Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Voltage Regulators

0F97190SRV - Generac Guardian voltage regulator (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
This high-performing voltage regulator assembly in AVR board generates a fixed output voltage of a preset magnitude that remains constant regardless of the changes to its input voltage or load conditions, delivering safer and more efficient travel experience. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"So far all good."
"Works well, fits well, Good as Original or better."
"Too expensive for what it is, but it got the job done on time."
"Everything works great."
"Exactly what we needed and we received it I just a couple of days."
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New Rectifier Regulator for Onan P-Series Alternators 16 17 18 19 20HP Engines 20 Amp Rating 191-1748, 191-2106, 191-2208, 191-2227
ONAN 191-1748, 191-2106, 191-2208, 191-2227. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Good to have parts available for a good price."
"As pictured."
"For the price that one from my John Deere dealer($90) or any where else(ebay $60) would have charged it meets the need."
"This worked properly on a john deere 318 with onan engine."
"Wonderful replacement for the $175 part at John Deere parts store."
"Faulty out of the box."
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Friday Part AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator Generator 4KW 5KW 5.5KW 6KW 6.5KW 7KW 7.5KW With 1 Year Warranty
AVR for 7.5kw single phase gasoline or diesel generator. Capacitor size 450V 470uF. 5.5 inches / 140mm hole to hole on center. Totally 6 Wires, 4 wires in one connector and 2 single wires. For use with 4KW to 7.5KW rated power generator driven by gasoline engine from 9HP, 11HP,13HP and 14HP. Also work with diesel generators. AVR for 7.5kw single phase gasoline or diesel generator.
"Very stable."
"Muy buen item hace su trabajo."
"Works well just have to adjust the little screw to your desired voltage output."
"Really helpful, no more spills, no smelly floor."
"“Plug and play” The product works fine!"
"I purchased the OEM Honda part and the voltage went right up where it's supposed to be."
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Best Automotive Performance Alternator Voltage Regulators

XS Power XSP320-313 Controller/Harness with Blue Display
XS Power VCM's are compatible with OE alternator applications for the GM SI series of alternator, from 1969 to 1988, the GM CS series from 1986 to 1997, and the GM D and AD 4 pin alternators from 1995 to 2008. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Great product, very easy to install."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Resistors

4Pcs Aaron 50W 6ohm Load Resistors - Fix LED Bulb Fast Hyper Flash Turn Signal Blink Error Code
Package Include: 4Pcs (2 Pairs) 50W 6 ohm Load resistors with 8Pcs T-Taps. Solution for "bulb out signal" / "OBC error message" after installing SMD LED light bulb.
"These work as intended."
"My domestic Chrysler town country 1996 3.8ltr required these resistors they were difficult to install due to the need for being directly mounted to a clean metal area close enough to the lighting to be spliced into the existing wiring."
"Just press the metal part through the wires with a pair of pliers then close the locking clasp ."
"I changed the turn signal and brake light bulb as well as the reverse bulb out with LEDs on my 2008 Ford F150."
"This took care of my hyperflash when I converted my turn signals to LEDs (91 miata)."
"Bought these for my friend's headlights, he's got an FJ40 Land Cruiser."
"I have these exact load resistors installed on several of my vehicles."
"Worked great on my 2009 F150 Lariat, had to use 1 per tail-light bulb(2 per side, 4 total)."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternators

ACDelco 335-1086 Professional Alternator
ACDelco Professional NEW Alternators are manufactured with all new components and are the high quality replacement ideal for many vehicles on the road today. ACDelco Professional NEW Alternators are computer tested for voltage stability, terminal function, and electronic circuit board integrity.
"Installed in 20 minutes, and works perfectly in my 2000 Silverado."
"Installed in 30 minutes and saved a ton of money."
"Bolts slid properly into place."
"Still charging hope it last 9years like the last one."
"The only issue I had with it was that the plastic housing on the rear was cracked slightly when I received the package."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Rectifiers

Briggs & Stratton 91825GS Rectifier and Brush Holder Assembly
This is a rectifier and brush holder assembly. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Bought this to replace the failed part in our 12 year old generator."
"I have a Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 5500-8500 and this part replaced the original rectifier (91828) !"
"the generator is back working."
"My Sears Storm responder generator stopped making power."
"Perfect Fit."
"I was very pleased with the price."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Diodes

OCR Rectifier Diode Axial Lead Rectifier Diode Assortment 10Values 100PCS
Rectifier diode is a semiconductor device that converts alternating current into direct current.These 10A10 rectifier diodes designed molded plastic case,which features low forward voltage drop, high current capability, high reliability and high surge current capability. Type: Rectifier Diode. 10pcs 1N4001 Rectifier Diodes.
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Brackets

Spectre Performance 47293 Alternator Bracket Kit for Chevy
This Spectre Alternator Bracket Kit was designed for 1969-1986 Chevrolet Small Block engines with a long water pump. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I wouldn't say this is 5 stars because of that bending, I assume the metal is cheap and hopefully not hollow, but for what it's worth, I'm not running 1000 hp, this works for a daily driver."
"works but is not really made for a small block , will need to take out a intake manifold bolt and use tube spaces to make fit all is included , just won't be what you expected."
"I could not use the top part of bracket did not fit my set up but the rest of it fit fine."
"Building my own backup generator, this is a must have to mount the alternator."
"although it fits somewhat it is smaller than I thought and to use it I would have to replace the fan belt and then the alternator would sit to high."
"again what's not to like."
"Description said was for a long water-pump and it is not even close, but of course package is open and I have extra alternator brackets lying around.Nicely made just wrong totally."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Pulleys

Gates 37015P Alternator Pulley
Alternator Decoupler Pulley. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"On my vehicle, I had to completely remove the alternator off the car to install the pulley."
"I have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport that was making a loud grumbling noise on the passenger side when idling (and driving), and I narrowed the issue down to the alternator decoupler pulley. I ended up taking it to a local auto shop where I know the guys and they just gave it one turn with the impact wrench and it popped right off."
"This product, along with some idler pulleys purchased locally, cured the grumble and whine of the belt drive."
"On the Caliber you will need to remove the alternator and the only way to get it out is from the bottom."
"1/2 the price of the parts store, and with the proper tool kit easy to change as long as you remove the alternator from the vehicle."
"Got the part and tool needed for $15 dollars less than part alone would have been at parts store."
"i didn't wanna buy the tools so i made my own .felt it would be used once. drilled out a long nut so i could slip though a socket to hold the alternator shaft .cost me a dollar ."
"Make sure you also buy the Alternator decoupler pulley Pulley removal tool kit."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Bearings

Precision 614093 Clutch Release (Throw Out) Bearing
Components are sample inspected at each process to insure all dimensional and visual specifications are met.
"Better than the one that comes in the clutch kit."
"Direct replacement for my 02 Jeep Wrangler, was quiet out of the box and quiet after install."
"Other times, when you buy "name brand" you're just paying too much for the same part with a notable name on it."
"So far so good."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Condensers

AC Condenser for: Saturn L Series 2000 - 2005
"I love this AC Condenser it perfectly fit my car and now I'm loving the cold AC on my car thanks for having it really cheap."
"Works wonderfully."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Brush Sets

Coleman Powermate Generator Set of Two (2) 0050439 E-4R Brush Assemblies
Fits the following Powermate generator models: PM0545002.02 PM0545003 PM0545004 PM0545004.01 PM0545004.17 PM0545004.18 PM0545005 PM0545007 PM0545007.01 PM0545008 PM0545010 PM0545402 PM0557501 PM0557501.01 PM0558023.01 PM0645250 PM0645500 PM0647000 PM0647001 PMA505622 PMA525302 PMA525500 PMA535202 PMA545004 PMC435000 PMC435001 PMC435003 PMC435250 PMC435251 PMC435252 PMC496500 PMC496751 PMC497000 PMC505622 PMC523202 PMC525300 PMC525500 PMC525501 PMC545004 PMC545006 PMC645250 PMC645500 PL0542200 PL0544000 PL0544200 PL0544302 PL0545305 PL0545000 PL0525501 PL0563505 PM0435000 PM0435001 PM0435002 PM0435003 PM0435250 PM0435251 PM0435252 PM0435253 PM0525501 PM0525750 PM0525751 PM0535001 PM0542000 PM0542200 PM0544000 PM0544003 PM0544020 PM0544200 PM0544302.01 PM0544502 PM0545000 PM0545001 PM0545303 PM0545305 PM0563503 PM0563505 PMC545008 PM0474203 PM0474603.01 PM0477022 PM0478022 PL0545005 PL0545007 PL0545008 PM0434600 PM0463300.01 PM0463300 PM0463302 PM0464500 PM0476503.17 PM0476504 PM0495501.01 PM0495501.17 PM0495502 PM0496500 PM0496504.17 PM0496504.18 PM0496504 PM0497000 PM0505622.17 PM0505622.18 PM0508622 PM0525002 PM0525202.02 PM0525202.03 PM0525300.17 PM0525300.18 PM0525300.19 PM0525300 PM0525302.03 PM0525302.04 PM0525302.17 PM0525302.18 PM0525303 PM0525312.17 PM0525312.18 PM0525312 PM0525500.01 PM0525500 PM0535000 PM0535202.05 PM0545006 PM0454024 PM0454025 PM0455024 PM0455025 PM0473003 PM0473503 PM0474603 PM0475003 PM0477023 PM0502500 PM0503300 PM0504202 PM0504222 PM0504602 PM0523001.01 PM0523001 PM0523008 PM0524020 PM0524202 PM0524302 PM0524604 PM0524702.01 PM0524702 PM0525000 PM0525020 PM0525202 PM0525302 PM0525402.17.
"Which makes these generators a daily need because still some places are going on their fourth month without electricity due to the hurricane Maria."
"these were actually generac parts, but they worked perfectly in my coleman generator."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Rotors & Armatures

K&L Supply 21-6446 Honda Alternator Rotor
1980-1981 Honda CB650C Custom. 1979 Honda CB750L LTD. 1982-1983 Honda CB750SC Nighthawk.
"Most difficult work on the 750 Honda made all the difference replacing the rotor Glad I found one I could afford and receive in good time."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Diode Trios

Roadmaster 794 Hy-Power Diode, (Pack of 4)
Prevents electrical feedback. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I have used these before and they do the job though they are pricey for what they are."
"We use these a lot."
"made the job easy and complete, good product."
"I love it."
"Worked exactly as described."
"Would not carry any load."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Stators & Winding

Ricks 21-328 Suzuki Stator Motorcycle Tool Accessories - Brown / One Size
Size: One Size. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"I have been using this on my 07 Suzuki GSXR 600 since the beginning of this year."
"The cords are a bit longer than stock and the output is considerably higher @ 5k rpm, ~78-82 VAC."
"This stator was the first I ever put in on my bike in 20k!"
"Very fast shipping."
"Works like it's supposed to if not better than OEM Suzuki."
"It fits and it's holding up great so far."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Brush Holders

Genuine Toyota (27370-35060) Alternator Holder Assembly
HOLDER ASSY, ALTERNA. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
"Bought this for a 1991 Toyota Truck 3VZE 4WD."
"Pretty much plug and play and truck is working great now!"
"I used this to rebuild the alternator in my 1986 Toyota 4Runner and it fit perfectly."
"Worked perfect to replace the part needed for my husband's truck."
"Works great on my MV alternator."
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Best Automotive Replacement Alternator Repair & Upgrade Kits

Victory Lap FDA-03 Alternator Repair Kit
Victory Lap kits fit nearly 90 percent of American made automobile and light truck starters and alternators. Includes parts needed.
"The parts all fit properly and the alternator charged within specs after the rebuild."
"This was not an easy repair for me, since I've been away from fixing my own cars for quite a while, but I had plenty of time and tools, (except for the 1-inch socket required for the main pulley-nut) and I took things very slowly to make sure I was doing it right. Most of the initial work was straight forward, (releasing the serpentine belt, undoing the required connectors and bolts,) but pulling the alternator apart was a bit tricky. The kit's instructions kept me on target, although some of the details applied to different models of alternators for my car, but in the end, I was able to figure out any ambiguities and get the job done. (A call to Victory Lap's Hot-Line also helped, and I was treated with respect and the exact information I needed to keep going.). The front bearing was held in by a plate with several screws as described, but they were inside the housing and the armature blocked any access to them. My lack of recent experience is my only excuse for this, but I should have used a plastic hammer to do this, or at least threaded the main pulley nut on the shaft until it was flush with the end. I should mention, that one of the old brushes had worn all the way down to the embedded copper leads, and was already beginning to score the slip-ring. I read that there are some nifty ways to automate that process with a lathe etc., but I stuck with several grades of sandpaper and did the entire job by hand. Once the rings were clean, circular and smooth, I installed the electronic components, (soldering the leads to the regulator as suggested,) then gently began the reassembly process. I wound up trapping the tip of my middle finger between the belt and a pulley when a "cheater" I was using slipped off the end of my socket wrench. A drive back to the corner garage got my main pulley bolt tightened properly with an impact wrench, and I was on my way. Just remember that you may need a bearing press, a large socket or wrench for the main pulley nut, and a bit of stamina when it comes to sanding down the rings."
"Like I said Top Notch Kit."
"My husband was able to replace all the parts inside, and the truck sounds and runs as good as it can for a 1987 Ford Ranger."
"works perfect , my alt is now putting out 14.1 volts."
"All I really needed at the moment was the voltage regulator in this kit."
"Sorry but regulator failed not sure if your product or my truck."
"Fit my 1991 Ford Ranger 2.3 4 cylinder perfectly."
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Best Automotive Replacement Generators

Porch Shield 32 x 24 x 24 inch 100% Waterproof Universal Generator Cover Large Fits Most Generators From 5000-Watt to 9500-Watt Models,Black
Elastic hem cord and bottom strap for custom secure fit, especially during high winds and severe weather. About Porch Shield When you buy a Porch Shield cover, you are not just getting a cover; you’re also purchasing peace of mind. A customer favorite for the design, practicability, durability and high quality items with great price. Generator cover is made of 600D durable polyester fabric with an added water-resistant laminated undercoating. Two stacks of fabric at one side make the cover weather resistant, but ventilated.
"Fits well on the Harbor Freight 3200/4000 watt Predator generator zip-tied to a 4 wheel dolly."
"A little on the small side but wirked."
"Well designed generator storage shield."
"Fits the duromsx 4400e perfect. Great material, well worth the money."
"Perfect to my Caterpillar 3600,thanks."
"Seems quite heavy duty, but we’ll see how it handles the Florida sun."
"It’s perfect for what I need it fore."
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