written these are the ones you want, the look and fit are perfect."
"Amazing item!!!"
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Best Automotive Exterior Mirrors

Ampper Blind Spot Mirror, 2" Round HD Glass Frameless Convex Rear View Mirror, Pack of 2
Package: 2 x blind spots mirror and support. 2 piece packaged, newest upgrade 360 degree rotate + sway adjustabe, maximize your view with wide angle in car. 2" HD Glass curved male face frameless ultrathin slim design, equip with 3M adhesive for pressure-sensitive tape installation.
"I drive an SUV and while I have great visibility out my windows, I wanted the extra perk of having blind spot mirrors. If I ever want to remove the mirrors I plan to use a razor blade to scrape off what I can, followed up with some Goo-Gone or WD-40, both of which should help dissolve the adhesive and completely clean the glass. They're good parking mirrors and don't block my normal view at all, so I see no reason not to have them on my vehicle."
"It's a good size for the corner of my monitor and the wide angle gives me a perfect view of what's going on behind me in all directions."
"I purchased this one because there is no bezel that takes up space when the rear view mirror is already so small and you'll need whatever space you can get."
"It uses 3M brand adhesive pads which stands up really well to rain and car washes, and it is also a very fair price for a pack of two. I recommend taping it in the spot you want and driving around the block to make sure it's where you like it."
"Just a quick glance at the side mirrors and then on these blind view mirror and ready to smoothly take a turn.One particular area where I found it very very helpful is when my car is packed with people and there is a lot of movement happening and you have to ask them to be steady , so as to get a clear view of the right side blind spot. Instructions on the package ask you to visit youtube for how and where to install Ampper blind spot mirror, and I did just that."
"Because the swivel mount makes the blindspot mirror stick out from the car mirror, your car mirror reflects the backside of these little mirrors reducing what you can see from your car mirror (shown in the picture but it's much worse, especially on a smaller sedan mirror)."
"I placed this pair of blind spot mirror on both bottom-left corner of each side mirror."
"I don't understand why only a small strip of the adhesive is used to hold the mirror on the mount."
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Best Automotive Fan Shrouds

MaxxAir 00-325001 TuffMaxx A/C Shroud - Polar White
The TuffMax A/C Shroud replaces Coleman-Mach 11,000, 13,500 and 15,000 BTU covers and features a built-in rear fin guard and is made from extra thick, extra tough UV protected plastic. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"FYI, the forward hole slots need to be ~1/8" further towards the front to align with the Coleman mounting points - better you know this before you climb on top the RV and then climb down and modify."
"It fit perfectly, had way better construction, a back grill to protect the coils."
"I was unable to find a model number on my old a/c, but the measurements provided by the seller helped me to confirm the fit."
"Excellent replacement for my old Coleman A/C shroud."
"i installed on my 1987 motor home fit perfect.did not need to drill front holes they were already elongated."
"Fits perfect on my Coleman Mach 2."
"Fit with little effort on 13,500 watt a/c unit as replacement on my 1999 19b Nash travel trailer."
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Best Automotive Fenders & Quarter Panels

Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078 For 2002-2008 Dodge Ram 1500; 2003-2009 Ram 2500 3500 (Fleetside Models ONLY) | Textured Matte Black Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Fender Flare Set, 4 Piece
Compatibility Requirements: Flare Height: 5.5" in front and 4.5" in rear.
"Great quality flares at a great price."
"I'll start with the cons, the push in fastners are trash, they don't fit totally perfectly to the bed sides, and the body clips are useless. Install time was only about 45 minutes for all four, the fronts installed in 2 minutes each and the rears about 4 minutes each."
"Great product at a great price I just ordered a second set for another truck."
"We fit these to our 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab sport (to hide the typical rusty fenders and also to spruce up the truck a bit)."
"Great product for the price. The stainless bolts blend nicely with my white truck, stainless step bar & stainless bed rails."
"These are my first fender flares to own and install, so I cannot compare them to the higher end flares."
"Installation was ok, took like 3 hours, because I had to move my Cummins emblem, because I had it up front, but it would probably take your average joe.... Like 2 hours."
"Finally got around to installing these this past weekend and they look great."
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Best Automotive Floor Pans

5 Pack Jeep Wrangler JK rear floor pan body plug 55397226AA Fits 2007 - 2013
This listing is for FIVE (5) Drain Plugs Jeep Wrangler JK rear floor pan body plugs 55397226AA. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"These also work to replace the TJ ones that are made from sheet metal and are destroyed after removing."
"My only complaint is the smell...holy smokes it smells like a thousand Harbor Freight stores were packed into the envelope."
"I opened the plastic and put them in a box in my garage to air out for a week and they still smelled a little, but not as bad."
"Used these to plug the front drain hole in our 2012 JKU when we noticed water getting in under the carpet."
"Great product and great fit."
"Plugged up some open holes in my rig now I'm ready for deeper water crossings!"
"These fit perfectly."
"The smell of these takes me back to my first visit to Harbor Freight."
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Best Automotive Grilles

Xprite Beast Front Matte Black Grille Grid Grill for Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Sahara Sport JK JKU 2007-2017
It is custom designed to fit 07 - 17 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door & 4 DOOR MODELS. Includes: 1 x Xprite Front Matte Black Grille Grid Grill for Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Sahara Sport JK JKU 2007-2017.
"Fit perfectly, even with after market lights...some very slight rubbing against the wiring of my winch, but barely."
"Wife bought me LED Halo headlights for Christmas (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTXNED5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_eVIBAbYGGEQ48). and since I would need to remove the grill to install them I figured I might as well get a cool grill to throw back on."
"Love the look this gives my jeep."
"Came in the mail very fast and was in great shape, I inspected the whole piece to see if there was any type of damage but it looked like factory."
"Looks good on but did not come with clips, foam seal for hood or plugs."
"Seems to be sturdy enough, very good fit, everything lined right up, the only thing bad, it is very hard for me to reach the hood release, I have large hands so I can't get them in far enough to get to it, the winch on the bumper does not help, with the use of something I had laying around my garage it's easy to release, by the way, it's a yj with a tj grill installed."
"It's flat black, not painted but I have used lemon pledge on it as I do on my tir=ers and dash, and bug's don't seem to stick as bad."
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Best Automotive Hatchbacks

Dorman 924-092 Ford Rear Black Clear-Coated Hatch Panel
When the plastic panel located on the rear of your vehicle cracks, Dorman has a solution! This part has undergone a rigorous inspection to ensure high quality.
"These things are notorious for cracking, wish Ford would stop being so stingy and just make it from metal not plastic and adhere it with a proper method other than adhesive tape or glue."
"Worked well no adhesive or double sided tape included clear coat was scuffed from shipping need better package protection shipped in a plastic sleeve in a cardboard box !"
"This panel helped replace the cracked one on my 2002 Ford Explorer XLT."
"Exact match matches paint exactly great fit."
"This item perfectly matched my Explorer."
"Fits good, some scratches on the panel, other wise ok ."
"Great price and quick shipping."
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Best Automotive Header Panels

OE Replacement Pontiac Grand AM Header Panel (Partslink Number GM1220165)
The aftermarket replacement product offered on this page does not have a UPC (Universal Product Code) associated with it.
"Fit the car nicely, however some of the pre-molded areas such as those that allow the headlight retainer clips to slide in were not formed properly, I had to use a dremel to grind the track area out in order for the retainer clips to slide in properly."
"Installation was super easy although I did have to have someone push/pull one side of the header panel to align it with the bolt holes cuz i couldn't do all that with a ratchet in hand."
"Very high quality but there was some extra plastic left behind which I had to cut."
"Fit in 2005 Pontiact Grand Am with little issue."
"Absolutely perfect fit ..got the old one off and this went back in its place perfectly."
"Quick shipping and correct part replacement for my car!"
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Best Automotive Hoods

Tuffy 292-01 Hood Lock, 2007-17 Jeep Wrangler JK
Whether you're out on a multi-day adventure or interested in protecting your hard earned valuables while in the big city the Tuffy Rec line has a solution for you. Tuffy's product designs are engineered and extensively field tested.
"3.Hood Tested..can't open hood after installed(without key) very tight,level & secure. (7) Hood remains tight & flat secure ,on Windy days per Highway Driving."
"I just installed this lock on my 2014 Wrangler Unlimited and I'm pleased with the quality of the product, as well as the ease of installation."
"Because this product doesn't replace the factory functionality of the Jeep, you don't have to worry about any 3rd party devices failing (like an aftermarket locking hood latch) and compromising safety. (This lock simply prevents the factory hood catch from fully unlocking. Note, the instructions direct you to detach part of the factory wiring harness loom that runs across the top of the radiator support, but I found this isn't necessary."
"Seems to be able to do its job of keeping sticky fingers from under your hood, or like in my case, keeping people with crappy batteries from parking next to you to jump their vehicle without me even knowing."
"This is typical Tuffy!"
"And yes it's true, this will secure your hood so it will no longer wobble in the wind at high speed."
"Nice big keys and mounted easy in my jeep."
"Easy to install, did not have to completely remove the grill."
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Best Automotive Insulation

Dynamat 10455 18" x 32" x 0.067" Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener with Xtreme Bulk Pack, (Set of 9)
Unlike Dynamat Original, Dynamat Xtreme is also recommended for trunk lids, roofs, quarter panels and under-hood installations. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"2 front doors, 2 side doors, and a rear door."
"Make sure to wear gloves when working with this!"
"I restore cars for a living and since most of them are frame offs we Dynamat our interiors for sound and heat proofing."
"I wish I had applied this stuff to all my restorations- it is amazing and changes the feel/sound/comfort of an old vehicle."
"Works amazingly!"
"Don't mess around, just buy Dynamat."
"While lining the doors behind panels will make a real difference lining inside the doors too on the backside of outside makes a much more effective sound barrier. I am using pad also under the hood and fully expect silence when I also complete trunk.Bare Ecco car to Luxury sports sedan for less than 2 grand is what I'm shooting for and looks like I'm going to make it."
"I have installed it in my two doors so far but to the point there is a definite decline in ambient road noise which made the stereo sound much better and the noise in the car with the radio off much more pleasant."
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Best Automotive Moldings

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit
Size: H11 (H8, H9). Health and safety: no high voltage and large current startup, no circuit interference and electromagnetic radiation, No fan, driver smaller, installation easier, plug and play.
"I had previously tried another brand that costs more but the output wasn't correct (see my other review) so I am returning it."
"Year and half ago I installed a set that had an annoying sounding cooling fan and a multi piece harness. These have no fan but a robust aluminum heat sink for cooling. It says on specs it is heat rated to 80 celsius (176 Fahrenheit)."
"The install was easy as pie and they look awesome in my 2018 Subaru Impreza."
"Well packaged and instructions were clear with pictures (if it’s not already self explanatory), great fit and finish. Taking a solid comparison pic wasn’t on my adgenda, but attached is one between bulbs."
"super bright headlights far better visibility than the OEM high beams."
"They only problem I had installing it was on the passenger side the dust cover did not want to go in place because the heat sink is to big but with enough playing around I finally got it somewhat in place."
"In pictures the bulbs look quite blue which is NOT the case."
"I purchased these lights for my 2017 Honda Civic Si and I’m very pleased with the quality and overall performance."
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Best Automotive Reservoirs

Dorman 603-217 Coolant Reservoir
Dorman is well-known as a leader in providing quality auto parts to the aftermarket. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Great alternative to OEM, Item is exactly the same to Motorcraft, just at much lower price."
"Not the first time we had to replace this part, assume it won't be the last."
"As original unit had small fractures it was not holding pressure in the system leading to temp increases in the EOT beyond the 15F delta recommended by Ford."
"The entire job took maybe 10 minutes, including getting the tools together."
"Took about 15 minutes total to uninstall the broken one and install this one."
"Took longer to drain the old one then to install the new one, just drilled a hole in the top of the old one and stuck a 1/4 inch landscape drip line in it to syphon out down to bottom hose."
"In November 2013 it developed a crack in the body leaking coolant."
"This is the second one of these that I bought and they leak around the seam."
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Best Automotive Rocker Panels

Smittybilt 76634 SRC Textured Black Side Armor, Pair
The ultimate vehicle protection. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Used 2 jack stands to hold the unit, slid into place, tilted up onto the bolts, put the nuts back on."
"Only recommendation is to make sure before final tightening of the two mounting bolts is to push the rail towards the outside so that the body mount washer does not rub on the inner rail mounting bracket. I write honest reviews from my actual experience after purchasing and using the product in an effort to pay it forward for the product reviews that have helped me make good purchases."
"Great product, very happy, and I would recommend for anyone wanting to add a step as well as some rock protection at the same time."
"Looks awesome!"
"The installation was done with 2 people and made things a lot easier. As for functionality - it gives a good step when getting on to the Jeep."
"I would have gave these 5 stars but I really think if Smittybuilt added a center mounting point along with the existing two, it would result in a more stable feel."
"Unfortunately the drivers side mounting bracket was extremely bent, it did not appear to have been damaged in shipping but may have been bent in storage at some point. The bracket was simply too mangled to just drill another hole for the bolt, there was a height difference between both sides of the bracket but luckily I was installing it at a fire department and had the luxury of using the hydraulic spreaders (vehicle rescue tools) to make the necessary adjustments."
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Best Automotive Sliding Doors

Genuine Honda 72521-SHJ-A21 Slide Door Roller Assembly, Right
Available for 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"It's been several months, and still like new."
"There is a great how-to video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKRMvx3VHLc. The guy actually shows every step and part, unlike some videos I followed this and did both doors in under 2 hours."
"Genuine part, as advertised, arrived quickly."
"Fixed the car and works great 2008 Odyssey."
"Product was a perfect fit for my 2007 Honda Odyssey."
"Installation will take about an hour for both sides, search youtube there's a few great videos showing how to do it."
"The changes I made were to not unplug the rear light and to hammer the pin out in place so I could avoid any alignment issues."
"This will certainly fix your odyssey sliding door issue if your rollers are worn and is pretty easy to replace."
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Best Automotive Sunroof Mechanicals

ACDelco 10377047 GM Original Equipment Sunroof Motor
An ACDelco GM Original Equipment Sunroof Motor is designed so your sunroof moves properly and are a GM-recommended replacement for your vehicle’s original components. Offering the quality, reliability, and durability of GM OE.
"thank you as described and delivered ontime."
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Best Automotive Sunroofs

CR Laurence NP1732B5H Newport 17X32 Hi Perf
The bowed front follows the windshield shape to perfection, and the tight radius of the corners fulfill the expectations of even the most sophisticated customer provides 92% Ultraviolet protection, and the easy-to-operate Bio-Mechanical Latch for instant opening or closing. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The latches should be made of steel, these composite latches are garbage, which one was broke when I opened the box, I messaged the seller about a replacement a week ago and still haven't heard anything back from."
"Perfect fit for my 2004 Chevy van conversion."
"Good fit and easy trimming for anyone needing to replace sunroof in a 2000's era kenworth."
"Needs better instructions.....for 5th star, overall looks good."
"was easy to install, works great."
"Had installed in my 2014 lancer, great buy, looks great, easy to use, probably could have installed myself but pro was definitely faster."
"Product was what I expected and was easy to install."
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Best Automotive Tops & Roofs

ALIEN SUNSHADE Jeep Wrangler Durable Polyester Mesh Shade Top Cover Provides UV Sun Protection for Your 2-Door or 4-Door JK or JKU (2007-2017) Original Black Unrivalled 10 Year Warranty
Unlike other Jeep Wrangler accessories and top shades that fit like they are not part of your rig, our top shade cover has a very. clean install and matching looks. . Alien Sunshade for your Jeep Wrangler features. high quality & ultra-durable rugged polyester construction. PROTECTION FROM HARMFUL UV SUN RAYS & REDUCED WIND NOISE: Protect you, your passengers and your Jeep’s interior from damaging UV rays without sacrificing that amazing open-air / top-down feeling that you love. EASY INSTALLATION IN MINUTES: no tools required and no need for any modifications.
"Great fit on my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2dr."
"If you lose hold of one of these cords you'll knock a tooth out....or get konked in the head like me. It looks ok and I'm contemplating sending it back if I can't get a replacement cord and if the mesh doesn't loosen up some. To my surprise not only was the missing bungee in my package but also a whole bag of different size bungees to have as extra - there was also a cool jeep keychain that was purple to match my shade color. All of that was nice and supurb but what shocked me the most was the hand written letter from the owner. I am one of many people who bought from them but to have someone so high up the ladder take the mistake in his own hands to fix it solidified for me the integrity of this company."
"Really makes removing the top actually a pleasant thing in the blistering sun days."
"I will say that my fitment does not look at all like some of the other tight fitting ones out there- i was temped to leave three *** Stars instead, but I'm thinking after a day or two in the sun it might tighten up. I will say that my fiance loves it, and doesnt need to keep her hair in a pony tail or a hat like she would before, as the wind has been greatly reduced. I think that this is a value currently because of the no brains install and intitiall quality; i will update later on fitment improvement and durability."
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Best Truck Beds & Tailgates

Gorilla-Lift 2-Sided Tailgate Lift Assist, Model 40101042GS
The Gorilla-Lift is a revolutionary product that takes 100% of the weight off heavy utility trailer tailgates or ramps, enabling them to raise or lower with virtually no effort. Lighter tailgates will not pop up off the ground and heavier tailgates will not fall to ground.
"I have looked at these for awhile before deciding to give them a try and stop breaking my back on the tailgate of my tandem axle trailer. Step one, do not leave the springs and cable in the tubes while marking where to drill the holes. Marking the tubes for drilling is easy, the holes arte kinda tough to drill as you are drilling into steel from your trailer."
"I had built a custom very heavy duty trailer not long after hurricane Ivan and due to a major shortage of any form of metal available at that time I decided to use a very strong 2inch square tubing . I had seen this system on another trailer and liked the fact that it is very simple and particularly liked that it does not detract from the design of my custom trailer. I am a contractor and my work involves hauling many things and so needed a fairly heavy duty trailer."
"Great job Gorilla Lift!"
"My rail is 2 1/2" tubing and that's how long the carriage bolts were."
"Happy with the lift."
"The gorilla lifts are great."
"Totally a great tool to put on your Trailer tailgate."
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Best Automotive Trunks

Genuine Subaru 65550SG010VH Luggage Compartment Cover for Power Rear Gate Only
Helps to protect the contents of the cargo area from prying eyes. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"It's not attached to the seats, so it must be realigned each time the seats are pushed back or put upright, otherwise they'll be a gap. It makes sense that it's this way, because the seats can embe tilted back individually. They could've attached two pieces of fabric to each part of the folding seat, but this is simple enough."
"No issues with installation at all, just pay attention that you are getting the correct version for the type of hatch you have."
"Subaru should have included this with the vehicle, and should point it out during the sale process but they don't."
"Great price, works well."
"Works perfect to cover valuables in back of Forester."
"bought this by accident, be sure to check if your Subaru has an automatic back door or not before purchace."
"The product fit well although it has an unusual attachment method for the part in front of the metal bar next to the seat."
"Those models have a power lift gate which makes the gate entrance slightly smaller."
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Best Automotive Valances

Evan-Fischer EVA182720532 Lower Panel Valance for Ford F-Series Super Duty 11-16 Front Textured 4WD Replaces Partslink# FO1095242
"Installed on 2014 F350."
"Fits better than oem part."
"Fits great, fairly easy to install."
"Easy install (less than 20mins). More than that though... customer service dealing with MBI Auto (seller) was top notch!"
"Exact match to OEM valance that I broke off in a fender bender."
"Replaced my one I tore off my truck on a tree stump."
"No issues."
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Best Automotive Roll Bars

Grab Handle Set for Jeep Wrangler Roll Bars (2 Pack),Easy-to-Fit 3 Straps Design for 1987-2017 Models,Wrangler Accessories (BLACK)
verything you put on your Jeep should match your Jeep with look, feel and quality. Specifications: Color: Black. Measurement: 9.6"x 5.0". Weight: 0.30lb. Package: 2 x Grab Handles. FIT:87-17 Jeep Wrangler JK TJ YJ CJ Rubicon Red Extreme Unlimited Roll Bar Side Grab Handle - Pair.
"ihave had many a set of grab handles for my various wranglers over the years and these are as nice as the fancy expensive ones you would get from the big name brands(rebel, rugged ridge, qtec, 4wd)."
"I am very short so getting in my 2017Jeep Wrangler Sport 2 doors, was a real pain; so those grab handles are a life saver."
"Very easy to install, and they provide. the needed stability for an more secure entry and exit."
"Grab Handles are perfect for our Jeep."
"Great product, great price, installed easily and can be mounted in many different areas!!"
"Fit great on jeep wrangler 4 Door very sturdy once installed and do not move form place A++."
"For the price, - perfect!"
"perfect fit, strong, easy to install, arrived on time and very well packaged."
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Best Automotive Door Panels

Dodge Window Switch Bezel Trim Ram Passenger Side 5HZ72XDVAB Front Right Door Armrest Panel 5HZ72XDVAC
Color: Black Passenger. Fits 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 dodge ram bezel.
"Actual replacement was a breeze, carefully lift up on bezel while bringing lower part up and out/back first, unplugging switch assembly from electrical, unscrewing assembly from old bezel, screw onto new bezel, reconnect wires, and drop back into door with slight snaps, making sure it seats well against flat door handle area."
"My old trim was worn out and had all the little tabs broken off to where the switch would slide around and never stayed in place."
"Replaced on 2003 dodge ram 2500 SLT quick and easy."
"I considered several choices available for a replacement bezel, all of which claim to match the original part color."
"Shipping was fast."
"Just what I needed."
"Perfect fit but the color is a little darker than the OEM."
"Very pleased, hope it lasts as long or longer than the original switch."
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Best Automotive Kick Panels

Genuine Nissan Accessories G6950-1EA0A Illuminated Kick Plate
Front and rear kick plates, with 4 pieces in a set and includes front illumination. Manufactured with high quality materials and to the exact specifications of your vehicle.
"I went to AutoZone thinking that maybe specialized automotive fish tape was a thing, but they'd never even heard of fish tape humorously. I had to go to a few different hardware stores before I found some fish tape with a small enough tip to run underneath the center console."
"Easy to follow instructions just read and take your time."
"Actual Nissan part."
"Fairly easy install took about an hour and a half taking my time, with basic hand tools."
"Look awesome in my car."
"Took about 3 hours to install, not very difficult if you take your time and follow the instructions."
"Good stuff simple took a hour."
"Really spiffs up the 370Z!"
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Best Automotive Headliners

Genuine Chrysler 82212464AB Headliner
By adding a thick insulating layer to the inside of your hardtop, you can keep interior temperatures down in the summer and up in the winter. Genuine Chrysler Accessories 82212464AB Hard Top, Headliners - 4 door.
"The dealer wanted to charge me like $500 to buy them with installation which was unreasonable so I bought them on Amazon and installed them myself."
"Fits my 2015 Wrangler unlimited perfect, high quality, really finished the inside of my jeep nicely."
"They fit perfectly and provide a finished factory look to my hardtop Unlimited! I did remove my soundbar to install the mid panel but did not have to remove the hardtop which was a huge plus!!!"
"The OEM headliner kit should be at the top of any JK owner's "must have" list."
"I rested the drivers side of it on the front headrest while installation of center panel and other end supported by wiring.. used rubbing alcohol to clean all areas where tape sticks to areas of all panels.. Glad my wonderful wife got this for me for an early Christmas present.."
"Installation for me, required removal of the entire top and using my hoist to ensure everything was nice and straight."
"It is very Sticky tape, I have a 2017 JK 4 door and everything installed really well, i did not have to remove middle speakers just angled the foam to get it up there."
"Very easy to put on, though you'll need to remove the hard top to install the 'mid' piece on the JKU a the sound bar is in the way."
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