Best Needlework

A to Z of Crochet: The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Crocheter
Whether you're a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you'll ever need.
"What this does instead is show you how to do a ton of stitches whether you know the basics or are just picking up crochet for the first time. What about just wanting to know how to pick the right yarn and hooks? If you're brand new to crochet, the first couple chapters are all about crochet hooks sizes, yarn styles and sizes, gauge of crochet, how to hold the yarn, and the basic beginner steps to crochet such as how to start, chain stitch, slip stitch, tying off. If you already know how and just want to expand your repertoire then there are dozens upon dozens of stitches, tricks, techniques, and styles to increase your knowledge."
"I could remember making it as a young mother but couldn't remember how other than I needed a crochet hook and a VERY large "broomstick" (or in today's world - a large knitting needle). Anyway, the book contains information on types of yarns, hooks, gauge, how to read patterns and charts and other equipment you might need. One last feature of the book is that the front and back covers each have a "bookmark" flap which is very useful when you can finish a project in one sitting."
"I ordered this books so my daughter and I could learn crocheting together."
"Great information."
"Easy to read."
"Gift for son."
"Sooooo glad I got this book!"
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The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Patterns (Complete Crochet Designs)
This stitchwork classic features 500 designs ranging from traditional patterns to original motifs—and crocheters of all levels will find essential information and inspiration on every page. Linda Schapper's artistic vision is expressed in a wide range of media, from patchwork quilts and crochet to painting and liturgical textiles, all of which are characterized by a folk-art style.
"They are the size of a quarter which makes it difficult to really get an idea of what the pattern looks like unless you go to the page and look at it. Slightly larger thumbnails would make this section easier to browse."
"Gave this as a Christmas gift... she hasn't put it down yet, been trying a lot of new stitches."
"Great addition to my crochet library."
"I originally took this book out at the library."
"Perfect, exactly what I needed."
"This book was great at getting that refresher I needed to start on new projects, not to mention it has so many amazing patterns!"
"This book is wonderful, it has a complete guide for the beginner with large pictures which are easily followed."
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A Kid's Guide to Sewing: Learn to Sew with Sophie & Her Friends • 16 Fun Projects You'll Love to Make & Use
In this book by well-known modern quilters Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr along with their 11-year-old daughter Sophie Kerr, kids will learn how to navigate a sewing machine, make smart fabric choices, and use basic sewing tools. This book comes from the new imprint of C&T Publishing, FunStitch Studio, and is designed to get young people interested and involved in sewing and home crafts. Sixteen fun projects at levels from beginner to advanced await the adventurous young person with an interest in sewing in this colorful and educational resource. Learn about fabrics, supplies, machines and the basics of sewing while creating projects that will be admired, used and worn. In this debut book written when she was 11, Sophie―daughter of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio - guides her young counterparts through the process of sewing. She doesn't make them so complicated," she says.As parents, we like that many of the projects, such as the Zippered Tote and Insulated Lunch Bag, are practical for kids. Sophie obviously knows that boys like to sew too, and she's got plenty of guys pictured throughout the book, making things like belts and bags that can be enjoyed by ever kid. Lastly, her careful illustrations and picture really do make simple work out of sometimes intimidating tasks, such as installing a zipper. With 35 pages of valuable troubleshooting and safety tips, and 16 projects, including a lunch tote and messenger bag, your kids will be clamoring to go to the nearest fabric store. Eleven-year-old Sophie Kerr and her professional quiltmaker parents bring a stress-free and fresh approach to sewing for kids, making this a great reference book for young sewists. The bright photography of Sophie and her friends (male and female) sewing and using their projects is fun and engaging. Sophie's expertise and kid credentials combine to create a book that is both factually substantial, and age-appropriate. The first portion of the book introduces the reader to the sewing machine, as well as the fabrics and notions needed to execute the projects. They are simple to construct, starting with the easiest undertaking - a pillow - and working up to the most challenging - a zippered tote. Sophie dispels that idea, and puts machine sewing within reach for her tween peers.
"Lots of cute projects for my grand daughter to begin sewing."
"My granddaughters love this book!"
"Very kid friendly, especially good instructions, well-chosen projects."
"Great little book for beginner sewing, with lots of simple projects."
"Awesome gift for your beginner."
"This book is fun, inspiring, and offers a great start for a beginner."
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Best Needlepoint

Release Your Anger: Midnight Edition: An Adult Coloring Book with 40 Swear Words to Color and Relax
This beautiful coloring book features 40 creative and intricate designs with classic and wonderfully original insults, exclamations and swear words to help you relax and let go of the stressful situations in your life. Swear word coloring books presents this unique coloring book to help manage stress and release your anger.
"No, the pages are not perforated, if I want to take page out, and hang it on the break room fridge so that my stupid coworker sees it, I just use my exacto knife to cut it out."
"But with that, I have to say "Two Thumbs Up" for this wonderful stress relieving coloring book!"
"This book is amazing."
"I have seen adult coloring books floating around for quite a while and read how they've helped people center themselves and deal with anxiety, depression, stress, etc. I am a kid all over again and I'll be damned if my coloring pages don't make it up on the fridge right next to my son's. The pages are nice and thick and the images themselves are detailed and time consuming, which I really enjoy."
"Bought this with the intent to save it to use at the hospital for stress relief during labor with baby #3 but the images and words are just too fun."
"If you know someone who loves to color these books make awesome gifts."
"I love this book. I love using gel pens in this book but the Twistable color pencils work just as well."
"The black paper makes all your colors pop!"
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Best Patchwork

Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Ireland: 20 designs for patchwork and quilting
Each of the quilts featured in Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Ireland is made using new fabrics from the Kaffe Fassett Collective. as well as Kaffe's favorites from his other fabric collections. He has written numerous quilt best-sellers including Heritage Quilts , Kaffe Quilts Again , Kaffe Fassett: Dreaming in. Color, an autobiography , and Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Romance .
"Kaffe's latest book is a pleasure to read and enjoy the wonderful photos."
"It was the colours of the fabrics that made the quilts not the patterns in the book."
"As usual, Kaffe's quilts are beautiful!"
"Love Kaffe Fassett's fabrics and this book is eye candy to me!"
"Love Kaffe's quilts."
"It’s an absolutely beautiful book!"
"I bought this as a gift, and it was a big hit!"
"Add meterage for BROCADE PEONY as follows: Grey PJ62GY 1 3/4yd (1.6m). CUTTING OUT. Border 3. The strips should be cut lengthwise (not widthwise as stated) and are not joined. For Borders 2, 4 and 5 only you will still need to join sufficient widths of fabric strips end to end to achieve the correct lengths. Instead, the outside setting triangles should be cut so the straight grain is on the outside edge of the quilt. Cut 6 squares each 12 1/2in x 12 1/2in (31.8cm x 31.8cm) and cut from corner to corner diagonally both ways, making 4 triangles from each square. Use the remaining fabric to cut the Template B corner triangles."
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Best Rug Crafts

Hook, Loop 'n' Lock: Create Fun and Easy Locker Hooked Projects
Create Fun and Easy Locker Hooked Projects. Today, Theresa is the general manager for Princess Mirah's crafts, a division of Bali Fabrics where she oversees the development, production and promotion of a line of crafts for the needlecrafts, paper crafts and mixed media markets.
"New project for me."
"These were all great books."
"I liked this book easy to follow I wanted to learn how to do this and am sure this book will teach me!"
"Have tried one project so far and liked the way it turned out."
"Written very clearly - some different techniques using other medium besides material."
"Great resource book for lockerhooking."
"Great book and easy to understand."
"excellent visuals and pictorial descriptions.... clever alternate ideas to floor mats."
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Best Spinning

In the Footsteps of Sheep: Tales of a Journey Through Scotland, Walking, Spinning, and Knitting Socks
In the Footsteps of Sheep details the completion of a mission the author, a Welsh-born Scot, set for herself: to travel and camp throughout Scotland, find cast off tufts of wool from 10 Scottish sheep breeds, then spin the wool on her spinning stick while walking (or waiting for ferries), and finally design and knit one pair of socks to represent each breed...all the while writing about her adventures and taking plenty of photographs. The author is an intrepid Scottish woman who, after earning a medical degree and raising her children, packed her rucksack with bare necessities, and set off to camp and walk throughout Scotland. The photos of the seascapes are lovely, the author's cozy camping locations romantic (even the cold and rainy ones), and the steep cliffs and rock outcroppings plunging into the sea are dramatic and exciting.
"The inclusion of so much information about the routes walked, the various locations, the types of sheep, and similar plus the patterns, and the gorgeous photographs makes this a very valuable book for anyone interested in knitting, socks, or Scotland!"
"Beyond that, each chapter detailed her adventures camping, visiting, spinning, and knitting - which prompted me to pick up the needles, knit some socks, and dream of traveling to far off lands!"
"I also agree with some of the reviewers that since this is a book about her journey gathering up wool and spinning there were no photos to show that-a little thing but should have been included and disappointing as it is the premise of the book Other than that I love this book and would highly recommend."
"I'm not sure quite what I was expecting from this book, nor why it didn't quite live up to it, but I finished it somewhat disappointed."
"Lost one star for not offering a hardback version, or at least a more durable cover."
"Beautiful photos and interesting travel journal with knitting patterns thrown in."
"The patterns are good to have but the walk, the stories, the people & the sheep were worth the cost of the book."
"I have wanted this book since it was published in 2015."
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Best Sewing

Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make
Kids can sew too! Best of all, this practical, attractive sewing book features finished projects that look like they were actually made by children.
"Unfortunately, so much of the sewing kits, books, and supplies are geared towards girls. Not only is it full of beautiful photographs that help teach sewing steps, I was pleased to see how many boys were included in the photographs--sewing just like their female counterparts."
"My 7 year old daughter loves this book."
"My daughter loves it and is always planning new projects to make."
"Such a lovely book!"
"Some fun ideas."
"Nice book but grand didn't really use it much."
"good instructions for beginner sewer."
"The pictures and instructions are perfect for a tween girl to follow."
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Best Felting

Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat
Crafting with Cat Hair shows readers how to transform stray clumps of fur into soft and adorable handicrafts. “An extremely helpful guide.”— Buzzfeed “Quirky and the projects are super easy.”— OregonLive.com “It caught our attention.”— The Huffington Post “You may think kitties are only good for getting hair all over your favorite chair and eating more kibble than you thought possible but Crafting with Cat Hair will show you how to turn cat hair into mittens, tote bags, book covers and more.”— CraftFoxes.com “ Personal projects that celebrate your cat and they look as cute as can be!”— Neatorama “Put those furballs to work for YOU!”— Suvudu “It’s bizarre, to be sure, but the appliques are kind of cute, too.
"I purchased this book as I was tired of people sitting too near me on public transport."
"With the help of tis book, my wife has made all of the Christmas gifts for our friends and family."
"It really only teaches you how to felt cat hair and make finger puppets or little fingers out of it."
"The writer must have a short haired cat because there's no way a persian sheds "one small hairball a month"."
"I bought this as a kind-of gag-gift for my sister but knew she would love it and actually use because she has a long haired cat that sheds all over the place."
"Mostly all about needle felting and adding cat shaped details to other projects."
"Great projects."
"Who wouldn't love this book?"
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Best Embroidery

The Geometry of Hand-Sewing: A Romance in Stitches and Embroidery from Alabama Chanin and The School of Making (Alabama Studio)
To simplify learning, the book also includes two plastic stitching cards die-cut with the grids on which every stitch in the book is based. Natalie Chanin is the founder and creative director of Alabama Chanin and author of Alabama Stitch Book , Alabama Studio Style , Alabama Studio Sewing + Design , and Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns.
"And of course it's an elegantly designed book with beautiful photography, elevating the craft for all of us who love it."
"Without them I think learning and practicing the various stitches featured in the book would be a more laborious process."
"Clear detailed instructions and the grid is a wonderful way to practice stitches!"
"One class that particularly inspired me was a linen bellpull on which I learned over 100 different hardanger, hemstitch, insertion and surface stitches. Patterned Stitches. I own hundreds of needlework books which cover just about every technique imaginable but I just haven't sat myself down to get started. If you want to embroider a pretty border around your shirt cuff, it's not just a question of what decorative stitch but how big the stitches should be. I also recommend these books in sort of same theme of expanding your repertoire of stitches and learning to design: Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops: A Bend-the-Rules Primer. Stitch Sampler: The Ultimate Visual Dictionary to Over 200 Classic Stitches. Embroidery Stitches Step-by-step by Lucinda Ganderton (several editions are available on Amazon). The Embroidered Garden: Stitching through the Seasons of a Flower Garden by Kazuko Aoki. Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples - Motifs."
"I strongly recommend Natalie's online Craftsy class and buying her maker supplies from her website, as they are superior products that yield the best results, in my opinion. My friend and I took a weekend workshop from Natalie in Florence, Alabama several years ago and it was a wonderful experience."
"As a beginner, I was mystified by the question of how to create even, consistent stitches as I learned about hand embroidery."
"This one is incredible -- the best so far -- with detailed instructions for working stitches from either left-to-right or right-to-left, photos & diagrams (including photos of the back of the work!"
"I just recently discovered Alabama Chanin, and have quickly become a Natalie Chanin fan."
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Best Applique

Wool Appliqué Folk Art: Traditional Projects Inspired by 19th-Century American Life
Appliqué pillows, bed toppers, and table runners from woven wools, felted wools, and wool felt—including repurposed fibers and fabrics! I particularly liked the 14 updated traditional projects in Rebekah's book, which included bed covers, wall hangings and table runners.
"As the title suggests all the projects in this book follow the folk art (primitive) aesthetic and were inspired by artifacts of the 19th century and this is reflected in both the motifs and colors used throughout. Also given are illustrated instructions for the easy embroidery stitches used in the projects: blanket, outline, running, whipstitch, French knot, and stars. The tools and supplies list for creating the projects is a fairly short one with easy to obtain items that most sewists probably already have, such as: scissors, rotary cutter/mat/ruler, Sharpie marker, various needles, pins, freezer paper (I get mine at Walmart), and embroidery floss."
"The artist has shared some beautiful hand applique projects for us to create."
"Excellant source for primitive Americana wool applique stitches and method."
"Something I really want to do and think the directions are great making wool applique look doable for me."
"I love working with wool and this book makes me want to make every project."
"Good ideas, well written, easy to understand, I changed up the colors as it is rather civil war drab, but good book."
"There's not enough information in this book for someone that knows nothing about wool appliqué."
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Best Ribbons

F'k Cancer - Coping & Coloring: The Adult Coloring Book Full of Stress-Relieving Coloring Pages to Support Cancer Survivors & Cancer Awareness ... Books & Swear Word Coloring Books) (Volume 6)
This coloring book was designed as a way to let some of the angst and stress channel into creativity instead of sadness and depression. This coloring book is a mixture between transcendental imagery and some of the many thoughts that we might experience after coming into contact with Cancer in one of its many forms. It’s beneficial to express your emotions through colors because, many times, words just won’t suffice. CYNTHIA’S PERSONAL RANT: I want to tell you how I feel about Cancer, and the haphazard way in which the medical community seems to deal with it. We found the Titanic, located sea creatures that were thought to be extinct, and we know, with a very small margin of error, that the universe is about 13.7 billion years old. Or a better support system and Recovery programs for Cancer patients and their families and friends? Instead of feeling sad and giving up, she got angry, told cancer to ‘Step-off’ and she waged a battle that is still going on. She is turning the tide, beating the cancer back BECAUSE she decided to wage all out war against the disease. We hope to give the designer (you) a very introspective and mind expanding experience. She eventually began working with adults who were suffering attention deficit issues and began thinking of ways to inspire people through artwork.
"I have been lucky enough to preview this amazing colouring book about Cancer, prior to its' release. It is an amazing book full of beautiful images and phrases... ranging from pages that make you feel many different emotions.... hope, rage, faith and love to name a few. My 10 year old daughter and I have loved colouring pages from this book, which I will definately be displaying at the Oncology ward I work at in a Brisbane hospital. I have no doubt that the patients I see every day, who continue to amaze me with their courage, bravery and strength while battling this terrible disease called cancer, will love and appreciate the wonderful messages of hope and wisdom portrayed in Cynthia's remarkable pages. Below is a poem I wrote about Cancer, after being inspired by this wonderful book. There is no rhyme or reason, It can come right out of the blue, This ugly sickness growing inside of us, Often we don't even have a clue. Some days you will get knocked down, And feel like giving up, But your loved ones will be there to help and remind you, Of why you want to kick cancers' butt."
"My mother was first diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 34 while she was pregnant with me. 15 years later she felt a lump and unfortunately it was breast cancer stage 3. Just when we thought it can't happen again 11 years later she was diagnosed again with breast cancer in the opposite breast which they said had nothing to do with the first breast cancer it was a different type. My mom is now 72 and been cancer free for 12 years!!!"
"I was so lucky to find out about this wonderful coloring book by Cynthia Van Edwards. I know that anyone who has been touched by Cancer or any disease can relate and maybe benefit from coloring and this coloring book."
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Best Weaving

The Handweaver's Pattern Directory
A comprehensive introduction to the tools, equipment, fibers, and yarns used with four-shaft looms, this reference features patterns for 600 different weaves, including twill, zigzag, diamond, herringbone, and block. She is a Guild member of the Association of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers and a founding member of the Braid Society.
"There are basic weaving instructions which includes how to do special hem techniques, twisting fringe and wet finishing."
"If you have a loom and are stuck with ideas for patterns, try this book, you won't be disappointed."
"The spiral bound style of this book makes it much easier to work with and keep open and flat when trying to do a pattern."
"If you own, or dream of owning, a four-harness loom, this is the one book you need to keep you busy experimenting for many years."
"Great book for someone that knows how to weave and is looking for patterns (in the structure) I really love the book and it's put together so you can reference quickly."
"Other books seem to make you think that to be a creative or complete weaver, you need more than 4 shafts."
"If you're a weaver, you probably already have this book."
"If you work on a four shaft loom, this book needs to be on your bookshelf."
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Best Crocheting

A to Z of Crochet: The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Crocheter
Whether you're a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you'll ever need.
"What this does instead is show you how to do a ton of stitches whether you know the basics or are just picking up crochet for the first time. What about just wanting to know how to pick the right yarn and hooks? If you're brand new to crochet, the first couple chapters are all about crochet hooks sizes, yarn styles and sizes, gauge of crochet, how to hold the yarn, and the basic beginner steps to crochet such as how to start, chain stitch, slip stitch, tying off. If you already know how and just want to expand your repertoire then there are dozens upon dozens of stitches, tricks, techniques, and styles to increase your knowledge."
"I could remember making it as a young mother but couldn't remember how other than I needed a crochet hook and a VERY large "broomstick" (or in today's world - a large knitting needle). Anyway, the book contains information on types of yarns, hooks, gauge, how to read patterns and charts and other equipment you might need. One last feature of the book is that the front and back covers each have a "bookmark" flap which is very useful when you can finish a project in one sitting."
"I ordered this books so my daughter and I could learn crocheting together."
"Great information."
"Easy to read."
"Gift for son."
"Sooooo glad I got this book!"
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Best Leathercrafting

Deerskins into Buckskins: How to Tan with Brains, Soap or Eggs; 2nd Edition
Over 165 photographs and illustrations bring you step-by-step from raw skin to velvety soft buckskin and then show you how to create beautiful garments and useful goods. A hand-made garment for people all over the world for millennia, it breathes and stretches with your body, cuts the wind and won't tear on briars. ...easy to understand and useful if you're interested in preserving and using your deer hide to make a pair of trousers or leather gloves. His process dramatically reduces the time and work, resulting in the nicest buckskin I have ever made. The authors intimate understanding of deerskins, tools, processes, and problems bears witness to a tremendous depth of knowledge about his craft. Deerskins into Buckskins is a highly recommendable work....this book deserves a place on your bookshelf -- Scott Jones, Bulletin of Primitive Technology, spring 1998.
"More people should read thru this book especially if you are a hunter."
"Very clear and comprehensive with just enough science to understand, but not stop the flow of the book."
"Very full of useful and practical information."
"I haven't yet read the entirety of this book."
"Tanned my first Elk hide with the instructions in this book."
"It has excellent information for beginners and im sure people who have been making skins for some time could find it helpful as well."
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Best Knitting

Crochet One-Skein Wonders®: 101 Projects from Crocheters around the World
With projects organized by yarn type and weight, you’ll be crocheting lacy shrugs for the springtime and heavy-duty beanies for the snowy winter months. There is no longer any excuse to point to a stash of unused yarn and say, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with these fibers.” Thanks to Durant, who pioneered the franchise of One-Skein Wonders, and her collaboration with Eckman (of The Crochet Answer Book, 2005, among many others), any needleworker can add another 100 possible projects to the ever-growing inventory of “gotta makes.” With classifications by yarn weight, which is an easy-to-use differentiation, the seven chapters offer at least one item in every conceivable craft category, including jewelry, home decor, belts, women’s wear, doll clothes, men’s scarves, toys, and baby apparel.
"Particulars about the book: 1) All skill levels are covered, but most projects are geared more toward those who already know how to crochet, not someone just learning. :-) The side of the book's pages is color coded so you can find each yarn section quickly. 3) First rate photos. 4) The patterns are clear and the font is easy to read. Rounds are clearly labeled and helps are given for specific areas of each project. Keep in mind though that a satisfactory finished product will depend on the coloration of the yarn. 6) Charts are included for motifs and some of the stitch patterns. 7) A good variety of projects. Speaking of projects, here is how they break down: Home items (9), Jewelry/accessories (7), Scarves (13), Cowls (7), Shawls/Cape (3), Adult Hats (7), Shrugs (2), Baby items (16), Stuffed Toys (7), Gloves/Mittens (6), other head items (6), Purses/Bags (10), other containers (3), Doll items (2), Belt (1), Hanky (1), Slippers (1). So, as you can see, not just hats or scarves (yeah!)."
"Bought for a friend beginning to learn to crochet."
"Purchased 2 as Christmas gifts and once my aunt's and cousins saw them I believe I should have purchased at least 4 more."
"so many patterns I will not use - but ok."
"Also, those baby booties on the cover are stellar - I made a pair and they came out perfectly."
"The patterns are easy and fun to make."
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Best Fashion Craft

Shoes Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2018
Accessorize your desk with a year of fabulous footwear: the flash of red of a Louboutin pump, the sparkle of Miu Miu glitter hi-tops, the breathtaking hand-embroidery on a Valentino suede bootie. Workman Publishing Company has been producing award-winning calendars, cookbooks, parenting guides, and children’s titles, as well as gardening, humor, self-help, and business books, since 1968.
"If you have a shoe addiction I'm sure you'll love this."
"This calendar on my desk makes my day as I change the date."
"For less than $3 it adds a little brightness to my boring work desk."
"If you love shoes this is the calendar for you."
"The stand that holds the calendar is truly unique and so clever!"
"This is a quality calendar and printed with high quality paper."
"I love this calendar."
"It is also great for learning about shoes from the past through present day shoes."
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Best Fabric Dying

Eco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles
From whole-dyed cloth and applied color to prints and layered dye techniques, India describes only ecologically sustainable plant-dye methods. Notes about history and practical applications (say, the production of indigo and the creation of natural blues through woad plants) are balanced with charts of traditional dye materials and specific details about processing, including plant oddities such as eucalyptus and St. John’s wort, different effects froma range of techniques (for instance, hapa-zome, or beating color into cloth, as well as the familiar resist )and mordants (the stuff that fixes or makes color permanent).
"There is so much information in here, I've sticky-taped certain sections."
"India Flint's techniques are easy and unique.The book is replete with the information you need about a variety of plants and mordants. I'm not sure that I could say that this is "the only book you'll ever need" for natural dyeing - but is the only book you need for her "bundling" technique."
"This is my go-to guide on eco-printing."
"I found this book to be a great inspiration to play with what grows around me to coax out color on cloth."
"Wonderfull book, I was just hoping for more DIY advices, but I like the book a lot, the photos are great and I like reading all the way along the intire book."
"Fantastic read my a fantastic artist, good reference."
"was hoping for more clarity and the photos were kind of dull."
"Usually satisfied with more abstract instruction, I went ahead and ordered it -- expecting still to find outlines of generic procedures, some suggested effective combinations of mordants and plant materials, and a bit of orientation for those of us whose prior dying experience has been limited to commercial synthetic dyes on the stovetop."
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Best Cross-Stitch

Do-It-Yourself Stitch People
Whether you're creating a portrait for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, Do-It-Yourself Stitch People will have you ready to design and stitch your personal Stitch People portraits in no time! But this book has completely inspired me all over again -- the ideas and variations are amazing. I stitched a family portrait for us in 2011, and I am going to do another one this year using the book. I've had so much fun paging through to find the perfect hairstyles and clothes for my kids. Also, I am a journalist by training (and therefore very picky about the written word), and I am so impressed with the quality of the book.
"I had tried to chart out my family before I ordered the book.Once the book arrived, I tweeded by chart because of the so many options for the hair, clothes, body size of children and more, this book helped make my project look a whole lot better."
"This book of patterns is incredible."
"She recently started doing cross stitch when she had a baby and has been working on a nursery rhyme series."
"this book makes this intricate and delicate hobby seem possible."
"This books is full of clear and simple patterns!"
"Fantastic book and have now joined the Facebook page."
"Wonderful book!"
"I too had 2nd thoughts about the cost, but it was totally WORTH IT!"
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Best Lace & Tatting

100 Lace Flowers to Crochet: A Beautiful Collection of Decorative Floral and Leaf Patterns for Thread Crochet (Knit & Crochet)
With the color and variety of their outdoor counterparts, these flowers can be used to embellish clothing and housewares, create decorative arrangements or wall hangings, make lovely and original cards, and more! This collection is stunning, extremely detailed, and beautifully displayed to entice emergency crocheting.... You'll definitely find inspiration in this book--but you'll also find exquisitely photographed samples, finely written patterns, and clear graphics so you can attain success with every stitch.
"I love the flowers, the leaves and all of it. I'm using number 2 yarn (sock yarn) when doing these so I have a bigger flower than what they intended with the Number 10 yarn."
"I am an avid gardener who trades her spade for a crochet hook in the winter so I REALLY enjoy this book."
"Many different flowers, artfully designed, with various leaves."
"If you love to crochet, love flowers too, this book is for you."
"I've a lovely garden "growing" on this crochet wreath I am making."
"I am thoroughly enjoying these lovely floral projects."
"From easy to more complicated designs, easy to follow instructions, great for small projects- like postcard creation with one flower to whimsical bouquet designs."
"I love this book."
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Best Knots, Macrame & Rope Work

Macrame Pattern Book: Includes Over 70 Knots and Small Repeat Patterns Plus Projects
Starting with the basics, the knots progress on to more complicated and complex designs, but the clear diagrams make it a cinch to follow along. MARCHEN ART is a craft studio based in Tokyo.
"I do like this book very much, but the publishers should have published it spiral bound, so the book lays flat when trying to follow the instructions."
"Hands down the BEST Macramé pattern and instructional book yet!"
"The Macrame Pattern Book is a fascinating book."
"One of the best books there is for learning the art of macrame!"
"However, I'm lucky that I already know how to macrame, and I bought this book for this purpose."
"Such a valuable resource for anyone creating macrame."
"Really great book."
"This book has been such great help."
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Best Fiber Arts & Textiles

Yarnitecture: A Knitter's Guide to Spinning: Building Exactly the Yarn You Want
In addition to teaching you the techniques you need for success, Moreno also offers 12 delicious original patterns from prominent designers, each one showcasing hand-spun yarns. Showcase your handspun yarn with 12 original patterns for mittens, socks, shawls, sweaters, and even a necklace, from Moreno and other leading knitwear designers, including Kate Atherley, Adrian Bizilia, Julia Farwell-Clay, Rosemary (Romi) Hill, Bristol Ivy, Kirsten Kapur, Amy King, Laura Nelkin, and Lynne Vogel.
"I had no idea what I was missing other than I was spinning tons of fiber but not knitting much with my hand-spun yarns. Every spinner in my monthly circle has purchased this book and not a single one had anything but raves for it. These rave reviews include newbie spinners and those spinning for 10+ years."
"This book provides the much needed bridge between "I can spin yarn" and "I can make that with my own yarn!""
"This book has been very, very helpful!"
"Jillian is my kind of spinner--she knows the details but doesn't sweat them, making spinning the relaxing experience it should be."
"The best book on spinning fiber that has been published to date."
"I've just done my first skim through the book, and can't wait to read it all the way through."
"i didn't learn anything new myself, at least nothing memorable that i haven't seen elsewhere before, but there are still some neat patterns in here anyway for handspun sweaters and other projects."
"Wonderful book with some fresh takes on yarns to spin as well as tips for making the yarn that is appropriate for you project."
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Best Quilts & Quilting

Better Homes and Gardens: Complete Guide to Quilting, More than 750 Step-by-Step Color Photographs
A one-stop quilting reference for beginners and experts. Better Homes and Gardens Complete Guide to Quilting shows readers how to master every technique, method, tool, fabric, block, seam, knot, and stitch. The iconic BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS brand is one of America's most trusted sources for information on cooking, gardening, home improvement, home design, decorating, and crafting.
"Critical techniques and measuring protocols clearly described and Demonstrated in a Smart Effective Way."
"Exceeded expectations."
"This is a great resource book for beginning or experienced quilters."
"Very informative book."
"Pages fell out, poorly glued."
"I loved the idea of having a quilting big book, versus a few books that specialize on one facet of quilting."
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