Best Craft Mounting Boards

PRES ON Pres-On Mounting Board, 11 by 14-Inch
High tack pressure sensitive adhesive for precise centering of artwork. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I've tried mounting needlepoint canvases without using a self-stick board, and my project looked far better using this product."
"These are nice and thick with great adhesive to get the job done!"
"This was exactly what I needed to mount a cross stitch picture to frame."
"This mounting board made it so easy for me mount and frame my embroidery."
"These self-stick mounting boards make it much easier to mount/frame fabric, needlepoint, cross stitch etc especially."
"Work fantastic, use for crafts, fabric panels, anything!"
"This worked perfect for mounting a cross stitch picture and putting into a frame."
"I used this to mount my crewel embroidery."
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Self Adhesive Mounting Boards, pack of 10, 11" x 14"
Paper Size: 11" x 14". Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"It made mounting my cross stitch project easy."
"Not as easy to score and break as they make it sound."
"Only criticism is the shipping cost."
"Excellent quality."
"Not at all what I thought it was."
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Pres-On Mounting Board 16x20
High tack, pressure sensitive adhesive for precise centering of artwork.
"Left enough of a border around the project so I could attach a mat frame and it would adhere to the backside of the mat to keep everything in place when putting in a frame."
"These are great self adhesive boards to use as backing for embroidery projects you want to frame."
"Fit my needs perfectly and was packaged so it wouldn't be damaged."
"excelent product."
"I do a lot of framing and this works best for backing."
"Great product."
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Best Craft Adhesive Waxing

Outus Antique Sealing Wax Sticks Set without Wicks Retro Spoon and Candles for Retro Vintage Wax Seal Stamp, 13 Pieces
This sealing wax set fits for decorating envelopes, parcels, invitations, postcards, greeting cards, etc.
"careful with the spoon really cheap, wont last."
"wax is beautiful."
"so cute, the spoon is so tiny it's adorable."
"I really enjoy these wax sticks."
"I'm in love with this set."
"I'm a huge stationary junkie and I've always wanteda wax seal kit!"
"decided we like the kind with the wick better."
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Best Craft Glue Guns & Sticks

CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun with 25pcs Glue Sticks High Temperature Melting Glue Gun Kit Flexible Trigger for DIY Small Craft Projects&Sealing and Quick Repairs(20-watt, Blue)
2.The glue sticks come with the CCbetter Melt Glue Gun Kit is environmental-friendly, it has super strong adhesive when glue between 2 different parts, but easy to clean when forced apart these 2 stickup parts, it will always keep your items clean. The remaining pressure inside the glue gun will push a little molten glue out of the gun even stop use, so to save your glue, please control release the trigger or cut off the power in advance. Heats up in 1-3 minutes and maintain constant temperature automatically making it an ideal adhesive for home, office and school DIY crafts projects including metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics and so on.
"I got this glue gun to wrap up my Halloween costume, I would have gotten my money's worth if it had broken straight afterwards, but with two sticks Ive done that, fixed my sandals, fixed a loose desk leg, and a loose drawer, & its still going strong. Most projects you would use one for will have you working with pretty flammable materials, a traditional gun plugs in to power the gun, then heats up for the entire time you have it plugged in, and many don't feature the nice little stand this one has, so putting it down hastily to go finish your cooking, not such a good plan."
"This glue gun comes with 25 glue sticks, which, in my opinion, is enough to last a lifetime!"
"Many other small glue guns do not have these features and I find it to be time saving where you can just switch it off without having to unplug it."
"Also, since the "kickstand" is about as thick as a paperclip, it is very movement sensitive and will easily knock over if your table or surface isn't 100% solid and still. My pink one is a small $3.00 one from the craft store cashier's counter that I grabbed when I let a friend borrow my heavier duty blue one on the right side of the picture. I do wish the kickstand was a little more sturdy or for the hand grip to have some sort of flat standing support, like my larger glue gun has. I have been shopping on Amazon for 10 years and utilize the information given in reviews to help me decide if I would like to purchase an item. I strive to give as detailed information as I can while writing about my experiences to help you decide if this product might be what you are looking for."
"This glue gun is perfect for the price!"
"Used this glue gun many many times."
"It takes two hands to work, one to apply glue and other to advance the glue."
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Best Craft Adhesive Removers

Goo Gone Original - Adhesive Remover, Removers Stickers & Tape - 8 Fl. Oz.
Remove sticky, greasy messes with Goo Gone Original and return your surfaces to their original condition. REMOVES TAPE - excellent for removing tape from your surfaces.
"The only thing I would recommend is don't remove the silver foil at the mouth of the bottle, instead pierce the foil with a pin and then use it as a squirty bottle."
"I removed the paper but it left lots of adhesive/sticky residue behind (why do manufactures do this to their products?). So after 3 tests on 3 different items I can say that this product works very well and in fact better than the Goof product."
"You pull off the label, but part of the paper remains and is resistant to removal, or you get all of the label off but a sticky residue remains."
"I buy a lot of things from the thrift store and they always stick so many price stickers all over them."
"works well with labels."
"Managed to dissolve most of some stubborn decayed rubber phone mount suction cup circles on my unprotected vinyl dash."
"This product works best if you do your best to remove any sticker from the surface, then apply this product as needed, then wash off the product's slightly greasy residue with gentle soap and water."
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Best Craft Adhesive Sheets & Sprays

Inscraft 96 Sheets Premium Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets, Double of 48 Pack 12" x 12" Assorted Colors with 6 Transfer Paper Sheets for Craft Cutters, Cricut, Silhouette Cameo Machines
Perfect thickness, easy to weed, peel and release. Clean your target vinyl surface and make sure it’s dry and smooth. Leave the design on the sheet, remove or weed excess vinyl. Adhere the design to a new clean dry and smooth surface slowly. Remove transfer paper slowly and make sure the design is well adhered to the surface. Your designs can be preserved for years, which makes every penny you’ve paid worth it. 96 SHEETS OF 12"x12" QUALITY PERMANENT ADHESIVE VINYL: Includes 50 glossy sheets in 25 standard assorted colors + 32 matte sheets in 16 normal assorted colors + 2 super glossy gold sheets+ 2 super glossy silver sheets + 2 brushed gold sheets + 2 brushed silver sheets + 6 transfer paper sheets.
"Thinner than oracle but if it's not tiny delicate work this stuff works great."
"Great deal for so many sheets and so many colors!!"
"I enjoy the color options that came with this package."
"Absolutely horrible vinyl!"
"Vinyl backing page is not the greatest about no ripping or taring could be better quality and the colors are not the greatest range of shades, there are some shades that are great and others are dual and i will never use them not sure if i will by anymore of these."
"The backing sticks to the cutting mat so the whole cut was ruined and so was my cutting mat."
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Best Arts & Crafts Tape

#1 Craft Multi Colored Masking Tape [11 Pack Variety Set - Assorted Color Coded Rolls] – Fun DIY Arts n Supplies Kit for Little Kids, Toddlers & Adults ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 12 years old
This colored masking tape set comes with 11 rolls in each organizer pack. The rolls are made of bright colored vinyl paper tape, but are not neon or fluorescent.Again, each roll has plenty of tape so no need for an immediate refill. Variety Pack of Colored Masking Tape [Large Bulk Value] with VIBRANT assorted colors including blue, pink, black, brown, orange, green, white, neon yellow, red, purple. Boys & Girls Coloring Items and Ideas; Prime bulk craft tape modeling and painting laboratory for adults & kids [any yr]; make frogs, models and teachers gifts.
"These tapes are so useful!"
"I bought this as a refill set for our wooden tape holder and it is great!!"
"I needed a simple way to designate areas of a room for large and small group games, as well as a way for parents to know where to find kids on Sunday mornings as we move around in our department."
"I love how the tape lifts easily off surfaces without damaging rugs, flooring, wall coverings and paint."
"Perfect multi-pack of masking tape."
"Bought this tape for my grandkids as they are always doing little craft projects."
"Works wonderful for all types of projects."
"Her student tables are divided by color and she plans to color code pencils corresponding for each table."
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Best Office Laminating Supplies

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4-Inches, 3 mil thick, 200-Pack (TP3854-200),Clear
Scotch Thermal Laminator Pouches protect documents you handle frequently. Thermal Pouches fits documents up to 8.5-Inch x 11-Inch.
"These laminating pouches are the perfect thickness to laminate bookmarks that fit comfortably between pages. I've laminated both 100lb coverstock as well as 80lb, so I laminate paper on the thicker side and they work amazingly well. I found the best way to feed into the machine is setting the document in the laminating pouch on top of something that is on level with the opening feed."
"My son has Autism and can't talk so I use this to make him pecs communication cards and it works like a charm."
"Another plus here is that unlike the older laminating machines, you do not need to use a "manila folder" to wrap around the pouches before feeding this into the device."
"I use them with my scotch laminator, and they allow my center materials to stay nice and neat for several years!"
"My wife loves crafting and making all sorts of things. It is so easy, that I have even laminated some things for my football coaching and a little mothers day project for the wife."
"Two will go through my Amazon Basics laminator without jamming so it's not that big if a deal, just a waste of laminating sheets."
"I used them to make posters and curriculum for my son's homeschooling and they are FANTASTIC!"
"Have not used these sheets I ordered yet but have been using the Scotch laminator sheets for 25 years."
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Best Art Glues & Pastes

Elmer's Liquid School Glue, Premium Clear, Washable, 1 Gallon, 1 Count - Great For Making Slime
Start with Elmer’s Washable Clear School Glue! Smooth formula creates the ideal clear slime base - follow kid-friendly recipe on the pack!
"This is good quality glue that is perfect for making slime."
"You may wonder, what's the difference between glue-all and school glue?"
"The glue does make pretty slime though (once you get the other ingredients) and my daughter was happy."
"Elmer's glue is pretty consistent and always performs as I expected it will."
"And with the slime craze, this was just a logical purchase to make a little girl very happy at Christmas time."
"second time order 2 gallons at a time."
"When I opened the box the glue was every where."
"The slime she makes with ordinary paper glue lasts way longer than this."
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Best Fabric Adhesives

MastaPlasta, Leather Repair Patch, First-aid for Sofas Car Seats, Handbags Jackets, Plain 8-inch by 11-inch, Dark Brown
Just peel and stick a MastaPlasta to cover any holes, scratches, rips, burns or stains on sofas, car seats, bags, leather jackets - it's easy, cheap and looks great. Repairs take seconds - the easy peel-and-stick leather/vinyl repair solution.
"My dog chewed an ugly hole in the couch and even the wood frame was exposed."
"glad it was a small area and in one that isn't noticeable because the color was a little off but who expects a perfect color match."
"I was afraid that these would stick for a couple of weeks and then start pealing away, but that has not been the case and instead they are still holding tight to the repair with no edge peel."
"I used a utility knife to cut a strip of this and it stuck perfectly."
"I covered both armrests on my chair completely and had enough left over to patch 3 places on the seat."
"There is no perfect solution for 'patching' cracked vinyl or leather but this product does a pretty good job."
"Bought this to patch a rip in my daughter's leather seat (car is some 15 years old)."
"If you have a pretty big crack, it might show through a bit."
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