Best Solid State Relays

SainSmart 8-Channel 5V Solid State Relay Module Board for Arduino Uno Duemilanove MEGA2560 MEGA1280 ARM DSP PIC
Input control signal voltage: 0V - 0.5V Low stage (SSR is OFF), 0.5V - 2.5V (unknown state), 2.5V - 20V High state (SSR is ON); SSR Output (each channel); Load voltage range: 75 to 264VAC (50/60Hz); Load current: 0.1 to 2 AMP.
"A great addition to the Christmas Light control system!"
"Got this to control my Christmas lights."
"Has been working solid (pun) for quite a while now and no failures."
"When I saw this board for the price, I ordered one to test out with my Arduino Mega board and it took all of 10 minutes to get it hooked up and working like a champ."
"So nothing else mentions it absolutely positively, and I was a bit worried, because the RPi uses a +3V output, instead of the standard +5V. The pins are pretty much laid out like an electrical switch on the wall."
"I used this with a Raspberry Pi to build a touchscreen operated, Wi-Fi connected, garage door control unit and freezer monitor with an custom-made iPhone app."
"First one arrived defective."
"I use 12 of these boards to control my Christmas light shows."
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MYSWEETY 3PCS SSR-40DA Solid State Relay Single Phase Semi-Conductor Relay Input 3-32V DC Output 24-380V AC …
Features: Model number: SSR-40DA. Theory: Solid State Relay. Input: 3-32 V DC. Output: 24-380 V AC. Rated operating frequency: 50 / 60Hz. 1.
"I haven't yet tried to switch motors with digital circuits, nor have I tried to push it to its stated limits to see if I can make it fail, but given that I'm not an UL lab, this product does exactly what I bought it to do and shows no signs of failure at this time."
"I use a 12V power supply, a float switch and an aquarium pump to automatically keep my Aquaponic system sump tank at a safe operating level while I am gone on a vacation."
"I attached it to a heat sink i pulled of a failure of a mosfet that I had previously bought."
"I needed 2 SSR's to complete my kiln project and this 3 piece set fit wonderfully."
"Have two of these installed in to drive LED closet lighting using magnetic switches."
"The main reason for all the skepticism and the one star rating is not only the other reviews and references to UL reports of counterfeit Fotek SSRs with lower current rating components but because in addition to those reviews I noticed that the product description mentions that output current is 25A but the seller answered a question about how much current they can handle with "about 12 to 15A" and they could have been talking about their 40A SSR. HOWEVER, selling them as 25A rated, then answering a question about their rating with "about 12 to 15A" is not just misleading, it's at best a sure way for someone to waste the money he/she spent on the product by loading them with 20A and burning them. If you buy them I advise that you never load them past 10A and only get to that level by gradually raising the load current and monitoring them for overheating."
"None of these worked."
"Would not break the load even down at 1amp."
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uxcell SSR-25 DA 25A 3-32V DC / 24-380V AC Solid State Relay + Heat Sink
Widely used in many automatic control systems. Specification: This is solid state relay SSR-25DA. Model: SSR-25DA. Input voltage: 3-32V DC. Output voltage: 24-380V AC. Output current: 25A. Brand: Uxcell. Package Content: 1 x Solid State Relay(within heat sink).
"I didn't use the heatsink, instead mounting directly to metal table supports, but works as well as the Omron brand from Digikey."
"Used it for a relay trigger on an espresso machine that pulled 20A, and could not find a manufactured digital 20A rated appliance timer."
"All I had to do was run a power cord and my heat pad to one side of it and a set of wires from the low side to my controller and bob was my uncle... worked!"
"Even installed little fans on them and that helps but it still gets colder inside when it gets colder outside and you can hear the heaters coming on and off."
"Quality part that does exactly what I needed it to do."
"I bought one of these relays to replace a burnt out on in my Gecko heat press."
"This works great, it's very affordable for the capacity, and the heat sink is solid. Without that, I personally wouldn't trust this past 5 amps, as that's my guess of how well it would work without any heat sink."
"They both worked fine initially but eventually one of them is stuck on always, whether the input signal is active or not, the other one is stuck off and never switches on."
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Best Coaxial Relays

Omron G7L-2A-BUBJ-CB DC24 General Purpose Relay With Test Button, Class B Insulation, Screw Terminal, Upper Bracket Mounting, Double Pole Single Throw Normally Open Contacts, 79 mA Rated Load Current, 24 VDC Rated Load Voltage
This Omron G7L-2A-BUBJ-CB DC24 general purpose relay has a test button, Class B rated insulation material, screw terminal connections, upper bracket mounting, and is suitable for use in high capacity voltage applications. This relay has a test button for checking the status of operation and Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) Class B rated insulation material for flame resistance. This general purpose relay is designed to mount to an upper bracket in an equipment rack and is suitable for high capacity voltage applications such as fluid pump controls in the water and chemical processing industries.
"In fact, this happened about a year ago with my blower motor and the repairman said the main circuit board was going bad and it would cost $1,500 to replace it. I'm relieved the pump relay didn't go first or I would have been forced into an unnecessary and expensive repair. There are models that have DC and AC inputs from the control box and connect to 110 and 220 voltage output to your devices."
"I could hear the relay trying to shutoff, when I operated it in maintenance mode, but the pump stayed on."
"After replacing the relay, the waterfalls now are controlled by the waterfall button on the control panel inside the home as they should be."
"My issue was that the main pump on our pool wouldn't shut off."
"I have a salt water system(swimming pool) that utilizes three of these relay switches."
"I called locally to several pool stores to see if I could get this relay as I had to fix our pool system quickly since we had just sold our home."
"Exact item i needed to replace my previous burned out one."
"Perfect for my Aqualink and way cheaper than pool places!"
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Best Plug In Relays

Omron LY2-AC24 General Purpose Relay, Standard Type, Plug-In/Solder Terminal, Standard Bracket Mounting, Single Contact, Double Pole Double Throw Contacts, 53.8 mA at 50 Hz and 46 mA at 60 Hz Rated Load Current, 24 VAC Rated Load Voltage
This Omron LY2-AC24 general purpose relay has plug-in terminals, mounts to a standard bracket and is suitable for use in low current applications. This general purpose relay has a compact design and is suitable for use in installations with limited space. Specifications Contact Form. DPDT. Input Current Rating at 50Hz. 53.8 mA. Input Current Rating at 60Hz. 46 mA. Input Voltage. 24VAC. Load Rating. 110VAC, 10 amp. Dielectric Strength. 2,000VAC. Operating Temperature. -25 to +55 degrees C. Enclosure Dimensions*. 35.6 x 21.6 x 27.9mm (H x W x D). Standards Met. UL (Underwriter's Laboratories). CSA (Canadian Standards Association). IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act. *H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.
"I made a custom irrigation system master valve relay switching system to operate one master valve from three different irrigation controllers."
"Just throwing that out, and I like these better than the 12V ones because the pins are bigger, they fit the socket much better than the 12V ones where the pins are skinny, and I feel like with all the vibrations they experience (for my many applications) they will fall out."
"Working like it is supposed to."
"exactly fit for my boiler damper control board."
"Omron is in my opinion the gold standard in relays/ relay accessories so I knew what I was getting."
"This relay caused my furnace electrical circuit to emit really loud buzzing noises."
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Best Overload Relays

General Electric WR07X10097 Relay and Overload
This is a genuine replacement part. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"So for about $70 (plus I bought a new start relay for $55) from Amazon, the refrigerator is cooling once again. I originally looked for this part but could not find it at other sites or on Amazon."
"My beloved GE Fridge was blowing air but it wasn't cold.After calling a parts specialist, she told me to check the box near the compressor in the fridge."
"But I noticed that our LG refrigerator has the same compressor (Embraco model EGZ 70HLP) as the GE refrigerator that uses this WR07X10097 part."
"Newer style than what I had on my GE Profile bottom freezer."
"After reading numerous issues relating to my GE Profile Bottom Freezer refrigerator, I was concerned I would have to shell out big time $$$$ to either replace or have a technician come in to assess things."
"I was about to buy a new fridge as the compressor was drawing 9 amps."
"Product and Manufacture description CLEARLY states this is a genuine GE part - Amazon post reads "This is a genuine replacement part. I "universal" part with a picture description of how to adapt it for the actual GE part I ordered."
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Best PC Board Relays

30 Pcs Double Sided PCB Board Prototype Kit for DIY, 4 Sizes by Paxcoo
The boards are all basic green body with soldered holes. Good plating around the holes and a nice variety of sizes for the price. - Color: green basic, silver tone. If you have any problem of our product, you can click “seller contact” button in your Amazon account to email us.
"Don't expect to be able to use solder wick to fix mistakes; the pads easily come off."
"Great proto boards."
"good quality."
"Perfect for the set of projects I have bread boarded and now to solder up."
"Great choice for cheap PRB Boards."
"Perfect size for small projects."
"High quality and excellent price."
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Best DIN Mount Relays

Functional Devices RIB2401B Enclosed Relay, 20 Amp Spdt with 24 Vac/Dc/120 Vac Coil
20 amp SPDT, 24 VAC/DC/120 VAC coil, sold as each, Functional Devices RIB2401B enclosed relay, 20 amp SPDT with 24 VAC/DC/120 VAC coil.
"In short, if you turn on our hood and the HVAC unit isn't already running, this relay will engage the fan on High so that the make-up air works as it should."
"Using many of these all the time in various installations as an electrical contractor."
"I needed a unit that handles 20 amps and this works great."
"I have an aquarium chiller that draws more power than my aquarium controller can safely supply."
"I needed a way to activate an outlet when my thermostat turned the AC on."
"Really good relay product."
"I needed a relay to handle the high wattage of a bathroom heater from a home automation wall switch that couldn't carry that large of a load on its own."
"Used it to voice start my gas fireplace...Works like a charm."
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Best Voltage Monitoring Relays

Icstation 3V 1 Channel Relay Power Switch Module with Optocoupler High Level Trigger for ESP8266 Development Board (Pack of 5)
Specifications: Relay Module: SRD-DC03V-SL-C. Channel: 1 channel. Working Voltage: DC 3-3.3V. Compatible Load: 10A 250VAC / 10A 30VDC. Single Socket Length:7.5mm. Response Time:<20ms. Module Size: 70mmX17mmX20mm.
"Cool little devices."
"I build with arduino, in place of an led these will function."
"Works great with 3.3V ESP8266 units."
"Worked perfectly for raspberry pi 3.3v application!"
"Took awhile to show up (over-seas shipping), but work exactly as expected."
"Works perfectly with 3.3V micro-controllers."
"Perfect for 3v logic level boards like most ESP8266-based boards."
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Best Phase Monitoring Relays

Siemens 3UG4512-1AR20 Monitoring Relay, Three Phase Voltage, Insulation Monitoring, 22.5mm Width, Screw Terminal, 1 CO Contacts, Delay Time, 160-690 Line Supply Voltage
The new 3UG4 line monitoring relays permit a maximum degree of protection to be achieved for machines, plants and systems. This means that line and voltage faults can be detected early on and the appropriate response is initiated before far more significant subsequent damage can occur..
"I purchased this to replace an OEM part in the control cabinet of my 50HP Compressor at my shop."
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Best Current Monitoring Relays

P3 P4455 Power Monitoring for Dummies
Get the facts you need to decide if it’s finally time to get that shiny new refrigerator or learn the shocking truth of just how much of an energy hog that old air conditioner is. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"A couple useful pointers that may not be immediately apparent: -to clear the stored usage data, press and hold down the KWH/Hour key in standard mode. Update it to your local rate (you can get this info by contacting your local power company) and press the Pro button to save. 2. the user manual. True to its nature as a "designed for dummies" product, this KillaWatt's user manual is well written and easy to follow! I get that it's probably good for not adding any extraneous power draw, but an option to light it for a second or two would be very useful since a lot of times, the unit would be in a tight spot behind appliances or furniture and it's almost impossible to read the screen without grabbing a flashlight. The device is rated to take max voltage of 125V @ 15A, or a total of 1875 VA. Another reviewer mentioned that his KillaWatt failed after using it to monitor his electric vehicle. My old microwave with a digital clock was drawing close to 3 watts just idling - I've since decided to only plug it in as needed. My toshiba laptop has a nifty software monitoring tool that tells me how many watts it's drawing at any given time."
"I picked up the P3 P44545 to measure power usage of appliances around the house. My utility bills me based on the number of kW.h used for the month. The P4455 does provide an estimate for the cost per day, week, month in $ (nice) and CO2 per day, week, month, but oddly not the kW.h per day/week/month! While it's nice that it computes the cost (based on a rate per kW.h that you program into the device), this isn't sufficient to calculate cost when your utility has variable rates depending on usage (like my utility does). Note that you can derive the kW.h per day/week/month by dividing the total kW.h used by the total hours (both recorded) to arrive at the average power and then scaling according to the number of hours per day/week/month respectively."
"This by far is the best deal you can get on a newer P3 monitor which doesn't loose it's memory when it's disconnected from the power like the older P3 models do. UPDATE: I was just going to order another one of these units and I see that the price has astronomically increased since my last purchase."
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