Best Automotive High Temperature Paint

High Temperature High Gloss Self Leveling Brush On Black G2 Brake Caliper Paint System Kit
This top-of-the-line BRAKE Caliper Paint System Set from G2.
"Paint will even out into a nice layer."
"I applied the paint to all (4) calipers and still had enough paint left over that you could paint all (4) rotors as well."
"It rather "cures" which creates a super hard, durable coating that is heat resistant to 900+ degrees. Pros. - Higher quality than typical rattle can paint. - Included brake cleaner. - Very durable results. Cons. - None."
"Not wanting to spend a few thousand dollars to upgrade my brake system i decided to go the cheaper route for the time being. The G2 caliper paint seemed to be the best on the market from what I've read. It worked nice and was a lot less time consuming but it didn't last long at all, especially after several high pressure washes...The G2 paint system seemed to be a great alternative with better, longer lasting results!! I cleaned the brakes right before I applied the paint to get off all the caked on brake dust and grease but i didn't spend a ton of time cleaning them...I do HIGHLY recommend you purchase a better quality brush."
"The best caliper paint kit."
"Was skeptical with the brush technique but I am VERY happy with the turn out."
"I put 2 coats per wheel, and it went on nice and thick, no brush strokes in paint, just a really smooth finish."
"The brake calipers have been exposed to a year of road grime and a season of road salt."
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High Temperature High Gloss Self Leveling Brush On Red G2 Brake Caliper Paint System Kit
This top-of-the-line BRAKE Caliper Paint System Set from G2.
"The paint dries pretty fast, so you can usually go around the car and apply another coat as soon as you finish all 4 brakes. I let the paint dry for probably close to 36 hrs afterwards without driving, but I think I put the wheels back on, and got the car off the stands after just a few hours, and mine turned out great."
"Painted calipers with this kit, applied decals and then applied VHT clear coat."
"I watched a number of youtube videos showing different ways to apply this product and other brush on types."
"From start to finish it took ~3 hours: this includes jacking the car up, wheel removal, painting, and multiple coats."
"This stuff seems tuff too as it didn't scratch easily when I reapplied the caliper clips."
"When you use this: 1 - Make sure you can do all calipers in the same day within a short period of time since it starts to harden rather quickly. I removed my pads and taped everything off so it would look awesome and not get on the pads or on any parts that shouldn't get paint on them like the brake hoses."
"The day i descided and wanted to test the quality with finger nail testing."
"range and applied 4 coats at the recommended intervals to all 4 wheels being careful to be aware of the time factor on the viability of the epoxy. Initially, I was pretty happy with the results but considering all the work I went through to ensure a good bond, because of the peeling, I wouldn't recommend spending the money on this product."
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VHT (SP756-6 PK) Hot Pink High Temperature Engine Enamel - 11 oz. Aerosol, (Case of 6)
VHT 550 Degrees Fahrenheit (288 Degrees Celsius) Engine Enamels are a unique blend of urethane and ceramic resins, which produce a tough and long-lasting finish for engines, engine accessories or wherever a tough durable heat or chemical resistant finish is needed. Ceramic resins resist heat up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.
"I go through a few hundred cans of this a year, and up until now, I used Dupli-Color brand engine enamel."
"Great pattern, coverage, duarability and color."
"Great quality paint and I have been user of vht engine paints for about four years now."
"Good coat but, the cans dont last very long."
"Painted my engine and transaxle with this and it looks great."
"Looks great on my FE 390 intake and valve covers."
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Best Automotive Garage Paint

Valspar 24-136P Yellow Latex Zone Marking Paint - 5 Gallon
Valspar's Zone Marking Latex Paint is an acrylic, water-based paint for traffic or zone marking areas. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"so far, so good."
"great for a basketball court."
"Good paint for the price."
"original order lost, product was replaced."
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Best Automotive Spray Paint

ColorBond (1870) BMW Cream Beige LVP Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher Spray Paint - 12 oz.
ColorBond Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher is a multi-surface, car interior paint that won't flake, crack or peel. Leather, Vinyl and Plastic paint for auto interiors.
"Great product."
"I replaced the rubber lining around the center console cup holder of my '05 F 150 and it came in as the wrong color."
"I recovered the doors inside my pickup with marine vinyl and the color was just a little too Royal blue for my taste."
"Awesome product!!!!"
"Fantastic paint."
"Have usd this on many different surfaces to touch up faded plastic or rubber, and it works fairly well."
"Good quality paint that really bonds to the car seat surface."
"Perfect match and improved the dash back to new looking."
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Best Automotive Undercoat Paint

Dupli-Color (UC101-12 PK) Black Undercoat - 16 oz. Aerosol, (Case of 12)
Dupli-Color offers a complete line of undercoating products ideal for providing protection for wheel wells, gas tanks, frames and supports, weld joints, floor pans, doors, and quarter panels. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I am restoring a 1976 Dodge Pickup so I bought this to help protect the under belly of the truck."
"I sprayed the entire undercarriage of a 16 foot enclosed trailer."
"Best price on this product I can find."
"works great."
"Good product at a good price!"
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Best Automotive Touchup Paint

Quixx 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit
), Finish Polish (.88 oz.
"I nervously bought this after no longer being able to find my go-to Turtle Wax scratch removing kit."
"I had many types of scratchs small w just clear coat and deep to the primer, but none are gone not even the smaller ones can still see them pretty easily."
"I was skeptical after having no success with other products but it worked at least as good as advertised."
"Even when it works the scratch is still there - you can see the scratch line in the sun but the white is gone so you don't see it unless you are bending down to look at it. It can take 10 minutes to do a long scratch since you need to work at a right angle and do it in sections."
"Have used in the past."
"Disappointed - Didn't work on a very minor scratch."
"Absolutely did NOT work."
"This may be good for simple scratches only."
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Best Automotive Body Paint

POR-15 45404 Semi Gloss Black Rust Preventive Paint - 1 Quart
POR-15 is a high-tech high performance rust-preventive coating designed for application directly on rusted or seasoned metal surfaces.
"So just be cautious and wear the right equipment, and protect things you don't want coated black cause this stuff can run and drip."
"It's not an easy paint to scratch off and I loved it so much I bought another quart, sanded down the inside of my jeep, and painted the whole inside black with por15. On the inside, I did 2 coats of por15 then a black automotive paint over it and it turned out beautifully."
"One quart is more than enough to complete these projects and still have plenty left for touch ups down the road."
"It is UV sensitive so if you wanna paint a part that is exposed to the sun just give it a top coating with another paint."
"You're nuts to use anything else...be sure to prep the parts/frame properly by high pressure washing at car wash and then using acetone or denatured alcohol to remove any remaining grime, dirt, etc."
"Just check out any classic car forum or classic car parts catalog,you'll find it."
"Looks reasonably good rolled on if you go slow and do a few thin coats."
"POR-15 is best stuff to deal with rust -have used for decades."
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Best Automotive Paint Removers

OOPS! Extreme Stain Remover 4.5 fl.oz - 6 Pack
This hot solvent effectively lifts off dried varnish and paints, tar, ball point pen ink, marker, gum, lipstick, tree sap, graffiti, asphalt, wax and many other sticky, gooey messes. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"It works on the black dye on the floor but it’s too strong for the dye stains on the wall."
"Love this product, do not know why it is not available locally."
"Excellent product many useful applications use it often."
"Works as well as gasoline, WITHOUT the Nconvenience of overwhelming unacceptable odor of petroleum."
"Easy to find here and removed paint as advertised...needed a little elbow grease but did the job."
"The best OOps remover."
"Did not remove the ink stain in my shirt from a pilot g-2 pen."
"Used it on paint and oil stains which it promised to remove and it did not remove anything."
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Best Automotive Primers

3M 08682 Single Step Primer - 30 ml
Primer for windshields to promote urethane adhesion to the windshield; can also be used to touch up pinchweld scratches and to primer encapsulated glass. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Some wax and grease remover helped to disolve and smooth down what I could not scrape off. I used a little foam paint brush and trimmed it so it fit in the bottle. You can puncture the tube on top with the punch tool on the caulk gun. Was my first time to use a caulk gun or urethane or change a vehicle window. The caulk gun, urethane, primer, and window scrapper cost about $75."
"It absorbs moisture so you have roughly a week to use this depending on where you are in the U.S. After about a week it hardens up and is not usable."
"Worked perfectly- dries very fast."
"I used it to prime the surface of a rear windshield housing on an Acura MDX and sanded down the surface to the bare metal and it dried really fast (within minutes of applying.)."
"Fixed the convertible top on Toyota MR2 Spyder 3M 08692 primer, 3M 08600 window weld, and a pack of molding hold down 6 pack from Glass Technology."
"This was probably the real reason the window repair was a success."
"great primer but container does not come with the dab stick so you need to get a paint brush that is small enough to fit into bottle, which is difficult."
"This is required before you caulk with 3M Window Weld."
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Best Automotive Sealers

Dr. Beasley's MP31T04 Matte Paint Coating - 4 oz.
Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"At first I thought $80 for 4 ounces - what a ripoff - however just a few drops on a foam applicator covers all of the matte finish parts on my 2016 Scat Pack Challenger (two rear stripes, rear spoiler and fuel door) - and they claim it will last up to 6 months."
"Easy to apply, keeps the original matte look, seems to protect well against water."
"So far so good, it goes on easy, you don't need much, my classic car looks good!!!"
"I use this product on my matte vinyl wrap."
"I have had Dr Beasleys stuff before and its top notch.. this stuff I dunno unless they can convince me it was a bad batch or I did something wrong... Ill stick to soap and clean water for now :(."
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Best Automotive Top Coats

CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant - Most Advanced Top Coat Polish and Sealer on the Market - Infused with Liquid Carnauba for a Deep Hydrophobic Shine on All Types of Surfaces - 18 Ounce Kit
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Car Guys Hybrid Wax 18 oz – Complete Detailing Kit includes 1 Microfiber Towel. Created with new science and technology to give the deep buttery and beautiful shine of a carnauba paste wax, but provides the durable and long lasting protection of a paint sealant. This can be used to seal your exterior or interior paint, glass, plastics, chrome, rims, fiberglass and much more! We even had a customer use it to finish his tool boxes, shower doors, stainless steel appliances, chrome sink fixtures and many other items! Provides long lasting and excellent UV protection to go along with its slick hydrophobic barrier. This liquid magic in a bottle produces a deep shine, slick surface and longer lasting protection than anything on the market! Stop using inferior sealants, topcoat carnuba waxes and polishes made with old science and technology! You grab that towel to finish the job, but look in horror to see you turned your rubber and plastic white!! – Most products nowadays will make your cars look pretty good.. Our newly developed synthetic detail spray gives instant head turning results! Finally, a quick detailer to get that ultimate show room shine that will make all the neighbors jealous!!
"I washed my car, clayed, polishing compound, car guys liquid wax and finished with this product. I don't expect to ever have to do anything but wash and use this once a month to keep the finish looking brand new. I'm going to order the 128oz container and use to refill the spray bottle."
"I have used many products that were good, but it would take several applications to match the quality of Car Guys Hybrid Spray Wax."
"Car guys Hybrid wax,is one of the best products I got my hands on and seen the great reviews,anyone who wants a glass shine here's what it will do."
"Okay, seriously this is the best quick spray wax I have used yet."
"I'm not one to leave review but I am compelled to do so for the Car Guys Hybrid Spray Wax Sealant. While all of the aforementioned does an admirable job, I found the Car Guys Hybrid Spray Wax Sealant to be the easier to use and produces the best results."
"Really like the fact that my truck stays clean after rain."
"I have used it primarily for the last two weeks and washed my car 4 times and the water still beads off."
"Excellent Car Guys wax!!!."
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Best Automotive Clear Coats

USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol (4 PACK)
Size: 4 PACK. 2 component aerosol clearcoat that is easy to apply, flows smooth and dries to a long lasting, high gloss finish.
"Pros: Sprays evenly, high gloss, easy to use. Cons: N/A. This is the closest thing to professional grade clear coat from a spray paint rattle can."
"for DIY folks who want a reliable clearcoat but do not want the hassle or price paid for getting an auto body shop to clear for you. I did my prior research on this and other suitable aerosol clear coats and none matched the quality of this product. This isn't your run of the mill rattle can from autozone or home depot and even if it was, you shouldn't be using aerosol spraycans, especially Spraymax 2k in your garage/basement/bedroom unless it is set up properly for ventilation. To activate the hardener, shake vigorously for about 2min, remove the attached red button press, turn the can upside down and place the red button on the activator switch (totally made up the name for that part). You won't really get any notification that you did it right other than a slight click, but if you did, the red button will stay in place. People fail to remember that surface preparation as well as outside temperature play a huge role in the outcome of your finish."
"For preparation I made sure I sprayed over an 800 grit wet sanded scratch from a 3m sanding sponge on top of freshly sprayed Dupont spraybase basecoat mixed at my local autobody supply store. Would be great product for wet sanded cloudy headlights or door jams / hood / bumper touch up."
"That makes it easy to put down coats evenly and without producing runners."
"In my case I nicked a part and the whole top clear coat peeled off like a snake shedding its skin."
"Worked great for a Do it yourself project on our daughters car (fender), it's an easy inexpensive way to get a much more professional looking result."
"Very happy with the result."
"The key as always with paint is prep."
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Best Automotive Trim Dye

CarGuys Plastic Restorer - The ultimate solution for bringing Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic back to life! - 8 oz Kit
This can be used for a variety of applications such as a cars bumper, a jeep or chevy avalanche truck that has tons of plastic, plus your RV or motorcycle! Works GREAT for any indoor or outdoor accessories or home restoration projects such as shutters, furniture and siding. Looks like just an auto product, but this special formula will bring ANYTHING made from plastic, vinyl or rubber back to life! Apply a small amount onto our kits included applicator pad and wipe onto the surface. In the future, simply clean treated surfaces with regular soap and water. BUT… after the first rain-fall you look in disgust at yet another crappy product that left ugly streaks down the side of your beautiful vehicle... STOP THE MADNESS! – Do you hate all the oily, greasy gel dressing products that stay wet and never fully dry? We made a product that will restore and leave a great finish, but more importantly, it will completely dry to the touch! Some of the most popular plastic restorers on the market contain harmful silicon and petroleum distillates! These products will make your plastic and rubber look good short-term, but what most people don’t know is that they dry, brown, crack and cause extreme damage over long-term use! – We believe that this stuff is the ABSOLUTE BEST for restoring any type of Plastic, Vinyl or Rubber... ON THE MARKET!!
"after using it on the Volvo trim I could not believe at how well it restored the trim."
"(Yes, I know that right side fender had dirt on it, but I can assure you that washing off the dirt that was there wouldn't really make it any better."
"As you can see from the photos, the light grey areas show how bad the plastic was faded."
"I have not treated the black plastic around my bumpers and bottom of the car for years and it was completely grey instead of black. I put it on with the sponge that came with it (the product texture is thick and grey), rub it on, not much is happening, so I keep going… and only a few minutes later—almost like a miracle—the black color is coming out."
"I’ve tried many detailing products, and I must say that this stuff is the best."
"I was surprised but it even brought back a good bit of lustre to my highly oxidized roof and window trim."
"Amazing product!"
"Having used a TON of other trim restoration products over the last 20 years, I’ll have to say this is my favorite. I washed and dried the flares on my Jeep and applied the product, let it sit for 10 minutes then buffed it off."
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