Best Automotive Replacement Air Cleaner Intake Hoses

Dorman 696-001 Air Intake Hose
Return your air intake system to proper functioning with Dorman's Air Intake Hose. Rigorous quality control measures have been undertaken to ensure that this part conforms to product standards.
"Dorman 696-001 Air Intake Hose. This intake hose was used for a 2006 accura TL base 5 Speed Automatic!"
"Tighten the screw clamp, make sure the squeeze one is in place, and force the one at the intake box on."
"If your old one has holes in it, which mine developed in the "accordion" section, it is essential to replace it, since holes will let unfiltered air into the engine."
"This hose arrived quickly and fit my Acura TL 2005 perfectly."
"It was the perfect fit for my 05 TL."
"This is perfect fit for the car."
"Perfect fit for my Honda Accord Ex v6 coupe."
"Perfect replacement."
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Air Cleaner Intake Outlet Duct Hose For 12-17 Chevy Sonic 1.6L 1.8L 94537633 NEW
This item is a brand new Air Cleaner Intake Outlet Duct Hose. Replacement restores proper engine function.
"Did what it needed to do and at half the price of oem part."
"Arrived as quickly as it said it would."
"The part came brand spanking new."
"Hopefully this one will last longer than the original."
"Perfect fit for my 2013 Chevy Sonic."
"Got to my house quickly and the part installed easily."
"Fast delivery, the right part, engine idle and engine light is off now thanks."
"Once I got the form hose off the new one for right on."
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Air Intake Hose Air Mass Meter Boot fits for 1788103121 696-706
Toyota Camry 1997 - 1999 (2.2L). Toyota Solara 1999. Built according to the highest standards of quality and precise specifications, this High Quality Intake Hose is a Direct Replacement Part. The Air Intake Hose, also called boot or rubber hose, connects the Air Cleaner Box and MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor to the Engine.
"Perfect fit for my ‘98 Toyota Camry Le!"
"Excellent part and delivery."
"Exact part for the car."
"thanks you are the best ."
"Fit perfectly in our car with no issues and was easy to install within 15 minutes."
"Worked great on my Camry oem had ripped open."
"Worked pretty good."
"Fits perfect for my 1997 Toyota Camry."
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Best Automotive Performance Air Cleaner Intake Hoses

Airaid 510-934 M.I.T. Modular Intake Tube
AirAid Modular Intake Tubes provide a smooth, unrestricted path which increases airflow up to 400 CFM. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Well once you get it on it seems to work good."
"Super easy installation."
"Definitely more intake roar."
"I was tinkering with idea of a full cold air intake, but after reading several reviews, I went with this."
"Makes my engine looks a lot nicer and sound is much improved."
"I purchased this Airaid tube to replace my cracked OEM intake tube on my 1999 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner V6."
"It definitely cleans up the engine bay and has a throaty acceleration sound."
"Cleared up some room in my engine bay and gave the motor a good sound, not to loud like i was worried about."
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Best Automotive Replacement Heater Hoses

Dorman 47065HP Elbow Type Heater Hose
Dorman's HVAC heater hose connector resists brittleness, cracking, and leaking. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I opted to replace them with genuine GM O-rings before even installing these elbows, just to be safe and hopefully save me from having trouble later."
"(I went online and this is a common part to break/crack in many GM models V6 3800 engines, the leak was hard to locate cause the endings where it breaks are not visible because they are inside)."
"The labor involves a lot of simple removal as seen on Youtube, And you should also smooth out ports with 400 grit where these elbows are inserted engine and alternator mount. Its the plastic elbows that are prone to failure after 100K miles.Good to have new o-rings on hand, just in case you mess up old ones up during removal."
"Have used several times now on 3800 lower intakes, they work well, i have noticed several people mention poor quality O-rings ,personally i have not seen a problem, there rubber O-rings like originals , just Remember to lubricate them before installing with Silicone grease, and make sure you clean surfaces well, (don't use a petroleum based lubricant as it can/will deteriorate the rubber."
"O-rings hold up fine on mine with no additional sealant, they seemed decent quality so I decided to just trust the included o-rings in spite of a couple other helpful comments here where they had issues with them."
"The OEM elbows broke off inside, and I pulled two large pieces out and then I was able to fit these in place."
"Perfect fit connectors built to last."
"The original equipment plastic elbows that I removed crumbled in several pieces."
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Best Automotive Replacement Pre-Heater Hoses

Automotive Heater Hose, 3/4" x 50' Black
Resists temperatures from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Fine hose."
"Worked Good And Was A Good Price."
"Great price and good quality material."
"Very happy with my purchase."
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Best Automotive Replacement Fresh Air Duct Hoses

Nissan Duct Assyair
Available for 2007-2012 Nissan Sentra With 2.0L Engine. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"My Mass Air Flow sensor light went on."
"Shipped fast and arrived in great shape."
"Addressed the mass air flow sensor issue on my wife's 2011 Sentra."
"A+ oem Nissan part."
"It said it was a Nissan product,was the main reason I purchased it.Looks exactly like the original.Cost less then at the chain car parts store.received a couple of days sooner then was stated."
"It was a perfect fit for our car."
"Amazing like amazon products they have the best things I need and best deals."
"yes this is a nissan original product perfect fit fast shipping."
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Best Automotive Replacement Flex Hoses

Spectre Performance 7790 Magna-Kool 36" Radiator Hose Kit with Polished Aluminum End Covers
This kit can be used for 1-1/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch and 1-3/4 inch applications. Spectre Magna-Kool hoses are made from chromed stainless steel tubing.
"Great Product, Great Price!"
"Nice looking, didn't install it yet."
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Best Automotive Replacement Fuel Hoses

Fill-Rite FRH07520 3/4" x 20' Fuel Transfer Hose
"I need to fill my machine on site from my tank and this hose let's me reach further so I can get fuel even in awkward positions between my machine and my truck."
"Worked out great for my fuel project."
"works great for diesel transfer tank setup....."
"Great hose, glad I got the longer one because I can reach out there and fill all the tractors without having to jockey them around."
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Best Automotive Replacement Connector Hoses

ACDelco 18221L Professional Branched Radiator Hose
ACDelco Professional, premium aftermarket Molded Heater Hoses are specially designed, factory-molded hoses to fit today’s smaller, tighter-fitting engine compartments. Comes with a protective sleeve to help duplicate GM OE designs for proper fit and function.
"I use a soldering iron and melt it off to avoid damaging the heater core(not fun to replace) be sure to flush it while you have access now."
"Other than that, you can re-use the 2 hose clamps from the OEM hose assembly."
"Fit perfect on my 2002 Silverado 1500HD."
"This part, along with Dorman 800-403 Heater Hose Quick Connect and a new hose clamp quickly solved my leaking Y joint on the coolant line."
"keep in mind that the original hoses have special hose clamp for production."
"Just be carefull removing your original hose, the fittings on the firewall break very easy, and boy are they a pain in the .... to replace."
"AcDelco delivered to my door at a cheap price."
"Perfect Fit for 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD LS."
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Best Automotive Replacement Fuel Filler Hoses

Genuine GM 15131046 Fuel Tank Filler Hose
Thank youBusiness Hours: MON to FRI 8 am to 4 pm MST Exported By ExportYourStore. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"To quote a member of the Wrangler Forum "Adding a non-stock flapper valve to the fuel fill line is not a fix, no matter how many times it is posted.""
"This replacement house has a flap inside, so i removed the spring loaded stopper (read.. knocked the old spring type out of the plastic filler neck on the tank)."
"I bought this for my 97 jeep tj with a little hemi from hell."
"I uses this to fix a fuel issue on my Jeep Rubicon 05."
"I used this to fix my faulty 2005 Jeep Wrangler fuel tank (Thanks Chrysler) issue."
"Had this installed in my 2005 TJ and it did fix the overflow problem."
"Used this to solve the problem of fuel overflowing the filler neck on a 2005 Jeep Wrangler."
"Fixed the overflow issue in my Jeep."
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Best Automotive Replacement Radiator Hoses

Gates 22437 Lower Radiator Hose
Lower Radiator Hose. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I also drained and refilled the system with new coolant and this hose provided a great seal at both ends."
"I purchased this hose for my 2003 GMC sierra 2500 HD and it fit perfectly."
"works great and Gates Quality is top notch."
"It's a good fir for my 2001 Silverado , made of thick rubber and I expect it to last a long time."
"Works as advertised in my 2003 Chevy Silverado with the 4.8L.. Appears as OEM quality."
"Great hose, but it’s a little shorter than original."
"Good fit, easy install on a 2001 Chevy Silverado 5.3L."
"Excellent fit for my 2006 Silverado Crew cab with the 5.3."
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Best Automotive Replacement Vacuum Hoses

Upgr8 Universal 4mm/6mm/8mm/12mm Inner Diameter High Performance Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit (Red)
Heat Resistant Fibers. Made with high-grade 4-Ply silicone and a dual layer that consists of heat resistant fibers. 6MM(ID) X 52''(Length).
"Good amount of hose, perfect sizes for complete engine coverage."
"A bit thicker than the original vacuum lines on my car."
"Worked perfectly and dressed upp under the hood also."
"Great hose kit replaced alot of worn out cracked ones on my 94 civic looks great too."
"See my other review as I purchase a lot of hose."
"Worked great."
"Added a nice color to the engine compartment."
"Blue wasn't available due to a dye issue but they contacted me right away and sent black."
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Best Automotive Replacement Bypass Hoses

Genuine Toyota (16261-20010) Water Bypass Hose
2003-2004 Toyota Avalon XL 3.0L V6 – Gas-2003-2004 Toyota Avalon XLS 3.0L V6 – Gas=2003-2006 Toyota Camry SE 3.3L V6 – Gas-2003-2006 Toyota Camry LE 3.0L V6 – Gas-2003-2006 Toyota Camry XLE 3.0L V6 – Gas-2006-2007 Toyota Highlander Sport 3.3L V6 – Gas-2006-2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 3.3L V6 - Electric/Gas-2004-2007 Toyota Highlander Limited 3.3L V6 – Gas-2006-2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited 3.3L V6 - Electric/Gas-2004-2007 Toyota Highlander Base 3.3L V6 – Gas-2003 Toyota Highlander Base 3.0L V6 – Gas-2003 Toyota Highlander Limited 3.0L V6 – Gas-2004-2006 Toyota Sienna XLE 3.3L V6 – Gas-2004-2006 Toyota Sienna LE 3.3L V6 – Gas-2004-2006 Toyota Sienna CE 3.3L V6 – Gas-2006 Toyota Sienna Limited 3.3L V6 – Gas-2004-2005 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited 3.3L V6 – Gas-2003 Toyota Sienna XLE 3.0L V6 – Gas-2003 Toyota Sienna LE 3.0L V6 – Gas-2003 Toyota Sienna CE 3.0L V6 – Gas-2004-2008 Toyota Solara SE 3.3L V6 – Gas-2007-2008 Toyota Solara Sport 3.3L V6 – Gas-2004-2008 Toyota Solara SLE 3.3L V6 – Gas-2006 Toyota Solara SE Sport 3.3L V6 – Gas-1998- 2003 Lexus ES300 Base 3.0L V6 – Gas-2004- 2006 Lexus ES330 Base 3.3L V6 – Gas-1999- 2003 Lexus RX300 Base 3.0L V6 – Gas-2004- 2006 Lexus RX330 Base 3.3L V6 – Gas-2006- 2008 Lexus RX400h Base 3.3L V6 - Electric/Gas. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"As the owner of C&J Mobile Mechanic in Oklahoma City, we recommend replacing at 150000."
"I replaced my knock sensor harness on my 2000 Avalon and changed this out at the same time - perfect form fit and function!"
"Perfect fit for my 1999 300 RX Lexus."
"what a dumb place to put a rubber hose on motor."
"Fit perfectly and replaced my old one at was on there for 15 years."
"Fit perfectly."
"Perfect fit for my 2002 Sienna."
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Best Automotive Replacement Windshield Washer Hoses

Dorman 924-251 Cadillac/Chevrolet/GMC Windshield Washer Fluid Hose
Dorman Products, Inc. is well-known as a leader in providing quality auto parts to the aftermarket. Unit features Dorman engineered quality enhancements.
"I bought two of these because my front and rear washer lines by the reservoir had cracks in them and these worked great for both."
"My windshield washer tank was leaking on my 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD - and this line was leaking as well."
"I was afraid it was going to break during install due to the factory bends not matching what is needed for our vehicle."
"Exact replacement for the broken washer line on a 2005 Silverado."
"I have a 2006 Silverado and my hose broke right by the wiper cowl."
"Fit perfectly in my 07 Silverado Duramax..good price ..fast shipping ..."
"Received fast and it fits my 2006 Sierra GMC."
"Exactly the right part & length for 2004 Chevy Tahoe Z71."
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Best Automotive Replacement Clamps & Sleeving Hoses

OTC 4525 Cable-Type Flexible Hose Clamp Pliers
Color: Hose Clamp Pliers. Pliers has locking mechanism to hold clamp in the open position.
"Worked great for doing a MK IV VW Jetta VR6 water distribution ("crack pipe") installation."
"The two tabs which squeeze the clamp are angled (to retain the clamp) such that they hit each other before being able to open the clamp all the way and slide it over a hose barb for instance."
"this tool is invaluable when working with hoses, especially when they are in hard to reach areas."
"I got this for doing coolant system work on my Porsche 996."
"I am working on an 02 Ford replacing the 9 different heater hoses on this little car and would not have been able to reach 1/2 of the constant pressure clamps Ford uses with normal pliers. You will truly appreciate the tool when you realize that there would have been NO WAY to reach a clamp without it. My "no issues" in recommending this has changed to one of the "must have" small tools for a garage shade tree mechanic."
"I had to become innovative to initially get my CTB-55 clamps, that I needed for my 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7L V6, on the lower radiator hose but after I did the pliers worked really well."
"Being able to put these clamps on, ratchet it down till the clamps loosened and the slide the clamp off made the job easy."
"I have attacked Pictures of the original OTC tool, and the generic tool sold from Palada."
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Best Automotive Replacement Hose Fittings & Adapters

Motive Products 1101 Master Cylinder Adapter
Model 1101 Universal POWER BLEEDERTM Adapter Fits most imported and late model American cars Works on most imported and late model American cars, including many GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. Fits most other cars with a round hydraulic fluid reservoir smaller than 3.0 inches across.
"This one comes with some janky little chains and threaded rods that let you firmly fasten it to the reservoir, but consider those things as crappy options if you can't get something better in place."
"I've used the motive bleeding system for about 10 years and each time i have to buy a new adapter i wonder why they are so expensive."
"I am not sure what would work better than the approach employed but some other fastening system with a cable and a cam tightening system might be better."
"I add the brake fluid to the reservoir, and use Motive to pump 10-12 pis air for the process."
"I'm sure, with some braking systems, this might be a great solution; however, on my 2005 GX470, there was no way to effectively route the chain beneath the master cylinder without risking interfering with (damaging) the electronics that are proprietary to the cylinder."
"To be fair, I've had the Motive Power Bleeder for 10+ years without issue."
"It's not Motive's fault that Toyota use a oddly shaped master cylinder, but they should not have listed this as compatible with the ES350."
"Design requires you to secure the universal adapter top down with the provided j screws and chained around the master cylinder."
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