Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Heater Core Fittings

ACDelco 15-73599 GM Original Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning Air Inlet Door Actuator
ACDelco GM Original Equipment HVAC Air Inlet Door Actuators are electric motors attached to the HVAC housing that open or close the air inlet door, allowing the driver to select fresh air or recirculate modes. Restore air inlet door operation caused by worn actuator.
"I learned my lesson the hard way.. My original actuator started going out 10+ years after I bought my truck new. I have had no issues in the 1 1/2 years since I installed this actuator."
"I roamed around youtube and the net and found some home made tutorials on changing out the drivers side which turns out to be much easier than the passenger side due to the location way up under the dash. I eventually found home made instructions on the passenger side."
"That said, it may have been my fault since I'd opened it up and turned the gears a wee bit during the instal because I could not get it to slip onto the shaft. Third, using a small flat screw driver, pop out the two vents on each side of the glove box. Then on each side reach into the vent holes and feel for the head of a 10mm bolt that goes back into the airbag and holds it in place. They are nearer the top of the side rails and about an inch offset from the vent holes. The plastic cover is a tiny bit larger than the hole in the dash but it easily pops out and back in later. Once you have those off, you can pop it of the plastic guide pin and shaft by moving it straight left about 1/2" and then you'll just have the wire plug to unhook. Insert the two vents and glove box with it's 3 phillips screws and reconnect your battery. This was not the typical bottom 'blend door' actuator that went bad on my truck but the one up under the dash way in front of the passenger air bag. This truck has no automatic climate control and the actuator has only the 3 pins on the right side as shown in the picture. Impossible to see, hard to remove but I managed with a 1/4 inch ratchet... patience needed. The dash trim panel is slightly bigger than the opening so carefully pry it out with a flat screwdriver and the whole thing moves out. Turn on the key and hear it groan to make sure because there is apparently a 3rd one more to the center on top somewhere... maybe behind the radio. Now... to get at this, I opted to cut out a 5 inch or so section of the plastic duct that crosses this area and prevents you from reaching it. I used a hacksaw blade and was very careful to not cut any wires or the vacuum hose that was clipped to the back of the duct. Problem is, you are not able to stick it on because the door wants to hang down so I used a 2 foot long rod to push it forward through the grate and then hoped it would line up. I must have messed it up taking it apart but anyhow, it is solid and once the key was turned, it worked perfectly."
"Did some on line research and found that in addition to the Dorman, A/C Delco 15-73599 was also a recommended replacement for the OEM actuator."
"Works Great with my 2000 Chevy Silverado ."
"I discovered this by digging into the drivers side and removing that actuator and placing it on the passenger side. I compared the two parts and discovered that this actuator does not match the original part."
"ACDelco 15-73599 GM Original Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning Air Inlet Door Actuator. I not sure if this is what I ordered."
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Air Door Actuator HVAC fits Chevy Impala 2004-2013 Limited 2005-2016
Fits: Chevrolet Impala 2004 2005 2006 2007. Chevrolet Impala 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014. Chevrolet Impala Limited 2016-2005. Chevrolet Corvette 2013-2004. Controls the flow and temperature of air into the interior of the vehicle.
"Worked perfectly in my 07 Impala LTZ, recommend using a mini 1/4th drive ratchet due to the tiny space behind the glovebox, makes the job much easier."
"Fit well just as the original."
"perfect fit - nice install vids on youtube, works as expected, far cheaper than dealer."
"Tough little unit."
"The device worked for my vehicle."
"Product did work, but I should of been reading the small print."
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HVAC Air Door Actuator - Chevy Impala 2004-2013 - Replaces# 1573517, 1574122, 15844096, 22754988, 52409974, 604-108, 15-74122, 604108 - Heater Temperature Blend Door Actuator Chevy Impala 2011 & more
Driver Side Temperature Shown as position 1, this actuator controls the air temperature from the driver's side air vents. Replaces the following part numbers: 1573517, 1574122, 15844096, 22754988, 52409974, 604-108, 15-74122, 15-73517, 604108 - This is not a genuine GM part it is a direct replacement for the factory blend door actuator.
"Great product and fast service."
"Very good item, works perfect, stop the dreadful clicking sound,superfast shipping.."
"Took some time to install but they work and now we have heat in our car."
"Drivers side heating issue resolved, part was a perfect fit."
"Annoying to install, but that is GM's fault."
"Put it in my father in-law's 2010 Impala and it worked like a charm!"
"Worked perfectly and came with waranty..boyfriend and i put this sucker in freezing cold outside in under 30 minutes..so happy because the car is the warmest weve ever felt..great product..highly recommend!"
"Quality and best price available. The part work great for my Chevy impal 2006. Thank you."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Fittings

Dorman 800-409 Heater Hose Connector
Dorman Products, Inc. is well-known as a leader in providing quality auto parts to the aftermarket. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Worked great for replacing the off-white (yellowed) connector on my 2006 GMC Sierra 2500hd."
"I bought 2 regardless from other comments on here, and they both fit the inner/outer heater hose quick connect line, coming out the fire wall."
"I purchase this after doing a visual inspection of fluids and saw the antifreeze dripping."
"I was working on my heater core hoses and when I tried removing them one of the connectors broke off."
"Works great to connect to the heater connectors that come through the firewall."
"Does the job for my truck."
"Bought two of these when i replaced OEM heater hoses on my 2002 1500HD Silverado."
"Worked on both heater hoses on my 00 Silverado heater core."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Suction Fittings

Universal Air Conditioner RS 2711 A/C System Seal Kit
UAC parts are manufactured and tested to meet or exceed OE specifications. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Block Fittings

BK7055 Rear A/C Block Off Kit
Our Rear A/C Block Off Kit allows you to eliminate the rear A/C System and continue to use the front A/C. Easy to Install, Factory Direct Replacement Fittings.
"Very easy to install and much cheaper than having the AC line replaced front to rear."
"Worked great."
"Did not work."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Discharge Fittings

Evan-Fischer EVA15372045963 ABS speed sensor for Nissan Murano 03-07 Front Left Side S/Se/Sl Models
Connector Gender: Male Includes: Wiring harness Mounting Location: Wheel Replaces OE Number: 47911CA000 Terminal Type: Blade Terminal Gender: Female Terminal Quantity: 2 Type: ABS speed sensor. FREE 1-year UNLIMITED mileage warranty coverage on Evan-Fischer items purchased thru AUTO PARTS GIANT Store.
"My mechanic put these on with no trouble at all- fit my '04 Nissan Murano perfectly!"
"Worked just fine."
"Excellent replacement part."
"Works great on nissan quest."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Filters

BMW microfilter/activated carbon container
BMW microfilter/activated carbon container. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Much better than paying dealer 89 for the same OEM part."
"Better doing it yourself than heading to the shop!"
"OEM perfection."
"Great product."
"Hardest part is accessing the existing filter under the passenger side dash, it helps if you are a contortionist, but there was no way I way I was going to pay the $100+ the stealership wanted to charge me."
"2013 335i F30 Xdrive - fit perfectly, exact same markings as original."
"It fit my 2013 BMW 328i XDrive."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Hoses

Yellow Jacket 29985 Plus II 1/4" Hose with Compact Ball Valve, 60" (Pack of 3)
Hose and ball valve rated for 4,000 PSI burst pressure and 800 PSI working pressure ?
"fast shipper!"
"Holds up to the daily abuse most techs will put them through."
"Love them!!!"
"This is Katherine's Husband."
"i really like their length."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Adapters

Dorman 902-302 Coolant Air Bleeder
Dorman Products, Inc. is well-known as a leader in providing quality auto parts to the aftermarket. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"This product lasted 5 years!"
"Everything seems to be a good match for the original, EXCEPT, the electrical connection has a slightly different groove pattern than the wire harness connector."
"found radiator cap and hose clamps need replacement also work great the price needs to be cheap because they don’t last very long but wished they could make a better replacement."
"Perfect replacement - FYI, had to turn the electrical lead 180 degrees, but that is no real issue, just good to know..."
"Very good price, at this time (apr, 2016) the OEM price is about 90USD and the last one of these actually lasted a longer that the OEM unit (~75K Kms until it cracked when plugging a hose)."
"First of the Dorman part is a direct fitting exact match for the OEM coolant air bleeder. My first Dorman replacement failed at the metal inlay that holds the temp sensor. I'm now about to go in and do this repair for a fourth time since my current coolant air bleeder has developed a leak around the temp sensor."
"The sensor shows a lower temperature on my gauge than both the original Mopar unit and a replacement from the local parts store."
"While this part fits perfectly it is just as poor quality as the OE part."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Condensers

A/C Condenser - Cooling Direct : For/Fit 4283 Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500 5.3 / 6.2L Suburban / Tahoe
Message us with your car information (VIN) to double-check fitment of product (Only Cooling Direct). Each product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty (Warranty voids if the entire cooling system is not flushed prior to installation. All cooling products are designed to OEM standards for fitment, performance, and quality.
"This condenser works more than perfectly."
"This shipped fast, had it in a few days, installed perfectly...I've got the coldest AC in town."
"Couldn't get it from a dealer so I rolled the dice."
"The condenser fit however the adapters for the trans cooler were shorter than stock."
"was not a direct fit replacement."
"Everything work out perfect fast shipping."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Gaskets

Vintage Air 965071 A/C Complete Kit
Vintage Air is a revered name within the street rod industry and the entire automotive aftermarket. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Valves

OES Genuine Expansion Tank Cap
"These are a common item to replace in older Hondas and Acuras."
"perfect fit."
"Thanks perfectly fit on my 08 acura tl."
"Fit great."
"OEM quality, fast ship, very satisfied."
"Terrible quality and it broke after less than 6 months of use."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Receiver Dryers

Denso 478-1500 Receiver Drier
These products bring together everything DENSO knows as an air conditioning systems manufacturer to bring you the highest quality line of remanufactured and factory new A/C compressors available.New or Remanufactured, The Same High Standard When it comes to remanufactured product, you can't do better than going with a unit remanufactured by the OE supplier. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"The desiccant/drier is the correct size but the included plugs do not fit this condenser and there is no new O-ring included for the current plug so i just reused what I had but would have been nice to have a new O-ring which I didn't know what size I would be needing until I removed the drier plug."
"Perfect fit and replacement for 98+ Land Cruiser or LX470."
"Great item, fast shipping, good price."
"This is an exact replacement for a 2001 Toyota Echo receiver dryer."
"This desiccant/drier fit into the tube with no problems."
"Fit right in no problems."
"The filter bag was right size but ALL other attatchments were not correct."
"The filter worked for my Toyota Matrix 2003, now for the actual replacement procedure, that took some innovation, like using some make shift part as a huge Allen wrench."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Hose Assemblies

Mr. Heater 15-Feet Propane Appliance Hose Assembly
Allows you to extend the distance of your Mr. Heater from the LP tank. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Looks like it should work for me."
"Perfect, but know this is an extension."
"This is a great hose and solved my problem."
"Much heavier than expected and likes to coil its own way, but does the job."
"Good hose that worked well with the quick connect for a Big Buddy heater."
"This is a good quality hose and I like it."
"needed a 15ft hose only one I could find works good."
"This propane hose worked great with our new fire pit."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Suction Hoses

Genuine Honda 80311-S5D-A12 A/C Suction Pipe
Genuine Honda 80311-S5D-A12 A/C Suction Pipe. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"It works great, had a buddy install it."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Condenser Fan Motors

Genuine Ford AA5Z-19E616-C A/C Motor Assembly
Ford OEM A/C Actuator. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Read up on it and save lots of money."
"Right behind the glove box in a 2011 Flex."
"Fixes the annoying clicking sound coming from behind the glove box on 2008-9 Mercury Sable. If you understand how a socket wrench works, you are good to go."
"Worked for 2014 Ford Explorer XLT."
"Purchased this to stop the annoying click in a 2010 Lincoln MKS that's a well documented flaw in Ford/Lincoln products."
"Great for Ford Flex blend door actuator failures."
"Fixed the noisy "whirring" sound in my 2014 Taurus Limited."
"Save yourself some time and hassle: - this - is the replacement part you need."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Orifice Tubes

ACDelco 15-5378 GM Original Equipment Air Conditioning Orifice Tube
Manufactured to GM OE specification for fit, form, and function.
"I considered not replacing the orifice when installing a new compressor, but I am glad I did."
"Fits Chevy Tahoe 2002. This is the right part for this vehicle with dual a/c ACDelco 15-5378. Beware of part # ACDelco 15-33410 also listed in ACDelco catalog for this vehicle, its thicker and it does not fit."
"Old one slid right out of the compressor outlet."
"Used this part to rebuild an A/C system."
"Works perfect in my 2004 Sierra 1500!"
"Old one was hard to get out."
"Does not fit a 2006 Chevy Silverado classic like Amazon says it does."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Discharge Hoses

UAC HA 10694C A/C Refrigerant Discharge Hose
At UAC, We take great pride in our extensive line of Hose Assemblies. All units are pressure tested for leaks to ensure product quality; product is backed by industry leading warranty.
"I did have to slightly bend the metal on the high side port to get the valve to fit flush into the mounting and prevent rubbing against another part of the engine."
"Perfect oem replacement hose for 01-Nissan frontier v6."
"Fit my 2000 Nissan Frontier 6cyl perfectly."
"right hose for 2002 xterra 3.3.ltr."
"Works great."
"The right part the first time and quick delivery."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Power Module - ATC

ACDelco 15-81638 GM Original Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning Blower Control Module
Manufactured to GM OE specification for fit, form, and function.
"2007 Yukon XL - Front AC was not blowing any air at all."
"Worked perfectly in my 2012 Acadia."
"This worked perfect on my 2009 Chevy Silverado."
"Had to update my review, fan wont blow in high, only 3/4 speed."
"Purchased this because there was no air coming from the front vents in a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali XL."
"The unit was defective."
"This burnt up in 37 days from install."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Clutches & Parts

CTA Tools 6500 Automatic Transmission Clutch Spring Compressor
CTA Tools 6500 Automatic Transmission Clutch Spring Compressor is designed to remove and install the snap-ring onto the long reverse piston and return spring. Whether Tuning Up Your '68 Corvette or Changing The Oil on a John Deere Tractor, CTA Can Supply You with the Tools Needed to do the Job.
"I was able to pull all the spring cages out of a 4L60e with this tool, including the rear-most spring/piston... little finicky on the rearmost one, but it did work."
"If you're rebuilding an automatic transmission then this tool is invaluable."
"It may be an off brand but it beats the hell out of using a bunch of C - Clamps like I did last time."
"Did everything I needed - though sometimes it can be difficult because of the length."
"Great tool for working on my Toyota Land Cruiser transmission."
"worked perfectly and gets the job done."
"This is the cheapest made tool I have ever baught not what I expected at all for the money I paid for it."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Compressors & Parts

Dorman 949-001 Suspension Air Compressor
Dorman's Suspension Compressor eliminates excessive suspension sag, restoring vehicle handling and safety. Integral to a level ride - replacement restores active suspension function.
"perfect fit!"
"2011 GMC Yukon XL."
"So far so good great affordable price for this replacement."
"great product, works well, $100+ cheaper than GM OEM!"
"It worked and was wayyyy cheaper than any auto parts store."
"30 min install."
"Works perfectly on my 208 Escalade!"
"Compressor purchased as an Amazon warehouse deal and I could tell it had been previously installed."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Evaporators & Parts

UVIEW 550500 AirLift II Economy Cooling System Refiller
Newer vehicles have a tight and compact cooling system with bleed screws and special filling requirements. Refills entire cooling system in seconds, including the Heater Core.
"They make different models but this one with the cone fits all the different size radiator openings without any adaptors."
"Works well to evacuate and fill Porsche Boxster cooling system."
"Love this tool, saves so much time refilling my cooling system."
"Had to return this Blue valve wouldn't seal."
"Best tool u can buy .."
"Makes filling even my tricky Dakota’s a breeze!"
"This works great for refilling my cooling system, prevents air gaps."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning O-Rings & O-Ring Kits

Four Seasons 26738 O-Ring & Gasket Air Conditioning System Seal Kit
O-Ring & Gasket A/C System Seal Kit. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Complete kit 26738 for Chevy Tahoe 2002. This one includes the compressor metal washer / o-ring."
"I was only servicing part of my AC system, so only needed a few o-rings out of the pack."
"I purchased this AC system o-ring and gasket kit for a 2003 GMC Yukon with rear AC, all the needed o-rings and gaskets came in the kit, plus I have enough left over to repair the AC two or three more times."
"Just what i needed to swap out compressor and dryer in my 2002 Silverado 1500HD."
"Only needed 3 of these but always good to have on hand just in case."
"just what i needed for chevy gmc truck."
"Good gaskets multiple sizes."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Accumulators & Parts

ACDelco 15-72548 GM Original Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning Control Panel
ACDelco GM Original Equipment HVAC Control Panels, or control heads, translate the user’s commands into mechanical, vacuum, or electrical signals to operate the blower fan and the blend, mode, and recirculation doors. Restores the operation and function of your vehicles heating and cooling controls.
"1996 Chevy truck...keeping it on the road (over 266 thousand miles so far)."
"I have a 1998 Silverado."
"AC control unit works perfectly and it lasts longer than others I have bought."
"Easy install on older Chevy/GMC trucks easily done in your own garage."
"My ac and heater blower only blew out of my floorboard at one speed and ac lights would not turn on and temp did not work, after searching online found out this was the problem."
"Worked great on my 97 Chevy k1500 (4x4 standard cab) - Didn't have any heat unless I "jiggled" the previous unit - Once I swapped this in HOORAY!!!"
"So I have a 1999 Cadillac Escalade that I own for several years now and unfortunately my AC went out a couple weeks ago."
"worked ok. be sure to check harness connectors for overheated /burnt pins."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Conditioning Liquid Line Repair Kits

Dorman 800-641 3/8" O.D. Splice for A/C Line
Dorman Products, Inc. is well-known as a leader in providing quality auto parts to the aftermarket. Quick, durable permanent metal line repair without line removal.
"Hard line had rubbed on the spring perch in a customer's Ford E-150 near the driver's side rear tire. Here's what I did: Loosened the clips that held the line in place and gently positioned it to be easier to repair."
"The SUVs were designed such that the rear A/C line rubs against the heater hose crimp and eventually cuts a gash, letting all refrigerant out of the entire A/C system. Use a close clearance line cutter (the ones with the thumbscrews, rollers, and cutter wheel) to cut out the damage, and clean the line well till shiny."
"Update: 4 months later leaking cooling line resulted in need to completely replace heating and cooling lines shop suggests failed connectors poor workmanship also a likely factor!"
"Saved me a lot of money with an air conditioning repair for my car."
"Worked just fine for a high-side auto A/C line splice."
"works great just takes some tinkering to get it on. I tightened fittings on line with out rubber seals the went back abbd put seals on. no leak on high pressure like to rear a/c unit."
"This worked great to replace a corroded section of a rear A/C line on my van."
"I Got This And - Did A Great Job Cutting / Cleaning / Preparing The Tubing To Install It. It Cost Me $120.00 Lost Using This Product."
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Best Automotive Replacement Heater Blend Door Levers

Dorman 902-220 Blend Door Repair Kit
Many of our blend doors have been Dorman engineered with robust materials to correct weaknesses in the original design. Quality tested to ensure trouble free installation and performance.
"I highly recommend having a dremmel tool with a good cutting bit for cutting into the box. And you should have epoxy puddy to fill in the gaps the cut will make."
"I choose to use epoxy to repair the hole that gets cut behind the dash, rather than the A/C duct tape that was supplied in the kit."
"I bought this thinking my no heat problem was the door, when actually it was the motor that turns it (I replaced that with a Dorman, too)."
"This job can be very time-consuming; cutting up your lower plenum for access to the Blend Door to replace the original door. If you have small-ish hands and lots of patience; you could possibly get your hand up where the old Blend Door is mounted - You MIGHT even be able to pop the replacement door out of its mounting points and NOT break the existing mounting points."
"was researching the problem i had with my 99 F150 for a while when i started my truck in a parked position my a/c would work fine nice and cold on any modes Low medium High but if my a/c was on low or medium once i started driving my a/c would blow hot but if i kept it on high max a/c it would blow cold regardless if the truck was moving but if i really got on the gas the a/c area behind the glove box would make a thump and immediately start blowing hot air so i would have to keep turning the a/c on and off until cold a/c would blow out."
"I took everything apart around the actuator before buying the door to make sure it was the door and not the actuator."
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Best Automotive Replacement Harness Connector Repair Kits

Chrysler Blower Resistor Harness Repair Kit 5017124AB
Blower Motor Resistor Harness Repair Kit Fits Resistors: 5061575AA, 5061094AB, 5166541AB, 5174618AA, 5183153AA Includes One Connector, (5) 16 Gauge 8" Leads & (5) 12 Gauge 8" Leads Replaces Chrysler: 5017124AB Chrysler Jeep & Dodge 2001- 1 Kit Per Package.
"My blower fan in my 2001 Dodge Dakota Sport truck went on the blink about 2 weeks ago. Apparently, the factory wire harness connector is pretty much an item that can only be obtained through the Dodge dealership. So, when I looked on Amazon for the harness kit, obviously, I found that the price was much, much lower with a private seller. It took 3 days after purchase to receive the harness, which I thought was a 5-star delivery time. To accomplish this, remove the two 5/16 inch screws that hold the resistor up into the vent duct-work under the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle. Now, to put your newly purchased harness together: Look at the end of the plug that has the blue connection block and make sure it is pushed up all the way into the black plug housing... it should be about a quarter inch or so up inside the housing and unable to be pushed in any further when it is correct. On the other end of the plug, you'll see 5 small holes in a white 'rubber' wire separator."
"I eventually discovered that by removing the blue colored piece located inside the black plastic connector housing you could snake the wires through the back of the housing unit and attach them to the pins."
"no instructions, but poke your wire in the back with the metal connector, all the same way it should snap right in and hear a click then trim your wire end and attach other wires to bare wires, I only used the thinner size wire on this, save the big wire for some thing else.the blue is the front the back has small holes to push the wire threw."
"Once the end piece and white rubber were removed, the wires snapped right in to place and I was able to splice them into the system."
"solder and tape ... just remember."
"If you changed your resistor, you might notice that the harness has one or two melted wires."
"push the clip end of new wire thru the end of the new connector with the white boots till they click."
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Best Automotive Replacement Auxiliary Electric Cooling Fan Kits

Dorman 973-426 Blower Motor Resistor Kit
A unique repair solution, Dorman's Blower Motor Resistor Kit promptly returns your vehicle's heating and cooling system to its original peak performance. High-quality materials effectively withstand the condensation that typically causes corrosion in resistors.
"Hilitchi 100pcs 12-10 Gauge Insulated Male / Female Bullet Quick Splice Wire Terminals Wire Crimp Connectors Set (12-10AWG)."
"Great replacement kit for my 2003 Dodge Dakota ac regulation."
"Got this kit with the resistor and wire harness since I recently replaced the resistor (within 2 years)."
"Weird ( shouldentake a difference but I replaced itanyways and what a difference high blows hard again like when it was new !"
"Good replacement part for the blower motor."
"I was amazed at the low price of $9.05 for both parts!"
"This was a good replacement for the one that was installed on my 2001 Dakota."
"It took about 20 minutes to install and now I am able to fly kites inside my Durango... High quality product and I love the shrink tube on the connectors."
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Best Automotive Replacement Refrigerant Retrofit Kits

A/C PRO GBM-4 R-134a Air Conditioning Pro Heavy Duty Charging Hose and Gauge
Interdynamics heavy duty R-134a charging hose has an easy to read extra large gauge face with protective rubber housing, 90 degree Push and Lock coupler with auto shut off and extra long 24 inch hose. Easy to read extra large gauge face with protective rubber housing.
"Worked for a couple of uses, then started leaking from the top handle that you screw down to puncture the can and then back up to release refrigerant."
"To release the pressure you have press the inside of the blue valve to simulate that is hooked to the system."
"Unless your vehicle is just a few months away from the scrap heap anyway, it would be foolish to gum up the entire system when you don't even know whether a leak is (one of) your problem(s)."
"I've never worked on a/c - but my car is older and this last summer I noticed there was no cold air - I did not like the prospect of going all summer driving a sweat box, but didn't want to spend a lot of money on a car I may get rid of soon - I did a little research and then went shopping - this unit is priced great for the quality - it is built better than similar units sold at most auto parts stores and discount retailers and costs less as well - I had no problems getting the job done and had cold air all summer - well worth the expenditure!"
"I DID. If it go's into red real fast, that's the compressor turning off because either you put to much in and it tripped your high pressure switch located on high side (Small Line) or a is shut off or you may have a bad compressor. If you have a Cab filter in your car or truck, make sure to check, clean or replace it as it directly affects how well if will work, just like your house filter."
"So I added Dupont Suva and watched needle slowly rise to middle of green. After bleeding, reads about a quarter way into green with AC running on max."
"Allows me to work on my 2 trucks air conditioning while over the fender and not in the engine compartment."
"It worked on two cans, then the thread on the piercing end got stripped to the point that it can no longer be screwed onto a can."
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Best Automotive Replacement Expansion Valves & Parts

Behr Hella Service Engine Coolant Recovery Tank BMW Applications
HELLA’s Sales organization plus BEHR’s extensive OE product knowledge form Behr Hella Service. Quality tested to ensure trouble-free installation and performance.
"Works better than OEM in my opinion."
"Be sure to purchase a transmission temp sensor that fits under the tank, they are always broken."
"If u have a leak then u have to pull it out and loose all your antifreeze..ie 1 gallon."
"Assembly into the BMW was entertaining, but the product works great, arrived quickly."
"Seems very good quality - comparable to the BMW one."
"still works after more than 2 years."
"Exceeded all expectations!"
"Perfect fit for my 2004 325i BMW."
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Best Automotive Replacement VIR (Valves in Receiver)

Goodmark A/C Refrigerant Discharge Hose CHEVROLET CHEVELLE 1970
Goodmark A/C Refrigerant Discharge Hose CHEVROLET CHEVELLE 1970. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
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