Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Resonators

Vibrant 1142 3" Ultra Quiet Resonator
Vibrant 3" Ultra Quiet Resonator is designed to dampen exhaust noise and facilitate undisrupted exhaust flow. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I installed this on a 2006 Subaru Legacy GT that came with a raspy sounding 3" turbo back exhaust."
"I am usually disappointed with at least some part of a product but NOT this product. ZERO drone."
"But it is the Perfect resonators for guys/girls who want performance and tone, or anyone who wants there car to sound amazing at WOT or when you step on the gas, but want the cabin to remain bearable with little to no drone."
"Car sounds the same at idle and low rpm but the drone is almost completely gone!"
"After installing, it was way louder than stock and produced an annoying drone at 1500/2000 rpm. Overall the exhaust is about stock sounding, just a little deeper and there is no change in performance."
"It was a commitment to cut into my beautiful exhaust system to install this, but I am glad I did."
"Another thing I shopped all around for a better price but I couldn't find one better than what was listed by this seller here in Amazon. The item arrived on time and was packaged in original boxed, meaning you get what you pay for not some eBay after market special."
"It did quiet my exhaust (350 V8 w full headers and no cat) by 30% imo."
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Vibrant 1141 2.5" Ultra Quiet Resonator
Vibrant 2.5" Ultra Quiet Resonator is designed to dampen exhaust noise and facilitate undisrupted exhaust flow. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I purchased these for a custom application on my Jeep Grand Cherokee."
"I bought a cheap stainless steel full exhaust and the resonator that came with it really didn't do much so I was recommended this by a friend and I must say it was day and night difference and I would recommend this resonator to anyone who is looking to get rid of a drone sound and quiet down certain frequencies that are unwanted."
"I have bought 3 setups just like this and even used a 3 inch resonator and vibrant muffler and they are always exactly what I was looking for."
"Works good for my built gsr b18c with 2.5 inch piping and test pipe."
"Purchased to cut down drone in an aftermarket R56 Mini exhaust system."
"Installed on Magnaflow cat back system on 09 Tacoma 2.7. If clamping on, I recommend Torctite Lap joint clamps or swedge the ends for a tighter seal."
"Excellent !"
"cured the drone."
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Walker 50427 Quiet-FlowSS Muffler Assembly
Meticulous pipe routing for fast, easy installation.
"This is a direct replacement."
"This resonator has a quieter tone than the original Toyota low rumble."
"Had to file off a Notch/"Keyway" inside the original equipment muffler section to be able to insert this into position."
"This matched up nicely and quieted things down to a really nice, full sounding rumble when you get on it, quiet brum brum brum at idle."
"2001 tundra 4x4 access cab. It fit perfectly. I would buy again :)."
"I'm very impressed with the fit and quality of the company Walker is#1in my book!!"
"Poor welds."
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Best Automotive Replacement Exhaust Resonators

Walker 21398 Resonator Assembly
Walker Resonators and Welded Resonator Assemblies provide precise tuning technologies to ensure excellent flow characteristics and OE-style sound. Meticulous pipe routing for fast, easy installation.
"Working great and a good price."
"I just don't understand why a replacement part that is in the middle of the exhaust system doesn't come with a little extra length."
"The part arrived as described and was a perfect fit on my 2006 Grand Prix 3.8."
"Had to goof with it a lot and buy more tube to make it work."
"This resonator was an identical replacement to the original."
"when I orderd the resonator, it only took 2 days to get it."
"Fit perfectly.looks like it will last longer than the last one I replaced,this one is seamless.the last one wasn't and split open from rust out at the seam."
"Does the job perfectly."
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Hangers

Pypes Exhaust HVH11S 2-1/2" Diameter Stainless Steel Universal Exhaust Hanger
Universal 2.5in Hanger 304.
"Good product design but the execution has something to be desired."
"I used this to replace the hanger hook on a muffler of a 2007 Saturn Ion."
"It lines up well because of the adjustable arm."
"It's an exhaust clamp, nothing to special but it did everything I needed."
"Great for DIY exhaust systems."
"As expected and arrived in good time."
"Great product, very versatile, use bolt cutter to shorten bolt when adjusted height."
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Pipes

MBRP GM8424 3" Black Down Pipe
Replace that restrictive factory downpipe with a MBRP direct replacement downpipe for more flow, fuel economy, and better performance. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The truck had some exhaust drone after the 4" system install, but after the addition of the downpipe the drone disappeared!"
"To remove, soak with PB Blaster!!!!"
"It is possible to remove as a whole, which in my case I spent the extra time and hassle of removing the old pipe as a whole."
"Worth every penny and the exhausting fight you will have in removing the stock down pipe if you're working on your GM Duramax truck."
"Photo is of the down pipe before I removed the paint."
"Great downpipe for a great price and fast shipping."
"it has a new deeper sound and no scream when you get on it like it had before, with my 4' MBRP straight pipe."
"Works great fits like a glove on my 2005 duramax lly. Only problem I had with the instal was removing the old heat shield but other than that pretty simple."
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Coatings

DEI 010302 High-Temperature Silicone Coating Spray - Aluminum
Recommended for use with DEI non-Titanium exhaust wraps, HT Silicone Coating penetrates, seals and protects as well as helping to extend the lifespan of exhaust wrap. Works equally well on exhaust headers, pipes, engine blocks, and other applications where coatings are required.
"I used this to spray over my newly wrapped exhaust pipes."
"Last summer I rode, after installing the black header wrap without coating, it quickly faded to grey then white."
"This product is really good."
"I wrapped the exhaust on my polaris ranger and used this to seal it."
"Great coverage, color, easy to use, very high heat tolerance. Pros - Goes on very well, dries fast, covers great, very heat resistant. Cons - Expensive but you get what you pay for. Used on the Y Pipe and cat back of my Camaro Z28 and then covered them with header wrap."
"Excellent product!!"
"Sprayed this on the exhaust wrap, let dry for a couple of days, then let the engine idle for 30 minutes or so."
"Worked great to "seal" my motorcycle exhaust wrap."
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Clamps

Vibrant 1171 Exhaust Sleeve Clamp
Vibrant Exhaust Sleeve Clamp allows quick, easy and secure strapping of same sized tubing. Allows quick, easy and secure strapping of same sized tubing.
"Works great, very solid clamp, no leaks."
"Great product, it was exactly what I needed and for a great price."
"Used this on my mk6 gti."
"Fits 2.50 OD pipe much better than a band clamp by far also the mufflers can be adjusted easier."
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Flanges

Vibrant 1491 3" Stainless Steel V-Band Flange Assembly
Vibrant 3" Stainless Steel V-Band Flange Assembly provides excellent grip even in stress, vibrating and extreme temperature conditions. The V-band clamp design allows for a gasket free seal and the quick release feature of these clamps makes swapping parts at the track quick and easy.
"This is a wonderful quality V-Band clamp."
"Worked exactly as intended for a 3" exhaust hookup to a turbo charger on a vehicle."
"The ability to spin the pipe around before clamping is invaluable, especially if you're trying to fit custom pieces together."
"They provide easy alighnment and much better sealing and the corrosion resistant 304 stainless will handle the heat as well."
"Vibrant stuff is my favorite for budget-ish exhaust components, they are VERY VERY good quality for the price you're paying, and weld exceedingly well."
"quality is fine, good appearance."
"Great but expensive haha but vibrant is worth it."
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Mufflers

Flowmaster 8430152 Super 10 Muffler 409S - 3.00 Center IN / 2.50 Dual OUT - Aggressive Sound
These short, single chamber mufflers are designed to satisfy those customers who are looking for the most aggressive sound level possible. Delta Flow technology for maximum scavenging effect.
"Not as loud as everyone makes it seem or maybe I'm deaf."
"I had the flowmaster American Thunder series cat back kit in before replacing just the muffler with this super 10 and the difference is night and day."
"It gives my 5.3 Silverado a little sound without being to loud."
"Put it on my 1999 GMC Sierra 5.3 vortec and it sounds amazing!"
"Great muffler put this on my 3rd gen Camaro street and strip car sound nasty at a idle I would highly recommend."
"Perfect sound level for my 2004 Tahoe with a 4.8 vortec."
"Kick ass sound !!"
"Previously I had a Flowmaster 80 series which was okay but the Super 10 is much deeper but not overly loud.Very Very noticeable on the inside of my car."
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Heat Shields

Flowmaster 817633 Outlaw Muffler Kit
This bolt-on direct fit muffler for trucks with the factory dual tailpipes features a special build Outlaw muffler that has the inlet pipe and hangers pre welded The exhaust system is manufactured in the USA and is covered by Flowmasters Lifetime Limited Warranty. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The factory clamps it came with suck however."
"Removal of the stock muffler was a bit of a pain (as expected) but the install of of the new Flowmaster Outlaw was fairly easy."
"YouTube videos don't do the sound any justice."
"Installation was as easy as could be."
"Big improvement on sound and performance."
"Delivery was ahead of schedule."
"Bought a used-like new muffler through Amazon prime and it was not in the greatest condition for quality."
"Sounds amazing, yes there is a drone sound at 65mph but i'm ok with it, the install was a bit of a pain, had to use my reciprocating Saw but after 45 minutes it was all good... Great fit for My Ram Rebel 2016."
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Extension Pipes

PaceSetter 82-1132 Off-Road Long Tube Header Extension
The Off Road Header Extensions are designed to connect the long tube headers to the stock or stock replacement exhaust system. Extensions connect PaceSetter's long tube headers to the stock or stock replacement exhaust system.
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Best Automotive Performance Complete Exhaust Kits

MBRP S6212PLM Turbo Back Single Side Off-Road Exhaust System
The turbo back type exhaust system mounts directly to the turbo and provides maximum diameter as well as reduced band degree angles and mandrel bent pipe. Installs with common hand tools. Can improve fuel economy by 1-2 mpg.
"I installed this on my 2007 F250 Crew Cab Short Bed 6.0 Powerstroke which was completely stock. If you have a crew cab short bed, the middle section of the pipe will require cutting since this model will fit both crew cab short and long bed and extended cabs."
"There is a bolt that sticks out the side of the inner fender well, that can be trimmed to make removal of the factory downpipe much easier."
"I love this exhaust."
"The turbo spool sounds beautiful, and the turbo lag has decreased significantly."
"The directions were easy to follow and install took my about 4 hours with my father in town and helping."
"2006 F250 Extended Cab matted to a 6" MBRP tip."
"Night and day difference my truck can breath better and this exhaust for the price is well worth it."
"It took 4 hours to get it lined up to not rattle."
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Best Automotive Performance Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

Borla 140356 ATAK Stainless Steel Aggressive Cat-Back Exhaust System
Stainless Steel Cat-Back System exhausts feature patented, straight-through and multi-core technology to unleash hidden horsepower. This new ATAK exhaust system from borla is one of their finest over all exhaust systems, and the most aggressive and powerful system available for Camaro.
"After researching all kind of cat-back exhausts I decided to go with the Borla Atak for my 2010 Camaro SS, And I'm so glad I did."
"AWESOME sound quality for our Camaro."
"Then you have people that whine because it is a little loud especially in a low gear at a high speed."
"Gives a great rumble, awesome sound worthy of a sports car."
"The sound is unbelievable and will make your SS sound like it looks."
"I was hoping it would be louder but it sounds great."
"They definitely meet my expectations and then some."
"Added this modification to my 2011 camaro ss and it really woke this beast of a car up!"
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust System Headers & Accessories

Exhaust Wrap Titanium LIBERRWAY 2"x50Ft Exhaust Heat Wrap Tap Header Glassfiber Wrap Kit for Car Motorcycle with 10 Stainless Ties
- Made of Pulverized Lava Rock and Stranded Into a Fiber Material. ★ Package include 1 rolls of 50ft long header exhaust wrap and 10 pieces stainless steel locking ties.e roll of 50ft long header exhaust wrap with 10 pieces stainless steel locking ties.
"Way cheaper than any store near me!"
"I soaked it in water, just as everyone would say, it helps keep the fiberglass from getting airborne and from you breathing it in."
"Wrap and fasteners."
"I install this product on my motorcycle yamaha warrior 1700cc and it works perfect now I can ride my motorcycle more in the summer without feeling the heat of the mufflers on my legs."
"Great product and way cheaper than the same thing you can buy in the auto parts store."
"Good Price, Fast Shipping, Works as advertised."
"Looks good see what life of product is."
"Great product!"
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Best Automotive Performance Exhaust Heat Wrap, Matting & Sleeving

Heatshield Products (204018) 1" ID x 10' Hot Rod Sleeve Roll
Ideal for shielding fuel lines - helping to stop vapor lock, protect sensitive wire looms from close proximity heat, shield brake lines and hoses, and stop clutch cables from melting. Helps to prevent vapor lock, protects wires from melting, shields oil and brake lines.
"Anyway, as two layers it does ok, but it's expensive and stingy on the enclosed shrink wrap so I give it 4 stars instead of 5."
"bought this to combat high under hood temps on my highly modified corvette."
"But the heat shield itself is great quality."
"Helped prevent vapor lock..."
"Makes fuel lines look great!"
"Where they are exposed in the cockpit, it provides a nice finishing touch that looks good and protects them a little."
"Had some left over so I used it on wiring inside the rear fender on my 77 FXE."
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Best Automotive Performance Catalytic Converters & Parts

MagnaFlow 93419 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter (Non CARB compliant)
MagnaFlow direct-fit catalytic converters are designed for easy bolt-on installation for the professional installer. Designed for easy bolt-on installation;Reduces harmful emissions.
"Don't try any other way to remove the old or install the new."
"great value, comes with the gaskets and clamps."
"These mounted up really easy."
"Easy to install and fits good under 04 Silverado."
"Works great."
"It was a piece of cake installing these!"
"Mainly removing the longer section required dropping the cross brace and pulling down on it to slide pipe out."
"Had an issue with o2 sensor bung stripped out."
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Best Automotive Performance Engine Intake Manifold & Parts

BD Diesel Performance 1045986 Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set
Today, Valley Fuel Injection and BD Diesel Performance are one, with eight specialty divisions that focus on diesel power train components: Fuel Injection Calibration Department, Exhaust Brake Manufacturing, Electronic Circuit Design and Assembly, Transmission and Torque Converter Design and Remanufacturing, Turbocharger Design, Installation and Research and Development. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The gasket between the exausht manifold and the Turbo was not installed by the installers."
"good quality easy to install."
"Very expensive but fit perfectly."
"I thought these were a bit pricy and felt they should have been supplied with the BD performance manifold."
"Great product, fast shipping."
"Bought this kit when I purchased a BD 2 piece exhaust manifold."
"Fits right up great product."
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