Best Automotive Replacement Blower Motors

Motorcraft YH-1715 Blower Motor Resistor
Blower Motor Resistor. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"My 2012 Ford Fiesta suddenly had this horrible burning plastic smell and then the fan speeds no longer worked on 1, 2, or 3 , but 4 worked fine."
"This part no."
"My 1&2 speed settings went out on my fan speed selector switch and I installed this on my 2008 F-150 and it corrected the problem."
"Worked as expected - I had lost the two faster fan speeds on my AC unit in my 2008 Ford F150, replaced this blower motor resistor and everything has worked perfectly since."
"Used this in my 2010 Mercury Mariner, and it works perfect."
"The heater fan was only working on high."
"Worked fine for a 2008 F350."
"Easy fix when my blower speed stopped working in my 2006 Mustang."
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NuTone 5901A000 Fan Blower Wheel Assembly
Genuine NuTone blower wheel assembly. Works with many NuTone and Broan ventilation fans.
"Other Amazon reviewers strongly recommended purchasing this new fan at the same time when purchasing a new fan motor so that the new fan could be attached more securely than trying to use the old fan. Attached to the top of the fan is a metal compression clamp (see attached photo) which is used to mount the fan securely to the fan motor’s shaft. Imprinted in the white plastic along replacement fan's outside top perimeter are the words “Thorgren Valparaiso Indiana” and number ”2.” The only discernible difference between my original fan and this replacement is the way in which the plastic has been molded (presumably to provide strength) on the new fan in the area proximal to the hole through which the fan motor’s shaft is inserted (see attached photo)."
"Clip ring pliers and a new ring made the job very easy to do."
"Fit like a charm."
"Perfect replacement for my old bathroom vent fan."
"Haven't had to replace it yet, but wanted this on hand for when I do."
"This is a good quality exact replacement for my Nutone fan."
"Replaced a metal blower wheel that I couldn't "balance" and made lots of noise."
"Part fixed loud noise coming from the bathroom fan."
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TYC 700194 Honda Civic Replacement Blower Assembly
Each new TYC blower assembly is balanced and tested before leaving the factory to ensure proper and quiet functionality. The fan (wheel) is pre-balanced with the motor to ensure perfect fitment and performance.
"This is made for a Honda Civic but it fits perfectly into a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara JK."
"Neither box was damaged. The damage was minor. Installation in the Jeep was very easy."
"Fit perfectly and took no more than 10min to install. I literally installed this 30min ago and was so happy to have it working again, figured I'd leave a review."
"Very simple to do. And my 07 Jeep wrangler is now back to blowing heat as hot as hell its self and no more loud noises from the blower it great will see how it last after using it for awhile. Great price."
"I do have a complaint however, that it makes a rather loud electrical motor hum, that wasn't present in the original blower."
"My 2007 Honda Civic is notorious for having the cabin blower fail over time."
"The old, OEM one was making squeaking sounds on cold, January, Wisconsin mornings."
"Don't hesitate, get your AC back today!"
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Best Automotive Replacement Blower Motor Wheels

Rheem A/C Division 70-20602-01 Blower Wheel
The Rheum Mfg. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Item was as advertised."
"Blower cage was exact factory service part and put my air conditioning back in service."
"Great replacement on a Rheem Quiet 80."
"Looks fine, and should do the job."
"Great product fast shipping."
"Saved me from freezing during a very bad cold spell in Denver."
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Best Automotive Replacement Heater Cores

Spectra Premium 94466 Heater Core for Dodge Pickup
Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology and quality control ensure that Spectra Premium heaters meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment heaters they replace.
"Perfect replacement for my 1999 3500 ram."
"nice replacement for 1996 dodge ram 5.2."
"I installed it this weekend and is working great."
"I bought the part here and had it installed by a professional mechanic the job calls for 5.5 hrs it's a big deal in the end I payed less than $50 for the heater core and $450 for the install other than that the heater core fits perfect no leaks I replaced the hoses also good as new."
"I had this unit installed 11/29/14 so far good heat, last year mid-winter was without heat."
"The second one also leaked out of the same spot, in which I was given a full refund instead of a replacement."
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Best Automotive Replacement Heaters

Flex-a-lite 640 Mojave Heater
The Flex-a-lite Mojave heater is designed to simplify the task of providing heat and comfort to your ride. Fan moves air at 140 cubic feet per minute at 12,000 BTU.
"Awesome little heater, this heater can make you sweat."
"Fitting for heater hoses required larger and smaller brass couplers than sizes stated on product."
"Purchased for our skid loader and it works great worth every penny I did mount the heater on the roof so I will add a lift pump as it doesn't have good flow because it's about 2 ft higher than the coolant system but heats great if I keep on low speed I'm confident it would heat better with pump works fine for what I need."
"the flex a lite works great."
"It took me 3hrs to install mostly because I wanted to make sure of the location of heater before I drilled inch and a quarter holes in my van to run the heater hoses through."
"Much better than the standard heaters that were in my older (CJ &YJ) Jeeps."
"I purchased this heater in order to provide additional cooling for my small block V-8 (addition of coolant to the system, as well as additional heat transfer) and the added benefit of providing heat to the passengers in the back of my FJ40 off road Toy."
"Put this on my Honda side by side and it works great in the winter time."
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Best Automotive Replacement Heater Parts

ACDelco 214-1105 GM Original Equipment Vapor Canister Purge Valve
An ACDelco GM Original Equipment Vapor Canister Purge Valve is an emission control component and is a GM-recommended replacement for your vehicle’s original component. Manufactured to GM OE specification for fit, form, and function.
"The replacement was necessary because I'm attempting the process of elimination in changing parts to rid vehicle check engine light issue."
"OEM part fit well don't forget to take the grey insulator off the new one for a proper fit."
"OEM part, dropped right in."
"Fixed my "Gas cap loose" code."
"don't remember this part."
"Great price and great product."
"I never received a check engine light on my2004 6.0L Suburban, but it was slow to start after fill ups."
"Replace these and/or the solenoid vent valve every year when "code" comes up for OTC on my 2006 GMC Sierra."
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Best Automotive Replacement Heater Universals

VVKB Parking Heater Bunk Heater for Diesel 12V 5KW/16000BTU Economy Quiet Boat Heater CE FCC RoHS
VVKB Diesel Heater with timing start and close function; equipped with flexible exhaust pipe; equipped with exhaust muffler. VVKB Parking heaters perform similarly to Espar and Webasto in many aspects. Please visit youtube: http://bit.ly/2tMdRwG VVKB parking heater is more fuel efficient and quieter.
"Very poorly made nothing but problems."
"When I get the product the ventilator fan is stuck it's poor product I west of my time."
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Best Automotive Replacement Heater Hose Connectors

Dorman 800-414 Heater Hose Connector
Dorman's HVAC Heater Hose Connector resists brittleness, cracking, and leaking. Replace only the connector, not the entire heater hose assembly.
"You might have to reuse the squeeze tabs on the heater hose end because this connector didn't come with."
"Push in the opposite direction, push tabs down, then pull connection off."
"I replaced this preemptively when changing out the heater hoses, as I figured the stock unit was on borrowed time at 190k Miles."
"Went in clean."
"Perfect Replacement for 2004 Yukon XL Heater Core connection with T for Rear AUX heat core line connection."
"Perfect fit, good quality."
"direct fit with no problems."
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Best Automotive Replacement Heater Control Valves

Motorcraft YG780 Heater Control Valve
Motorcraft offers you a wide range of A/C and heating components for Ford Mercury and Lincoln vehicles from A/C condensers and sensors to HVAC heater cores and A/C accumulators. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Perfect fit on my 2014 Ford Escape SE 1.6 Turbo AWD."
"Had a coolant leak and when I replaced this part it was all fixed."
"Works great."
"Direct fit."
"Fit and functions properly."
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Best Automotive Replacement Air Temperature Overrides

OES Genuine Air Conditioning Evaporator Temperature Sensor
"The condenser inside the dash was freezing b/c the Evap Temp Sensor was off by 20 degrees, so when the car was at 68, it thought the car was at 88 and kept trying to cool until the unit froze."
"2001 volvo v70 t ac works consistantly, thanks."
"Perfectly fit, exactly what i ordered."
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