Best Automotive Corner Guards

Ohuhu License Plate Frame, 2 Pcs Stainless Steel Polish Mirror License Plate Frames with Chrome Screw Caps - 2 Holes Car License Plate Covers For US Vehicles
NOTE: Please check the 6th product image for frame size.Please measure your license plate to check whether the frame bottom will obscure your plate bottom if your plate is for the following states: Oregon, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshise, Georgia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Alabama, Idaho, Nevada, Hawaii, Minnesota, Ohio, North Dakota. Package Content: -2 x License Plate Frame. - 6 x Plastic screw caps. - 4 x Machine screws. - 4 x Self-tapping screws. - 4 x Spacers. - 6 x Washers. - 1 x Screwdriver. - 1 x User Manual. STANDARD US LICENSE PLATE SIZED: The frames are sized 8 inches by 4 inches to fit traditional US sized plates.
"In Maryland we have front as well as rear license plates and most vehicles are not equipped with anything more than bolt holes in the front to mount the front plate."
"As advertised and comments about the caps to cover the screws were right on, they don't fit so you just have to throw them away."
"The back edges of the cover were pretty sharp, so there was a slight concern with it potentially damaging the paint of the car."
"I like these but the caps do not fit on."
"One set of caps worked great, the second set of caps were a mystery on how they worked."
"My 2 1/2 year old daughter helped me put them on within 5 minutes."
"Fits well, nice finish, screw caps are a nice touch slim styling looks good on my vehicle."
"I didn't want to put another 2 holes in my car so glad I found perfect ๐Ÿ‘Œ chrome cover."
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Danti Black Cowl Body Armor Outer Cowling Cover for Jeep Wrangler JK JKU Unlimited Rubicon Sahara X Off Road Sport Exterior Accessories Parts 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Simple Peel and Stick Installation: - No messy glue or drilling is required for installation. Perfect fitment:-These Textured Black Body Armor Cowl Guards are designed for use on 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU.
"Purchased these for my 2015 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited because somehow the door strap that keeps the door from opening too much had come off and I opened my door in the wind and it went all the way forward and dented the cawl. Removed the protective tape from the cawl cover and lined up with the existing cawl on the jeep. I installed these in my garage in the winter (I live in New England) So I plugged in a hair dryer and heated the cawl cover while pressing on it to maximize adhesion. I am very happy with my purchase and like how they look - even if the stupid door strap hadn't come off and the wind blew my door and dented the cawl, I would have bought them if I had known they existed!"
"My only suggestion is to add more 3m tape to the back.I bought a small roll and applied it to the back before installation."
"For the price they are a cheap way to cover those dents from the doors swinging forward though."
"I started checking these covers out after I dented a cowl with a door mirror and bought these as opposed to the $55 "name brand"."
"I got these primarily for cowl protection and I will say that these are rugged."
"I would give it 5 stars except for the cheap amount of knock off tape."
"Make sure you prep/clean surface with alcohol or windex and let dry Before installing."
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Danti Latest Black Cowl Body Armor Outer Cowling Cover For Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Sahara Jk Unlimited 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Size: FOR JK Cowl Body Armor. Product Feature. These Danti Body Armor Cowl Guards are designed to install simply with the supplied 3M doubled sided automotive bonding tape for a quick and secure installation. Perfect fitment: These Textured Black Body Armor Cowl Guards are designed for use on Jeep Wrangler JK JKU Rubicon Sahara X sport Unlimited 2007 to 2017 Years 2 and 4 DOOR MODELS.
"i would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to buy armor for their jeep."
"Looks great on my jeep but you have to buy a roll or two of double sided tape and tape two layers in quite a few places."
"I like the fact that they actually serve a purpose in keeping the mirror from banging into the body when the strap comes undone."
"scuffed easily and started to appear like a metal knock off after about 3 months, won't apply again."
"Only held on by some 3m tape, surprisingly they hold on pretty good."
"Wife put these on here jeep."
"Like many have stated, these are durable and worth the money but make sure you have additional high quality double sided tape on hand."
"This will come up and ruin your paint."
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Best Body Tub Rail Armor

Bushwacker 14068 Trail Armor Rocker Panel for Chevrolet Extended Cab (Black, Pair)
You purchased the toughest truck on the market and you absolutely love taking it off-road... but how do you ensure it looks like new when you arrive for a night out? Arm it with the ultimate protection for rocker panels and still plates, Bushwacker's Trail Armor for trucks... built to armor your investment from anything your tires may pick up and throw at your truck. Covers the rocker area under doors, protecting it from road debris and scratches and hides unsightly pinch welds or rust.
"Covered my 2003 Rustarado extended cab rockers."
"Worked perfect for my 2001 1500 Silverado LS."
"Every New Englander knows rust has no mercy."
"Will update with pics when temperatures allow to use double stick tape."
"Well worth the money!"
"These are a great addition- especially on the rust prone areas as these trucks age."
"Just placing these panels in place for visual purpose was AMAZING look and fit."
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Best Entry Guards

Door Edge Guard Protector For Most Sedans By COSMOSS, Virtually Invisible / Durable and Cleanly Remove Design, Easy D.I.Y. Installation: No Tools Needed (16-ft, White)
kit rubber guard for car door edge,1 pc comes in 16-ft length to cut to length, the trim is made of very flexible high quality TPO rubber with internal adhesive tape, no glue needed just peel and stick. Clean the door edge to remove any oil, wax & dust. Press the lining with your thumb along the door edge until it is fully seated, then pull the red strip off. The adhesive tape is designed to paste on the inside door edge, therefore it will not leave any residue on the outside door after the door trim is removed. : Our Door Edge Protected Lining works best for door edge thickness up to 2mm ( .078").
"The vinyl strip goes on flawlessly, it's a perfect white paint match to my car, and blends in making it barely noticable."
"Works perfect to install on silver vehicle and it was not visible."
"My suggestion is to remove it and apply another non-water based adhesive to the inside of the door guard before application."
"I donโ€™t quite like the strong odor when I open the bag."
"Can work in along with a good door bumper to prevent damage."
"I bought this product to protect my acura tl because it say universal door edge but sadly Does not fit on my car is door."
"However, not long enough to cover the bottom edge of the doors."
"What a great product!"
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Best Light Guards

Rugged Ridge 11226.02 Black Rear Euro Tail Light Guard - Pair
Rubber inserts around the mounting screws keep the metal euro guard off the taillight, prevents scratching and rattles. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The 4 screws that come with the product come with 4 rubber bushings for each side to keep the light guard from touching the plastic tail light assembly, adds a nice touch."
"As stated elsewhere, I consider these to be aesthetic and will only function to protect the light from minor brushes with twigs and branches, however much more impact, you wont be worried about just the taillight anyway."
"I had considered getting the Mopar Guards (in black, not chrome), but I don't like the way they look nearly as much as these Rugged Ridge guards, and they were significantly more expensive. Two of the screws that I received were of the wrong type (I got too many of screw A and not enough of screw B), so I first attempted to contact the manufacturer for replacement screws."
"Great product."
"Disappointed that the screws are too short to mount on my JW Speaker Led tail lights."
"The product was a bit more of a high gloss than expected."
"The Rugged Ridge Tail Light Guards came with all the right instructions and material to install quickly and easily. Although there are many different tail light guards available for the Wrangler, I happen to think that the Rugged Ridge are among the most handsome."
"Started seeing rust patches after 2 years on the (salted) roads."
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Best Hood Covers

SnowOFF EXTRA LARGE Windshield Snow Ice Cover - FIT ANY CAR, SUV Truck Van - WINDPROOF Straps, Wings, Suction Cups, Magnets - BONUS Demist Cloth + Blanket - Winter Frost Automotive Hood Covers
HAND MADE from BEST QUALITY MATERIALS - DURABLE WATER RESISTANT FABRIC GUARANTEED for long life plus ZIP STORAGE BAG - Keep in all autos and recreation vehicles as usable outdoors picnic sheet, tent sleeping pad, baby crawling mat or pet car seat cover - GREAT GIFT IDEA.
"i made sure to put the covers on my car before the snow began to ensure that wetness/snow did not get between the cover and my windshield (i read horror stories online of other models getting stuck/frozen to your windshield that way."
"I got this Car windshield snow cover on the day of a snowstorm.. talk about perfect timing! The snow cover comes with a instruction sheet that shows exactly how to place it."
"I loved it all...no negatives...at age 72 I put the cover on the front windshield of my cruze & best part is that it completely covered where the windshield well is & the next morning the window was crystal clear & no ice anywhere on or around it..i liked the way the side straps anchored to hub caps w/ hooks...sides tucked inside Windows & were held in place w/ suction cups."
"It's not as snug as the pictures indicate."
"Sometimes a bit fiddly to get it one and placed just so, I'd allow at bit if time for that once you reach your destination."
"Working well for us in Colorado Ice & Snow - Easier to put on with two people - Will get more tests as winter continues and we are confident it will perform well."
"Goes on easy, hasn't ever frozen to the windshield through two winters, now."
"He takes such good care of grandpa's vehicle โ€“ and I thought the SnowOFF and sun visor combination was a great addition to his "tools" to help him with his maintenance."
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Best Door Armor

MATCC 13Ft( 4M) Car Door Edge Guards U Shape Edge Trim Rubber Seal Protector Car Protection Door Edge Fit for Most Car
1.Ideal applications include uses as van doors and machinery guards to computer cabinets ,protective trim, upholstery trim, fender flare trim, door edge trim, automotive trim, decorative trim and much more. These door edge guards will protect your vehicle from nicks, chips & scratches, for most universal car. The adhesive tape is designed to paste on the inside door edge, therefore it will not leave any residue. Just push on the rubber seal above the install place.Attention to truck/van owners, please ensure your door edge thickness prior to purchase.
"This is an beautiful and really easy trim to install."
"After two days I could see the exposed metallic edge had some rust, but so little is exposed, I am not concerned about it dripping onto the door itself."
"This is the best car door edge protector I've found to-date."
"There was a foot of the strip left over when I was done, so thank you for giving me plenty to play with!"
"Never had a trim edge like this, it is rugged, durable and long lasting."
"You might realize that, like on my car, you actually want the end angled a bit so it'll match the top of the door a little better. I was able to do my two car doors (128i) and my wifes front door and top section of both rear doors (2016 Rogue)."
"Had enough for four doors of my Nissan Murano and the rear hatch as well."
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Best Fender Protectors

EAG Flat Style Front + Rear Fender Flares With Side LED lights for 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ
Heavy duty proguard plastic offers 100% UV protection with maximum durability and flexibility during harshest weather.
"5 stars FOR THE PRICE! look, of course there are going to be "better" fenders out there, but for $220 for front AND rear with turn signal lights?!?!?"
"No they're not the most expensive Bushwacker Fenders you can buy."
"I did use the screws they sent, but may put my original hardware in after thinking of what mud and water will do to screws, and thinking of having to take them off at a later date."
"Look great and weren't hard to install."
"I had to send these back after discovering they were not wide enough to cover my tires."
"A little on the cheap side."
"They're flimsy feeling, not very sturdy, and if I could start over again I would just save up a little more and get one of the two other flat flare brands offered."
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