Best Automotive Dimmer Switches

Standard Motor Products DS70T Dimmer Switch
DIMMER SWITCH. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Replaced the column mounted bright switch on my 94 YJ with this; I like it so much better."
"Works great."
"Fits 1972 ford L7000 truck."
"Didn't fit 67 Pontiac GTO."
"Worked Great!!"
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LED Dimmer PWM DC Lighting Dimmer Controller for LED Incandescent Auto RV Marine Aircraft Interior Lighting
Installation is easy - connect to a fused power source and then wire your lights (both + and - leads) to the dimmer using the screw-down terminal posts. Note that the dimmer should always be used with an in-line fuse between your power source and the dimmer, to protect your lighting devices and the dimmer. 7 Amp Capacity (96W, 12VDC) Dimmer with precise PWM control of LED and Incandescent Lighting.
"Works perfectly, bought 2 of them now, will see how it stands up in a car application once I get it installed and use it for a while."
"Modified one of my dash button blanks & installed this on my dash."
"Was looking for something that could handle little more current."
"Works great!"
"works great, but a little overpriced for a switch."
"Controls the LED lights very nicely."
"This product would not dim the LED rope lights."
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Dorman 901-391 Passenger Side Window Switch
Tested to ensure trouble-free installation and performance, Dorman's Power Window Switches are designed to last. Original Equipment (OE) Number: 25401JA01A, 25401JA01B, 25401ZN50A, 25401ZN50B, 25401ZN50C.
"Dorman has not failed me with purchases of switches in the past and I'm sure this window switch will prove to be just as reliable."
"Pricey but fixed my power window problem."
"Great price, works great, perfect fit for my 2000 F250 Super Duty."
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Best Automotive Wiper Switches

Toyota 84652-02610 Windshield Wiper Switch
This is the genuine original equipment Toyota Wiper Switch for the following Toyota Models: 2009 - 2011 Tacoma with intermittent delay wipers. Questions on fitment? GENUINE Toyota Tacoma Wiper Switch 84652-02610.
"2 remove the plastic covers (top and bottom) so you can get at the Switch you need to remove the 2 screws behind the steering wheel this requires the ignition on so you can turn the wheel. It also helps to release the tilt steering latch so the steering wheel move up and down, this will make it easier to remove the top cover and loosen the bottom cover. Gently re-install the top and bottom covers and 2 screws."
"The hardest part was figuring out where the push tabs were, pressing them and getting the electrical plugs and old wiper switch out. I also struggled to get the steering column covers off; it helped when I used the lever to tilt the steering wheel up and down Once all that was done, inserting the new switch was pretty easy (still took me a couple of minutes to figure how to slide it in), re-inserting the electrical plugs very easy, and re-inserting the steering column covers not too hard."
"The hardest part is finding the clips to remove the original stem, because everything is black plastic and hard to see."
"Yes, I got the Toyota "convenience package", which, curiously, does NOT include basic conveniences, like fog lights or intermittent wipers."
"I didn't notice that it didn't have intermittent wipers until 2 months later (it was a pretty dry summer). It says it won't fit with my truck, but if you go to the Toyota parts website, it states there that it does. It took a bit of maneuvering to get the steering wheel cover off and I was scared I was going to crack (but I didn't)."
"It does an auto wipe when you do the washer fliud, and the shape is identical to the stock worthless non - intermittent."
"This part was easy to install and does exactly what I want."
"I bought this for my 2010 toyota corolla 10-15 minutes max to instal 2 clips and 2 wire connectors and out she came installed this new one works like a charm."
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Best Automotive Mirror Switches

Dorman 901-124 Mirror Switch
Dorman's attention to mechanical and electrical details ensures long-lasting motor control. Save time and money by replacing only the mirror switch, not the entire master switch.
"I switched out the rubber film and put my old buttons on the new switch and it's a perfect factory match. The rubber film also has the brass colored contactors and my old ones looked fine so I proceeded and it all worked and looks exactly like oem."
"A minute to replace the armrest and all was good. The switch has worked perfectly."
"Our mirror switch had 200,000 miles on it before it had problems with it."
"I need to trim the hole in the panel to solve this."
"Gave it three stars only because the button for the mirror select was to to tight to operate when I replaced the switch."
"This part is awesome!"
"The "selector switch" is a little stiff."
"The mirrors on both sides were not moving in some of the directions, for example the right mirror would move left, right and down but would not move up."
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Best Automotive Door Lock Switches

8 ENDS Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit for F-series, E-series, Ranger, Expedition, Excursion, Navigator (Repairs Four Cables - 6 Standard 2 LOCKING CAM)
Vehicle Fitment: 1992-2013 Ford F-150, F-250, F-350. 1992-2013 E-series Econoline Van E-150, E-250, E-350. 1997-2002 Expedition, Excursion, Navigator (rear door latch/liftgate). 1992-2013 Ford Ranger Ext. Fix 8 Door Cables in a Door, Cargo Door, Liftgate, Suicide door, Tailgate, Rear hatch, etc.
"These worked well to fix my 99 F150 rear suicide doors."
"If you do end up with a pinched cable, just spray some light lubricant into the cable end, then work the cable back and forth a few times."
"When I went to order I saw this set for the 2 doors for a good price (although only one door was stuck)."
"I did alright installing them though but I'm a former ASE certified mechanic."
"Just be sure you use the correct repair part for the door latch you are working on."
"Whoever put these on the market is a friggin genius."
"That worked but for my truck (04 f250) i had to saw them down a little shorter to make the work on the side of the cable that attaches to the handle on my back doors."
"The new cables were more stiff than my old cables so maybe the cables were just worn out."
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Best Automotive Fog Lamp Switches

Ulincos Latching Pushbutton Switch U19C1 1NO1NC SPDT ON/OFF Black Metal Shell with Blue LED Suitable for 19mm 3/4" Mounting Hole (Blue)
What's Note: -These switches come with a rubber O-ring which makes them splash resistant but they can NOT be submerged underwater. -The project you are going to be used for, don't let current go above 5 amps. Specifications: Head diameter: 7/8" (22mm). Mounting hole size: 3/4" (19mm). Depth inc contacts: 1.5" (38mm). Switch combination: 1NO1NC. Operation types: Latching. Switch rating: 5A/250VAC, 5A/30VDC. LED rating: 15mA, AC/DC 12V. LED color: Blue. Head shape: Flat. Enclosure material: Aluminium alloy. Protection level: IP67, IK10. The switch and LED are separated, LED can be on all the time or only on when switch is on,depending on how you wire it.
"Illumination is a tad bit bright for me at night so I couldn't give a full 5 stars but may be ok for you!"
"I bought this switch to use on my lawn tractor to activate an led light bar I mounted on the front."
"I would say around 4-12v would be where the light is at a decent brightness."
"It would also be great if they would send the terminals that fit on the pins."
"Nice button and very attractive, BUT the lugs are way TOO thin and break off easily."
"Easy to use and fits well."
"Nice looking switch."
"I thought this switch would be a great addition to my truck, I was wrong!"
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Best Automotive Headlight Switches

Standard Motor Products HLS-1048 Multi-Function Switch
Committed to being the best Standard Engine Management manufactures and distributes a full line of engine management related products including ignition and emission parts on-board computers ignition wires battery cables and fuel system parts. Standard switches are designed using copper alloy conductors to ensure superior electrical conductivity with low resistive losses. Standard switches feature a robust design with high-grade materials to meet the stringent demands of today's service professional. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"slightly different color and the lights are a little different color than the rest of the dash - but my old one did not light up so I didn't even know I was missing that."
"The OEM unit lasted 130,000 miles."
"The only differences with this item versus the OEM part is that this one has a greenish backlight color, whereas the OEM backlighting is white, and this one lacks the 'dome light on' feature when you rotate the dimmer wheel all the way up."
"Color of black doesn't quite match the rest of the dash, butsy be due to fading,"
"Great product and was easy to install."
"Bought this for my 04 GMC Yukon mine was not working lights keep going out on dash bought this one very easy to install took a total of 3 min to replace very happy works great."
"Was not hard to mount hook up and took care of the problem of my lights on the dash controlling the lights on the dash."
"Switch looks just like factory well only thing is when it lights up the color is a little different."
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Best Automotive Power Window Switches

Mercedes Benz ML320 Master Power Window Switch 1998-2003
NEW Mercedes Benz ML320 years: 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03. This switch is the complete unit you need including buttons, circuit board, plug ins, etc. Shipping includes delivery confirmation for the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.
"I have no idea how to collect under warranty..part came in an unmarked box in shipping bag...no documentation or URL and no screws that U really need 2, if not 4, of the screws to mount assy in place permanently... built in clips catch on the bottom side (a good thing) but upper clips do not! (without some special clamping jig) Bad thing) (and why MB sells it with the plywood panel attached....panel might be broken in attempted Assy (not acceptable to MB)( thus the need for at least 2 screws, rumored to be the same size as the 2 retaining the center console storage box."
"This switch worked perfectly and fit perfectly. Then remove the compartment."
"Was swapping broken toggle (most frequent cause of window not working) around on these units to keep my mother's M-Class driver's side window operating."
"The only problem I have is that the defrost switch isn't working, without me figuring out if it is the car or the switch I am not going to deduct from the product itself."
"The ML320 switch problem seems to be a bit of a problem in every (98-01) ML320 I have ever owned...my personal ML320 and my father's ML320 both have switch problems and believe it that this was the best use of 30-something bucks I have ever spent."
"I would have given five stars but the switch doctor website didn't have instructions (despite what the Amazon description stated), I called them and he told me to look at YouTube videos."
"I ordered one from another seller on Amazon and the switch broke the first day..."
"Only the drivers side is affected."
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Best Automotive Turn Signal Switches

ACDelco D6254E GM Original Equipment Turn Signal and Headlamp Dimmer Switch
An ACDelco GM Original Equipment Combination Switch is a GM-recommended replacement for your vehicle’s original component. Manufactured to GM OE specification for fit, form, and function.
"YouTube has videos about turn indicator malfunctions (when you make a turn and your turn indicator just stays on without automatically clicking off). The YouTube video actually explains how to fix the turn indicator problem without having to buy this module, HOWEVER, I like to have spare parts and for the price paid ~ it is OEM perfect."
"I needed a replacement because the old switch would not return to the 'off' position after completing a turn. I watched at least three videos that showed different combinations of trim removal."
"There are youtube videos showing this repair."
"Saved myself quite a few bucks by ordering this and installing it myself compared to what it would have cost having it ordered and installed by a repair shop or dealer."
"My 2008 chevy cobalt turn signal switch broke, so that I had to hold it down all the time."
"I'm by no means mechanically inclined, but after watching a few tutorials online, I gathered enough courage to order this turn signal switch and try to replace my broken one that would not switch off automatically after making a turn."
"There's a video on youtube showing how to install this part however I would recommend taking off the extra panels to make the install MUCH easier (it will make sense if you watch the video, he tries to pry the piece out instead of removing extra panel)."
"After installing the new one, it acted just like the old one."
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Best Automotive Cruise Control Switches

Motorcraft SW5928 Cruise Control Switch
Motorcraft Cruise Control Switches are designed and tested to meet OE specifications for durability and reliability under extreme conditions. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Also didn't want to pull all the stuff to redo the cables, so I was able to get connector off and just swapped them, left the old cables in place."
"Several of the videos recommended to just unplug the wires from the old switches and then plugging them back into the new switches. After replacing I looked at the old switches and wiring, and by using a small screw driver on the bottom where the harness plugs into the switch, I was able work the harness plug free."
"If the ribbon cables of the old units are still in place and functioning, DO NOT remove them. Do the same when you uninstall the old, broken units (LEAVE the old ribbon cables in place after using the pliers to pull them off the old units)."
"Perfect OEM form fit and function, was easy to replace took about 15 to 20 minutes, but I am also very mechanically inclined."
"After reading many forum entries and watching many videos I decided to tackle this job. One of the recommendations was to disconnect the battery and give the system time to discharge before doing any work. I found that a .010" feeler gauge works, as did a Fender thin guitar pick. Here's a trick if you're not trying to preserve the old ones: Pry off the old worn out plastic on the front of the old switch. And if you're as cautious as Iam, when you hook the battery back up, and when you start the vehicle the first time after playing with the airbag, it's not a bad idea to not be in line with it, in case it goes off."
"The most difficult part of the installation is removing the wiring harness sockets/contacts from your old set -- and the new set (if you are not replacing the wiring harness)."
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Best Automotive Multifunction Switches

Apollointech Jeep Wrangler JK & JKU 2009-2017 Overhead 6-Switch Pod / Panel with Control and Source System Green Back Light ( Comes with 10 Laser Switch Covers )
Please verify the setup fits your vehicle before you purchase,if yours is 2009-2017 Jeep wrangler,just select 2009-2017 version,if yours is 2007-2008 Jeep wrangler, please check footman loop(the "U" loop on upper windshield), Regularly 2007-2008 wrangler footman loop is on the center and 2009-2017 footman loop is offset to left, but many 2007-2008 wrangler are different, they have the same hard top as 2009-2017 , the footman loop offset to left.if the loop is offset to left ,select 2009-2017 version, if on the center, select 2007-2008 version to purchase,no matter the Jeep years,the footman loop location is the determinant for the switch panel version. Fits V-Series - Contura II & III Contura IV, V & VI VII XIV rocker switch covers, you can use removal tool attached to replace the switch covers by yourself.
"It would be nice if there were a way to dim these lights (wire it to the instrument cluster lights dimmer) or a simple on/off switch on the unit itself."
"The obvious pro's would consist of the simplicity of the installation, kit contents, aesthetics, and use of the product once it has been installed; meaning, accessories that may be wired at the time of install, or accessories that may be added for future use. The only additional items that I purchased to complete this install was a roll of heat shrink tubing (1/4"-1/8") for the wire terminations at the "load center", and 10' of split nylon wire loom (1/2" and 3/8" dia.)."
"When trying to screw in the bolt will not screw in most likely do to angle."
"Also a small grommet around the fuse wire would be helpful in sealing the fuse box."
"Well made, both the control panel and the power distribution unit are made of metal and well coated."
"Instructions could use some help, but if you're savvy enough to be installing lights on your jeep you can figure out the couple of missing or poorly described steps."
"This is a great quality product!"
"The installation went with ease, and I am not electrically inclined."
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Best Automotive Hazard Warning Switches

ACDelco 10359031 GM Original Equipment Hazard Warning Switch
An ACDelco GM Original Equipment Hazard Warning Switch is a GM-recommended replacement for your vehicle’s original component. Manufactured to GM OE specification for fit, form, and function.
"Resolution (aided by the photos on from a google search): Here are the tools needed: New switch (of course). Pliers. Flat tip screw driver with a small shank as well. Flashlight (depending on lighting conditions). Step One - Use screw driver to take off the top of the switch. Step Two -Then use the screw driver to loosen up the sides (a few pieces may break in the process). Step Three - Use pliers to pull the switch out (repeat step two as necessary - this was the longest part). Step Four - Once switch is out, separate the connecting cable (the cable is off white). Step Five - Connect new switch. Step Six - Test blinkers and hazard light. Step Seven - Push switch back into its' allotted space."
"Pull switch out and remove cable."
"It can sometimes be temporarily corrected by cycling the hazard switch on then off to reset the electronic flasher that's inside the hazard switch assembly."
"Using a flat tip screw driver, gently pry off the hazard switch button, if it breaks, so what, you get a new one with the new switch anyway. Use a pair of channel clocks to lightly grip the switch, use your other hand to use the flat tip screw driver to release the catch tabs on both sides of the old switch, pull on the switch as you do this, it will come out."
"I fought with my turn signals sporadically working for 4 years before I got tired of dealing with it and bought this part. I used a pair of Channel Locks and gripped that plastic piece tight, and simply used brute strength to pull it out of the front of my dashboard."
"If you are having trouble with your blinkers working part time on any 2000 thru 2005 Impala I believe (May be thru 2004 or later), Anyway, the blinkers are tied thru the hazard switch. If you cycle the hazard switch a few times and the blinkers start working, chances are the hazard switch is bad. I didn't even check at the dealer let alone the cost of labor and parts to replace this."
"This is the fix for turn signal problems."
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Best Automotive Rear Window Defogger Switches

Standard Motor Products DWS-722 Power Window Switch
Committed to being the best Standard Engine Management manufactures and distributes a full line of engine management related products including ignition and emission parts on-board computers ignition wires battery cables and fuel system parts. Standard switches are designed using copper alloy conductors to ensure superior electrical conductivity with low resistive losses. Standard switches feature a robust design with high-grade materials to meet the stringent demands of today's service professional. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The part fit as it should and it was shipped on time so definitely would recommend this."
"Awesome perfect fit bery satisfied with product and delivery response!!!!"
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Best Automotive Trunk Lock Release Switches

IE Works New Trunk Hatch Liftgate Switch Release Button Cover Replacement Repair for Toyota Scion Lexus
Brand New Trunk Switch Cover for Toyota Scion Lexus. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I am not sure why the "Frequently Bought Together" section lists the Neiko 03044A Mini Ratcheting Screwdriver and Bit Set, Pocket Size Close-Quarters ,1/4-Inch Drive - This set is too deep, 26mm. I purchased Anex 6102T Ultra Low Profile Screw Driver Handle , which is only 10mm deep, to get the job done."
"Perfect fit on 2006 Scion xB, I replaced my entire switch 5 years ago before these were available and the rubber failed again."
"What's needed is either a very short or stubby phillips screw driver (1 1/4 inch or less (what I used) or one with a 90 degree turn."
"There is another option with a cover that comes with a right angle screw driver. If you don't have a screw driver like it and you have a Camry, you may want to get the one with the screw driver."
"Well it solved my melting rubber cover on the 2010 4runner."
"This was NOT easy to change, but I was a perfect fit for our 2009 RX400h."
"Would recommend getting kit with 90 degree screwdriver tool if you don't have one."
"Worked great on my 2007 Lexus RX350's rear latch door."
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